Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 418

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AGM 418 – Dragging the Sword to Moon Continent

The thousand metre demon sword, wasn't something a Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns could move, it remained immovable ever since the ancient era.



How heavy was this sword exactly?



n.o.body knew. Qin Wentian was the first one who extricated the sword, bringing it with him as he soared out of the flatlands beneath the precipice. However, he still had no way to wield it. He could only drag it as he walked on and on, one footprint at a time, the weight of the sword was weighing down on him.

If he continued on foot like that, it would take him three years before he can reach the Moon Continent.



And as Qin Wentian dragged the sword along, n.o.body dared to go near him. The beam of sword light, the sword intent and the sword keening was still pervading the air, yet the mournful wails had greatly weakened, as though the demon sword was moved by Qin Wentian's will.



Several people followed behind Qin Wentian only to see that everywhere he walked past ravines were formed from the immeasurably deep sword scars on the ground. Right now, only a single thought was running through their minds – the legend of the demon sword was real.



One step, one footprint, Qin Wentian started on his journey.

Some of the spectators flew up in the air as they stared at the sight below them. Their hearts thumped when they witnessed a boundless gap opening up in the earth right before them, unceasingly moving forward as though there was no end to it.



Where was Qin Wentian heading to?



If he really went to the Moon Continent, is he going to create a ravine that's a hundred thousand miles long?

A month later, there were some that followed Qin Wentian along while others remained outside the Sword Reverence City. As for Qin Wentian, although he stayed in the Sword Reverence City for only three months, he became a legend in the Sword Reverence City whose name would often appear in topics of discussions.

Today, outside the Morning Sun City, there was a young man with demonic arms dragging along a thousand metres long gigantic sword, walking forward. The place where he pa.s.sed by, the earth was split open and a huge gap was formed. The sword qi it emanated seemed endless; and what was even more terrifying was the sword keen that echoed out unceasingly, permeating the air. As though anything that entered a ten mile radius from him would be lacerated into nothingness.



Huge waves of commotion rocked the Morning Sun City as they saw the young man dragging the ancient demon sword, through the city, creating a pathway for himself. Everyone avoided him, and no one dared to block his path. That young man continued on step by step, the steel-like expression in his eyes glimmered as they stared at the horizon as though nothing in this world would be able to shake his resolve and conviction.



Who was this young man?

Expressions of utter shock could be seen on the faces of the citizens from Morning Sun City, yet soon after, they discovered that behind this young man, there were several people who were following after him.



These people had followed Qin Wentian all the way here from the Sword Reverence City. From them, those from Morning Sun City realized that the young man was none other than the first ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings, Qin Wentian.



But where did that sword came from?



The nine swords that were embedded on the precipice was precisely there to pay homage to this immovable gigantic demon sword. For ages, for eons, it remained untouched, but the moment it appeared, blood dyed the precipice red, bringing waves of utter annihilation to the Li Clan and Heavenly Sword Sect, felling  the experts from the w.a.n.g Clan, a top-tier transcendent power, effortlessly.



Why was Qin Wentian doing this?



Because the Pill Emperor Hall reneged on their promise, they once said that as long as Qin Wentian could defeat Zhan Chen in the Heavenly Fate Rankings, they wouldn't interfere with the matters between him and Mo Qingcheng. However, Luo He broke her promise, and was even selecting marriage candidates for Mo Qingcheng. In a fit of rage, Qin Wentian pulled out that immovable demon sword, shocking the whole of Sword Reverence City. He wanted to drag the sword all the way to the Moon Continent.



After those from the Morning Sun City heard the story, amazement pounded their hearts. There were also some of them who followed behind Qin Wentian, they wanted to see it with their own eyes, how would Qin Wentian act when he arrived at the Moon Continent.



The people following him increased more and more. And two months later, there were already about ten thousand people behind him, they were all deeply infected by the resolute will of Qin Wentian.



He, as the top ranker on the Heavenly Fate Ranking truly deserve his reputation. If he really did carry through this voyage to the Moon Continent, and didn't fall in his clash with the Pill Emperor Hall&h.e.l.lip;from then onwards, the Pill Emperor Hall don't even need to dream about eating or resting in peace.



And what was even more shocking was that the thousand metres long sword was also evidently moved by Qin Wentian's actions. The weight of the demon sword substantially decreased, yet Qin Wentian still had no way to wield it, no way to soar through the skies while carrying it. But now, at the very least, he could run while dragging the demon sword on the ground. Compared to when he first started, his speed was already much faster.



The sword qi that permeated the air, grew increasingly terrifying while the immeasurably deep fissures that was left behind by the sword was now about 50,000 miles long. Incredibly spectacular.



This fissure was undoubtedly the longest in length in the entire Grand Xia.



Currently, Qin Wentian's movement speed got even faster.



Although every step forwards exhausted a huge amount of his strength, he had no thoughts of giving up and has even achieved a distance of 1,000 miles per day just from running.

In the blink of an eye, a total of three months had pa.s.sed when Qin Wentian left the Sword Reverence City. The energy within his Yuanfu had long been depleted, and his movement also gradually slowed.



In this land of wilderness, Qin Wentian continued to advance forward. Pa.s.sing through mountains, cutting across rivers, stepping onto the desert.



His eyes were still fixed over the horizon. And finally&h.e.l.lip;an incomparably vast ancient city appeared at the edge of his vision.



Three months&h.e.l.lip; Qin Wentian had finally arrived outside the Moon Continent.



Those that followed behind him all felt that these three months were akin to three years of time. The distance traversed was simply too vast, but somehow unknowingly they eventually arrived.

Several figures soared up through the air from that vast ancient city. Naturally these people were those from major powers that had received the news.



Some of them originated from the Pill Emperor Hall, some from the Star-Seizing Manor and some, from the Hua Clan.

All these transcendent powers had grudges with Qin Wentian. Now that Qin Wentian had appeared once again in the Moon Continent, it could be said that he's setting foot in a pool of murderous dragons and the den of tigers.



However, after the scouts appeared, they didn't even dare to go near Qin Wentian. They stood at a distance of ten miles away as they stared at Qin Wentian as well as that astounding thousand metres long gigantic sword.



It was rumored that with the aid of this sword, Qin Wentian had effortlessly slayed the powerful experts from the w.a.n.g Clan and annihilated the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Li Clan.



n.o.body knew how powerful this demon sword was exactly.

Among the scouts, there were some powerful ones and some weaker ones. Bai Fei, was also among the scouts from the Pill Emperor Hall. Looking at the silhouette of the young man that she once held in contempt, she couldn't help but sigh in her heart.. a single figure wielding a single sword moving towards the Moon Continent yet no one dared to block his path.



Qin Wentian also noticed them, but he continued walking in the direction of the Moon Continent, paying no heed to them. Sword Qi billowed forth, those scouts couldn't help but take a step back just from the pressure of every step that Qin Wentian advanced forwards.



"Madness." The crowd were all infected by Qin Wentian's emotions. He was forcing all the enemy scouts backwards just from walking straight ahead.

When Qin Wentian stood just outside the entrance of the Moon Continent, those scouts had long retreated into the depths, vanis.h.i.+ng totally. No one dared to even go near Qin Wentian.



"Tell Luo He, that I will look for her."



Qin Wentian's voice was mixed within that keening of his sword and swept over everything in the Moon Continent. His words were heard by everyone there.



As the sound of his voice faded, a terrifying sword intent gushed out from him in all eight directions, forming a ten mile death zone around him. Those that were too late to escape, were all lacerated into nothingness by the sharpness that he radiated.



The killing aura that was mixed within this sword intent was simply too terrifying.

A fearsome storm was manifested and regardless of those from the transcendent powers or those that followed Qin Wentian, they were all buffeted by the powerful wind, pus.h.i.+ng them far away.



Outside the Moon Continent, only Qin Wentian remained, together with that thousand metre long gigantic demon sword in hand.



The sword keened, the wind gusted. The storm lasted for an undetermined amount of time before it gradually weakened, turning back into nothingness.



"It ended?"



"The sword qi dissipated?"

At this moment, the faces of everyone were  painted by puzzlement. After which, their silhouettes flickered as they moved towards the Moon Continent.



But when they arrived at the entrance, all of them were stunned by what they saw.



The demon sword was pierced into the ground, and stood upright and tall. The terrifying sword intent was retracted, appearing as though it had returned to sleep.



But Qin Wentian himself had disappeared.



Qin Wentian had left the demon sword outside the Moon Continent, yet he himself disappeared.



What did he want to do exactly? Why would he leave the sword behind as he entered the Moon Continent?



But regardless of the reason, this matter soon caused a great wave of commotion in the Moon Continent in an extremely short amount of time.



Qin Wentian, this young man who once cultivated in the Moon Continent had created miracles after miracles. The youngest in history to step into the ranks of a fourth-ranked Grandmaster, becoming the top ranker of the Heavenly Fate Rankings, he stood together hand in hand with Mo Qingcheng announcing their relations.h.i.+p to the world.



But during the ranking battle, Qin Wentian offended too many of the transcendent powers. Everyone already decreed in their hearts that he was a soon-to-be-dead man.

He even slayed Zhan Chen, and wanted to take Mo Qingcheng away. How could the Pill Emperor Hall not have a grudge towards him?



Luo He decided to take matters in her own hands and searched a husband for Mo Qingcheng.



And because of this, Qin Wentian pulled out the demon sword in the Sword Reverence City, traversing a distance of a hundred thousand miles, to the Moon Continent before proclaiming to Luo He that he, would look for her.



n.o.body would ever have imagined that Qin Wentian who had just stepped into Heavenly Dipper, would dare to directly challenge the transcendent powers.



Back then Hua Taixu also obtained the position of the top ranker in the Heavenly Fate Rankings, yet in comparison to Qin Wentian, the deeds he had done weren't so world-shaking and astounding.

Today, in the Pill Emperor Hall, all the way up at the highest steps, Luo He stood there gazing down on the Moon Continent. Her gaze was ice cold, and behind her, all her disciples were present except for Mo Qingcheng.



"Master, Qingcheng's marriage candidates selection?" Behind her, Bai Fei asked in a low voice.



"Carry on as per normal, make the matter as grand as possible." Luo He's voice was as frigid as winter snow as she spat the words out. Qin Wentian's actions were like a smack on her face?



She heard the rumors that the demon sword was extremely powerful and could even sunder the heavens. She truly wanted to see if Qin Wentian would dare to bring the sword and stormed her Pill Emperor Hall.



"Understood." Bai Fei bowed as she replied, all the while silently sighing in her heart. She heard that the recruitment of marriage candidates for Mo Qingcheng, was Mo Qingcheng's final chance. If Mo Qingcheng still refused, n.o.body knew what her consequences would be like.



The current Bai Fei, didn't know if she should be happy or sad.



These few days, representatives of the other transcendent powers all set foot in the Moon Continent. Obviously, they were here because of the marriage candidate selection.

Although it wasn't glorious to be marrying into the Pill Emperor Hall, its gain far outweighs the losses if they could gain the fairy-like Mo Qingcheng. Not only that, the transcendent power that the selected candidate was from would also form an unshakable alliance with the Pill Emperor Hall.



After all, the Pill Emperor Hall's position in the entire Grand Xia, could be considered somewhat unique.



The news regarding Qin Wentian spread like wildfire. After those people learnt of the reasons, they couldn't help but feel that Qin Wentian was too delusional, wanting to fight against the transcendent powers all alone? Nothing but a fool's dream. They then headed to the entrance of Moon Continent and tried pulling out the demon sword. Yet, all of them discovered that regardless of how strong they were, none among them could extricate the demon sword out from the ground, not even the slightest. Not one among them.



Qin Wentian, remained the only person who had accomplished that!



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