All Quiet On The Frontline Chapter 3

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[July 3, 2017 15:25:00]

There were only a number of carton in the dormitory, Although under the strong promotion of Kalina, I brought an outdoor long bench, designer’s table and few other furniture, but the over all layout is still a mess.

Fortunately, there are several T-doll staying living in it, there is a feeling of home.

"Good afternoon Commander."

"Good afternoon."

Skorpion and Sten are playing video games together, and without a doubt they had their combat preparation and able to fight at anytime. Even the battle field on the monitor are extremely intense, attracting the childish M9 to watch.

M4A1 look at me a little apologetically.

She is new to here and needs time to familiarize with the squad formation and positions.

The living conditions are improving, but she did not seem to be more relaxed.

"Commander, I’m sorry, I was not much of a use in the previous battle."

"Well, after all you are still new to here, I did not expect you to contribute immediately, to be able to withstand such a fierce battle it self I’m already satisfied, the frontline occasionally also need to be relax."

"My sisters are still trapped in Sangvis Ferri’s territory, Please."
Her tone is weaker than I thought.

Perhaps, the skillful and st.u.r.dy looking T-doll have a considerable contrast with its behavioral.

"Um. Leave it to me."

When I said that sentence, I kinda want to talk to her a bit more, About my dreams.
For quite some time, my dream about ST AR-15.

The girl that I’m looking for is laying on the long bench.

Both her hands were under the site of her hands acting as a pillow, The large and tick sleeves provides a good job in improve the comfort.

Is she sleeping? look like she is soundly asleep.

I couldn’t wake her up, but I also couldn’t lift my eye off her.

Even asleep, Mauser Kar98k is still so elegant and charming, the girl’s soft and white breast hidden behind the thick military coat, the beautiful contrast between the porcelain white skin and her black coat, the combination of perfect thighs and high military boots that make her seem fragile just like an angel on the battlefield. (TLN: see foot notes 1)

Not sure of why, she opened her eyes, take a look at the surroundings, but did not look straight towards me.

Intentionally or not, She stretch her hand to comb her hair that was hanging on the face to the side of the ear.

"Commander, next time when you come, can you please tell me." She said it softly.

"It’s amazing that you could still sleep with such a noise." I turned and look at Skorpion and Sten who are playing.

"Its good to be noisy." She opened her lips slightly and smiled.


"So that no one would pay attention on us……"

I swallow my siliver , not sure how to answer.

Even though my p.u.b.erty had long past, the feeling of incitement is still so hard to control.

"What is it?" Kaiser asked.

"Crispy Ice cream." I look at the snacks on my hands and told the truth.

"Why would you think that I would like this……" She stares at the cone.

"Kalina said that all the girls like sweets."

"Really, thanks."

Weather she like it, not sure but she did not deny it.
I sat on other side of the chair, leaving enough s.p.a.ce for a person between us.

"You want to rescue the other members of the AR squad, with the current fighting." She eats bits by bits, thinking about something.

"I know that, that’s why every night I had being going to the headquarters making friends, trying to get some support echelon from them."

"You are not good at socializing, commander."

"Well, I know about that."

"It’s good that you are self aware."

"I too want the cleverness to understand others, but I’m still clueless about Grifon, Unsure about T-dolls, there are a lot of things to be learned."  (TLN: see foot notes 2)

"Then, I will also do my part to work hard."


"I’ll join the combat simulator with everyone else, there are still SIM Energy in the storage, I’ll make sure that it wouldn’t be wasted." Said Kaiser, slowly stood up and taking her rifle, but hesitated, looking at be with a frown.

"What’s wrong?"

"I couldn’t finish it." She handed me the cone.


"You should finish it."

"EH, EH? !" I was caught surprised and widened my eyes.

"Sweets……I don’t really hate it, see you tonight."
She was back facing me when see says that, that’s why by the time she left, I was unable to tell her feeling from her tone.

1, 高贵迷人的气质 -> elegant and charming
白玉般的肌肤 -> porcelain white skin
让身材 显得更加娇小 -> let her seems even more fragile
简直是误入战争国度的世外精灵 -> just like an angel on the battlefield

2, I too want the cleverness to understand others (raw: 我也想有知人之智)
知人之智 is a reference to the quote 知人者智 自知者明 (those who understand others are clever, but those who know themselves are truly wise) from ancient Chinese philosopher LaoZi.

All Quiet On The Frontline Chapter 3

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