A Valiant Life Chapter 298: First Day Of Operations

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Several townsfolk gathered at the entrance of the shop. These were residents in the vicinity. They wanted to take a look at the newly opened commercial street, especially since it was so crowded. They were curious as they had never seen a crowd like this before

Some of the younger people were curious when they heard that Master Lin had moved there.

Then, three young men stood there and discussed among themselves.

"Is that Master Lin's shop? Why do I feel like something's wrong?"

"It doesn't seem like it's that nice right?"

"Yeah, doesn't seem like it. I don't even know what the shop is for. Does he sell scallion pancakes or does he read fortunes?"

"I'm not sure. Let's go have a look. We will only know if it's nice after we try it."

Today was their first day of operations. The surrounding shop owners were having discounts.

Wu You Lan pasted a poster on the wall outside. It was still based on the rules of Cloud Street. They didn't know what to expect with the new crowd but they knew that it wouldn't be much worse than before.

Then, she looked at Wu Huan Yue and Wu Huan Yue also turned to look at Wu You Lan. The both of them smiled but it was a sign of challenge.

It was because Lin Fan didn't have a girlfriend and he wasn't married. They wanted to base it on their capabilities to win his heart. They even discussed it privately and set ground rules. They didn't allow for any dirty tricks like bedding him after getting him drunk, etc...

Lin Fan didn't know about this at all. If he had known about it, he probably wouldn't know what to say. Maybe if he just said that he liked guys, things would've been easier. However, he couldn't possibly say that since he wasn't a h.o.m.os.e.xual.

In the shop.

w.a.n.g Ming Yang was chatting with the public happily. They were just there to have a look and they had set aside all their work for this day. It was obvious that they were there for Lin Fan.

Then, w.a.n.g Ming Yang sneakily nudged Wu Yun Gang. "What did you talk about just now?"

Wu Yun Gang lowered his head and whispered, "Master Lin got it right. Sun Lian Ming really got into trouble."

w.a.n.g Ming Yang was stunned. Then, he laughed, "He deserved it. What happened?"

Wu Yun Gang was a little helpless. w.a.n.g Ming Yang didn't like Sun Lian Ming but Sun Lian Ming was Wu Yun Gang's friend. Sometimes, it would really cause him to have a headache. "In the past, bad things happened and people managed to collect enough evidence to sue him. He might even end up in jail if he doesn't handle it properly. At least ten years of jail time…"

"That's pretty serious," w.a.n.g Ming Yang whispered.

"Yeah," Wu Yun Gang said and nodded. "It's really serious. If this isn't handled properly, he'll probably spend the rest of his life inside."

w.a.n.g Ming Yang nodded. "What did my brother say?"

"Tell you later."

Lin Fan was standing at the entrance and he was smiling from ear to ear. It was the first day of his new shop. He wanted to do something incredible. He was going to make unlimited scallion pancakes.

"If you're in the vicinity, don't miss it. We are having unlimited scallion pancakes for today. They will be free too. Anyone who comes will be ent.i.tled to it. Please have a try and hope to see you in the future!" Lin Fan shouted.

In the shop.

He Cheng Han curiously said, "Ming Yang, I thought you said his pancakes are incredibly delicious? Why is he giving it out for free?"

w.a.n.g Ming Yang said, "It's indeed delicious. But if you don't eat it, how would you know if it's nice? Do you think they'll just stop at one piece of pancake after they've tried it?"

"Of course they'd crave for it. Who wouldn't want to eat it if it's really delicious?" He Cheng Han said.

"That's right. Today's the first time they get to try it. What do you think would happen next time?" w.a.n.g Ming Yang smiled sheepishly. He could tell what Lin Fan was trying to do. It was brilliant.

He had tried the scallion pancakes before and they were magical. He couldn't forget about it after eating them. Sometimes, he would crave for them a lot.

He Cheng Han didn't exactly understand what w.a.n.g Ming Yang meant but he felt that there was something going on.

Indeed, after Lin Fan said that, a lot of townsfolk came over.

And a few shop owners also helped to promote it.

"Little Boss is giving out unlimited scallion pancakes for free today. Quickly, get your customers to try it."

The boss of the clothes shop wanted people to buy his clothes first but he suddenly realized that it wasn't the best way to get customers. He immediately shouted, "That shop sells delicious scallion pancakes and it's unlimited today. It's a blessing! If you don't try it today, it's going to be impossible to try them in the future."

The customer said, "I'm here to buy clothes. I don't feel like eating scallion pancakes. I can just not buy them in the future. It's not a big deal."

The boss replied, "Sir, if you don't eat them today, you'll definitely think of eating them in the future. After you try it later and you think it's not delicious, I'll give you the clothes for free."

The customer smiled. "Haha, that seems like too good of a deal. Fine, I'll go try it later. Just wait for me. Please keep to your words."

When the customer ran over to the shop, the two shop owners chuckled.

"Little Boss's popularity is going to increase by so much."

"I can't imagine these customers wouldn't crave for the pancakes after eating them. They'd be queuing up for them every day like the customers on Cloud Street."

"Do you even have to think about that? It's definitely going to happen. What Little Boss is doing now is for our future! Let's go and tell the others about it so that they will go and try the scallion pancakes."

The mission to get as many people to eat the scallion pancakes had started.

To these townsfolk, this would probably be one of the happiest things to happen to them but they didn't know that it would be short-lived. They didn't know the pain they were going to experience in the future.

Chu Yuan wanted to meet Master Lin because he felt that he was a magical person. The others might not have felt it but he did.

Hence, since his shop at Tian Hong Commercial Street was open for the first time, he immediately rushed over to interview Master Lin. He recorded everything that happened.

"Master Lin, I'm the first in the queue. Please give me a scallion pancake!" Chu Yuan smiled and exclaimed.

Lin Fan chuckled, "Reporter Chu, that was troublesome for you."

Chu Yuan smiled. "Master Lin, I've heard about your culinary skills for a long time. I just haven't been able to try it. Today, I'm finally in luck!"

Although Lin Fan said that there was going to be unlimited scallion pancakes for free, there were still a few townsfolk that weren't moved by it. They wondered if it would happen again in the future.

Lin Fan made the scallion pancakes as usual and when one was fully formed, the aroma filled the air.

"That smells amazing!" He Cheng Han and some others exclaimed as they smelled it.

Zhu Zhu was stunned and curious. "Where is the aroma coming from?"

w.a.n.g Ming Yang chuckled, "It's from there. The aroma doesn't mean anything. Wait till you try it, you'll know what heaven on earth tastes like."

The crowd looked at w.a.n.g Ming Yang in disbelief. They felt that he exaggerated it.

"Here…" Lin Fan pa.s.sed the scallion pancake to Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan smiled and took the pancake. He looked at it closely. "It looks so beautiful. But how does it taste? I have to try it to find out."


He bit it once.

Suddenly, he stopped smiling. He looked like he was mesmerized by the pancake.


Chu Yuan let out an embarra.s.sing moan.

He touched his face as if he had eaten a v.i.a.g.r.a pill.

"This taste…"

"I feel like I'm in…"

Then, the townsfolk turned to look at him. They were in disbelief when they saw his expression.

That's so exaggerated. 

A Valiant Life Chapter 298: First Day Of Operations

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