A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 21 Part2

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Chapter 21 Su JianAn Turned into a Human Flesh Part 2

While browsing the web page, Su JianAn suddenly received a URL of a large forum sent by Luo XiaoXi.

She copied the URL and enter the forum. In the forum, she saw a post that had just been posted this morning, but it had already covered nearly 10,000 comments.

The post ent.i.tled《The original poster wants human flesh, the mysterious woman who made our G.o.ddess cry a few times – Lu BaoYan’s newlywed wife.”

The original poster’s nickname was ‘Queen Ruo Xi, I love you’, a netizen in City A, Han RuoXi’s loyal fans. Han RuoXi was seen crying like a child twice and that makes her fans very uncomfortable, then the fans decided that the culprit to turn their queen into such a crime was no other than Lu BaoYan’s mysterious newlywed wife.

Therefore, ‘Queen Ruo Xi, I love you’ launched a call on the Internet, to exposed the person who became Lu BaoYan’s wife, and gave her a G.o.ddess a sigh of relief. In fact, she already had some basic information about Lu BaoYan’s wife – citizen of City A, with a very special occupation. She studied at Columbia University. Last night’s reception, she and Lu BaoYan showed up together, and many people already know who she was, so it was not difficult for people to find out.

It turned out that the number of fans Han RuoXi had was really amazing, and with the information prepared by ‘Queen Ruo Xi, I love you’, many people join the team. Truth to be told, there was a reminder which was ‘a person revealing the privacy of others is illegal’, but sure enough it was just a reminder for ‘Queen Ruo Xi, I love you’ and the other netizens.

Nearly 10,000 responses, 95% supported the original poster, and 85 percent joined the team.

Luo XiaoXi was very anxious and sent a message to Su JianAn: ‘Su JianAn, you are in danger! Do you want to go abroad to hide?’

Su JianAn stretched out lazily and replied slowly: ‘Do you think the dead bodies are terrible or are these netizens terrible?’

Luo XiaoXi weighed the contrast and said: ‘the dead body is more terrible.’

Su JianAn calmly replied: ‘Well, I am going to study the body of the dead.’

The thing was, she was not afraid of the dead body, so why should she afraid of those netizens?

Luo XiaoXi sent a long ellipsis and an exclamation mark to express her deep admiration.

At the same time, her cell phone rang, Tang YuLan’s call.


“Jian An!” Tang YuLan’s voice sounded fl.u.s.tered. “Why didn’t you tell me such a big incident had happened yesterday? If I didn’t read the newspaper this morning, I won’t know if you were kidnapped. How are you? Did you hurt somewhere?”

Tang YuLan worried about her made her somewhat overwhelmed. Tang YuLan’s voice was full of concern. This feeling… very subtle, very warm.

She smiled and said “Auntie, I am fine. Don’t forget, I am also half a criminal policeman. How can it be so easy?”

“I am still worry, I have to go to the police station to see you.” Tang YuLan insisted.

Su JianAn didn’t want Tang YuLan to come, because she didn’t know how to explain about their relations.h.i.+p to her colleagues. She thought about it “Auntie, I am really fine, you don’t have to come over. Tomorrow is weekend. I don’t have to come to work, I will go see you!”

Tang YuLan knew that her hasty visit may disturb Su JianAn at work “This is also OK, then I am waiting for you at home!”


Su JianAn hung up the phone and her lips still had a happy smile.

She didn’t feel maternal love again since she was 15 years old, but Tang YuLan’s words and deeds always gave her a long-lost feeling of being cared for by her mother. She promised to marry Lu BoaYan at the beginning, except for the reason of concealment, also because of Tang YuLan.

She likes this optimistic and interesting old Madam and wanted to treat her like a mother.

With a plan on the weekend, Su JianAn's mood was exceptionally good. 

Lu BaoYan saw Su JianAn dressed so well and beautiful and could not help to asked “Where are you going?”

“I am going to see auntie.” Su JianAn suddenly remembered that he was the son of Aunt Tang. “Would you like to go together? If we go together, maybe Aunt Tang will be very happy!”

She squinted her eyes, as if the lashes of the flas.h.i.+ng eyes were carrying expectations.

Lu BaoYan let out a slight sigh.

Su JianAn thought that Lu BaoYan was hesitating “Do you still have to hesitate whether or not going to see your mom? Unfilial son!

“…” Lu BaoYan’s lips twitched.

“Forget about it.” Su JianAn turned and walked away. “I am going alone.”

Lu BaoYan grabbed Su JianAn’s wrist just in time and took the car key and pulled her out. There was also dissatisfaction in his tone “When did I say no?”

In fact, he already made an appointment with Shen YueChuan to play in the suburbs.

Su JianAn smiled and said “I know that our Bao Yan ge will not be the kind of unfilial child~”

Lu BaoYan “…”

Su JianAn squinted at her wrist, and her lips involuntarily raised a smile.

She and Lu BaoYan was walking hand in hand to see Tang YuLan. What she did not dare to think about was happening. As if the road ahead was colorful, every corner of the heart was satisfied.

She suddenly wanted to tell her mother in the sky loudly; At least this moment, she was very happy and very satisfied.

For this moment, she intended to bear all the wind and rain.

awww finally~~~ I can see the flower has started  to bloom right now ?

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 21 Part2

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