An Obsidian Sky Part 13

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'Brief me!' I shouted to no one in particular. It was John who responded, he waved at the people manning the controls for the holo.

'Sir, one hour ago a Ceila satellite detected an incoming into the system. The image you see behind you is a wave-form consistent with faster than light translation. At the same time our monitoring of the co-ordinates you gave us showed a massive increase in energy output.'

I gasped and pushed my hands against one of the desks near me to try and keep myself on my feet. Aeniah recoiled away from her camera. 'You don't mean,' I said.

'Yes sir, Ascension appears to be doing something. But sir that isn't the point.' He waved at another technician. The holo resolved upon an image of a large and powerful looking vessel. It was bearing a United World insignia.

'Oh my god!' Aeniah shouted. 'Oh no, that's my ship, that's my fucking ship.'


'But I thought Carvelle?...oh no...oh no.' I couldn't even begin to bring myself to form the words. I knew exactly who it was, and exactly why we were here. But above all I knew with absolute certainty that we did not have the power to resist.

'Sir,' shouted a technician, 'we have a message incoming.'

'Open channels,' I said.

The image of a man who was infamous in my mind resolved and stood before me. His eyes held a murderous texture to which I felt my very hopes and dreams die beneath its weight.

'Ladies and gentlemen of Aurelia, my name is Alfred Carvelle, and I am here to offer you Ascension.'

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An Obsidian Sky Part 13

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