Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 227

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Chapter 227 "Di Xiao Wan VS Lan Xiaoyan (1)"

If anyone were to be more stupefied here, it would have to be Chu Yi Yi.

I… I've just been robbed in the face!

Just thinking of this point would cause her rosy face to flush with anger: "What did you say? Little Xiachen is not your nephew! He can only be mine, mine you hear?! I don't want to be your sister anymore, call me auntie alright?"

This last part would of course be meant for Bai Xiachen. After stating this much, Chu Yi Yi didn't forget to shoot a provocative stare at her opponent.

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Now it was Di Xiao Wan to become mystified: “When did my brother accept another sister?”

By now Bai Xiachen was already cherry red in his cheeks after suppressing himself all this time. "Sister Yi Yi is my godfather's sister, not my baddie father's."

“Baddie father? This name is too suitable for him,” Di Xiao Wan couldn't resist another pinch at that squiggly face. "Your face is exactly like my brother's when he was young, just that you are more sensible and more polite. Way better than he is at your age."

In all seriousness, Di Xiao Wan really had trouble believing this clever and adorable little child was his old brother's seed.

Finding the girl willfully ignoring herself repeatedly, Chu Yi Yi was ready to flare out at this point. But before then, she made sure to first snatch the little guy over to her side for protection.

“Hey, what are you doing?!” Di Xiao Wan shoots a glare at Chu Yi Yi for stealing her darling of a nephew: "Return my nephew to me!"

“I'm not giving, what can you do?” Chu Yi Yi proudly makes a grunt to showcase her terrible might of being unreasonable.

If based solely on appearance, Chu Yi Yi and Di Xiao Wan are not of the same type.

The former being the charming young girl type while the latter was the sweet and beautiful. However, their temper are one and the same - the type to explode upon contact.

As such, finding someone trying to steal her precious nephew away, Di Xiao Wan's face was starting to show off a pang of true anger.

“You want to fight is it? Come, come, come, which weapon would you like to use? Or do you want to go barehanded. I will even let you have the first strike!"

Sensing the dangerous aura oozing out of the pair, the innocent bystanders were very conscious in relocating themselves to a safer location, thus leaving a wide open space for their brawl.

Now Bai Xiachen had become anxious. First looking at Chu Yi Yi, then back at his newfound auntie, the baby boy didn't know who to help.


That's when the baby boy broke out into a screaming cry. It's not a scheme, not a trick, just a simple yet effective mean for any kid to grab attention from their adults.

“Hey, why are you pushing me!” Chu Yi Yi really wanted to pop in her chest due to all the steam pent up in there.

“He’s my nephew so I'm enough to comfort him." Di Xiao Wan made sure to give her nephew a comforting hug to prove her ownership.

Grinning at the claim, Chu Yi Yi clearly thought otherwise. "He's your nephew now, but that may not necessarily be the case later on," the annoyed girl retorts. "Don't you know Bai Yan still haven't accepted your brother yet? On the contrary, my brother have stayed by Bai Yan's side for years so his hope of winning the beauty home is leagues ahead of yours!"

Di Xiao Wan was literally popping her eyes at the news, It can't be, my brother is that much of a loser?

“Then I don’t care. My brother is little Xiachen's biological father, thus making me his auntie regardless. Blood cannot be changed!" The panicking girl was literally screaming the last part to reassure herself.

Now Chu Yi Yi didn't feel quite the same. In her defense, she never once thought of the baby boy as an outsider so blood didn't matter to her.

"Now that don't matter to me. Even if my brother do become useless like yours, Xiachen will still be my nephew regardless of blood!"

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 227

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