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Kurozukume's oniisan was kurozukume.
Well, such a thing is fine either way though……


K, kill.
The black ani with poor demeanored eyes that seemed to say as such is fallen in a corner of the inn's room.
He is of course bound.
We finally reached the highway's lodging facility at evening, along with the black ani captured and bound by Makina.
Why is it that just this guy hasn't been released I wonder?
We increasingly gathered people's attention while walking along with this bound black one though.

「You also thenー」

Kyuu began scratching his body above my head.
Making a katsu katsu katsu sort of good feeling sound, somehow a good feeling body scratching is being conveyed to me.
And so my head is swaying back and forth from that backlash.

「Puu, kukuu.」
「Hai don't laugh there.」

Makina you.
But imagining my current form that can't be helped anymore can it……
I set myself on the bed with Kyuu on my head, Rin-chan is sleeping on top of my lap and, with this I'm now unable to move.

「More importantly Makina, please properly explain what you know.」

We didn't gather in a single room of the inn like this for an idle chat.
It was so we could request information disclosure from Makina who's holding a secret for some reason.
The secret is basically fine.
I don't have the intent to ask while digging at root and branch.
I don't have the intent to expose a maiden's secret.
Since it'd be a shock if a scary truth came out. The secret of the girl herself isn't related, the current problem is security.
I want that information.

「What I know is it.」

Makina turned her eyes to the black ani and, after folding her arms she mumbled u~n.

「Who were they aiming for? It's fine if it's me. But if that isn't so, we have to leave the country immediately.」
「That's no good.」

Makina pushed up more and more wrinkles around her eyebrows.


It's a shameful conversation but, I don't think I can protect everything on my own.
I want to be in a country where Kran's power is at work and, I could feel safe if Shion-san or Ilya were here.
And though it isn't related I love oneechan's breasts.
I want to return soon.
I should return.
I kind of felt that.

「U~~~n. There's no way to explain this but, if you turn back something that isn't good will happen.」
「What is, something that isn't good?」
「……To begin with how do you intend to leave the country?」

She returned a question with a question did she.
So she really doesn't want to say.

「If it comes down to it, I'll jump.」
「That's impossible. You came through the magic sealing forest right? You see this country, that forest closes off this country by encircling it with a donut's shape. Something like using magic for one jump is, something impossible you see.」

What was that?

「Then does that mean donuts are a food item shared across other worlds?」

Donuts surpass dimensions don't they.

「Aah, I'm sorry.」

I seem to have caused her confusion.
But dangos are also a thing I suppose.

「Then, how do they engage in commerce with foreign countries? Is there a highway?」
「In one section of the magic sealing forest, there's a highway that gets just a little maintenance. Of course, where the forest is cut open to that degree the power sealing magic doesn't vanish. This country can't be left so simply you see.」

Is commerce kept to nothing but the bare minimum?
I suppose that cutting open the forest is something that's pretty difficult but, even with that the matter of procuring nothing but the bare minimum might be the country's policy I suppose.

「Furthermore Alice, you won't ride a horse right? We can't leave the country except by walking or carriage you know.」
「Eh? I'll ride you know.」
「Why are you lying now.」
「……Since I kind of don't like losing.」
「Hahaa, Alice-san is amusing issn't she.」

No my aspirations are throbbing.
I want to ride a horse.
I really need to practice.
I want to try gallantly riding a horse, running through the grasslands while embracing Eclair.

「Maa setting that aside, if the danger goes away with a carriage or by walking then isn't turning back a possibility.」
「That, that is……maybe I should say I can't recommend it.」

Makina became flustered again.
Somehow, I'm tormented by a sense of guilt like a child being scolded……

「At this rate even if we advance toward the royal capital, won't there be an attack of this sort again?」
「They'll be dealt with one way or another. But if we turn back, it's impossible even with my power……」

Another thing with an unclear meaning.
Is a dead end or the like waiting for us if we turn back?
Will nine tails or the like come attack us?

「Then, we'll cut our way through with my power.」

I'll see nine tails repelled even if I have to use Kyuu as a shield!

「It's, it's nothing at all okay~, Kyuu.」

As expected of a wild animal.
I can't underestimate what's called their intuition for reading threatening presences.

「……Certainly, Alice-san is strong! There's no doubt there, strongest in the world! Stronger than anyone!」
「N, no, that much is……」

Why was I suddenly praised……

「But how should I say this……UUuuuu.」
「Maa maa, please calm down you two nya. I'll put out some tea or something.」

Ooh, Saira.
To say she makes the atmosphere harmonious, this is her normal power as a girl isn't it.
This inn is an inn used by the travelers on the highway so, there's also a small cooking area for guests to cook with.
Saira smiled and, pointed to that.

「I suppose so……please, Saira.」
「Hai desu nya!」

Saira's ears jumped in seeming happiness.
Having come down from my head, Kyuu is steadily observing that.
What is this?
Is there a feeling of a kindred presence?
And regarding beastmen, to be sure that nine tails also said something about their lineage.

「Alice-san, etto ne……I'm.」
「Un, I'll properly protect you from danger. If Makina says it isn't a problem, it's fine with that. Let's keep going.」
「……Thank you.」

I certainly do want information but, I guess I'm pushing into Makina too much.
I'll repent.
Whoever they are I'm sure they'll have, one or two things they don't want to say.
Oh, on that note……this is a good chance.
Since Rin-chan is falling asleep on my lap.
I turn my gaze toward black ani.

「Nee, Jin-san, was it?」

Fun, I'm used to situations with something like not answering by morosely falling silent.
Because of your otouto-kun you see!

「Don't you, possibly know about Rin-chan's matters?」

Thinking about Rin-chan and kurozukume's relationship, thinking that doesn't that ani also have a relation with her is natural I suppose.
But as far as I can tell by looking at Rin-chan's weak reaction up until now, that might not be the case.

「Where is this child's home town? Is it a town in this country? If so, I'd like to try going there.」
「……You should stop.」

He spoke!

「Since there's not, something like a town anymore.」

……Would it be proper to say, as expected.
Was it, Libra?

「Oi, Makina, is that how it was said? You understand the circumstances don't you? Make a decision before it's too late.」

Too late?
Makina is expressionlessly gazing out the window, without responding to black ani's words.
Or I thought that but, she turned toward me while expressing an unbeatable smile.

「Jin-san as well, if I think about otouto-san's matters it's best not to make this person sad! After all, Alice-san is Solt-san's woman! Thus it has been demonstrated okay!」
「Waitー just a bit.」

That's a fabrication.

「Hou? Has that guy achieved the reliability to get such a woman now.」
「Attraction by looks right!」
「No mistake.」

The conversation advanced on without relation to my will.
A shiver ran down my back.
But since this is, wro, wrong! Since I totally don't think anything about, something like a guy that's him okay!
If I say something like that it seems that I'll totally dig my own grave so let's stop.
Adults let the conversations of the young flow by.

「Such a thing is fine either way and, more importantly we're digressing.」

Aren't you displaying an unexpected amount of getting into things, black ani.
That doesn't happen with your otouto.

「Un, I understand. I understand Alice-san……But don't worry. I'm already, not mistaken. Because of just that.」

This child occasionally makes an expression that has a shadow.
She also won't speak of the secret she's holding.
But, deceiving other people or misleading them for example, I think might not she be different from those sorts of things.
……Maa, but it's true that that's relying on my ability to judge people.

「Nee Makina? You――tsu!? Wha, what!?」

A scream came up from the building, all of a sudden.
With the sound of dishes sliding off the shelf, Saira's scream.
Enough of a vibration to lose track of what's happening.
This is――an earthquake!?
Furthermore it's huge!!
My body went stiff without my intending it.
The building, is alright isn't it!?


Why would you come up onto my head during this shaking, Kyuu!
It hurts it hurts ow ow ow!!
Kora kora Kyuu!
Don't cling to my head, don't show your claws on my head!
I'll go bald!!

「……It calmed?」

While I was grappling with Kyuu, the shaking calmed.
On that note Rin-chan is still sleeping despite all that isn't she.

「――There's no time.」

Taking advantage of the earthquake just now black ani had his foot on the windowsill with the window left open.
It seems that the rope that was binding him was removed at some point.

「Nee Jin-san, it's not good to be overly hasty. Something like not searching for other means even after any amount of time, mightn't your head fossilize at this rate.」

Makina's sending him off with an unworried attitude.

「If there is another way, try showing it to me.」
「I do intend to do that you know, because I came here, for that purpose.」
「……Either way, if you make a mistake by using that method, that'll be until I come again.」
「In short, it's fine for you not to come again then, good work~」
「……Struggle to the extent of your ability.」

Black ani disappeared into the night's darkness in as such.

「……Makina, you let him escape didn't you.」

Since that's clear regardless of whoever or however it's looked at.

「Hahaa, Alice-san also, didn't play her hand didn't she.」
「That is, well……」
「You really were concerned, because he's Solt-san's oniisan?」
「You're being stubborn with that again aren't you.」

Juust how much does she want to bring me and kurozukume together.
Though it's a little late saying this, I tried thoroughly looking at Makina again.


Makina tilted her head with a curious face.
What could it be, it's like she, resembles someone……
Removing her tasteless hood Makina's flowing black hair pulls the eye and there's no mistake that she's beautiful.
Her outfit is a kimono.
With the basic hue as pink it's a kimono decorated with flower shapes.
Furthermore with that as such it has a, miniskirt!
Miniskirt kimono!
Lacking nothing the beauty of those slender legs is displayed.
Since we're in our room right now she's wearing slippers but, outside it's boots.

「Eh~, that so? Isn't it cute? Ehehe.」
「Un, it is cute though.」

Is it traditional or, is it fantasy……
For the nonce, there is that it seems easy to move in though.

「What's up, Alice-san? I become embarrassed being stared at you know~」
「Makina……aren't you, possibly Solt-san's imouto-san?」
「You thought I let Jin-san escape for that reason?」
「That's wrong you know, since my mother-san is you see――Alice-san!」

And, Makina came to embrace me while smiling in jest.

「Ah~, I've already, gotten quite the large child haven't I.」
「Un unn.」

Like she did some time ago, Makina put her power in and squeezed while attaching herself to me.
What could it be, even though she should be the same age as the current me, my heart isn't racing like the times when I'm embraced by Eclair or the like.
In exchange this is kind of, like heartwarming skinship isn't it.
Just what is this?
Makina iss it.
She has nothing to apologize for as a bodyguard and, even if she has a secret she isn't a bad child.
Maybe it's fine like that for now.
Afterwards well?
Since right now I have no intention to give birth to a child.
How is that?
If I try thinking about it though it might be a mystery how I came to this other world and became female, isn't there a mystery closer to myself, with this.
To me who has lived as a male, I'm honestly afraid though……

After that, I cleaned up the dishes scattered by the earthquake along with Saira, entered the bath and then went to bed.
By the way the dishes are items that we brought so, since they're made of wood they don't break even when they fall.

「Why~ didn't you enter the bath with me~, Alice-san.」
「Since because Kyuu and Rin-chan were entering with you, it really would've been too cramped.」

Since it isn't the mansion's bath……
But just as promised, we did do the matter of sleeping together.
The bed wasn't all that wide so Saira, I, Rin-chan, and Makina are sleeping in a line.
Kyuu is sleeping beside the bed.
There is another bed but, even Saira said she wanted sleep together so it became like this.
I suppose, leaving a comrade out isn't good you know.
Since I also think of Saira as a cute imouto.

「Mou, even though it would've been fine with just me and Alice, it's cramped you know~」
「Don't throw a tantrum.」

Moreover over here I'm more settled in you know, rather than sleeping one on one.

「Maa it's fine, let's chat, Alice-san!」
「Quietly okay.」
「I know.」

Since Saira and Rin-chan have fallen asleep okay.

「A boring conversation or, a more boring conversation, which would be good?」
「Start with the boring conversation.」
「Haha, I understand.」

But this child is a bright and good feeling child isn't she, really.

「Then, a story about a kingdom bound by ancient customs.」

――Long long ago, there was a miko-sama who had a special power in a certain place.
That miko-sama wasn't born except from a certain family, that town was revered as a special place.
Since that miko-sama who had a special power was regularly necessary.
For an ancient ancient destiny, continuing from times long past.
On a certain day in that town, a young miko-sama was born.
When the quickly maturing young miko-sama became aware of the world around her, a war occurred in the kingdom.
It was a revolution so as to clear away ancient custom.
The war exerted an influence in the miko-sama's town as well.
Children who lost their parents, families whose homes burnt, soldiers who were injured.
As the foundation of the war, that town received refugees.
That town alone, was the hope of the people.
And so when the war turned toward it's final stage――

「――A white witch appeared in that town.」
「Alice-san, did you fall asleep?」
「Haha, in spite of myself I came to want someone to hear that, I'm no good either aam I. Good night, Alice-san.」

……The words didn't come out.
I didn't want to hear what came after that.
While still being unable to settle on anything to think of, I closed my eyes and shut out my conscious for today as if I was running away in that manner.


Just, before then I searched out Makina's hand and, strongly strongly grasped it.

Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Chapter 101

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