Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 211

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Chapter 211 "Almost Exposed (1)"

“Great Grandmother (Old Madam Lan), Granny Auntie (Bai Yan's aunt), both are you are looking great," blinking his eyes, Bai Xiachen innocently blurts this out.

"Really?" Standing beside her mother-in-law, Dong Ruolan (Bai Yan's aunt) was rather embarra.s.sed by the compliment as she stroked her cheek: "Some of the other ladies did mention I look a lot younger recently. It must be your mother's medicine at work."

Forget about Dong Ruolan, even Old Madam Lan was looking divine compared to her supposed age.

“Granny Auntie, if you feel its good, do remember to help advertise for my mother." Emitting a cunningness equivalent to a sneaky fox, there's no way the little steam bun would let this chance slip by his fingers.

“Okay, rest a.s.sured, I will definitely help your mother advertise. The other ladies were already asking me how I managed to look so good anyways."

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Covering her cheeks with delight, Dong Ruolan never felt so proud before because it's her first time catching everyone's attention since marrying into this family.

“Great Grandmother, Great Grandfather, this time I'm here to look for Auntie Xiaoyun." As soon as his words came out, the girl in question also came out of the back room with a plate of snacks.

“Are you looking for me?” She blinked, surprised over the fact that the little fella was here for her sake.

When did I become so attractive?

The more she thought about it, the more delighted Lan Xiaoyun became: "Oh little Xiachen, are you here because you miss me?"

“If auntie you make a little baby girl then I will definitely miss you everyday." Showing a slyness never orchestrated until today, Bai Xiachen was becoming more and more like his father.

If Mother don't want to make a little sister for me then I can have Auntie Xiaoyun do it! We're all family, it's all the same.

Stiffening at the request, the girl herself was completely unprepared for this. Just days ago her mother had insisted for her to get married, now this comes along….

“My brothers aren't even married yet. I don't care, whoever wants to get married can do it themselves." Not going to be pushed into something she don't want to do, Lan Xiaoyun quickly sticks her head up in refusal.

Coughing twice, it was the old grandmother who changed the topic, “Xiachen, is there something you need in looking for your aunt?"

“Oh yes!” Only with the reminder did the little fella remember his reason for coming, "My mother asked me to come inform Auntie Xiaoyun that the foxes are ready. She wants her to go pick one when she's free."


Lan Xiaoyun was glowing at the idea: “Cousin really is giving me a demon beast, and a fox at that?"

Right now she can practically feel her heart jumping out due to excitement. No longer hesitating, the girl was rather eager to leave: "I'm free now! Xiachen, let's go to your home this instant."

“Okay.” Showing a lovely smile, Bai Xiachen was just ready to turn around when the path in front of him became blocked by a dazzling figure.

It was a person dressed in an aqua blue dress. Unlike all the women the kid's seen thus far, this newcomer had an air to her that he's never seen before. Though beautiful, it's not welcoming at all.

The first to come out of the startling situation was Old Lord Lan. Watching the woman enter his home unannounced, he frowned and asked: "Who are you?"

Not hiding her intent at the old grandpa's question, Mo Qing Song's aura promptly turned dangerous like a razor sharp sword being unsheathed: "I'm here for Bai Yan. Tell her to come see me." Despite the expressionless att.i.tude she portrayed, nothing can cover the disgust emulating out of her eyes once she saw the little kid in front of herself.

Even Mo Qing Song herself didn't know why. This was definitely the first time she's meeting the cuddly kid, but somehow her heart just didn't like it.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 211

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