Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 429

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AGM 429 – Judgement



When the mysterious figure moved, each of his steps reverberated throughout the entirety of Pill Emperor Hall. Not only that, each of his steps resonated with a unique rhythm that even affected the surrounding s.p.a.ce. It seemed as though with just a single thought, he could utterly annihilate the Pill Emperor Hall, removing it from the face of Grand Xia.



He casually step forwards, each of his steps creating large cracks in the ground. Those shattered pieces of earth floated in the air, hovering in front of the mysterious figure.



And it was so for every step he took.



At this moment, the members of the Pill Emperor Hall were all trembling uncontrollably, their hearts pounding in tandem with the steps of the mysterious man. It felt as though as long as he willed it, he could rupture their hearts anytime he wished.



This kind of sensation felt extremely strange and incredible, almost to the extent of inconceivable, like it was something that couldn't be real. Yet those present currently all felt this kind of sensation weighing down on their hearts.



This person was definitely a supreme existence at the Celestial Phenomenon level. However, it seemed as though he was drastically more powerful compared to the two Ascendants from the Pill Emperor Hall. If he wished to, it was as if he could effortlessly finish off the Pill Emperor with just a flip of his palm.



And now, such a character appeared in the Pill Emperor Hall and even sealed the entire s.p.a.ce.



"Sir, might I inquire who you are?"



The two Ascendant-level powerhouses of the Pill Emperor Hall calmed their qi, slowly standing up as they stared at the mysterious man. In their eyes, an intense trepidation and vigilance could be seen. They felt less than ants before this man. Even when facing Qin Wentian with the demon sword, they didn't feel this way, they still had confidence that they would be able to repel Qin Wentian.



Yet, the pressure this mysterious figure was giving them far exceeded that. In front of him, they wouldn't even be able to put up any defense.



And if they chose to clash head on, death was the only outcome for them.



"Are you even qualified to inquire about my ident.i.ty?"



That mysterious figure continued advancing forwards. His palms suddenly moved and momentarily, the Pill Emperor only felt a formless yet immense strength slamming into him. He stumbled backwards, while coughing out blood as his countenance paled even further.



The Pill Emperor inclined his head, hints of rage flas.h.i.+ng through his eyes. He was the lofty, and high up Pill Emperor!



Upon seeing the Pill Emperor's reaction, the mysterious figure frowned as he took another step forward. Another even more powerful force was generated from the pulse of the world that bore down on this entire s.p.a.ce.



His feet landed on the ground, and just a single step caused the Pill Emperor Hall to feel as though his heart was about to rupture from the pressure. The overwhelming strength knocked him off his feet, into a kneeling position as the Pill Emperor shriek in pain, his face a mask of agony as he continued coughing out blood.



That mysterious figure didn't even speak. He directly showed the Pill Emperor with his actions what does it meant to be a high up, lofty existence. Showing that expression in front of him? The Pill Emperor was light years away from being worthy.



He then took another step forth.






The endless pulsing energy slammed into Pill Emperor again, causing him to be directly knocked flying backwards before ruthlessly slammed onto the ground. He was in an extremely miserable state, his face had long lost all hints of color yet the punishment wasn't over. He could sense that peculiar pulse-like energy gathering once more. As long as the mysterious figure took another step forwards, he would be in for it.



In the face of such might, he despaired completely.



Lifting his head, he stared at the mysterious figure. Ever since the ancient Grand Xia was destroyed, how could there still be such a terrifying existence still existing in this age?



Have these people always been in seclusion, unwilling to meddle in matters of Grand Xia?



The high-up and lofty Pill Emperor didn't even have any thoughts of resisting. He didn't even dare to meet the mysterious figure's eyes, he was afraid that such an act would draw the ire of that mysterious man, and the power of another step would once again press down upon his heart.



Seeing how the esteemed Pill Emperor was abused to this sorry state, the other members of the Pill Emperor Hall could only watched on blankly, with indescribable emotions filling their hearts.



The things that happened today, turned everything they ever believed in upside down.



That powerful Pill Emperor at the Ascendant level was tortured to such a state where he didn't even have any strength to resist. Although the Pill Emperor was injured from his clash with Qin Wentian, even if he was at full strength, it would still not change a single thing. They were all very clear of this point in their hearts.



As for the ancient elder also at the Celestial Phenomenon level, he didn't even have the courage to try anything.



Why would such a powerful character come to their Pill Emperor Hall. Who was he here for?



Luo He drew a ragged breath, staring dumbly at her father the Pill Emperor before glancing once again at that mysterious figure. Finally, the mysterious figure halted his steps, no longer advancing forward.



By accident or design, that mysterious figure stopped just by the side of the great roc.



Qin Wentian had long fainted due to the injuries he incurred.



Qing`er was still carrying the great roc on her back, not even speaking a single word.



She didn't really like to talk much and has been so ever since the start. Yet her actions evidently spoke much louder than words.



Although the mysterious figure was extremely powerful, Qing`er gaze was as cool as ever as she stared at him. There wasn't a single ounce of fear emanating from her.



Seeing the reaction of Qing`er, the mysterious figure couldn't help but have a wry smile on his face. Despite so, that smile on his face was filled with warmth, this little doll in front of him, how interesting.



"I know you are proficient in the Mandate of s.p.a.ce. The constellation up there was our doing, restricting your escape. I would just like a moment to speak with you." That mysterious figure smiled as he continued, "I will not continue to aid him, this is the promise I made to his father. As for the events that happened today, you don't need to tell him at all. His path, must be his to walk. My interference today has already came very close to breaking the promise I made. From now on, I won't appear again, not until he reaches a certain realm in his cultivation."



That person slowly spoke as he pointed a finger up at the constellation covering the skies. Following which, a hole could be seen on the constellation, providing a way for Qing`er to get out.



"Go on, I believe you'll be able to take good care of him."



Qing`er's gaze were as cool ever. An instant later, spatial energy fluctuations covered her and Qin Wentian, enveloping them within.



Only then did she turned back as she icily mumbled, "Thank you.."



As the sound of her voice faded, a powerful tremor rocked the s.p.a.ce. She, together with the great roc on her back, instantly vanished without a trace.



A bitter smile surfaced on the mysterious figure's face when he saw this scene. This little doll was ice cold indeed. Even the words 'thank you,' were laced with coldness.



However, the coldness this girl radiated didn't repulse him. In fact, he even found her to be somewhat adorable.



Naturally not only him alone, maybe, whoever came into contact with Qing`er would also find themselves unable to get angry at her.



And as his gaze s.h.i.+fted over, the hearts of those from the Pill Emperor pounded rapidly, their countenances turned as pale as a sheet of paper.



Did the mysterious just said something along the lines of a promise made by him to Qin Wentian's father?



Could it be that this mysterious figure was here for Qin Wentian? He was an acquaintance of Qin Wentian's father?



Luo He felt huge tsunami waves cras.h.i.+ng into her heart. Wasn't Qin Wentian someone who didn't have any background to speak of?



Or maybe, the truth is that his background is so terrifyingly powerful up till the point where n.o.body even dared to imagine it.



In that instant, a sudden realization struck Luo He. She knew that not only had she made the wrong choice, she had basically destroyed a chance to change Pill Emperor Hall's destiny.



"Do all of you know who he is?"



That figure was as imposing as ever, he slowly soared up into the skies, gazing down as them with an exalted imperiousness.



The him now was totally different from the him when he had interacted with Qing`er.



When facing Qing`er he was as gentle as an elder taking care of a junior from his own clan.



But the him now, radiated an unparalleled aura, staring down at the with disdain. He had his hands behind his back, the entire Pill Emperor Hall were existences as inconsequential as ants to him.



He asked, 'Do any of you know who he is?"



The 'he' in his question, naturally referred to Qin Wentian.



Obviously, no one had any idea. They were all speculating that maybe, Qin Wentian was the son of a bosom friend of this mysterious existence.



However, the next words of the mysterious figure caused the hearts of the entire crowd to go cold as they all involuntarily s.h.i.+vered.



"He, is the young master of my clan."



The voice of mysterious figure was impossibly soft, so soft that it was almost silence. However, everyone in the crowd heard that, the words he spoke were branded onto their hearts, as thunderbolts went off in their minds.



Qin Wentian, was his young master.



What kind of ident.i.ty did Qin Wentian had exactly? Having servants at the Celestial Phenomenon level?



From this, there was no need to speculate about what sort of background Qin Wentian's father had. It was obvious even without words.



Just a mere servant from his clan was a terrifying existence that could lay waste to the Pill Emperor Hall, a top-tier transcendent power! Such an existence actually proclaimed Qin Wentian was his young master.



Before this, when he solely barged into the Pill Emperor Hall, despite his outstanding talent, Qin Wentian was completely disregarded by everyone.



Why was this so? Precisely because Qin Wentian didn't have a powerful background! They even thought they could plunder all the secrets hidden on his body, a genius that has fallen, was no longer a genius.



As for the Pill Emperor Hall, a top-tier transcendent power, who would dare to doubt them?



But the reality revealed was enough to stir their souls. Everything that they experienced today felt as long as a lifetime, forever unforgettable in their memories.



Luo He had a dazed look upon her face, dumbly staring at the mysterious figure who said that Qin Wentian was his young master.



Initially, if she allowed Qin Wentian to marry Mo Qingcheng, the Pill Emperor Hall would definitely have benefited from it, even rising to the peak of Grand Xia wasn't a problem.



Not only did she destroy this opportunity with her own hands, she even almost ended her beloved disciple, Mo Qingcheng's life.



A terrifying intent bored down on everyone present.



The reason Qin Wentian was in sure dire straits now, was all caused by the Pill Emperor Hall. Now that such a powerful person appeared, on behalf of Qin Wentian, how would he retaliate against the Pill Emperor Hall?



What was even more frightening was that in the eyes of that mysterious figure, there wasn't even any Pill Emperor Hall. They were basically nothing to him. Not an ant, not a speck of dust. Nothing.



"I won't kill any of you." The mysterious figure stated, his words causing everyone to heave a sigh of relief.



"But if the slightest hint of what happened here today were to leak out. I dare to guarantee that not only the Pill Emperor Hall will turn into dust, disappearing from the face of Grand Xia, I will personally hunt down each of you here, as well as everyone that has a connection with you."



The words of the spectators turned their hearts cold, but no one doubted his strength.



"As for the decision regarding your lives, this is a path he would tread in the future. I won't tread it for him. After this, you all will spend each second of survival in turmoil and agony, waiting for his revenge." That person continued soaring upwards, landing on the constellation while his gaze turned to the demon sword embedded in the centre of the Pill Emperor Hall.



"The demon sword will be left here. When he stop by this place again, the day he pull out the demon sword, will be the day of judgement for the Pill Emperor Hall!"



As the sound of his voice faded, the constellation in the sky vanished completely. When the crowd inclined their heads upwards once again, that mysterious figure had already disappeared. Yet, no one would be able to forget him. The words he spoke also echoed endlessly about in the hearts of those present here today.



"When he stop by this place again, the day he pull out the demon sword, will be the day of judgement for the Pill Emperor Hall!"



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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 429

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