A War Between Spies Chapter 36

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A full-on clash between the Dark Knights and the Destroyers. Furthermore, it was the kind of battle where one side wouldn't tolerate even the existence of the other.

Kate was pretty upbeat when Yang Yi told her the news.

"For real? Danny actually said that they're going to target the Destroyers?"

"Yes, the Dark Knights couldn't allow their authority to be challenged," Yang replied, then continued in a slightly upset tone, "Well, hopefully the Dark Knights win in the end. Captain seemed pretty confident about that."

"Shame. I wish I could be a part of it."

Yang Yi chuckled. "I did ask them if there was anything I could help them with, but Captain turned me down. He told me that the most help I could give was to just stay here the whole time."

As though Danny's choice was completely understandable, Kate nodded her head. "You are just too inexperienced. Everybody can see that you're smart, but you really can't do anything useful."

"Well you can't blame me for that, can you? Hey, it's only been half a month since I became a spy! What else is there for me to do? I trained pretty hard in martial arts and Chinese boxing when I was in college, but you managed to beat me like it was nothing."

"Oh, poor man," Kate said sympathetically, "I've been learning from professional coaches for years. Fighting is my biggest hobby. You can't expect to beat me just because you joined some sort of club."

Instead of arguing like he usually would, Yang Yi decided to simply sigh and continued. "And another thing. The place I grew up in had a firm gun regulation law. Even toy guns had their own free zones. How do you expect me to learn anything about using firearms?"

"But spies don't even use guns most of the time," Kate argued.

"There's a difference between not having the need to use a gun and not knowing how to use a gun. Hey, don't you think it will be a good idea to have a pistol on you when those Destroyers came knocking on our doors? You know, a gun that you actually know how to use?"

"You're right. There's too much that we're lacking. I thought I could take down that man who killed my mother, but his movements were like nothing I'd ever seen before."

"You are trained to incapacitate your enemy, but professional killers are taught to finish it with just one hit. Every move he made was intended to be lethal, of course, it wouldn't be the same as when you are in a boxing ring."

"We both lack a lot of things," Kate said agreeably.

"True. Authentic spies don't finish their training in just a month. We need some proper training, but who out there is willing to take us on?"

"The Dark Knights seem pretty good. Maybe we can ask them to mentor us," Kate suggested.

"I did try to ask them," Yang Yi laughed bitterly, "But Danny refused to let me join them."

"Well, you don't have to join them to learn their skills, right?"

Yang Yi paused for a few seconds. "You're right, but what else can we do to get them to teach us?"

"Training fees, duh."

As though lost in thought, Yang YI stood up from Kate's bed and walked around the room for a while. After scratching his chin for a while, Yang Yi suddenly raised his arms in excitement.

"How had I not thought of that? Money makes the world go around!" he shouted excitedly, then said with uncertainty, "But the Dark Knights will probably be too busy fighting the Destroyers. Even if we have all the money there is, they still won't have the time to train me."

"It's going to end eventually. If the Dark Knights are really good, it won't be long before they take out all the Destroyers out there."

At that moment, someone knocked on the door and opened it. Danny entered and said, "Sorry, there's something I would like to discuss with you."

"Captain, let's talk about it over there," Yang Yi said as he gestured towards another room.

Danny shook his head, "No, let's talk about it here. This has to do with both you and the girl."

As Danny walked inside and sat on the sofa, he lowered his head and drew a long, quiet breath. Yang Yi and Kate weren't sure what to expect, but they didn't dare do or saying anything before Danny started speaking. It felt like Danny had something important to say, but he wasn't sure how to express it appropriately.

Then, with a somewhat troubled look, Danny broke the silence, "A battle between hitmen is very burdensome, like hunting rats in the sewer. Those vermin hide deep, and they won't come out easily. Which is why it usually takes a long time to fight against another hitmen group."

"Makes sense," Yang Yi said.

"And we're talking about the Destroyers, an international group which may already have pa.s.sageways in different parts of the world. It would be too much for us to track all of them down until there isn't anyone left. Even if we put all our effort into it, a purge isn't something we can finish within a short period of time."

"So," Danny raised his head and said very seriously, "I've changed my mind. Now I want to let you two be involved in this."

Surprised, Yang Yi pointed a finger towards himself, "Me? For real? Thank you so much! I'll do anything to help!"

Danny shook his head, then pointed towards Kate, "Not just you, the girl as well. Listen, I want to use both of you as bait to lure out the Destroyers. If we can get just a few of them, then the rest will be a lot easier to catch."

Yang Yi's eyes widened with worry. Kate, on the other hand, seemed quite please with the decision.

"No worries. Anything to hunt the rats down!" she raised her fist enthusiastically. Her decision was already made. Yang Yi decided to take a more conservative stance.

"Isn't this too risky? I think I'm up for being bait, but Kate can't even move her body properly. Are you sure this is safe enough?" Yang Yi asked.

Danny a.s.serted,"My plan is to pretend that we kicked you out of the hotel. Once you are outside this place, we'll try to neutralize the Destroyers before they manage to harm you. Of course, there are plenty of ways in which they can catch us off-guard. Sniping, using explosives, the list goes on. It's okay if you refuse to be bait. After all, being bait is not something our client should be doing anyway."

"Uhm," Yang Yi paused as he took a deep breath. "Like I said before, I'll do anything to help. But if we manage to survive, can you please teach me some techniques I need to carry on with my spy career? I'll pay you for training."

"Not just him. Both of us!" Kate added.

Seeing that Danny didn't refuse immediately, Yang Yi persisted, "Captain, we just want to learn some skills to survive in the underground business. It's not like we'll be joining the Dark Knights."

With a somber and grim look on his face, Danny stated, "Come downstairs later. After you two have eaten, we'll be sending you out. It'll be nighttime. If you manage to survive this, we'll train you as a reward for helping us out."

After saying that, Danny stood up and tidied his suit, then headed out of the room immediately. As he closed the door behind him, Yang Yi started to complain, "Geez, just say yes if you agree. I thought he was about to say no with that big frown on his face."

A War Between Spies Chapter 36

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