Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 184

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The Methods of Refining Pills [14]

Xiao Yao w.a.n.g lightly coughed, the expression on his handsome face suddenly become unnatural. A slightly embarra.s.sed red color had flashed across his face. He opened his folded fan and said: “They need me over there, I’m going to go over.”

Luo Luo and Huang Bei Yue exchanged a glance. The two children were incomparably pure and slow in the matter of love. Hence, neither of them gave much thought to it.

Just as Xiao Yao w.a.n.g had gone out, noises arose from the deck outside.

Someone had shouted ‘someone is drowning’! And then there was a ‘pu tong’ sound which signaled that someone had jumped into the water.

The people who were inside the s.h.i.+p was very curious, so they had walked onto the deck to see the situation.

Huang Bei Yue and Luo Luo had also followed the other people out.

On the deck, the person who was drowning had already been rescued. Suddenly, a burst of crying sounded, the voice was familiar to Huang Bei Yue. Dong Ling suddenly said: “Isn’t this the voice of the second young miss’s maid?”

Sure enough, just as Dong Ling had finished speaking, they heard a trembling voice say: “My name is Xiao Yun, I am the second young miss of Princess Zhang’s Prefecture.”

When Huang Bei Yue heard Xiao Yun’s self-introduction, she couldn’t help but frown. At this time, why would she say that she’s from Princess Zhang’s Prefecture? It’s basically bringing disgrace to the prefecture!

“So it’s the second young miss from Princess Zhang’s Prefecture. Quickly, someone come and help the second young miss to change her clothes. Don’t let her freeze.” Xiao Yao w.a.n.g’s elegant and refined voice sounded.

Xiao Yun’s voice was trembling, but it was still gentle and soft as she said: “Many thanks to w.a.n.gye.”

Huang Bei Yue walked out from the crowd, she only saw that Xiao Yun was being lifted up by other people like a water ghost. The superfluous and the bulky clothes that Xiao Yun had worn before were thrown away by Xiao Yun.

Otherwise, once that superfluous and bulky clothes get soaked in water, it would be heavy. The heavy robe would make her sink into the water.

So presently, she only wore a thin layer of garment. Her hair was scattered and her face was purple. Luckily, there was no n.o.ble lady that liked to gossip on the boat. Or else, appearing like that in front of so many men, people would’ve talked about how her innocence was ruined.

Most of the people on the boat are people who don’t bother about trifle matters so they naturally know to carry out their own duties. They saw that Xiao Yun was so embarra.s.sed and that they shouldn’t crowd around her to admire her. So they gradually pretended to have something else to do and began to leave.

“Second sister!” Once the people that were about to leave, heard this crisp voice, they couldn’t help but to turn around and look at the scene once again.

Huang Bei Yue ran to Xiao Yun and pulled her hand as she anxiously asked: “Second sister, how did you become like this?”

When Xiao Yun saw Huang Bei Yue appear in front of her, she was shocked. She didn’t expect her to be here. When she fell into the water, no one saved her. She relied on herself as a summoner with an ice attribute to get close to Xiao Yao w.a.n.g’s big s.h.i.+p to be rescued.

She was secretly happy that she could slowly return the grace of saving her life to Xiao Yao w.a.n.g in the future.

But right now she was in a sorry state while basking in humiliation and Huang Bei Yue was dressed nicely. Huang Bei Yue’s bright eyes were quick-witted, her delicate chin that was surrounded by mist covered water appeared to be more soft and touching.

When compared to her, they were polar opposites!

Xiao Yun was usually a proud person. She thought that when she’s compared to Huang Bei Yue, she’s high up in the sky. She could never find something that Huang Bei Yue is better at than her.

However, now she’s in this kind of situation and especially in front of Xiao Yao w.a.n.g like this.

How could this be?

Xiao Yun was really angry, inside her heart, an envious fire burned. The fire burned to such a degree that she almost lost her mind!

“Don’t come here to ridicule me!” Xiao Yun’s tone of voice wasn’t very heavy. She didn’t lose all her rationality yet and was still a little clear-headed.

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*Grabs popcorn* I can’t wait to see what happens next. I can totally sense drama coming soon.

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 184

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