Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Chapter 112

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To say it clearly though there is something of a feeling of indigestion, the turmoil around the Yamata no Orochi ended.
In the end though s.h.i.+gen exists within As.h.i.+taka kingdom's rebel elements he didn't reveal his form.
But there wasn't enough of a margin to deal with his interference so, that's fine.
Considering the possibility of Libra biting as well, I wonder if the scale of our theoretical enemy battle power hasn't risen significantly?
Her favoured commonwealth is in the west, and then there's Austia.
In the east there's the fishy smelling Sacrament, and then the rebel forces lead by s.h.i.+gen with a conspiratorial seeming atmosphere.
Opposing that are Alseid kingdom and Wilmington.
I suppose this present state with the hypothetical enemy's opposing might surrounding them east and west is a situation that calls for concern.
Kran and Marisan also seem to have a lot to deal with.
But if it comes down to it, my group might come to lend a hand to As.h.i.+taka kingdom.
In any case, I must be diligent in various ways so as to protect my peace as well.
I'm not unable to use phantasmal magic but the fuel expenditure is bad.
I wonder how Till fights?
When I return I'll try asking her various things.
Ah, that's right.
Seeing what comes of taking a side trip and, meeting with Marisan after all this time might also be good.
And, I'd like to have a match and receive her instruction.
Setting that aside, Rin-chan was also safely extracted after having been shut into crystal and, excepting Makina who ceased to exist in this world, we all descended the mountain safely.

――And so, in one room borrowed from As.h.i.+taka's royal castle.

「Ah~, there there, that sure feels good.」
「……Ah, is that so.」

I'm enveloped by the tatami's soft rush smell and, I'm brus.h.i.+ng the gargantuan fox.
Dozing, with a relaxed face, nine tails appears to be relaxing while stretched out on its side upon the tatami.
I wonnder if they won't be angered if furb.a.l.l.s are scattered about on the tatamis.
I need to borrow a broom or something after this and clean up.

「By the way, why here?」

Is it fine to have left the forest?

「After transforming into a human, I'm given easy pa.s.sage if I say I'm your acquaintance.」

It transforms then……

「But then, perhaps I'm able to have a charm set, kakaka.」

I don't bring harm to humans you know, and there's a fox boasting with its ma.s.sive mouth wide open.
Doing it by transformation is wrong, the reasoning of the fox that implied that statement is harsh with others.

「So, where is my child?」

On that note, yeah.
That is to say just where did Kyuu go?
No, I was also frantic.
After Rin-chan was abducted, I quickly leaped to Misogi mountain and……
I think they're probably, together with Saira in their room though……I, I can't remember.

「Could it possibly be that……you're saying you left it behind, could you really be saying something that absurd?」
「Such is unthinkable!」

Unthinkable unthinkable.
My dry laugh echoed within the room.
As the nine tails observes me with a gaze that seems to evaluate prey, it went gabaa and opened its huge mouth to laugh out.

「Kakaka, how fragile. Ma, I'll let you off around here.」

As soon as it said that, the paper door dividing us from the hallway opened.
What came diving into the room from there was, the Kyuu in question.


Just after I noticed it'd wrapped itself around nine tails's body and was rubbing against it, it came one step down to clamber onto my head.
Fuumu……we get along well.

「Mo~, where did you go, Kyuu?」

Even though words get through to nine tails, it's impossible with Kyuu is it.
I suppose there's nothing but to communicate through the heart.
Un, simple isn't it.

「Saira, are you okay now?」

Following after Kyuu, Saira showed her form.
Saira didn't have that much of a deep injury or anything so it seems that her injury and endurance have thoroughly recovered.


And so she's gripping a single katana in that hand.
the black l.u.s.trous scabbard with a sakura pattern imprinted onto it seems to have a rather splendid design applied to it.

「This, please give it to oneesan nya.」
「By saying please give it to……」

While accepting it, I twist my neck.
Kyuu fell.
It came, bit my sleeve and tugged at it while seeming discontent.

「Don't you think, it would make oneechan happier if she was given it by Saira?」

Since, because it's the katana Saira made.
……On that note, huh??

「More importantly, didn't we have to go to the shrine and attempt the trial in order to make a katana?」
「I've already gone nya……about 10 years ago.」

About 10 years ago means……at the age of 4?
No there's no way that's the case is there.

「Nyafu, it truly has been a long time nya, even my heart was shaken.」

……It can't be!!

「Saira, also!?」
「Hai desu nyaa! It seems that my appearance unexpectedly didn't reveal it so, I'm relieved.」

Saira's face with a reserved smile is, frankly almost no different from the present.
And her tongue that she's just barely put out is adorable……
But, agewise she's……perhaps something like 24 years?
Do beastmen, not change all that much to begin with?

「You……surprised me.」
「In truth I came from a different world, so as to support Alice-san. I'm Makinsan's……accomplice nya.」

I, see……
The Saira who showed her face from the magic sealing forest was, already switched out then.
There's no way I could've knownー.
Mayybe Saira made guns and such, I just thought that.

「Saira, knows about Makina's situation?」
「If you mean to say her true form, I knew it. If you mean to say her objective…… I probably, knew in the wider sense but……」

If it's in the meaning that she wanted to save me, perhaps.
……I suppose she wouldn't think that she could possibly discard her own body.
Thinking back, my chest still hurts.

「Saying that, is it not the case that you came from the same world as Makina?」
「Hai, I'm from my world, I managed to arrive here through different means nya.」
「That's……how it was, incredible isn't it.」
「But, since it's incredibly difficult. My original world and this world, it's impossible if magic power isn't acc.u.mulated on both sides. In that sort of meaning, since this world's crystals of high purity natural magic power were used up, even if this sort of thing is possible, next time might be 1000 years later nya.」

Makina's repeats really were against the rules.
Makina said that that was because of my magic but, I suppose that it's not only that.
Probably, various components overlaid like a miracle.
And I suppose Makina's own special ability may also have been one of those.

「……I'm truly, thankful. To receive everyone's aid.」

I try gripping the katana and, that st.u.r.diness strangely relieves me.
The masterpiece of, the future's Saira is it.

「Nyafu, that katana, I believe it will surely come to protect everyone-san.」

Profound and heavy, while it may be that I can't handle it I swing it.

「Is it okay, if I look at the blade a little?」
「Please take care nya, Alice-san. Your power is……eto.」
「Because I'm weak right!」

Let's take note!
Alice-san is feeble, this seems to be common knowledge throughout the world!
While being indignant, I drew the katana from the scabbard a little and looked.
A blade s.h.i.+ning in bright silver, there's unreadable sakura colored symbols on its inner part.

「Magic sword?」
「Magic sword, that way of calling it, gives me a slightly out of place sensation nya. That katana is a katana to protect, a sinister t.i.tle can't satisfy me nya.」
「I see, that obsessiveness seems craftsman like.」

She's become thoroughly first cla.s.s, Saira that is.

「Then, have you decided the t.i.tle for this katana?」

The Saira coughing to clear her throat in a slightly embarra.s.sed seeming manner, is adorable however many years pa.s.s.

「I name it――heavenly sword, Senbonzakura, desu nya!」

What is this, the throbbing in my chest won't stop.

「It seems reeeaally strong!!」
「It won't lose to, something like Raikiri nya!」

Sairsan was full of confidence!

「How did you make this?」
「I used ingredients that can't be gathered except here, and now, it's a single peerless katana. It's a katana forged anew, using an old weapon the Yamata no Orochi dropped as a base nya.」

On that note, I ignored the things that came afterwards but I guess there was a drop……
To say the drop of the Yamata no Orochi……Then it's the legendary, Ama no no Tsurugi!*

「What a thing……This is one off! It's beffitting of oneechan's sword!」
「Nyafu, please have expectations for it nya.」

I'm looking forward to what sort of power it's hiding so it can't be helped.

「Thank you, Saira! San……」
「Saira, is fine nya.」
「……Un, Saira.」

From the distant future, like Makina……
I guess I'm blessed with quite the comrades.

「……I'm relunctant to part but, it's about time I went nya.」
「You're returning?」
「Of course, since this side's me is here on this side.」
「Saira, your act of not knowing anything, was well done.」
「Nyafu, trying out becoming a different self was also, thrilling and enjoyable nya!」
「Tha, that feeling……I might understand it.」

Cooperating with Makina, so as to suppress irregularities.
Along with that, she came to make a katana did she……
Because the current Saira's level is insufficient to create this excellent katana?
……In short, this implies that 『something』 that cannot be put off timewise might happen soon?

「Be well, Alice-san. I'm praying for, everyone's happiness nya.」

Saira expressed a smile befitting of a senior and, walked forth toward nine tails.

「Kaka, your conversation is already finished then? Then it's your time, we should go.」

That reply had no doubt, it was a forceful thing.

「Saira! I'm also praying for the happiness of, your world's people!」
「――Hai desu nya! If you become sad, look up at those twin moons okay!」

Remembering back to the night of that day's twin moons, my heart seeps out.

――Our time was like a treasure, Alice-san.

Saira's smile as she left those words behind in the end, vanished within the pale light from the transportation system drawn by nine tails.


Having defeated the Yamata no Orochi, it's true that I received exceptional treatment from As.h.i.+taka like a state guest but, as expected an indefinitely protracted stay wouldn't sit well with me.
And since in any case the true hero isn't here is she……
I conveyed my intention to take my leave to king Enis.h.i.+ when he tried to detain me and, leaving behind's ani who took every opportunity to say things of bad taste like let's embrace, I did the act of leaving As.h.i.+taka kingdom.
It wasn't a rushed journey or anything, so we arrived at Alseid kingdom's road back together with Rin-chan, Luminchan, and Kyuu who couldn't go back with nine tails for some reason.
We took lodging in the town with the tasty three color dango shop, near the magic sealing forest and, as everyone took a walk we went back out of town.
Rin-chan already seems to be having fun but, watching Luminchan frolicing demeanor makes it enjoyable even over here.
Her crimson hair and amber eyes, and her characteristic goth lolita outfit draw attention but, the innocent girl shows charming behavior to the residents with nary a displeased face.
She's the type of child who makes everyone smile.
And so, evening time came with the setting sun.
Luminchan and Rin-chan are doing a mock battle, in the plaza at the mountain's base where I joined the contract with Makina as her employer.


I and Kyuu are sitting on a bench and watching that.
It doesn't even need to be said but, Lumina has an overwhelming advantage.
So welll, just how did the current Rin-chan come to oppose Luminchan?

「Mu~~! Lumina, unfair!」
「What are you saying~, I, didn't do any one unfair thing did I! Rin-chan's just naive, fufun, I've wanted to try saying that you know!」

……Does Rin-chan have some sort of grudge or something?
To be sure, Makina was her s.h.i.+shou wasn't it?

「Des.h.i.+, chastise Lumina!」
「Wait, such a thing as relying on kaーsama, that itself is unfair you know, Rin!」

Pleasant issn't it.
More importantly I'm, interested and interested about that which is Luminchan and it can't be helped can it.
I try stea~~dily staring at Luminchan.
Noticing my gaze her amber eyes become completely round and, opened wide in a curious manner.
She broke into a wide smile that smelled of embarra.s.sment.
A smile like the sun.

「Nihehe, what is it, kaーsama?」

As a matter of fact, should I suppose that the time she spends over here counts in Luminchan's world when she returns?
Even if she spends a day here, is it not the case that a day in that world?
If a point to transfer worlds to is decided, can she return there without a problem?
I don't know that area well do I.
That's why it worries me issn't it……

「Luminchan, is it okay if you don't return?」

「Ah……no, that is!」

She became teary eyed in no time at all!?
It's a misunderstanding!?

「……I'm going back.」

I'm panicking, at the Luminchan twirling into a right about face and strongly rubbing against her eyes.

「Luminchan! Wait! I didn't use enough words, it's not the case that I was trying to be mean you know!」

Quickly running after her, I catch Luminchan as she seems like she could disappear to somewhere.
Letting down her small shoulders, her crimson hair sways in a sad manner.

「……Kaーsama, do you love that which is me?」
「Of course.」

I'm able to declare this.
By doing that her feelings clearly switched over like a traffic light as they always do and, she came to express a smile.

「……Nihehe, I also love you. The kaーsama I've always dreamed about was, the exact person I imagined her as.」
「I see……」

As Lumina expressed a cheerful smile, I gave her a really tight embrace from behind.
To say what's true, I don't want to separate from her.
That sort of feeling is being born.

「Hehe~, I wonder if everyone would rejoice, if I took kaーsama back with me like this.」
「……Wouldn't they be angry?」
「That might be so.」

Since there seem to be a lot of sensible people around this child.

「It's a shame isn't it.」

Along with her words, she made a somehow philosophical face and smiled.

「Furthermore……I wonder if I won't meet Rin anymore, when I return.」

Luminchan is looking at Rin-chan with complicated eyes.
I see, Lumina is unmistakably, Makina's world's Luminchan then……
Has Makina, truly ceased to be……?
I don't have the means to confirm it.
Sending Luminchan back to her own world, I understood something for the first time.
Whether a harsh outcome awaits here there……or there's a miracle there.
Either way, at the least, this time I'll confer, the words I received when I set out for my journey to Luminchan.

「……Luminchan, I and, Makina as well, no matter how far we're separated, we truly will think of you as someone precious. So that alone, don't forget it.」
「……Unn! Nihehe.」

Without any words for a while, time pa.s.sed by as I continued embracing Luminchan.
With this though there wasn't the horizon line called something like satisfaction, the time to part eventually came from the other side.
Just when I thought the animal trail connecting to the mountain path was s.h.i.+ning, there wasn't someone heading toward the summit there but the path of s.h.i.+ning light that is being born obviously implies that it connects to another dimesion.
And then, 1 girl appeared from within that light.

「As promised, I have come to pick you up.」

A clear, calm voice.
I and……her appearance has enough of a close resemblance to make me doubt my eyes.
No, she gives just a little more of a cool impression.
Her outward appearance is soft silver colored long hair and, emerald eyes.

「You are……?」

Who are you? And having just said that, Luminchan narrowed her eyes doubtfully within my arms.
Somehow, Luminchan also gives the impression that this is her first time meeting her.

「Who who?」

Of course, the 2 people in the rear don't know either.
However, coming this far I'm now able to make a somewhat of a 『guess』.
Though it's intuition……

「I should have recorded this in the letter. That today, I'd come to meet you here.」
「Tha, that letter? I was thinking that neーsama would be coming……」

Luminchan nodded indicating that she'd gained comprehension.
Somehow it seems this isn't the sort of conversation that has danger.
……They came to pick her up, I suppose this is exactly according to those words.
In contrast to Luminchan's carefree voice, my heart is making giant shocked leaps.

「Then, we're going.」
「Wai waii.」

Forcibly pulling Luminchan's hand so as to steal her away from me, the girl is bringing her toward the path of light.
The warmth within my arms vanished and, an indescribable sadness gathered in my chest.
It seems that Luminchan is the same thus, as the girl's arm is being pulled, she turned back to me while seeming reluctant to part.

「It, it~ hurts already! What is this you! Please stop pulling already!」

Luminchan appears to be enraged after having finally shaken her arm free.
The silver girl looked over such a crimson girl, with a gaze that didn't give any sensation save frigidity.
This is a bother, she stabs with a gaze that seems to practically be saying as such.

「Are you not going to return?」
「I'll return, that is……I'll return but.」

She glances about and then fixes her gaze.
I also honestly want to be with Luminchan more……

「Then, any more than this is a waste of heart. There's no meaning in it.」
「Tsu! Don't you seem to be saying quite the thing, you! Making a face like a doll, are you saying that even your heart is empty?」

I end up panicking, at the appearance that those 2 people seem to be starting a fight.
But in contrast to me as I wondered what I should do, Rin-chan was collected.
As if, that sort of scene was something commonplace, as if to say she's always seeing it.

「Rin knows! That's,『frolicking』 isn't it!」

I look at the crimson and silver girls anew.
With Luminchan full of energy and raising a ruckess, the silver girl is calm and collectedly responding.
Frolicking, is it……that explains it doesn't it.
They won't reach a conclusion at this rate will they……Yos.h.!.+

「Kora kora you 2! The sun has already set. It's time for good children to return home you know?」

The intermingling of the gazes that carried the different thoughts of the three parties ends and, Luminchan is the first to make a smile, perhaps I should say yet again.

「Unn! I'm not sad you know! When I return, I'll converse with mama a whole lot! I'll talk about kaーsama!」
「Hai, please embellish it 10 times over okay?」
「Nihehee! Leave it to me!」

This child is truly a bright and good child isn't she……
In contrast the silver girl is, looking at me with that noh mask expression without any sign of change.
Frankly I have less understanding of what she's thinking than with Kyuu.

「Your, name is?」

「Wai, don't pull! Wawaa, kaーsama!! Later okay!!?」

In the place of her reply, the silver girl turned her back and forcibly dragged Luminchan toward the path of light.

「……Fufu, you two, be well okay! If there's an opportunity to come here again, please come whenever!」

I saw Luminchan off with a smile as she waved her hands widely.
As Luminchan was literally forcibly tossed into the path of light, she left a scream and returned from this world while going wakya~a.
Somehow it didn't become sad, it really was a pleasant time of parting.
And so, the last remaining girl turned around and announced only her name.

「Aselia・Einshaula. The world's strongest magician.」

Making a face slightly appropriate for her age, the strongest magician-san went back toward the path of light.


Part 5 Finish

The sword Saira made is Thousand Sakura Gathering Clouds.*
The sword the Yamata no Orochi dropped was Heavenly Sword of Gathering Clouds. AKA Kusanagi, one of the three imperial regalia.*

This is the end of the Visitor arc.
Next is the Dragon Contract arc.

Alice Tale in Phantasmagoria Chapter 112

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