Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 364 - Chen Wang’s Violent Rage

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AGM 364 - Chen w.a.n.g’s Violent Rage

The cave dwelling Qin Wentian was currently hiding in, was dank and dark. Not only that, the stony walls were incomparably st.u.r.dy and solid. Qin Wentian was forced to expend plenty of energy as he inscribed Divine Inscriptions onto it.

The moment he’d stepped into the cave dwelling, he unleashed all the strength he was capable of mustering. He let loose his power of bloodline limits, his divine energy, then blasted forth with Heartbreak Echo and Heaven Breaking Finger—his strongest innate techniques—in rapid succession. It was only because of this, coupled with Chen w.a.n.g’s haste and carelessness, that had led to him being injured. Now, Chen w.a.n.g no longer dared to easily enter the cave, as he was unsure if there were any more traps within.

As for Qin Wentian’s cultivation level, he was at the seventh level of Yuanfu, and had the power of his bloodlines, the Fiend Transformation Art, and Divine Yuan Energy to reinforce his attacks, thereby allowing him to unleash attacks of a grade equivalent to or even surpa.s.sing peak Yuanfu cultivators. And if he utilized his innate techniques together with his will of Mandates, it wasn’t hard for him to kill his opponent, as long as they didn’t have a second level Mandate.

But Chen w.a.n.g was different, because his cultivation base was already at the pinnacle of the ninth level of Yuanfu. Furthermore, he cultivated the Great Solar Universe Art, granting him Great Solar Meridians necessary to produce Great Solar Energy. Also, his second level Mandate had already reached the Advanced Boundary and he could even fight against Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns who had just broken through. One definitely couldn’t use the Yuanfu Realm’s scale of measure to a.s.sess him.

At this moment, as the b.a.l.l.s of sun-flames blasted into the interior of the cave, a bright light flashed from underneath Qin Wentian’s feet—dozens of ancient s.h.i.+elds sprang into existence to block the fireb.a.l.l.s.

Abruptly, a sharp sword penetrated inwards, destroying the s.h.i.+elds. Qin Wentian’s countenance grew cold as he slammed out a palm to destroy the sword manifested from Great Solar Energy—his other hand and his feet had never stopped moving, he was constantly still inscribing Divine Inscriptions.

“Chen w.a.n.g, how extraordinary you are? Can’t you do anything to me even when I’m at the seventh level of Yuanfu? What will you do when I step into the eighth level of Yuanfu? Can you even fight me on an equal footing when I reach the same ninth level as you? By that time, the so-called pride of your Great Solar Chen Clan will be easily smashed apart and trampled over by me. Are you not ashamed of being called a Heaven Chosen?”

Chen w.a.n.g stood at the exterior of the cave dwelling, with a fierce crease in his brows. As he stared into the cave interior, his eyes flashed with an exceedingly cold light.

He could feel Qin Wentian was inscribing Divine Inscriptions, and knew that Qin Wentian was trying to use reverse psychology by baiting him to enter.

Chen w.a.n.g had already ceased his attacks. He knew that everything that happened here would be visible to those in the outside world. His failure to kill Qin Wentian had already been witnessed by countless others.

Those from his Great Solar Chen Clan, as well as those from the other transcendent powers, were all watching him.

Hua Taixu’s name had long resounded throughout Grand Xia yet what about his, Chen w.a.n.g’s name? People only remembered the person who was number one, n.o.body gave a d.a.m.n about who was number two.
Just as what Qin Wentian had said, if he couldn’t even deal with someone at the seventh level of Yuanfu, on what grounds did he have to be a Heaven’s Chosen?

Chen w.a.n.g’s heart was successfully infuriated.

“If you truly wish for death so much, I can grant it to you,” Chen w.a.n.g coldly spoke as he stepped into the cave. His body transformed into molten lava as his Great Solar Universe Art was channelled to its limits, turning his meridians in their entirety and arterial pathways in his body a flaming red.

His eyes shone with the light of the sun, as the Great Solar Energy within his body circulated about, giving him an otherworldly glow of breath-taking beauty. It caused those in the outside world to sigh in admiration at his prowess.

Chen w.a.n.g, was ultimately still Chen w.a.n.g. He was the person that had the highest probability of obtaining the first position in the Heavenly Fate Rankings. After he entered the cave, the spectators had no way to see what was happening, hence they didn’t know why Chen w.a.n.g was filled with such trepidation to the extent that he needed to unleash his full power.

The sun flames around Chen w.a.n.g illuminated the entire cave dwelling, as he noticed Qin Wentian, a terrifying scorching heat instantly boiled within the cave, scorching the ground and the nearby walls.

“I shall kill you first, before plundering your ancient luck.” Chen w.a.n.g’s voice was ice-cold, filled with utter determination. At this distance, Qin Wentian felt a wave of heat a.s.saulting his body, as though he would combust into flames at any moment.

Chen w.a.n.g placed one of his hands on the interior walls of the cave and started channeling the Great Solar Energy into it. The walls became a blazing red as the temperature within the cave began to rapidly surge upwards. He wanted Qin Wentian to feel complete remorse over his actions.

“Have you felt despair? Chen w.a.n.g’s palm brushed along the stony walls as he advanced forward. Qin Wentian coldly stared at him. The infuriated Chen w.a.n.g was truly more terrifying than normal, and in his current most powerful state, there was no doubt that he was truly the contender with the highest possibility of obtaining first in the Heavenly Fate Rankings.

“DIE!” Qin Wentian’s voice was ice-cold as a terrifying sword tempest kicked up. Instantly, the cave dwelling was completely filled with sword qi, manifesting into countless swords that flew towards Chen w.a.n.g.

“Killing-type Formation—so you wanted to depend on this to deal with me?”

Chen w.a.n.g wasn’t even considering retreat. With a slash of his hands, the Great Solar Swordplay obliterated everything in its path.

“Go.” Qin Wentian pointed at Chen w.a.n.g, as yet another surge of a sword qi tempest enveloped Chen w.a.n.g, about to devour him.

“Chi, chi&h.e.l.lip;” Ear piercing sounds rang out, yet after an instant the sword qi tempest dissipated into thin air as two flaming red hands forcefully pushed the air currents apart to the side. Chen w.a.n.g, who now resembled a burning man of blazing embers, appeared as a Flame Giant Astral Soul from the 5th Heavenly Layer which could be seen above his head.

Qin Wentian gestured as countless sharp swords flew over. Chen w.a.n.g had already fully integrated with his Astral Soul—he was now the flame giant.

“Isn’t this a characteristic of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns? Chen w.a.n.g’s preparations have long been completed, so he can step into Heavenly Dipper at any moment. Why, even now, he could be considered as a half-step away from becoming a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign.” Qin Wentian mused as he sent even more streams of sword qi tempest over. Chen w.a.n.g forcefully broke apart the storm of swords as he reached his hands out, aiming to grab hold of Qin Wentian. If that flaming palms even touched Qin Wentian the slightest, it was sufficient to incinerate Qin Wentian into ashes.
Chen w.a.n.g’s attack had already reached the basic level of Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns—the fourth-ranked windstorm sword tempest which Qin Wentian inscribed in haste couldn’t even kill Chen w.a.n.g.

“Despair now.” Chen w.a.n.g’s aura flared, as all traces of the Divine Inscription vanished into thin air. Like a divinity of flame, he slowly walked towards Qin Wentian.

At this moment, in the centre of Qin Wentian’s brows, a third eye abruptly opened. Instantly, a light so resplendently blinding shot into the eyes of Chen w.a.n.g, as a terrifying will entered his sea of consciousness. At the same time, Qin Wentian frenziedly blasted out with both his palms as numerous ancient bells manifested, flying towards Chen w.a.n.g.


The chimes from the ancient bells reverberated endlessly, echoing in the cave. Chen w.a.n.g felt an intense head-splitting pain as his heart started to pound madly—it felt as though it was going to explode at any moment. But in spite of all this, his hand was still stretching out, trying to grab hold of Qin Wentian.


Qin Wentian’s intent radiated out as towering amounts of sword qi coalesced into a barrier enveloping his entire body within, the only thing left uncovered were his fiendish looking cold eyes. He dashed towards Chen w.a.n.g, no longer caring about the expenditure of the remaining Divine Yuan Energy in his Yuanfu.

The echoes from the ancient bells continued, the Heaven Breaking Finger stabbing out, capable of breaking the Heavens with a single stab. Qin Wentian’s finger was further reinforced by demonic armor, as well as sword-type Divine Energy that he gathered in spirals, concentrating on the tip of his finger.

Time momentarily halted as that one finger stabbed forward.

Chen w.a.n.g’s aura skyrocketed, releasing a terrifying flamestorm that could incinerate the entire cave dwelling. As that finger landed, cracks could be seen on the body of that flame giant, and he howled in agony. Retreating rapidly, he gathered his strength to push Qin Wentian back as he dashed towards the entrance of the cave. The force of his push ruthlessly slammed Qin Wentian’s body against the stony walls with such force he felt as though the bones in his body were about to be shattered.
The barrier of sword qi and his demonic armor had been destroyed. His Demon Sovereign-aligned Yuanfu, as well as his Heavenly Hammer-aligned Yuanfu were totally exhausted. His last Yuanfu reserves had only 50% remaining—for the time being, he no longer had the ability to fight with such intensity.

Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Qin Wentian sat up straight. He felt as though his whole body had been rammed by a truck, he was in an extremely miserable state yet his eyes was as cold as ever.

After Chen w.a.n.g exited the cave, his form returned back to normal. His flame giant form had faded away, leaving behind b.l.o.o.d.y wounds that dyed his body red, causing great shock as a stir powerfully rocked the hearts of the spectators.

“This&h.e.l.lip;” Chen w.a.n.g had entered the cave with such confidence, yet he was heavily injured to this extent?

What exactly happened within that cave?

The countenances of those from the Great Solar Chen Clan grew incredibly ugly. Why was Chen w.a.n.g so grievously injured? How could this happen?

“Qin Wentian is a fourth-ranked Grandmaster,” Luo He quietly explained, causing the expressions on those from the Chen Clan to stiffen. A fourth-ranked Divine Inscriptionist was Chen w.a.n.g’s enemy, no wonder he was at such a disadvantage.

The spectators only saw the fury of Chen w.a.n.g’s anger reaching up to the Heavens. He soared up into the skies and howled in wrath.

The sound of his voice thundered out in all directions, spreading to all corners of this formation world.

“I, Chen w.a.n.g, am willing to form an alliance AND share all dangers and benefits together. I only need someone willing to guard the entrance of this cave and kill Qin Wentian if he tries to exit.”

A few moments later, there was actually someone who appeared in this location. This person was none other than Yang Fan from the Star-Seizing Manor, ranked #18 on the Heavenly Fate Rankings. He had always wanted to kill Qin Wentian, and now that Chen w.a.n.g was voluntarily offering to form an alliance, how could he not agree to it?

Yang Fan stared at Chen w.a.n.g’s figure in the air. No wonder Chen w.a.n.g was so infuriated, he had suffered immensely in the hands of Qin Wentian.

“Qin Wentian excels in Divine Inscriptions, I need to force him out. I believe his state of injuries are no better than mine, so if he steps out of these caves he will die for sure.” Chen w.a.n.g stared at Yang Fan as he continued, “Guard this area for me, I shall hunt his other friends.”
Seeing the sun flames blazing around Chen w.a.n.g, Yang Fan knew that he was truly angered. He nodded his head in agreement, “I will do as you say.”

“Good. I will gather more people to come here. Even if I can’t obtain first in the ranking battle, Qin Wentian MUST DIE.” Chen w.a.n.g’s voice was as cold as ice, as his silhouette flickered and vanished from sight.

Naturally, Qin Wentian heard Chen w.a.n.g’s words. His countenance appeared emotionless, yet a terrible, freezing cold intent radiated out. Ouyang Kuangsheng, Chu Mang and Fan Le were all partic.i.p.ating in this ranking battle. Everyone knew that Chen w.a.n.g wanted to hunt his friends to force him to exit the cave.

Presently, Qin Wentian had propped himself against a cave wall, with several Yuan Meteor Stones littered around him. He was draining them to recover the Astral Energy in his Yuanfu. At this moment, a pellet appeared in his hands as an ice-cold light gleamed in his eyes!








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