Am I A God? Chapter 269

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Zhao Yao was busy with all sorts of errands inside the belly. He had to clean up the place and even help the cats complete their missions. Thankfully, he earned 120*2 experience points for his efforts.

Zhao Yao and Baiquan collapsed to the ground, exhausted from the day of hard work. Both of them looked as if they had just returned from a war. Baiquan stared at Zhao Yao in admiration and asked, "Boss,I never expected you to be so busy down here?"

Zhao Yao slapped Baiquan on his shoulder and burst out laughing, "Of course, were you under the impression that being an apostle was an easy job? If you want to get stronger, you have to devote your time and attention to your cats."

Baiquan nodded his head and replied,"Hmph, from today onwards, I'll come here every day and help take care of these cats."

Hahaha. Zhao Yao swung his arm over Baiquan's shoulder and commented, "Not bad, not bad at all. I always had high expectations for you and you certainly did not disappoint. However, my main purpose for bringing you here is not for you to get acquainted with these cats. There is something more important."

Baiquan's forehead furrowed slightly as he muttered, "A more important task?"

Zhao Yao instantly explained, "That's right. How's your training with the power of invisibility? Is it going well?"

Baiquan nodded his head and decided to let his actions do the talking. Firstly, his entire body disappeared in an instance. Next, an organ appeared, followed by a bone and finally his muscle. All of them floated in the air and it looked exactly like a scene taken from a horror movie.

"For now, I can already control the power to an extent that I can dictate certain body parts to turn inviable. As for other people …"

Baiquan had once again turned invisible. However, Zhao Yao had similarly vanished this time around.

"I can let any objects or matter within three meters of me to turn invisible. Even they themselves would not be able to see their own body …"

Zhao Yao shook his body and realized that Baiquan was not exaggerating his claims. He really could not see his own body.

"Baiquan, that's really good! Your mastery over the power has already surpa.s.sed that of Roly Poly's." Zhao Yao knew that this result was no fluke. This was Baiquan's fruits of labor from his relentless training. This was unlike Roly Poly who only bothered burying his head in food and his phone.

Even though the strength of the power could not be increased by simply training, but it could hone your proficiency over the power, fully harnessing the potential to it.

With this thought lingering at the back of his head, Zhao Yao could not help but took a glance at Roly Poly. He remained lying comfortably in a corner of the belly, with an invisible force caressing the fur on his neck.

"Hmph, this might be a good thing actually. This will at least force him to use his power, in case it turned rusty"

Baiquan noticed Zhao Yao nodding his head gleefully when their body reappeared. Zhao Yao explained, "Since you have already perfected your mastery over this power, it is time for us to move on to the next stage."

"Oh, training for the next stage?" Baiquan's eyes gleamed with excitement at the thought of acquiring a new power, "What kind of powers awaits me? Am I gonna create my own weapon? Am I gonna become an all-new being altogether?'

Zhao Yao let out a few coughs which interrupted Baiquan's daydream, "It is far better than anything you imagine. This will allow you to simultaneously wield two powers."

As he spoke, Zhao Yao had directed Baiquan's attention to the Sphynx Cat resting in the cage with his finger, "Baiquan, this cat's power holds the key to your next stage of training. However, you must be careful. This cat is far fiercer than any cat you have ever met."

Then, Zhao Yao gave a brief introduction to the Sphynx Cat's abilities which left Baiquan staring at him with awe.

At the same time, Zhao Yao had led Baiquan towards the cage. Instead of a fierce beast roaming around the cage, all they saw was a cat curled up into a ball in the middle of the cage. Zhao Yao shouted, "Hey, I believe you have already heard what we were talking about just now."

The Sphynx Cat slowly lifted his eyelids to slid Zhao Yao and Baiquan a cold hard glare before letting out a sigh. He remained silent throughout the process.

Zhao Yao thought, "I knew this cat was never going to cooperate with me willingly." Zhao Yao grabbed onto the metal bars and shouted, "You will be the only loser if you choose to keep your mouth shut. Can you imagine spending the rest of your miserable life trapped in this puny cage?"

A lopsided smile appeared on his face as he bellowed in laughter, "My apostles will find me. When that happens, it will be your turn to beg for forgiveness."

Zhao Yao let out a sigh of despair and muttered, "From the looks of it, this guy has not submitted to me despite the battle. He probably still holds me in low regard."

Baiquan took a step forward when he heard the cat's response and asked, "Hey, can you understand my words?"

The Sphynx Cat simply shot Baiquan a death glare.

Baiquan continued, "You have already stayed here for so long. Are you gonna be so unreasonable as to not pay your rent?"

The Sphynx Cat stretched open his mouth and let out a soundless laugh, "Rent?" Immediately, he went on his four feet and slowly ambled in Baiquan's direction, before finally stopping right behind the steel bars, centimeters away from Baiquan's face.

A vicious aura poured out of his body and swept towards Zhao Yao and Baiquan as the Sphynx Cat slowly walked up to them. It felt as if he were to pounce on them and shred them to pieces at any moment.

However, Zhao Yao knew that this was impossible. With the effects of the enhanced gravitational force in play, crawling at this rate was already incredibly taxing. It was impossible for him to do any sorts of intense action, let alone rip apart the steal bars keeping him within the cage.

"I will sink my teeth past your skin and into your flesh the moment I leave this cage. I promise you."

Given his att.i.tude, Zhao Yao knew that it was impossible for them to come to an agreement and work alongside each other, let alone raise his loyalty points.

"Evidently, recruiting Lucifer into my BOOK would be a far better decision." Suddenly, a red glimmer flashed across Zhao Yao's eyes and he had already cast Elizabeth's control power on Sphynx Cat's body.

The Sphynx Cat felt his body froze. Then, he started losing control of his body. His arms started reaching through the gaps of the steel bars on their own.

A vein popped in his forehead as his temples throbbed with rage. He exclaimed in his head, "It's this stupid ability again! This G.o.d d*mn control ability. Just wait for me to come out … wait for me …"

"Baiquan, go forward! I will let him lend his power to you."

Not once did fear crossed Baiquan's head. He nodded his head and took a step towards the cage. Under Zhao Yao's control, the cat had reached his paw towards Baiquan and slowly pressed against his chest.

The next moment, Baiquan could clearly feel the warm gush of energy flowing from the cat's palm into his body. This intense energy swept across his entire body, into every nook and crannies.

Moments later, Baiquan finally opened his eyes to see Zhao Yao staring directly at him, with his forehead puckered together. Zhao Yao shook his body and asked, "What happened? Do you feel anything strange?"

Baiquan shook his head and replied dejectedly, "I don't know, but I don't think I am capable of initiating this power."

"Just go out and train. From today onwards, you will come here every day to borrow the power. After that, you will go out and train. I'm sure the results would be incredible in a month's time."

The Sphynx Cat's death glare remained glued to Zhao Yao. He felt a mixture of raging fury and abject fear, "He can even control me to lend my power out against my will? My people in Muscle Society need to find me quickly."

Sphynx Cat's eyes did not drift away from Zhao Yao as he saw him sending Baiquan off for training. Zhao Yao had once again cast an illusion as a ray of golden beam descended from the sky and into his hand.

Since he had decided on recruiting Lucifer and upgrading his ability, he was definitely using this opportunity to a.s.sert his dominance amongst the supercat.

All the supercats stared at this mystifying golden beam resting on Zhao Yao's hand. They were both shocked and curious about its ability.

A solemn expression crept up Zhao Yao's face as he stared at the golden beam in his hands before shouting, "This is the Essence of G.o.d, kindly given to us by King George. This can upgrade the ability of a single supercat. Now, on behalf of King George, I will pa.s.s this magnificent light to you … Lucifer."

With a gentle flick of his wrist, the beam had shot out of his hands and stopped right in front of Lucifer's awestruck face.

"Lucifer, eat it."

"Me?" Lucifer was overwhelmed with joy as his heart thumped rapidly, "Is this for me?" He had previously witnessed how Ares's power strengthened by a few folds after ingesting this glorious gift from King George.

The remaining supercats including Rakshasa, Fujin, and the family of Ragdolls could only stare at Lucifer, green with envy. Lion Head, Airplane and Uncle Egg had never witnessed this scene and were filled with suspicion and doubts.

In reality, Lucifer was licking the wound on Zhao Yao's finger as he slowly swallowed Zhao Yao's blood.

The Sphynx Cat who remained under control could not seal his ears from the sound waves and stared suspiciously at Lucifer swallowing this dubious object.

Am I A God? Chapter 269

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