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1 Time –  Prologue


A neon sign was s.h.i.+ning brightly in the night. Hyon Suk-Eun with an annoyed look in his eyes was looking at the woman in front of him.

"I know. It might be impossible, but it feels real for my eyes."

"Please don't say such words. It's embarra.s.sing…"

The woman took Hyon Suk's hand and lightly hit it and then bowed her head as if embarra.s.sed, though it was not bad he was feeling sick on the inside.

"It's not embarra.s.sing. Your beauty is a good thing."

Though Hyon Suk's eyes were showing how annoyed he was, it seemed like the woman hadn't noticed it.

'This is getting boring.'

But Hyon Suk was not even sincere. Though he heard the woman say her name, he did not even bother remembering it.

'Was it…..Su Hui?'

If fact it had been 4 years since Hyon Suk started it. More specifically, he looked for women on the streets or in bars and first hunted them, before contacting them and made them have a favorable view on him before he finally brought them to his bed. At the beginning it was fun to pursue and have s.e.x with women, but he did not feel such pleasure anymore.

"I mean it. Don't laugh. You really are too pretty."

"No. Oppa. Don't say that. Also reduce your voice. Ugh really."

Though he spoke a little too direct or roughly. He could also speak to women gently and tempt them, only the conversation would be a little different. (T.N-Maybe Korean's don't praise each other?)

"By the way it's really hot. What do you think about going back to my house and watching a movie in the comfort of an air conditioner."

"At your house oppa?"

"Ung. It is really hot on the outside, and we can be more comfortable there."

Even the pattern was the same. If it was cold, let's get more comfortable in the heat at home and watch a movie. If it was warmer, let's enjoy a movie in the air conditioner. He used such a ridiculous excuse, but surprisingly it worked out on 90 women out of 100. a.s.suming that he built up a good feeling. If the woman was still hesitant, he would speak a little more and convince her.

"I won't do anything."

"Why not?"

On that day, Hyon Suk-Eun once again succeeded in hunting and sleeping with a woman, whose name he didn't properly remember.

Nowadays because the excetiment wasn't enough his erection was not big, and it didn't last long. Unlike before s.e.x was no longer about pleasure but it became a habit. It's not like it felt bad, but it just felt a little empty.

Because Hyon Suk exercised regularly he had a very good figure, which the women loved. His body was neither too big, nor too small and had a correct ratio between the body and head. He had a small head and wide shoulders, with longer lower body than the upper. All in all his appearance was pretty good looking.

He laid on the bed while embracing the woman whose name he guessed as Su Hui, and stroked her head. Kissing her lightly on the lips he spoke out.


Usually once women got into the bed with Hyon Suk, they felt deep affinity with him. Having a hard workout had tremendous effect in the bed. If he didn't do a proper workout he couldn't say things like, 'I'm a messiah in the bed.'.(T.N- I hope he doesn't say such things out loud)

He would use the power of b.u.t.tocks, thighs, spine, and waist and show the difference between those who would exercise and wouldn't.

Hyon Suk looked at the woman as if she was one of his lovely dogs and smiled. It was just one of his habits and wasn't a sincere feeling, but the oblivious women liked this very much.

Hyon Suk leaned forward and once again kissed her on the lips before laughing and saying.


Once again a sound came out. In fact it wasn't anything new to Hyon Suk. For him women were programmed creatures. Do this and obtain this reaction, do that and this will happen. Like this from the meeting and talking till everything in the bed, felt similar to a process. (T.N- I think he means that the woman moaned?)

Hyon Suk-Eun never bothered to carefully listen to whatever the women spoke.But once they spoke till the end. Wow. Really? Like this the bad guy would respond meaningfully as if he was listening. He never really listened carefully, having repeatedly done the same thing on the outside it would look as if he was listening, but on the inside he was thinking something else.

'Somehow….this just feels annoying.'

At first the woman stripped of her panties, shoes, and stockings and put them on the floor near the bed. Hyon Suk stealthily took a picture of them and sent it to his friends as 'Certified shots'. While friends felt envious towards this, Hyon Su felt a sense of superiority from it.

Yes, Hyon Suk wasn't only about the hunt and s.e.x. He was highly talented, and also worked hard at work. He studies moderately, and exercised moderately. He also learnt how to play a few lines on the piano so that he would be able to play it in front of the others if needed.


Yes, at the age of 29 instead of focussing on one thing and devoting himself to it, he experienced this and that in variety. When he was a student he needed employment. And so he couldn't afford to be lazy or bored. So he fiercely studied and got the qualification as an Electrical Engineer, and later on performed well in the interview and obtained a job in one of the best public companies, KEPCO. It was all good. Even after he obtained employment at KEPCO, he chose to work as a translator on the side. He had a stable job with good income, and also a savory side job.

With a good job and income his life was both peaceful and comfortable. But he was no longer as fierce as before. He was similar to a man who had achieved his goal, and lived everyday the same way.

Hyon Suk-Eun stroked the woman's head and moved her bangs away before looking her in the eyes and speaking in a tender way.

"Ahh so pretty."

He spoke skillfully similar to a well programmed machines, so that despite him not caring, she would feel an illusion like she was really being loved. He was very familiar to this, and it came out naturally. It was just like breathing to him. Even the process of a break up was very easy to him.

The women were also not particularly shocked or saddened when he broke up Hyon Suk. Because Hyon Suk-Eun practiced it very well and gained a talent in it. The way to break up was just as natural as tempting them for him.

'Really bored.'

But now the same familiarity and naturalness became a boredom to him.

And that day.

Hyon Sok's daily life was completely destroyed.

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All Stat Slayer Chapter 1

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