Adolescent Adam Volume 8 Chapter 1

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The girl’s heart pounded in her chest as she was given permission to temporarily leave the room.

She rushed to the bathroom and straightened her posture.

“Make it quick.”

“O-of course, Riselle-san.”

The girl, Kisaragi, was not free to use the bathroom whenever she wanted. She was only allowed when Riselle gave her permission.

But she still wanted to calm herself from the fear she felt from that trainer man named s.h.i.+baki.

Maid uniforms were supposed to be designed for utility, but the dress she had been given was an exception.

The black pleated skirt had wires inside to lift it in an unnatural fan shape and the top was short enough to leave her navel bare. The low-cut chest was open out to the shoulders and the minimal fabric on the upper arms tugged down on it when she walked, making it feel like the whole top would fall down.

Or maybe it was designed for utility, just the kind of utility needed in this leisure facility…no, this brothel.

But this was only her second day here, so she was still embarra.s.sed to show off so much skin. She was constantly fighting to keep the skirt down and the top up.


Her hand came to a stop when she caught a glimpse of the soft, white lines of her chest.

Her cheeks flushed as she viewed her own body again. She had small but shapely b.r.e.a.s.t.s. She had a somewhat plump, almost stumpy, body shape, but that gave her b.u.t.t a nice round shape. And inside the s.e.xy black underwear below the white skirt, there was a crevice…

“Mutsuki-kun, is now a good time?”

Kisaragi gasped and looked around in shock when she heard that sudden voice.

This was a bathroom, so she was of course alone. But there would be a guard right outside, so she nodded instead of speaking.

A ripple-like distortion ran through her reflection in the mirror and it transformed into a blond boy.

“Lucikun. Thank goodness.”

Kisaragi…no, Mutsuki just about collapsed from relief upon seeing that familiar friend.

“Sorry, but I can’t keep this channel open for long. I could be detected at any moment.”

“O-okay. I’m just glad to hear your voice.”

“I’m glad to hear you say th…ha ha. Look at you, Mutsuki-kun. You’re so cute~”

“D-don’t say that.”

He held down the stubborn skirt.

He had been abducted by the Kurosaki Family and imprisoned here for two days. He could only relax during the irregular contact from his friend.

Lucia had explained everything. That he had been abducted by the Kurosaki Family that was fighting against FeTUS. That Lucia, Ange, and Machina were preparing to rescue him, but they could not act yet as they did not know his current location. And that they had a plan, so they would definitely rescue him in a few days’ time.

It apparently would have been extremely bad for him to be captured by Kurosaki as a boy, so Lucia had transformed him into a girl.

His body had been supplemented with Lucia’s cells the few times he had been badly injured, so changing his physical s.e.x was a simple task for the demon.

That also allowed them to communicate like this (telepathically?). Unfortunately, they could only send each other their thoughts and it was not enough for Lucia to determine Mutsuki’s location.

“The Kurosaki Family reeks of that old hag Lilith. She’s always on the lookout for boys, so you’re better off as a girl.”


He had also heard the reason behind the forced s.e.x change.


Mutsuki still did not know anything for sure, but he had sensed that name’s presence for a few months now.

Or rather, he had heard it in his dreams.

In a past life, he had been named Avalon. And he had been close to a girl named Lucya. He remembered the two of them mentioning that name.

His dreams also told him that Lilith was the individual with the other Serpent’s Eye in her right eye.

Rapha had been concerned about someone like that. Mutsuki had been curious enough to ask Ange about it once, but she had not been concerned.

According to Ange, Lilith was properly known as Lilith, Queen of the Night, and she was something like a legendary figure among the demons.

All demons were supposedly born from her, so she could be seen as the mother of all demons.

As far as Ange knew, that was all there was to know about Lilith. She was said to have given birth to all demons, but it was unknown whether that was a metaphor or the literal truth. Regardless, she held great importance to the demons. Mutsuki himself had seen a few demons, including Lucia, be rendered unable to move when exposed to Lilith’s ether.

However, Ange and the angels did not seem to think she was enough of a threat to warrant her reputation.

A demon was still a demon and the rules established by G.o.d stated that they could never defeat an angel.

Also, it was unknown if Lilith was even still alive. Heaven had seen no sign of her for more than a millennium and that had not changed in recent times. If she was alive, it was unclear if she was in any state to start something now.


But now Mutsuki wished he had told Ange and the others about his dreams sooner.

In his dreams, Lilith had seemed very interested in him…in Adam, possessor of the Serpent’s Eye.

Both the angels and Mutsuki had been careless. These were only demons, so they had a.s.sumed everything would work out in the end as long as he had Ange with him.

They had never imagined Lilith would be working with humans like the Kurosaki Family.

“Sh-she isn’t going to notice it’s me, is she?”

“You just have to hope she doesn’t. At least it seems to be working so far.”


He still did not know where she was.

But if she was observing the goings on within the Kurosaki Family, then his feminization was successfully camouflaging him. She had not found him in two days, after all.

All Mutsuki could do was hide that he was Fujita Mutsuki. He had to play the role of a girl named Kisaragi to fool both the Kurosakis and Lilith.

“Tell Ange and Ibekussan that I trust them and I’m waiting to be rescued.”

“Sure thing. …I really wish I could just go break you out myself.”

“Ha ha. I’m waiting for you too, of course.”

Wait. That was all he could do.

“Hey, why are you talking to yourself?”

“Oh, n-no reason. Sorry.”

Riselle called to him from outside. He had to leave now, so he gave up on his clothes and waved at the mirror.

There was no need for despair. He was used to being in trouble.

His friends saved him every time and he trusted them to do it again even if it put their lives at risk.

However, he was still not used to this place.

“Act too suspiciously and they’ll realize you’re crossdressing.”

“It’s not really cross-…no, never mind.”

The most confusing part was Riselle, the girl who was an important part of the Kurosaki Family and knew he was Fujita Mutsuki yet had agreed to keep it a secret.

“You’re my master’s favorite right now, so you need to act the part.”


“Once he’s tired of you, I’m revealing your secret.”

She served Kurosaki Shuntarou, the family’s eldest son, and she had agreed to keep his secret because he was the man’s favorite.

The reason aside, she was definitely helping him. The best option for now was to do as they said and wait to be rescued.

He obeyed.

Which meant pretending to help out around the brothel.

“Nhaaaaah, ahh, ahhhhhh, please stoooop!”

“Help me! Someone help meeee!”

“Ahhh, please. More. Give me more c.o.c.ks.”

“Drugs…hee hee. Drugsh.”

Working in that gloomy concrete building was something he simply could not get used to.

Training rooms lined the walls like showcases and they contained girls of various ages (some even younger than Mutsuki) undergoing horrific training.

One girl was being forced to wear something highly indecent. One girl was being made to pleasure five men at once. One girl was tearfully cleaning up her own waste. One girl was staring happily into the distance like she had entirely detached her mind from reality.

He came to a stop when he saw an adorable-looking boy his own age inserting a d.i.l.d.o as thick as his arm into his own a.s.s.

It looked painful, but a moment later, the boy cried out in ecstasy and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed. Mutsuki could not help but watch the piercings bouncing at the boy’s overgrown nipples.

“You need to get used to this already.”

Riselle gave an exasperated shrug when she noticed the dark look he got from simply walking by the rooms.

He could never get used to this.

The training that had seemed just for show in old SM movies was being done in real life and to develop products. He thought he would go insane from how different this depressing world was from the world he thought he knew.

Every time a part of this place had been explained to him, he had found it impossible to believe.

The entire facility could be called a “slave factory”. The girls (and some boys) brought here were thoroughly raped, drugged, and sometimes given plastic surgery to make them perfect for s.e.x. At the same time, they were psychologically trained in order to break their wills and make them truly obedient to the customer’s every desire.

Some had willingly come here because they had no money and no one to rely on, but it was also possible for a customer to put in a request for a specific individual to be abducted and trained. The latter was apparently the more common route.

A normal person like Mutsuki simply could not understand it.

Even more horrifying was the hall located past the training rooms. It was set up like a dance floor with around 30 customers seated at tables.

Six girls were dancing in the center of the hall.

They were Veronica, an idol group with common enough TV appearances for even Mutsuki to know who they were. They were performing one of their most well-known songs with the same ch.o.r.eographed dance they did on TV.

Except they were naked.

Everything was left exposed, but they still looked like they were enjoying themselves as they danced. A few of them had somewhat stiff expression, but they still performed their idol dance without a shred of clothing.

When a specific individual could be requested, it may have only been natural for a lot of the targets to be entertainers.

“They are happy to do this. They can make more money doing this than shaking hands with a great crowd in their normal work. And this gives them a break from that work too.”

Riselle giggled as she walked down into the hall.

Mutsuki had no choice but to go with her. And once in the hall, he recognized some other faces as well. Entertainers, politicians, and corporate presidents and executives often seen on the covers of finance magazines were indulging in alcohol and drugs while joining the orgy if they felt like it. Almost all the good-looking entertainers appeared to be the “entertainment” here as well. There were idols, actresses, and newscasters. The room was a messy mixture of men and women.

Did these behind-the-scenes connections make it easier for the idols to thrive in the TV industry?


As Mutsuki thought about all this, someone stuck a hand up his skirt like it was a normal thing to do.

A male newscaster who had retired a few years back grinned as he groped Mutsuki’s b.u.t.t. He could not protest, but it was a disgusting feeling and he shuddered as he endured it. Riselle told him to keep moving with a tug on his hand and he was freed from that man’s grasp.

“It’s not just j.a.pan. They do this all over the world. In my homeland of England, a lot of people come to us when they want to hit it big on TV.”

“I-is that so?”

They cut across the hall and stepped outside.

There was a neatly maintained health resort across from the concrete building. That was a front for the concrete building. It was hard to believe they were just one door away from a perverted orgy hall with training rooms beyond that.

Mutsuki breathed a sigh of relief because this felt like waking from a nightmare and returning to the world he knew.

Riselle responded with exasperation.

“You have no idea how modern civilization works, do you? …And you’re supposed to be Adam?”


He looked up at the familiar term she whispered.

And you’re supposed to be Adam?

He tried to ask what that meant, but…

“I could not be more honored to have received this invitation, Kurosaki-sama.”

“Welcome to our western paradise. Life as Deputy Prime Minister must be stressful, so please take this chance to rest and relax.”

Two men were accompanied by two girls. And a group of about 10 followed behind them. Riselle and Mutsuki quickly stepped aside.

“The Sephirot, a cruise s.h.i.+p run by a subsidiary company of mine, is being put into commission the day after tomorrow. How would you like to join us, Kurosaki-sama?”

“That luxury cruise liner? I would love to, but all my nights are booked for quite a while.”

Mutsuki recognized at least three of them. One of the men in the lead was a politician he often saw on the news. He was pretty sure the man’s name was Ookura.

Then there were the two girls.

One looked identical to an angel girl he knew quite well.

She had been introduced as Enju and she was apparently a demon girl who looked just like Ange. Seeing her was nerve-racking, but the person next to her was an even bigger shock.


He saw that female teacher in a suit every day at school.

She went by Katsue Subaru, but her real name was Schwarze Katze. She was the FeTUS Witch known as Miss C.

He had no idea why she was here with the Kurosaki Family. He had informed Lucia, but the demon boy had said not to let her see his face. He stared at the ground while the group walked past.

He tried to control his heart as it pounded painfully hard in his chest.

Nothing was certain. Nothing at all, but…

Just before being abducted when he had suddenly lost consciousness, it was her, Miss C, who had been in charge of protecting him. And when he had come to, he had been abducted by the Kurosakis.

Looking at it rationally, she had to have betrayed FeTUS and him.

“Riselle, what is Shuntarou up to?”

He had prayed the group would walk past without acknowledging them, but he was not that lucky. The man in the lead who was not Deputy Prime Minister spoke to Riselle.

His wrinkles suggested he was past 50, but he was a large man with powerful-looking muscles.

“I don’t- I do not know, master.”

Riselle responded more politely than she was accustomed to.

The man was Kurosaki Keigo, the head of this facility and of the Kurosaki Family which opposed FeTUS and was after Mutsuki.

The boy had to hide his ident.i.ty as Fujita Mutsuki from this man most of all, so he made sure to act as naturally as possible in his ident.i.ty as a new maid named Kisaragi.

“Tch. That stupid son of mine. Tell him to get back to work on Mistress Lilith’s orders.”

Fortunately, the man did not pay Mutsuki any heed as he griped a bit and returned to entertaining the Deputy Prime Minister.

This confirmed the connection between Lilith and Kurosaki, but Mutsuki was more relieved to have gone undetected. He breathed a big sigh of relief while still struggling to control his pounding heart.


And he completely missed the brief sidelong glance from Schwarze.

The Kurosaki father and son were nothing at all alike.

The father was fit and carried a sense of cleanliness that prevented others from finding him distasteful.

The son was fat and ugly like a toad and always grinning in a way that kept anyone from knowing what he was thinking. No one would view him favorably at first glance.

On the other hand, the father was strict about time and always irritated, while the son rarely got mad and more affable.

But the biggest difference of all was their s.e.xual proclivities.

The father barely seemed to have any l.u.s.t at all, although running j.a.pan’s largest brothel may have played a role there. The fact that he was over 50 may have also been a factor, but he viewed s.e.x as a business and he showed as much interest in the lurid training scenes as he might factory machinery made of screws and gears. He was a lot like the trainer named s.h.i.+baki in that sense.

Meanwhile, the son was already past 30 and yet he had as greedy a libido as a virgin middle school boy. He grinned and pitched a tent in his pants whenever he viewed the training rooms and he sometimes stepped into the rooms to have some fun. He was indiscriminate in both gender and age when it came to his victims.

The only similarity between the two was their complete moral bankruptcy where they did not view people as people.

“I am back.”

“Oh, thank you.”

Shuntarou used one of the inn’s rooms as his private room. Other than the unusually large bed, there was only a TV and that TV was only connected to the concrete building’s security cameras. The room had no hint of entertainment or hobbies.

Mutsuki had effectively spent the last two days in this room.

The leisure facility was a member’s only place and even the workers were each given their own ID number to manage them. There was no place for Mutsuki – or, Kisaragi – there, so he had to use Shuntarou and Riselle to keep him hidden. He had no room of his own.

Mutsuki returned with the requested wine to find Shuntarou viewing a tablet with his usual grin.

“What are you looking at?”

“Hm? I was thinking of buying a boat.”

He was apparently viewing an auction for personal cruisers.

The prices ranged from the tens of millions to the hundreds of millions. That was enough for a commoner like Mutsuki to feel faint, but he was still relieved that these were just normal boats.

“I need one that can carry 9 tons…no, 7 tons would do. How much does an ingot weigh again?”

Shuntarou muttered to himself while doing some kind of calculation, but Mutsuki could only tilt his head.

“Keh heh. Well, I can put that off until later. More importantly…eh hee hee. Mutsuki-chan, do you know what this is?”

Shuntarou opened a different page on the tablet.

It appeared to be blood test results like the ones Mutsuki had seen from his school health examinations. It was a list of unfamiliar fields with numbers next to them.

The only thing he recognized was the given name: Tafuji Kisaragi. That meant this was about himself, but…

“These are the results of a simple examination of your body. You’re a girl now, but nothing outside of your physical s.e.x has changed.”

The man tossed aside the tablet.

“That means I can finally sleep with you. Eh hee hee hee hee.”

“Ah, wait, no…”

The man looked slow, but he embraced Mutsuki with frighteningly quick movements.

It had actually worried Mutsuki how safe he had been during his days trapped here, but that had apparently changed.

He should never have thought he was safe around this incarnation of l.u.s.t. The man had only been checking to see if there were any issues with his body.

And the results were in: he had a normal girl’s body. It was possible to have s.e.x with him.

“I’ve never done it with a feminized boy. Hee hee. I just have to know what it’s like.”

The fat man’s arms were as strong as they were thick. Mutsuki was unsure if his overall amount of muscle had changed in the feminization process, but he did know he was helpless now.

He was laid on the bed and his hips were lifted up.

His skirt had already been distractingly short, so his panties were visible without the man even touching the skirt. And with his hips lifted up, they were visible to Mutsuki as well.

“Eh hee hee. Well, what do you think? Does it turn you on to see yourself this way?”

“I-I’m not sure.”

Whether it turned him on or not, it was unbearably embarra.s.sing and Mutsuki had to look away.

He did not know what material these panties were made of. They felt like silk, but they plastered themselves to his skin and were highly see-through. This pose pulled them taut, so his b.u.t.t crack was only faintly visible through the stretched material.

Following that dark line at the center of the b.u.t.t eventually led to a more solidly colored area of wet pink.

He had naturally been most interested in that part ever since gaining a girl’s body. He trusted Lucia enough to a.s.sume there would be no lasting harm, but it still felt weird to be missing a certain organ there.

But he had gained something else there instead.


“Eh hee hee. I just knew you’d be real sensitive.”

Shuntarou placed his finger on the wet portion of the fabric.

Mutsuki blushed at the cute voice that escaped his lips.

Was he simply not used to having that body part, or were all girls this sensitive? Either way, he was incredibly sensitive and that made it all the lewder.

Merely stroking the surface was enough to fill it with a blazing heat and that same heat muddled his mind with a thick fog.

He wanted the man to touch it more.

“Well, do you like it? Does it feel good?”

“Uuh, uuh.”

It did feel good.

He could not deny it and the man almost certainly knew the answer already, but he could not bring himself to answer honestly.

Mutsuki was familiar with s.e.x and had grown quite bold in how he did it, but he was still a teenage boy at heart. He could not admit being caressed as a girl felt good.

“Oh, found your c.l.i.t. Look how hard it is. You had an impressive d.i.c.k for such a cute face, but this erection is honestly just as impressive.”

“Nkh, ah, p-please don’t touch me there.”

“Hee hee hee. How does your c.l.i.t feel? I’ve heard it’s what became of the p.e.n.i.s on the female body, so does it feel like having your d.i.c.k touched?”

“Nh, nhh…may…be…ahhh.”

The touches to the area around the urethra felt more like when his p.e.n.i.s had been touched, but the erect bead was just as sensitive as the p.e.n.i.s head.

When it was ma.s.saged and squished, he felt a tingling inside his urethra and stomach like he was holding in his pee.

“N-no, ahh…this is too embarra.s.sing.”

Mutsuki felt pathetic and shook his head on the verge of tears.

He had always looked androgynous, but the feminization process had added some roundness to his face, accentuating its youthful appearance. When the face grew flushed and begged the man, it only stimulated his male desire. Shuntarou happily reached for the panties.

He pulled them down to reveal the slit below. Either because it had only just been made or because it was Mutsuki’s nature regardless of s.e.x, the lips looked as youthful as a baby’s.

The outer lips would have been pressed tightly together if he were standing up, but since his legs were spread wide, the lips were also spread to reveal the pink within. Just as Shuntarou had said, the c.l.i.toris alone was oddly well developed and currently erect.

The feeling of the open air on his crotch should have been the same regardless of s.e.x, but it had felt less liberating when he had a male body. It now felt like the cover for his crotch had been removed, which was a horribly concerning feeling.

“Don’t give me that look. Heh heh. You already know how good this hole can feel, don’t you?”

“Eh? Ah!”

The man immediately buried his face in Mutsuki’s a.s.s.

His thick tongue reached deep inside. Mutsuki felt goose b.u.mps and panicked. He wondered when he had last used the bathroom. He knew he would have wiped properly, but how much sweat had gathered since then?

“See? It’s already this sensitive.”

“Ah, ah, ahhhh~~”

Mutsuki could not gather his thoughts right away.

The tongue tip narrowed down like a point to push past the sphincter he squeezed shut out of embarra.s.sment, but then the tongue spread out like jelly to lick around inside.

Micha and Lucia had teased him like this with his male body, so it had been developed into quite an erogenous zone.

And Shuntarou’s technique was skilled enough to make Micha and Lucia’s look like child’s play.

He had the sphincter loosened up in no time.

“Nh, ahhh, ah, ahhhh.”

As the ring of muscle widened, Mutsuki could clearly tell his body had changed.

“How does your a.s.s feel? Is it different from when you had a boy’s body?”

“~~ I-I don’t know.”

That was a lie. He could tell what was different and what was the same.

When his male b.u.t.t was teased, he had felt a burning at the base of his p.e.n.i.s, but now it was harder to tell which part of his body that heat was filling. If he had to say, it was like faint electricity flowing through his urethra. And that tingling heated up his entire lower stomach.

That was a clear difference between his male and female bodies. But…

“Ah, ah…Sh-Shuntarou-san…stop. I…I…”

“Heh heh heh. Are you all warmed up now?

The way the blood in the heated area felt as hot as magma and the way a faint heat spread to the rest of his body were the same.

The mind-numbing pleasure was also the same.

“Ahhh, ahhn, wait, wait. My b.u.t.t feels weird!”

Mutsuki did not know what to do with his hands, so he squeezed the ap.r.o.n in embarra.s.sment.

Shuntarou could see the change in Mutsuki’s face and in the v.u.l.v.a blossoming before his eyes.

The increased blood flow caused the flesh to spread out even after the stimulation ceased.

“Eh hee hee. I’m betting it isn’t just your a.s.s that feels weird.”

The man waved a hand to gather the boy’s attention.

Once Mutsuki’s eyes were on it, Shuntarou moved his finger down to the spread l.a.b.i.a.


“Do you want me to tease it?”


Mutsuki did not originally have a v.a.g.i.n.a. Having a man’s ugly gaze directed at a body part that did not even feel like his own made him blush and frown at the same time.

He could not say he wanted it. No matter what form his body took, he was still a boy at heart. He may have been able to ask for it from a woman or Lucia, but this man seemed to ooze male l.u.s.t from his every pore. Not to mention that the man had abducted him.


But no matter how much his mind rejected it, his body continued to change.

As the fingertip stickily stirred up the entrance, that secret garden moved on its own to suck at the finger. His male mind was shocked by the alluring shape of the v.u.l.v.a, but he also knew its movement expressed exactly what it was he wanted.

“You want me to tease it, don’t you?”


The man gently stroked the pink flesh sticking out while avoiding the c.l.i.toris and entrance. He provided no more stimulation than that as he asked again.

Mutsuki of course knew what a girl would say in this situation.

The man watched with a thin smile and Mutsuki hesitantly nodded his head.

When the man sitting cross-legged on the bed held Mutsuki close, the fat acted as a cus.h.i.+on. It was a lot like being seated on a soft sofa.

Mutsuki had been given the right to sit on that sofa.

So it was of his own free will that he spread his legs.

“Look, look. Eh hee hee. Can you see how lewd your p.u.s.s.y looks right now?”

“Ah, y-yes, I can…”

The man had taken his time melting Mutsuki’s v.a.g.i.n.a and he now had two fingers inside it.

It was a small enough hole for even that to be a tight fit, but it was surprisingly flexible: the man could bend his fingers and spread them in a peace sign. It felt like an endless series of ring-like folds and each of those folds was thick and a little stiff, but the gaps between were soft.

(I-I can feel his fingers…inside me. This is weird.)

In the few days since gaining a female body, Mutsuki had of course checked on the changes to his body out of simple curiosity. He had felt the softness of his somewhat swollen chest and he had watched as the urine flowed out.

The biggest change was the s.e.x organ and he had checked that a few times, but he had been too afraid to stick anything in that hole. He had only just barely pushed his finger inside.


This was the first time anything had been inside so deeply.

The s.e.xual pleasure from the thick areas and from the gaps was subtly different and each twist of the man’s fingers brought a fresh and unfamiliar shock to his entire lower stomach.

(I…can’t. Why do I want him to move his fingers more?)

He wanted to reject it, but he subconsciously spread his legs to allow the fingers in more easily.

“You’re so cute, Mutsuki-chan. Heh heh. Makes me really want to take you as my pet.”

How many woman and girls had Mutsuki pleasured like this before? But now he was the perfect target for Shuntarou’s fingers.

With two fingers inside and the thumb skillfully rubbing the c.l.i.t, the other hand endlessly stroked the rest of Mutsuki’s body.

“Your nipples are so hard. Did they tend to get erect with your male body too?”

“Nh, I don’t…know, ahn.”

The man’s hand moved underneath Mutsuki’s clothes, rubbed his small b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and then moved to his stomach. The occasional stimulation to his sensitive a.s.shole was enough for his entire body to hop up and almost off of the man’s lap.

The man’s finger technique was so skilled that it was a good lesson for Mutsuki’s own technique. A s.e.xual crawling feeling covered his whole body, filled his entire mind, and kept him from thinking anything at all.

He only came back to his senses when the man’s grinning face appeared right in front of him.

(No…h-he’s going to kiss me.)

After realizing what the man was doing, Mutsuki quickly turned his head aside.

The man probably saw it as no more than a portion of the caress, but young Mutsuki viewed s.e.x and kissing as separate things. He feared letting the man kiss him because it felt like offering his heart to the man and not just his body.

But protesting only encouraged this man.

“Feh heh heh. Oh, you don’t like it? Well, I won’t force you.”

The man pulled his head back as if he actually enjoyed it this way more.

He also removed his fingers along with his head.

(Ah…h-he’s pulling them out.)

The fingers slipped stickily out of the v.a.g.i.n.a they had been teasing.

Mutsuki grew fl.u.s.tered. He initially wanted to protest having them pulled out, but his pride kicked in and prevented him from saying so.

But for better or for worse, the man did not fully remove his fingers. He left them near the entrance.

“You didn’t like that, did you? You didn’t like that I was removing my fingers.”

“I-I did not…ahn.”

“Hee hee hee. I wouldn’t tease you like that. I’m a nice guy, after all.”

Instead of insisting on a kiss, he brought his mouth to Mutsuki’s ear instead.

(Nhahh. You liar…I know you’re teasing me.)

The man was no longer simply caressing Mutsuki.

This was now training to get Mutsuki to do what he wanted.

He tickled the shallow part of Mutsuki’s v.a.g.i.n.a and squished the sensitive c.l.i.toris. At the same time, he stuck his tongue into Mutsuki’s ear, which very nearly brought pleasure of its own.

And while working up Mutsuki’s s.e.xual pleasure…

“But I would like something in exchange. Oh, I know. How about you pleasure this thing?”

“Eh? Hyah!”

Shuntarou removed his pants with Mutsuki still in his lap.

Mutsuki had felt it poking at his b.u.t.t before, but when the giant spike of flesh popped out, he cried out without meaning to.

He had seen it once before, but its size was still enough to inspire fear. Mutsuki’s was by no means small, but this was several times its volume and its erection looked incredibly powerful. Mutsuki felt like it would be able to support his entire body weight.

“C’mon, touch it.”

The man took Mutsuki’s hand and had him touch it.

He was not disgusted by the p.e.n.i.s. He was somewhat reluctant to touch someone else’s erection, but he mostly just let it happen since he had no choice in the matter.

(Wah, wah. It’s so hot…and so thick.)

It was just as hard as the familiar sensation of his own, but it was several times as large.

He squeezed it in his fingers out of something like curiosity. He recognized the steely hardness from his own male body. But…

“Ah, nh.”

The hardness between his fingers reverberated through his body and arrived deep inside his stomach.

He had never felt anything like this below his navel before. He felt a squeezing stiffness there. He did not know what it was at first, but…

“Heh heh. Is your womb reacting?”


Now it made sense. The other end of his v.a.g.i.n.a was tightening in response to the masculinity in his hand.

Only now did Mutsuki realize what the man was trying to do.

(Ahh…he really is teasing me.)

Pulling out his fingers was not the teasing. It was only the setup for focusing Mutsuki’s mind on his v.a.g.i.n.a and womb.

That way he would become aware of what his newly-made girl parts wanted.

“Nh, heeeee!”

The fingers were back inside him. It happened so suddenly he let out a scream.

The ring-shaped folds tightened in surprise and then shook with joy.

“Ah, ah, wow, I can’t believe it. They’re…they’re inside me.”

“Not just inside you. Inside your p.u.s.s.y. Heh heh. Looks like your p.u.s.s.y really likes having my fingers inside it.”

Shuntarou whispered in his ear and then prompted him to call it his p.u.s.s.y.

The boy was a little hesitant to admit he had such a body part, but his body was surprisingly obedient with the fingers back inside it.

“M-my p.u.s.s.y. My p.u.s.s.y wants you, Shuntarou-san.”

“Eh hee hee. Yes, I know.”

Once he had confirmation, Shuntarou moved his face in again.

Mutsuki hesitated now that he was given that choice again.

(No…I’m…I’m a boy…)

But even as he hesitated…

(I want Shuntarou-san to make a girl out of me…❤)

He moved his own face in close and sucked at the man’s lips.

Just then…

“Nhhh, ah? Ahh, ah…”

He felt the trembling in his lower stomach – in his womb – growing.

He knew a similar feeling, but he had never experienced this tremor before.

It was an explosive tremor. By the time he realized it was an o.r.g.a.s.m, his mind had gone blank.

“Ahhhh, ah, hah, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”

He could not decide whether it was similar to when he had a male body or if it was nothing at all like that.

Either way, the magnitude was far greater. When he e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed, he felt it for just an instant. It was a moment of enveloping pleasure. It lasted maybe three seconds and then his mind would gradually return to normal. But this time it continued for much longer.


When Mutsuki began to convulse, Shuntarou held him tightly between his thick arms.

(Ah…Shuntarou-san’s hands are so big.)

The man felt so reliable while his own mind seemed to vanish within the great waves of pleasure.

The feeling seemed to envelop his entire being and not just his body.


It remained inside Mutsuki even after the o.r.g.a.s.m ended and he collapsed onto the bed.

“Heh heh. You came nice and hard there.”

Shuntarou laughed and stroked Mutsuki’s back.

His hand felt pleasant and loving.

“Do you want to take a break?”

“No, Shuntarou…-sama.”

Mutsuki responded to the man’s rubbing hand by flipping over and showing off his v.a.g.i.n.a as it continued to tremble from climax.

“Please make me your girl as soon as possible❤”

Mutsuki sat back on the man’s lap, but facing him this time.

He had loved this position most of all back when he had a male body. Both when he was holding Ange’s small body close and when he was at the mercy of Machina’s curvy body.

It felt weird being on the receiving end of it now.

“Yes, good girl. Eh hee hee. Going in~”


The tight hold of those thick arms was not a bad feeling.

Once on his lap, the man guided him with precision. Guided him toward that fat body and the ma.s.sive erection. Mutsuki’s body had gone entirely limp, so he was at the man’s mercy.

“Ah, ahhhhhhh? Ahhhhhh!”

It rapidly entered all the way to the base.

“I guess you just lost your girl virginity, didn’t you? Keh heh heh. Congrats~”

Shuntarou sounded carefree, but it was enough of a shock to Mutsuki that he nearly pa.s.sed out.

(It’s so thick… Eh? It’s stretching me that wide? That thing really fits inside me?)

His mouth hung open and a meaningless voice escaped on his breath.

The man’s fingering had made Mutsuki fully aware of the folds within, but now they were squished and stretched. The invader was clearly beyond the container’s capacity and Mutsuki felt faint.

But at the same time, that powerful presence told him that he possessed the organ to receive it.

It told him that he was a woman with a woman’s s.e.x organ.

“Yes, your p.u.s.s.y is even better than I expected. Heh heh heh. It has been three days, I suppose. I just about jerked off for the first time in a long while, but I’m glad I fought the urge.”

“Ahh…Shuntarou…-sama, ahh, what is this…weird feeling?”

“It feels weird now, heh heh heh, but once you learn to enjoy it, you will be a girl for life.”

“Nh, hhn, ahh, ahhn.”

Mixed in with the man’s heavy breathing was a female voice an octave higher than Mutsuki’s had been before his voice changed. And a sweet tone was already entering that voice.

The powerful shaft was contained in the core of his body.

Its simple presence was almost too much to bear.

(Ahh, I-I’m becoming a girl. I’m really becoming a girl for Shuntarou-sama.)

He had never experienced this incredible euphoria in his male body.

It felt like the inside of his body was being remade. It felt like his cells were being stretched until they snapped and new ones were born to take their place.

His body was being changed on the inside by the cells meant to accept a p.e.n.i.s.

“Nhh, hhhhh, wow, ahhhhh, s.e.x is so good!”

“Heh heh. Sounds like this isn’t hurting you. Then let’s get started.”

Mutsuki had never weighed much and he was even lighter in his girl’s body, so the man easily moved him like a toy.

He was gently moved up and down on the man’s d.i.c.k.

(Ahh, wow, wow…ahhhhh, I never knew it felt so good.)

With each thrust, sparks burst in the back of his eyes. Pleasure alone colored his brain, which controlled his mind, memories, and personality.

His mind was drifting in and out of focus. He would feel like he was seeing a pleasant dream and then a signal from his body would call him back to reality and he would realize the dream was caused by the excessive pleasure he was experiencing.

During summer break, when Ange had only just learned the pleasure of s.e.x, he had teased her for letting him have s.e.x with her even as she complained.

He had been a fool. He had not understood how different it was for a boy and a girl.

He had felt like Ange had given him access to her entire being back then and he now knew that feeling had been accurate.

With his female body, s.e.x felt like offering his entire being to his partner.

“Hyah, ahhhhhn! Shuntarou-sama, Shuntarou…-sama! Yes, it’s so good!”

“Heh heh. Is this what happens when your mind is experienced but your body is a virgin?”

The man decided he could be rougher, so he grabbed Mutsuki’s small girl b.u.t.t.

He pulled Mutsuki close so he was resting on the man’s fat belly.


The ma.s.sive p.e.n.i.s entered all the way to the base.

It pushed up Mutsuki’s womb. When he felt all his organs being pushed on, 

Mutsuki frantically clung to Shuntarou.

He dug his nails into the man’s back and released a sensual cry.

Even that somewhat painful stimulation was transformed into pleasure. He once more feared the magic power of s.e.x. Although he could not recognize it as fear within the whirlwind of pleasure.

“Keh heh heh. You’re so cute, Mutsuki-chan. You can tell how much your p.u.s.s.y is saying it loves my d.i.c.k, can’t you?”


Once the man mentioned it, he became aware of what his own insides were doing.

He had felt the pleasure of that nectary flesh during the earlier fingering, but this was on another level entirely.

His sweetly melted flesh squeezed the erection of its own accord. But the soft garden was no match for that masculine hardness and it was actually spread even wider. He felt that spreading feeling propagating from his v.a.g.i.n.a to his hips, his b.u.t.t, his legs, his stomach, and the rest of his body.

While his male body had focused the s.e.xual pleasure on his s.e.x organ, this feminine pleasure gradually spread out across his entire body. His first ever taste of this pleasure caused the inner flesh to writhe complexly as it squeezed the p.e.n.i.s and created even more pleasure.

(I-it really is saying it loves his d.i.c.k. Ahhh, my body is falling in love with Shuntarou-san’s d.i.c.k.)

That realization filled him with tearful hesitation.

Falling in love with a p.e.n.i.s seemed wrong as a boy.


But he also felt like he was becoming a girl at heart too.

Still clinging to the man, he moved his face close. When the man kissed him in response, the pleasure reached his mouth as well. The “boy” released sweet moans inside the man’s mouth.

“Heh heh heh. That’s more like it.”

The man reached for the center of Mutsuki’s b.u.t.t as if to provide a reward.

He grabbed Mutsuki’s a.n.a.l flesh which was twitching along with his v.a.g.i.n.a.

“Nhhhhh, ahhh, not my b.u.t.t! It feels too good!”

Mutsuki felt faint again and shook his head because he could not imagine any more pleasure than this.

But even though his mind released warning signals, his body wanted it. The tight entrance relaxed on its own to accept the man’s finger.

A different hole was being loosened up now, so the strange liberating feeling was twice as powerful.

“Oh, yeah. Your b.u.t.t is really sensitive, isn’t it? Heh heh. Maybe I should use it next.”

“Ahh, that would be too embarra.s.sing. My b.u.t.t would become your own personal f.u.c.khole.”

“You like the sound of that, don’t you?”

“…Yes. Please tame my a.s.s too.”

He felt like this was all part of a dream.

That statement must have pleased Shuntarou because he laughed.

“Then that’s what I’ll do. Geh heh heh. We can enjoy some a.n.a.l when you’re back to your male body too.”

“Y-yes, thank you very much.”

The man had meant it as a joke, but in Mutsuki’s dreamlike state, he took it seriously and smiled happily.

(He’ll…he’ll treat me like a girl even when I’m back to normal❤)

From the bottom of his heart, Mutsuki knew this p.e.n.i.s would forever be his master no matter what body he had.

Shuntarou had kept a grin as a type of poker face, but now he smiled for real.

“C’mon, you can c.u.m now. Let’s c.u.m together.”

“Ah, ahn…but I’ve been c.u.mming this whole time.”

“You thought that was c.u.mming? Heh heh. No, you haven’t experienced a true girl o.r.g.a.s.m yet.”

A chain of pleasure very different from e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n felt like it was cras.h.i.+ng down on him, so a look of confusion appeared on Mutsuki’s face.

The man shook his body while still holding him. Since he was penetrating Mutsuki as deeply as possible, those small movements were perfect for hitting his womb.

“Nh, kh, hhhhh, ahhh, is…is this it? Ahhh, it’s too much! I’m going crazyyyy!”

“Then go crazy. C’mon, c’mon.”

“Ahhn, Shuntarou-samaaa.”

Once he focused on it, the pleasure he thought was at its limit swirled around his body and gathered together.

What would happen if this exploded like it did with e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.o.n?

His mind’s breaker was already about to trip, so he felt more fear than anything. 


“Don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Shuntarou rubbed Mutsuki’s head to get ahead of the fear.

(Nhah…ah. Okay, if you…say so.)

Mutsuki placed blind faith in the owner of the p.e.n.i.s at the core of this intense s.e.x. He felt an emotion similar to servitude.

And that broke the dam of reason in his mind.

“Ahh, Shuntarou…-sama. No, it’s coming, I’m c.u.mming, ahhhh, I’m, I’m…❤”

“Good, good. Whenever you want. C’mon, c’mon.”

The man sounded kind, but he added more variety to his slight hip movement.

The manhood tightly contained by the stretched-out folds directly shook Mutsuki’s pleasure center.

Mutsuki was already physically unable to resist, but with the last psychological barrier removed, there truly was nothing he could do.


He wrapped his legs around the man’s waist and asked for a kiss to show his spirit of servitude. But other than that…


Mutsuki abandoned all thought.

The tip at his womb shook and that shaking was transferred to the rest of his body. His slender shoulders convulsed. His v.a.g.i.n.a squeezed painfully tight to devour the p.e.n.i.s. He released a cry of climax into the man’s lips.

He felt it all in a mind so blank none of it was recorded as memory.


Yet he was still happy that he must have brought those two this much pleasure when having s.e.x with them. That was one male part of his mind he could not fully abandon.


“There is no sign of Fujitkun or anyone else at the base we located before. I a.s.sume they have moved elsewhere, so locating them will be…difficult.”


Megutono Academy had been built on top of FeTUS Headquarters, so it was equipped with a high-speed communication network far more powerful than the average school would have.

Machina had holed up in the computer lab there for the few days since Mutsuki’s disappearance and she had made full use of that network to search for him. She was the only one Ange could contact, but the rest of FeTUS was at work too.

And they still had zero leads.

There was no reason to lie this time, so Ange chose to trust the human girl. She sent word to Micha who was also searching around j.a.pan. There was no sign of Lucia, but given the circ.u.mstances, she knew he would actually tell them if he found anything.

Three days had pa.s.sed since Fujita Mutsuki’s kidnapping.

They still had no leads.

And only 49 hours remained until the feminization by Lucia wore off.

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