Acorna's Search Part 37

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Techno-artisan: Linyaari specialist who designs, engineers, or manufactures goods.

Thariinye:A handsome and conceited young s.p.a.cefaring Linyaari from clan Renyilaaghe.

Theophilus Becker : Jonas Becker's father, a salvage man and astrophysicist with a fondness for exploring uncharted wormholes.

Tbiilir (pi. th'dirii) : Small arboreal mammals of Linyaari home world.

ThiiUit : Gra.s.s species native to Vhiliinyar.


Twilit:Small, pestiferous insect on Linyaari home planet.

Vaanye: Acorna's father.

Vhiliinyar:Original home planet of the Linyaari, destroyed by Khleevi.

Viizaar:A high political office in the Linyaari system, roughly equivalent to president or prime minister.

Vilii Hazaar Miirl :An officer in the Linyaari s.p.a.ce fleet.

Virii : Neeva's spouse.

Vriiniia Watiir : Sacred healing lake on Vhiliinyar, defiled by the Khleevi.

Wii:A Linyaari prefix meaning small.

Yaazl:Linyaari term for beloved.

Yaniriin:A Linyaari Survey s.h.i.+p captain.

Yasmin: Hafiz Harakamian's first wife, mother of Tapha, faked her own death and ran away to return to her former lucrative career in the pleasure industry. After her acc.u.mulated years made that career much less lucrative, she returned to squeeze money out of Hafiz in the form of blackmail.

Yiitir : History teacher at the Linyaari academy, and Chief Keeper of Linyaari Stories. Lifemate to Maarni.

The End

Acorna's Search Part 37

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