Adolescent Adam Volume 7 Chapter 9

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Adolescent Adam 7: Chapter 9 - Stay Away   When I, Kurikara Saya, woke up, it was the evening after the cultural festival.   A helicopter had apparently crashed and I was apparently directly below it, so everyone said it was a miracle I only got some sc.r.a.pes on my legs.   But my mind was cloudy and I couldn’t remember what kind of accident it was.   I kind of remembered a helicopter appearing in front of me, but the picture in my mind was shaped differently from the wreckage I was shown. And I also remembered hearing a really loud noise that didn’t sound like a crash. It was more like gunfire.  
Then there was the weird dream I had. A blonde girl of about 5 went around to everyone who was lying on the ground and said, “I will only alter your memories slightly, so worry not. Just go to sleep.”   -US">Well, the doctor said that our memories can get confused after an accident, so that’s probably what this was.   At any rate, I had miraculously escaped with no more than some slight wounds to my legs.   But I’m worried about Mutsuki-kun and the others.   Mutsuki-kun and Machi-nyan must have been near the crash. Same with Ange-chan and Lu-kun. They were apparently badly injured and hospitalized.   Their injuries aren’t life threatening, but they won’t be back to school for a while. And they aren’t allowed any visitors.   Hmm, I hope they’re okay. I’m really worried.   …And what do I do? Mutsuki-kun and Machi-nyan were only there because of me. If only I hadn’t invited them to the café.   Oh, no. It’s all my fault.   And it was those four friends who got so badly hurt. Does that mean Ange-chan and Lu-kun where there because of me too?   Uuh, please come back soon, everyone.   I hope they’re okay. Surely they’ll be okay, right? We’ll be able to laugh and hang out together like before, right?   “…”   I hope so.   While I was thinking about all that, the doctor told me I was free to go and my mom came to pick me up.   All the while, I was praying that we could all return our normal lives soon.   But just a few days later, I would learn that that enjoyable time spent with those four would never return.

Adolescent Adam Volume 7 Chapter 9

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Adolescent Adam Volume 7 Chapter 9 summary

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