Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 67

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Translated by lilmunchkinz ❤

The Palace Banquet [1]

Advanced-level ring, is even more expensive than anyone can imagine, she suddenly thought that even though she had three hundred million gold coins, she is still a poor person.

In total she bought many things, and put everything into the bag, then she made her way back to the house of Princess Zhang Prefecture.

Slowly sneaking into Liu Yun Pavilion, without anyone noticing, strolling from the backyard to the front yard, she saw Dong Ling who was walking around the courtyard anxiously.

It just happens that, she bought something for Dong Ling, since it will be a while before the palace banquet begins, she decided to show her it.

"Dong Ling, I have something…"

"Miss!" Dong Ling turned around to look at her, as though how she would be looking at a savior, "You are finally back!"

"What happened?" Huang Bei Yue's face fell, her first thought was that someone had came to Liu Yun Pavilion to start trouble with Dong Ling.

She already spoke privately to Pei Xiang, to let her restrain the servants of the house, to not come to Liu Yun Pavilion to start trouble, was Pei Xiang not able to fulfil this small order?

Someone wants to bully her okay, but if someone wants to bully Dong Ling that's not fine!

"Who came to bully you? I will go teach them a lesson!" With her strength, to kill someone without anyone knowing it, that is easier than crushing an ant!

Dong Ling stunned for a moment, then immediately shook her head: "No one was bullying me, these two days no one even dare to come, the servants in the house weren't like before, not targeting against me anymore."

"Then what is the matter?" It's good that no one came to start trouble.

She often went out, not able to look after Dong Ling all the time, this little girl has a kind heart, and loyal to her, not leaving her all these years, she was not willing to let Dong Ling to continue to suffer.

Dong Ling pulled her to the room, while walking she was saying: "Just now the second lady of the house sent someone over, bring some things."

Huang Bei Yue was confused, that Xiao Yun would send her things? The sun must be rising from the west!

On the bed in the room, were two sets of clothes neatly placed, and some good textures of jewelries.

She actually sent some things…

Huang Bei Yue picked up an outfit to look at, the texture of the clothes were pretty nice, it was made of satin and cloud gauze, the type of clothes that only rich families were able to afford.

What idea is Xiao Yun trying to play at, really came to please her, to prepare to meet Prince Xiao Yao?

Dong Ling looked anxiously: "The second lady wants you to make yourself presentable, in the evening you would have to go to palace to attend the banquet!"

"What?" Huang Bei Yue widen her eyes: "Didn't they say I am seriously ill, and contagious, that's why they don't want me to leave the house?"

"That's what I responded to them, but the second lady said no matter what, today you have to go to the palace banquet!"

Huang Bei Yue was thinking that this time it would be a bit difficult to do, no matter how strong she is, she doesn't know how to separate her souls!

She had to use the status of Huang Bei Yue to go into the palace with Concubine Xue and Xiao Yun, and also use the status of Xi Tian daren took, looking at it, she can't push one side away.

If Xiao Yun said not to go, that delicate first lady will definitely disagree.

Having such a kind heart to send her clothes, and even take her to the palace banquet, Huang Bei Yue knew that they have other motives, whether she goes or not, it's not up to her to make the decision.

If she and Xiao Yun were to overturned one another, it will affect her plan, and if it turns into a big deal, she would have to show the identity of Xi Tian daren.

No, if her identity is revealed, she would have to kill Concubine Xue and Xiao Yun quickly, it will be letting them off the hook too easily!

How they had harm Huang Bei Yue before, and what happened with Princess Zhang, she wants them to pay her back ten times as much!

Across the Stunning Beast Princess: Phoenix Against the World Chapter 67

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