Addicted Pampering You: The Mysterious Pampered Wife Of The Military Ye Chapter 15

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Regular Chapter (2/3)


Chapter 15 – Sister didn’t do it on purpose.

“Grandpa Shen, i don’t know what my grandfather had said to you, but the relations.h.i.+p between QingLan and I isn’t like what you think. At least not know. As for in the future, no matter what happen between us, i always think that she is my sister, so i will definitely protect her.” Fu HengYi looked earnestly.

Grandpa Shen couldn’t say anything else, he really didn’t know what to say. In fact apart of his age, Fu Hengyi was indeed the best younger generation that he had known of.

And in Grandpa Shen’s live up until now there was nothing he regret about. Even if there was, it was just he hoped that his granddaughter could be with someone who truly loved her and protected for her.

“Fine, fine, you young people will do all right on your own. I’m already old, i shouldn’t intervene with it.” Grandpa Shen waved his hand and let out a sigh.

“That’s right old Shen, you think about it. These two people both had excellent appearance and mind. If the two of them together, imagine how adorable and smart the children that might born from them.” Grandpa Fu stepped forward to Grandpa Shen, and whispered to his ear.

Looking at the two people who were already became best friend again, Fu HengYi shook his head and went out of the study room. Since he couldn’t immediately return to the army, he had to send the training plan first to the Vice Captain Mu LianCheng. Mu LianCheng had to watch over the those fellow so they couldn’t dare to be lazy.

Soon, the rumour that had spread in the capital was suppressed, and when Shen XiTong visited her friend, her friend told her that Fu Family’s choice of granddaughter-in-law was Shen QingLan, it wasn’t her, Shen XiTong.

Recalling when her friend said it to her, and looked at her friend’s joy over her miserable. Shen XiTong couldn’t help but to bite her lip and her eyes was burning with rage.

There was nothing good about Shen QingLan. Apart from her face, she was nothing. And all day long she always looked dead, as stiff as a board, seeing her made XiTong felt disheartened. But if this kind of person who was in her eyes was the same as a waste, becoming Fu Family’s granddaughter-in-law, Shen XiTong couldn’t be willing to let it go.

From the moment she first saw Fu HengYi, she knew that this man was the one who would be her husband in her life. She had worked so hard to become as she was now, so she could stand beside him side by side.

However, Shen QingLan robbed it from her so easily. She hated it! If Shen QingLan hadn’t come back, all of it would be hers.

Shen XiTong looked at the figure who came to the stairs, wanting to come down of it. Her eyes flashed, she had an idea inside her mind.

Shen QingLan looked at the person who came up to her, and looked at her condescendingly. Her face remained emotionless. “Is there something wrong?”

Shen XiTong looked at her and smiled. “Sister, I heard that Grandpa Fu has chosen you as their granddaughter-in-law. And i haven’t congratulate you yet.”

Shen QingLan frowned her brows, but didn’t pay any attention towards her.

When Shen XiTong saw a figure in the hallway behind them, the corner of her lips were slightly raised up, she came closer towards Shen QingLan, and softly said. “Do you think that the Fu Family would really choose a snake-hearted woman like you as their granddaughter-in-law?” She threw her body backwards, but her hands didn’t forget to grab to Shen QingLan’s cloth tightly, she made her face to looked panicked and she screamed.

As Shen QingLan was pulled down with Shen XiTong’s, her eyes flashed with coldness, and her hand automatically grabbed the railing and stabilized her body. While Shen XiTong kept rolling down the stairs. When she reached the ground she was lying there without moving.

“Tong Tong.”

Shen QingLan pushed aside hardly, and a person was running down from her side, ran to Shen XiTong’s side.

“Tong Tong, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” Chu YunRong was kneeling beside Shen XiTong, she wanted to reach out to her but afraid she would aggravate her injury more, she didn’t know what to do.

Shen XiTon felt pain from head to toe, the pain made her forehead filled with cold sweats. But through the corner of her eyes, she still could see the one who was standing on the stairs, and the corner of her lips twitched slightly.

When she looked up again, she already had tears in her eyes, but she was laughing inside, even though her face was pale because of the pain. “Mom, sister… she didn’t mean to do it, you… can’t blame her.”

Then she looked at Shen QingLan again, and said with a weak voice. “Sister, i know that because mother loves me more, you didn’t like me very much. But i didn’t mean to rob it from you. If only you said it to me i would give anything to redeem it to you. I just hope to always stays in this home, so I could always have a home. I also didn’t know that you like Fu HengYi, if so i wouldn’t rob him from you.”

Chu YunRong looked at QingLan with horror on her face. To think that she pushed her sister down the stairs because of jealousy. She felt her blood rus.h.i.+ng to her head. She stood up and rushed towards Shen QingLan.

Then she slap her on her face.

Shen QingLan only looked at Chu YunRong. There was no sadness nor anything in her eyes. It seemed that she didn’t even aware of the pain on her face. On the contrary, Chu YunRong looked at her hand in disbelieve. She… hit her own biological daughter.

“YunRong, what do you think you’re doing?” Grandpa Shen’s voice was roaring from the hallway across them. And everyone turned into the source of the sound, only to see the old man’s face was full of anger. Screaming towards Chu YunRong while he stood besides Fu HengYi.

Shen XiTong’s pupil shrunk, her eyes were fl.u.s.tered. Why was Fu HengYi here?

“Dad… I…” Chu YunRong stuttered.

“What was happening here?” Grandpa Shen was feeling angered and asked her. He was playing chess with Fu HengYi in the study when they heard Shen XiTong’s scream and came out to see what had happened. As soon as he went out, he saw Chu YunRong was slapping QingLan.

Chu YunRong recovered from her shocked after slapping Shen QingLan, she looked at Shen QingLan’s face that was red and swollen. Then glanced at Shen XiTong who was still lying down on the ground, and she finally said. “Dad, QingLan, she because of her jealousy she pushed her sister down the stairs.”

“Have you seen it with your own eyes?” Grandpa Shen still felt angered, stared at Chu YunRong.

“No.” Chu YunRong said.

“Grandpa.” Shen XiTong said, and because of pain her face was sweaty and her brows were frowned. “Grandpa, please don’t blame mother or sister. I’m the one who’s wrong, i didn’t stand firmly, so i fell down.” Her expression was like she was bearing the pain silently. Although she said this, but in her eyes there was a hidden smugness.

Grandpa Shen’s eyes were fell on Shen XiTong’s body, his eyes flashed slightly, no one couldn’t see what he was thinking. Shen XiTong’s heart was tightening. “Don’t just stand here, call the ambulance” his words was said towards Song Sao. (Song Sao is Shen Family’s house helper)

Song Sao quickly went away to make a call.

“This is the end of this matter. I don’t want to hear anything else about the sisters of this family didn’t get along well.” Grandpa Shen said it to Chu YunRong, but his eyes looked at Shen XiTong.

Shen XiTong was shocked and lowered her eyes. She didn’t dare to look at Grandpa Shen.

The ambulance arrived soon. The doctor examined Shen XiTong roughly, that in addition to the fracture of the right lower leg and slight bruise on her body, he didn’t find any other injuries on Shen XiTong.

Chu YunRong followed in the ambulance.

From the beginning until the end, Shen QingLan didn’t say any word. The look on her face didn’t even change, although her cheeks had swollen big now.

Grandpa Shen looked at Shen QingLan’s face and his eyes filled with pain. “Child, when your mother beat you, why you didn’t even dodge it.”

Shen QingLan’s eyes were warmed up a little, she shook her head slightly. “Grandpa, I’m alright.”


Author Note:

Will Shen XiTong’s scheme be successful?

Translator Note:

When a snake calling others a snake… the irony…

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