Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Vol 2 Chapter 100

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Chapter 100

Is this sweet even for me?
While thinking that sort of thing I pick out the bones from the fried fish that came out for the inn’s breakfast .
I thought that she might not be used to what’s called eating fish with chopsticks but, Rin-chan used her chopsticks more normally than I had expected .
Maybe she was originally raised in a region where chopsticks were used commonly .

「Hai, Rin-chan . If there are bones take them out without swallowing them okay?」
「Unn . 」

Having observed my fish preparation work with a is it ready yet is it ready yet Rin-chan nodded energetically .

「Hahaa, Alice-san is like a mother-san isn’t she!」
「Since if Makina also leaves her carrots I’ll have her cover their proper price . 」

It’s not cruel you know .
Let’s eat without leaving any food .
With the event of her coming with us as a bodyguard coming to pass Makina is glaring at the carrots, while groaning 「Eh~」 and the like in front of the table .

「Kyui kyui!」
「Ah~, hai hai . Please wait a little, since I’m preparing it now . 」

Kyuu also came to badger me to quickly give food by tugging on the opening of my clothes’s sleeve .
It’s fine either way but this fox doesn’t have even a fragment of wildness do you, Kyuu .
Can you really become like that nine tails like that?
Please bite into something like a fish whole from the head .

「Hai . 」

I put the fish that I prepared’s body that was bought at a general store yesterday in a bowl for Kyuu’s use and put it at my feet .

「Kyuu . 」

As Kyuu is growing so he needs lots of food the bowl with a whole fish was dived into at a high speed .
As expected, having an animal lick the inn’s dishes is something I can’t let be the case isn’t it .

「You’re totally a mother-san nya . 」
「She is isn’t she . 」

Let’s try thinking about this a little .
Provisionally if I had still been in my original body, would the conduct like what I just did have changed?
The answer is NO .
It’s not particularly the case that the current me was drawn along by my body .
This is how I am, this isn’t related to being male or female .

「A father doing his best . 」
「Nya? What is that, all of a sudden?」
「No, I came to want to give a yell for the familial father-sans throughout the world, please don’t mind it . 」
「Haa . 」

Beside Saira who had a curious face, Makina and Rin-chan quarreled over the carrots on their plates .

「Saa saa Rin, how about I give you my carrots . If you eat these, I think you’ll become strong and robust . 」
「I~don’t~want to! I’ll become someone strong even if I don’t eat carrots . 」
「I completely agree with that opinion but, I currently, don’t know what to do with these carrots!」
「Your goods are for you to eat!」
「Gu, that’s proper logic but……Even so I hate carrots!」
「Rin also doesn’t need them~!」

……What are you doing with a child as your opponent .

Finishing the check out, today there’s quickly heading toward the royal capital .
It seems the royal capital is further to the east from this town .
It’s a distance of one day when going by riding together on a carriage but, at Makina’s suggestion we came to a state where we approached by walking .

is also here and, since she had a sort of extremely proper opinion that it would cause a bother if we rode a carriage together .
I want to think that she doesn’t particularly have an ulterior motive to collect wages for longer .
Maa, actually the sort of suggestion she gave was to go not by carriage but horse but……the people here all don’t ride horses!

「Is Makina’s country of origin here?」

While walking the same mountain path as always . I nonchalantly tried steering a conversation to Makina as she walked beside me .
She came to the state of being with us by flow but, since there are too many mysteries regarding this child so .

「That’s right . But since I have a traveling lifestyle because of my travels, the sort of sense that my hometown is somewhere in this country might be distant . 」

……She didn’t bring much to light but, the answer that came out was rather dyed in hardship wasn’t it .
Saira, Rin-chan and Kyuu were walking together ahead of us while we were like that .
Kyuu is chasing after a small rock that Rin-chan energetically kicked and, it’s a somehow pleasant scenery .

「That sort of scenery is admirable isn’t it, it somehow seems to make the chest feel tight doesn’t it . 」

Makina narrowed her eyes with a complicated smile .
This child……she’s a beautiful person isn’t she .
No, that’s currently totally unrelated though .

「That is……Makina has, that sort of glittering memory?」
「Of course . It’s because of that that, I get a feeling like having my heart get caught by remembering back . 」
「So that’s how it is . 」

To say that when remembering back it doesn’t fade, it’s because it’s something like a treasure isn’t it .
From long ago, it would have been good if that happy time in her childish heart had continued forever so there are also times when tears come out .
Because she was young, I understand that don’t those things continue throughout her life .
Probably, Rin-chan as well .

「I well, wanted to become a person who would protect this sort of scenery . Protecting someone’s happiness, to be such a strong person . 」
「Isn’t the current Makina, sufficiently strong to be able to do that . 」
「Haha, thank you . But you see, there’s no meaning in that which is current strength . Either way 『at that time』, it should become such that whatever people do it won’t be enough . 」

From Makina it’s……I sense a staggering sense of regret .
Ah I see, I thought that Makina resembles someone .
But whether it becomes large or small it might be something normal .
Everyone, is holding some sort of regret .
And so for Makina that might be something particularly large, and sad though .
Maybe she guessed about the feelings I couldn’t speak of, Makina laughed lightly and smiled .

「Don’t make such a face Alice-san . There hasn’t been a time I felt something like I’m a pitiable person you know . Just as I said earlier, I also have lots of warm memories . Since that’s why I do my best . 」
「Is that so……」

Even if you say that with a sad seeming smile, it tightens the chest doesn’t it .

「Ha haa, then here’s a suggestion! Today Alice-san, sleep together with me! By doing that I’ll be happy!」

That’s that is it, a request for feminine skinship is it?
Is replying that’s fine~ correct?

「I, I suppose so~, if you’d like shall we enter the

the bath together too?」
「Is that okay!? Yattaa!」

I, dug my own grave?

「Deshi~, carry me!」
「Hai hai . 」

Having enjoyed walking on the mountain Rin-chan came up beside me before I noticed and, requested a ride .
To me having hardened up without being sure what to do it was to the contrary a welcome way for the conversation to flow on .
I give her a lift up with a yoisho .
……Fuu, my exceptionally trained slender arms let up a scream .
I can’t hold out for long, forgive me, Rin-chan .

「Mo~, you’re letting Alice pamper you too much, Rin is already 5 years or such right? You shouldn’t be carried right~」
「I don’t like Makina!」
「I don’t really care~ so there . 」

These two, they’ve gotten along like a dog and a monkey since this morning’s carrot incident .

「Do you understand Rin? This ride isn’t something you’ll naturally receive, if you don’t protect it your ride will disappear . 」
「Deshi’s lift will?」
「Right, Alice-san’s lift . 」

No the lift won’t particularly vanish though .
If Rin-chan badgers me I’ll answer though .

「What would be good to do?」

Rin-chan, is really adorable isn’t she .
Her appearance while thrusting her head out with seeming desperation is adorable so……

「Clause~, to become strong enough to not lose to anyone! Surpass Ice and Snow tomorrow!」
「I understand!」

……Do your best!

「Clause~, to have the strength of heart to stand against any sort of hardship! If you stumble it ends there . But as long as you don’t stumble you haven’t lost!」
「Rin, won’t lose you know!」

I met Saira’s eyes and smiled, at the charm in Makina and Rin-chan’s exchange .

「Clause~, to eat without being picky! Specifically don’t leave carrots!」
「Im~pos~ible! Makina also didn’t eat them!」
「I’m fine . Once you grow big it’s fine even if you’re picky . 」
「Cheap~! I don’t like Makina!」
「Hehe~nn, I don’t particularly care~ so there . 」

There’s Makina sticking her tongue out and mocking Rin-chan as she puffs her cheeks with teary eyes .

「Please stop that . 」

The chop I learned directly from my shishou, struck into Makina’s head .
This time Rin-chan’s presenting her tongue .
Really now, I’d like if you didn’t go at a child of 5 years with your full power though .
Let’s leave those two to themselves for now .

「Saira, does it seem like we can arrive at a lodging facility by the day’s end?」
「Hai, from what I can see on the map it seems like we’ll arrive by dusk nya . 」

Along the highway there’s a place with a decent lodging facility prepared, for use by merchants or adventurers .
There are few to none in the countryside but, since this is provisionally a highway connected to the royal capital, that’s here this time .
If a journey is planned out properly, that means that it’s possible to move without all that many constraints .
Maa it’s fun to enjoy camping but since I’m tired you see .


As we were congenially enjoying a mountain walk together for the nonce, Kyuu’s fur suddenly stood on end .
Stopping in that place and, growling out so as to intimidate .

「――You have good intuition don’t you, as expected of a wild beast!」

Expressing an unbeatable smile, Makina went out one step in front .

――An enemy is it!

I instantly switched the gears in my head .
There’s a steep cliff on the right side of the mountain highway we’re walking .
There’s some woodlands to

woodlands to our left side .
Is it the left side?
the instant I turned my face to the left so as to check, I heard an unnerving sound from the opposite side .
I momentarily deployed a lightning field over the surroundings .
But――that wasn’t necessary .

「Oh? ――tToo!」

Turning around Makina’s offhandedly extended arm――held none other than an arrow!
Makina snapped the still vibrating arrow, making a sound like the grating noise of an insect’s wings .

「Are you okay, Sairsan?」
「Ha, hai desu! Thank you very much . 」

The arrow was something aimed at Saira was it .
Makina grabbed the arrow without difficulty, using a fine glove that seemed like a glove that really only covered the hand .
Rather than calling it a weapon, I feel like it seems to be just a decoration .
Even so it seems that the materials are top class goods .
There’s no appearance of it being worn by the arrow’s friction .

「……Makina, thank you! Saira, get behind me!」
「Hai desu nyaa . 」

Saira has also risen above countless battlefields at this point .
She’s composed .

「They did it from the cliff’s bottom diidn’t they . But though their aim was precise, the power wasn’t on level with Aim was it . If it were Aim-san’s arrow my arm would’ve gone flying . 」
「There’s still no limitation that a sniper at the same level as Aim isn’t here . 」
「I suppose so, it’s important to exercise the power of imagination isn’t it! Because there’s no limitation that today’s happiness will continue tomorrow!」

Makina said that to me like she was warning me and, jumped out on her own .
She jumped down into that right side’s cliff where the situation couldn’t be seen, all on her own .
Or perhaps her sense of duty as a bodyguard?
Certainly we can’t move since this side has a large number of people who can’t fight but, to say that she should do something like go alone because of that……

「Alice-san . 」

Saira drew out her gun and nodded to me .
That it’s okay to go to support her .
The enemy is……only on the right side’s cliff then?

「……I won’t move, sorry, I don’t want to expose Saira or Rin-chan or Kyuu to danger . 」

……Harden the defenses!


Deploying a lightning barrier, I prepared for a surprise attack .
Makina……sorry .

「At such a time, my own lack of power is frustrating nya……」
「……Makina, won’t lose will she?」

Still being carried by me Rin-chan is strongly grasping my clothes .

「It’s okay, Makina contended evenly even against oneechan right?」
「……Unn . 」

But what should I do?
By leaving Makina on her own like this……
Extending the field to it’s maximum size, will there no longer be a place in this vicinity that I cannot grasp?
Since doing so would quickly run out my magic power it would become a short term battle though……
Eei, as if I would forsake her because of that!

「Please don’t underestimate the disciple of Ice and Snow!」
「Do your best, deshi!」

Full power!!
I expand the field widely and grasp the state of battle .


Grasping it, I’m astonished .
The match has already been resolved――

「The enemy is 6 people, 1 party . They aren’t outlaws are they, maybe they’re something like the country’s undercover operatives? Who do you have business with? Though to speak of where the fame is it’s Alice-san I suppose……That’s not how it is is it?」

Makina incapacitated all 6 members that were down that were down the cliff and, soon released 5 people bringing just 1 with us so as to make him tell us the situation .
Since she released as many as 5 people that would be to say that they really aren’t a threat or anything .

「Even if you stay quiet the situation won’t improve you know? You expect that I’ll use discretion? It’s pointless . 」
「……Kill . 」
「That’s something for our side to decide so, there’s not a single thing for you to worry about regarding life and death . 」

What Makina brought along was a black haired black eyed, man with a body wearing black attire and the appearance of a ninja .
The sharpness of the look in his eyes implies that he is indeed already used to the battlefield .

「……Makina, in front of Rin-chan, more than that is . 」
「Roーger . It’s okay, Alice-san . 」

Looking at Rin-chan as she clung to me with a fearful expression, Makina let out a sigh .

「Then, you should be grateful to my employer-sama――Jin-san . 」

The black attired man wavered for an instant .
And so in the next instant, that wavering was drawn in like it was a lie .
I suppose it’s certain that he’s used to this sort of situation .
Even so I’m surprised that Makina knows something .

「Nee, I actually know the situation, you see . Even if you hide it it’s pointless . 」
「Kill . 」
「I, come from the same town as the princess-miko-sama you see? I of course know about Jin-san’s matters . 」
「……Kill . 」
「The reflection of a shinobi aren’t you, Jin-san . 」

……This black attired man called Jin, is he not fairly strong?
His atmosphere and also, his force of will after being captured isn’t that of a small fry .
A 6 person party with such a man in it, without injury, in that short time?
Just what sort of battle happened?
Honestly, I wanted to see it .
Makina, just who are you?
I feel that a name with that amount of skill should not have not become famous .
Till also, Est-san as well, even Marisan, probably Libra too are well known in each country right .
I feel that it seems like I’m unmistakably an ignorant person though……

「I know Jin-san’s aim . I was wondering when you would come at us though, in a certain sense you came at us in an easily understood place didn’t you . 」
「I suppose that you did a preliminary trial to observe Alice-san’s true power but, my condolences . 」

U~mu .
He’s persisting in being silent to a degree that we’re getting nowhere isn’t he .
Makina is displaying in Makina’s way, behavior like it’s fine either way in relation to that matter .
U~~mu .
Maybe this side should in this side’s way at least ask about what concerns me .

「Nee, e~tto, you’re, Jin-san?」

At my question, he faced me with a sharp glare .
It’s a gaze with a sharpness almost like a bladed object .

「You, I notice that you resemble someone but……」

Morosely falling into silence, a black attired man .

「Is it possible that, you happen to know the name Solt?」

Dislikeable isn’t it, I have something I remember, because of this unpleasant silence you know .
After that the look in his eyes .

「That is so, Alice-san . Since, that is such because this person is Solt-san’s――oniisan . 」

Makina revealed that truth, with a lightheartedness like she was talking about the weather .

Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Vol 2 Chapter 100

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