A Valiant Life Chapter 296: Open For Business!

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Early in the morning, Lin Fan got up and washed his face. He got ready to go for a stroll but just as he reached the entrance, he suddenly stopped in his tracks. The system's notification sound had rung, startling him.

It can't be so quick.

"The seventh task has been completed, Encyclopedic Points will be increased by 20."

When he heard this sound, he was sure that this was the sound of the Encyclopedia task completion notification.

At that moment, Lin Fan's mind was running wild. What knowledge would he unlock next?

He ran through in his mind some of the people that he had met recently and some of the knowledge that he already had.

In the end, he couldn't come to a conclusion of what kind of knowledge he would get.

But he had already come to accept that it didn't matter what knowledge it was. He would just face whatever comes at him.

As for the notification, he could just let it slowly notify him. He still had to leave the house.

Leisurely and carefreely, without any impatience.

Then, a call came.

Lin Fan walked outside as he answered the call.

Zuo Hu: "Thank you, Teacher Lin. This season's programme was the best we ever had in terms of ratings."

Lin Fan grinned. "Congratulations."

Zuo Hu: "Teacher Lin, would you be free to host a show by yourself in the near future?"

Now that the task was over, Lin Fan would no longer use his gambling skills. He replied, "Director Zuo, I'm very sorry but I've been rather busy recently. Maybe next time, when I have the opportunity."

Zuo Hu didn't press him. He just laughed and said, "Alright then. If Teacher Lin is interested in the future, please contact me."

They hung up.

Lin Fan pressed the elevator b.u.t.ton and waited for the elevator to come.

At that moment, the neighbors opposite his place left their apartments too. The mother and son duo came to the elevator. The mother nodded at Lin Fan but the son was shocked when he saw Lin Fan. His eyes gleamed with fear.

Lin Fan didn't know what to say to this kid. He had asked the kid to come over to his house to sleep for the night the other day but he definitely hadn't had any other intentions.


Kids nowadays have too little homework, too much free time and they read too many romance novels. Their thoughts have become corrupted.

Is he afraid that I'll rape him?

"Unlocking the eighth page of knowledge. For it's the eighth page of knowledge, a specialty of someone near the host will be chosen."

"Li Xiao Jun fears the host more than anything. Hence, unlocking the sub-cla.s.s: Athletics (With the Encyclopedia's mystical boost: extreme boundary of human capability.)"

"Task: To become the revered Master Lin."

"Reward: Encyclopedic points +20 and the ability to unlock the ninth page of knowledge"

"Note: Since it is a small cla.s.s of knowledge, there is no need to get involved in the profession."

"Current Encyclopedic Points: 92"

From the start, Lin Fan had been prepared not to care about what knowledge it was and just accept it. But at that moment, he was dumbfounded.

The word 'Athletics' made Lin Fan stunned.

That didn't make sense.

That didn't make any sense at all!

"Li Xiao Jun?" Lin Fan opened his mouth without thinking.

When that kid who was hiding behind his mother heard Lin fan call his name, he was so frightened that he started trembling. With a pleading voice, he whimpered, "Mom…"

Li Xiao Jun slowly raised his head. When his eyes met Lin Fan's, he instantly lowered his head again. He realized that this man's eyes were piercing. It was as if he wanted to do something to him.

He had read many novels and in those novels, there were many strange uncles who performed inappropriate acts on children.

Now, he was scared. Scared that this man would do something inappropriate to him.

"This kid of yours like to run?" Lin Fan asked.

The lady smiled and nodded. "Yeah, he's always been the athletics champion of his grade for the sports meet. He runs very fast."

"Oh…" Lin fan nodded, then looked at Li Xiao Jun and let out a small smile. You're impressive, kid.

Lin Fan hadn't done anything. He just looked at the kid a few times and the kid was so afraid of him. Lin Fan wondered if he was too ugly and if that was why the kid was so afraid of him.

As for the task, he just gave in. Compared to the gambling skills, it seemed even more challenging.

How am I supposed to complete this task?

Am I supposed to just go and run on the streets?

Stop playing around, this is crazy!

They reached the ground floor and the elevator doors opened.

Li Xiao Jun pulled on his mother immediately and tried to hurry away. He didn't dare to wait there any longer. He was really fearful that this man wanted to do something bad to him.

"Why are you in such a rush, Xiao Jun? Quick, say goodbye to uncle," the lady said.

When Li Xiao Jun heard this, he was terrified. He cried out in shock and ran straight out of the elevator.

The lady looked at Lin Fan and gave an awkward laugh. His kid had embarra.s.sed them.

Lin Fan was a little annoyed. This was really f*cked up. He got 'Athletics'?! Did it make him run faster or something?

But what was he supposed to do to make himself 'the revered Master Lin'?

This was troublesome.

He decided not to think so much. What had happened had happened. Thinking would only cause more worries.

The renovations at Cloud Street had reached its final phase. Some of the smaller shops were already done. The shop owners had started to move their products into their shops. But, they had already discussed and agreed that they would all open their shops together.

A few days later.

A joyous occasion happened in Cloud Street.

Along Cloud Street, Fraud Tian and the rest were standing in front of the shop entrance, faces full of smiles.

"What do you think about this entrance? Doesn't it feel very imposing?" said Fraud Tian with a smile, "This is a top work of art that we made after going to several manufacturers."

Lin Fan raised his head and looked over. The words 'Master Lin' were at the entrance in flamboyant and bold calligraphy. It was next level compared to the old shop. It even had an element of shock to it.

Zhao Zhong Yang held his phone. "Cloud Street is starting its business! This is the first time I've seen all the shops in a place open together. It's lively and bustling! And there are countless townsfolk around here watching!"

The netizens in the broadcast room were cheering happily.

"666… Congratulations on your opening, Master Lin!"

"No need to talk, I'm sending a wave of gifts over!"

"Same old Cloud Street. The people of Hong Tian District are in luck. They will be able to eat Master Lin's scallion pancakes from now on."

"That's really very lively!"

"If I could be there, that would be amazing. I would be able to immerse in that joyous atmosphere."

Elder Liang said, "Congratulations, Little Boss…"

Lin Fan smiled. "The same to you, the same to you."

Elder Zhang said, "I wish Little Boss a fortune of money!"

Lin Fan replied, "I only sell ten servings a day. I won't get rich. But you all must keep working hard."


The shop owners were gathered in groups, placing baskets of flowers at each entrance.

These were all gifts from friends and relatives. Some of the shop owners even gave each other flowers. It was an atmosphere that was rarely seen.

At some of the residential districts nearby.

"Hey, things seem really lively today!"

"I heard the Commercial Street nearby is opening today. All the shops are opening today."

"Wow, let's go take a look."

Lin Fan stood at the entrance, watching everything before him. He was filled with contentment. It was really a joyous day.

"Master Lin…" At that moment, Chu Yuan appeared in Lin Fan's line of sight.

Lin Fan only knew this reporter from a few meetings. He smiled and said, "Reporter Chu, how come you're so free to come here?"

Chu Yuan smiled. "I'm here to do an interview with Master Lin."

Lin Fan replied, "That's courteous of you. Later on, I'll call them over. Help us to take a group photo, would you?"

"Alright." Chu Yuan nodded, then he sighed, "I've never seen such a lively business opening before. This is a first. It's really eye-opening. I have to take a picture and capture this scene as a souvenir."

Lin Fan chatted with Chu Yuan. Then, one by one, cars came to the street entrance and stopped there.

A group of people came from afar.

Lin Fan looked over and smiled. So, it's them.

A Valiant Life Chapter 296: Open For Business!

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