Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 212

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Chapter 212 "Almost Exposed (2)"

“Who are you?”

While the Lan family was still unsure why the woman was looking for Bai Yan, they suddenly noticed the loathsome look directed at Bai Xiachen from the person.

“Little Xiachen.” In her haste, Lan Xiaoyan swiftly dragged the boy behind herself to shield her nephew.

“Auntie, you don’t have to worry about me.” Patting the girl like a big adult, Bai Xiachen actively pulled his head back out to face the intruder: "Is there something you need in looking for my mother?"

“You are Bai Yan's son?”

Mu Qing Song snickered a laugh, No wonder I don't like him at first glance, turns out to be the wild child of that whore!

Understanding now the person might not be coming with good intent, Old Lord Lan quickly casts a signaling glance at Dong Ruolan (Bai Yan's aunt) to go look for her husband for help. Understanding this, the woman immediately nodded and retreated away.

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"This lady." Shifting his gaze back over to Mu Qing Song, Old Lord Lan's voice was indifferent and somewhat cold: "If you are here to visit as a guest then I be happy to welcome you. However, if you are here with malicious intent, I fear that my home isn't fit to entertain you."

This time it wasn't Mu Qing Song who spoke, it was the woman in green behind her who stepped forward. Snapping back with a harsh and stern tone: "Who do you think you are to talk to my mistress like that? Hurry and have that Bai Yan crawl out here before we make her!"

If they still had to guess the intent of these women before, now they don't because it's pretty obvious they are not friendly.

"This grandmother." Seeing the rudeness from the green woman, Bai Xiachen finally showed a touch of anger in his cute little face. "Did your parents not teach you to respect the old and love the young? My mother had always taught me that's the proper way to interact with people. Are you not ashamed?"

Flaring with fire in her eyes, the woman in green instantly disappeared and reappeared in front of the kid. Raising her hand, she was ready to give Bai Xiachen a good slapping.

“Careful Xiachen!” In her panic, Lan Xiaoyun could only react fast enough to use her body to cover the boy, leaving herself wide open for attack.

Bai Xiachen's expression was getting colder and colder as he focused in on that hand. However bloodthirsty, however frightening, no one was going to notice his drastic change in appearance though. The reasoning, because a very unfitting cat like cry suddenly broke the tense atmosphere.

“Meow!” Pouncing with fury and deadly precision, Little Rice held nothing back in his onslaught of swipes. In merely a few short seconds, the woman in green had fallen into a state of blood and disarray.

“Little Rice!” Seeing the intervention of his friend, Bai Xiachen immediately broke out of the girl's embrace and toddled over to the baby tiger.

"How come you are here?" He whispered with a tinge of surprise in his voice.

“Mistress is afraid of you causing trouble outside, that's why I was tasked to follow you." Like the boy, the tiger also lowered his voice into a whisper, "Also, didn't Mistress say you can't make a move outside? Otherwise your identity will be discovered soon or later."

Bai Xiachen can't be called a complete demon beast, only a half-human half-beast hybrid. However, the boy's ability and power was far stronger than any pure bred demon beast out there, hence the reason why Bai Yan would forbid her son from revealing this secret. She's afraid evildoers would target the kid while she's not aware.

Lowering his little head, Bai Xiachen sounded rather defeated: "I was only trying to help my auntie. I didn't want her to be hit…"

Good thing Little Rice came, otherwise I would be exposed today.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 212

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