Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 478

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AGM 478 – Spatial Brush

An instant later, the gazes of everyone landed on the speaker.

This man seemed extremely young, about twenty-four to twenty-five of age. He was clad in white, and had a clean and handsome look. His aura was retracted and he had in his hands a cute snowy puppy. The only thing that indicated he was a cultivator was the ancient sword strapped on his back.

Of course, this person was none other than Qin Wentian.

Yin Cheng stared at Qin Wentian as a cold light flickered in his eyes, as a threatening intent burst forth from him while Shang Yue who was beside him had a look on despise upon her face. No wonder this person was so audacious and dared to match gaze with her. So it turns out that he was nothing but a lecherous man, using l.u.s.t to boost his courage. Right now he was actually despicable enough to want to use a low-grade Yuan Meteor Stone to bring Song Jia away.

However, with the rules of the Treasure Seizing a.s.sembly, when would it even be Qin Wentian's turn even if he wanted to bring Song Jia away.

Song Jia was also extremely startled, she never thought that Qin Wentian would follow her all the way here. She couldn't help but to hint Qin Wentian with her eyes, wanting him to give up because she didn't want to implicate him.

Yet Qin Wentian acted like he didn't see anything. He hugged that snowy puppy and had a smile on his face, as though his actions earlier by was an extremely ordinary thing that was not worthy of notice.

As for Yang Ting, killing intent surged out of him. Qin Wentian was simply courting death.

"Do you know the rules of the Treasure Seizing a.s.sembly?" Yin Cheng smiled as he stared at Qin Wentian.

"Naturally. The treasure presenter would state his conditions, and as long as one could match his price, the transaction is considered complete. If there's more than one who is interested in the merchandise, they would determine via combat strength to see who have the right to 'seize' the treasure." Qin Wentian nonchalantly replied. This was why treasure seizing was in the name of the a.s.sembly! Every time there was this event, only disciples of major powers would dare to 'seize' treasures from their counterparts. Most of the time, ordinary people dared not compete for them at all.

Using combat strength to determine the buying rights. The victor shall be the owner of the item. However, when it comes to a fight, injuries and even death are but of course, extremely commonplace.

"Since you know of it. Are you sure you want to make a bid?" Yin Cheng asked again.

"For the sake of that little beauty there, there is no need to attempt to dissuade me. How wonderful would it be if I could see her daily." Qin Wentian laughed, seemingly unaware of the fact that he had already offended Yin Cheng. A moment later, Yin Cheng glanced at Yang Ting, as a smile of cruel amus.e.m.e.nt flashed by his eyes. Yang Ting then stepped out and cast a glance at Song Jia, "Junior sister please be at ease, I shall do my best to protect you and won't let you fall in the hands of others."

Song Jia's countenance stiffened, her expression was incredibly unsightly as she turned to glance at Qin Wentian. Yang Ting was a ruthless man, yet his cultivation base was powerful. How could Qin Wentian resist against someone at the third level of Heavenly Dipper? Considering Qin Wentian's age, him being able to step into Heavenly Dipper so young was already a great feat, but to defeat Yang Ting? That was almost impossible, she knew that Yang Ting would definitely not show mercy.

"Are you ready?" Yang Ting walked to the front of Qin Wentian as he faintly asked, "If I am to make a move, I'm afraid you wouldn't even have the chance to retaliate."

As the sound of his voice faded, a powerful sword qi burst out of Yang Ting. His sword flew out of its s.h.i.+eld as an intense sword might radiated out from him. He moved step by step towards Qin Wentian as his sword hovered above his head. Occasionally, his sword would also flashed with the fearsome purplish light of lightning.

"Not too bad." Qin Wentian lightly nodded upon sensing his opponent's sword might. The ancient sword strapped on his back started vibrating as the sounds of a sword keen rang out unceasingly.

"I only need a single slash to deal with you." As Yang Ting spoke, a thunderous rumbling sound echoed out. His sword struck down with the explosive force of a thunderbolt, slas.h.i.+ng across s.p.a.ce, boring right down onto Qin Wentian.

Upon seeing the grandeur and beauty of such a shocking swordplay, everyone instantly felt pity for Qin Wentian. Those from the Heaven Shocking Sword Sect were all known for their powerful sword techniques. Regardless of their Astral Souls' attributes or whatever their will of Mandates, they could all infuse them together into their swordplay. Yang Ting's sword was like a bolt of thunder striking right down with enough force to split the oceans apart. Even if Qin Wentian had the same level of cultivation as him, just this single strike was sufficient to heavily injure him.

Yet, Qin Wentian remained unmoving. That thunderbolt-like sword instantly arrived before him. If this sword strike landed, death was a certainty.

Song Jia paled as she averted her gaze, she wasn't willing to see Qin Wentian being slain just like this.

"Rumble…" The sound of a thunderbolt echoed out, a shockwave and a burst of light flooded the area. The gazes of the crowd widened as they stared intently at the figures in combat only to see the thunderbolt-sword being forcibly halted right before it landed on Qin Wentian.

There seemed to be a mysterious energy around Qin Wentian. Although it didn't feel very strong, it gave people the feeling that he could just stand there unmoving and Yang Ting wouldn't be able to hurt him.

Yang Ting's countenance instantly turned ashen. He stared at Qin Wentian in disbelief, he could feel that his sword was hindered by a terrifying interference.

"DIE!" Yang Ting stabbed forth with a finger as he howled, wanting to penetrate through Qin Wentian's head.

Yet only to see the white-robed young man stepping out with utter nonchalance.

Right at this moment, the vibrating sword behind Qin Wentian finally moved. As a sharp and clear sound rang out, the ancient sword was propelled out of the sheath by half as a fearsome sword keen enveloped Yang Ting. Yang Ting could feel an intense sense of danger, he immediately retreated with explosive speed. However, even with the speed of his reactions, he already felt fresh blood spurting out from his throat. Halting his retreat, his body trembled. He could feel a sense of coldness on the area around his throat.

Stretching out his hands and placing it around his throat, Yang Ting paled. His heart pounded at an increasing rate, as he felt the deepness of the laceration. Just half an inch deeper he would have lost his life.

The thunder-bolt sword lost its l.u.s.ter and fell to the ground. With a flick of his hands, a low-grade Yuan Meteor Stone flew out and landed in front of Yin Cheng as Qin Wentian smiled, "That settles it, this girl is mine."

Yin Cheng still hadn't recovered from his shock. If he was the one facing Qin Wentian instead, what would happened?"

An attack of sound waves, shadowless and formless. This kind of second level insights could kill people in an instant.

Upon seeing the Yuan Meteor Stone flying over, Yin Cheng's hands snaked out and accepted it. He turned his gaze onto Qin Wentian and asked, "Might I inquire your ident.i.ty?"

"Just a nameless someone that's not worthy of mention." Qin Wentian faintly replied, "Since today is the Treasure Seizing a.s.sembly, how can there be no one seizing the first treasure offered?"

After speaking he moved to an empty pavilion and sat down. s.h.i.+fting his gaze onto Song Jia, he spoke, "Why are you not coming over to serve me yet?"

Song Jia started, she glanced at Qin wentian before running to his side. Looking at the this white-robed figure, she involuntarily drew in a deep breath. So it turns out that this man who came to her clan seeking wine was actually such a powerful expert. At the very least, he should be at the third level of Heavenly Dipper and had terrifying combat strength. Yang Ting's sword couldn't even face up to the sword intent of him.

"Ma.s.sage my back." Qin Wentian spoke. Song Jia started once more. Qin Wentian turned back and cast a fierce gaze at her, implying her to go along with it.

"Okay." Song Jia nodded her head and started her ma.s.sage. Her heart was filled with puzzlement, she had no idea what Qin Wentian's plans were. Was he really going to use her as a servant?

If Qin Wentian knew of Song Jia's thoughts, he would definitely cough out blood from anger. Song Jia didn't want to implicate her clan. That was why despite him saving her once from the black-robe man, she still chose to came here to look for Yin Cheng. And now, he showed his face openly to save her once again, asking her to temporarily put up an act before he would let her go later. Only in this way would Yin Cheng not bother her again.

Upon seeing Qin Wentian commanding Song Jia, Yin Cheng laughed silently in his heart. Seems like even if Song Jia belonged to him, she wouldn't have it easy either. With such a beauty in his control, how could Qin Wentian resist his urges?

Shang Yue originally thought that Qin Wentian was someone extraordinary upon seeing him fight. Yet she never imagined that Qin Wentian would be so vulgar, this discovery caused her to be somewhat disappointed.

Yang Ting retreated with embarra.s.sment. Yin Cheng glanced at Qin Wentian again, giving him silent consent to sit in the pavilion. After which, he called out towards the crowd, "Let the a.s.sembly continue, is there anyone who still wishes to present their treasures?"

As the sound of his voice faded, another person walked out from the crowd. This person was clad in black and had a mask obscuring his face. Naturally, no one felt weird by his appearance, in this Treasure Seizing a.s.sembly, having a covered-up appearance was an extremely ordinary thing.

"What is the treasure you wished to present?" Somebody in the crowd called out.

That person flicked his hands and a moment later, a fire cauldron appeared in the middle of the air. An incomparable heat was circulating around the fire cauldron, as though there were powerful flames that couldn't wait to burst out from it.

"I want a thousand pieces of fourth-layer Yuan Meteor Stones." That masked man stated his conditions. After a short period of time, an old man stood out, "I'll take it."

Yet in the direction where the members of the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan was at, sharpness glimmered in the eyes of a young man as he stared at the fire cauldron. "This item is mine."

The old man's gaze stiffened slightly as he saw somebody from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan contesting against him. His expression faltered as he waved his hands in defeat, "Forget it, I don't want the fire cauldron anymore."

"Go bring it over for me." The young man from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan commanded one of his servants.

The experts from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan excelled in fire-attributed arts. They had the ability to devour unusual flames to nourish their blood, allowing their Golden Fire Bloodline to grow even stronger. This was an innate ability unique to them. Hence, this fire cauldron was well suited to him.

After the transaction, the black-robed treasure presented immediately mingled among the crowd as he rushed away at great speed.

After which, there were treasure presenters coming out one after another to sell their items. Some were seized forcefully by those sitting in the pavilions while others were obtained by members of the crowd. There were even the occasional dispute which was settled by the individual's combat strength.

Qin Wentian silently watched on as Song Jia continued ma.s.saging his back. Qin Wentian had a satisfied smile, yet he didn't know Song Jia was gritting her teeth, and silently cursing him in her heart.

"This Treasure Seizing a.s.sembly is truly extraordinary, with many unique treasures appearing here." Qin Wentian mused. After 'seizing' Song Jia, he had not made a move but chose to observe silently instead. He hadn't met another item that was capable of moving his heart.

At this moment, yet another figure clad in black walked out. However, his features was shown to all, and he looked to be immensely old. Just a single glance sufficed to tell Qin Wentian that this old man's cultivation base was unfathomable.

This black-robed old man didn't waste words, he immediately took out the treasure he wanted to present.

The item he took out was a golden brush about three foot in length. The instant it appeared, spatial energy waves could be felt emanating forth from it, causing gleams of sharpness to appeared in the eyes of several people.

"This spatial brush is something I've obtained under a stroke of good fortune. I need a cultivation art in exchange for this, a peak-tier,  Ascendent-level cultivation art." The old man stated his conditions, causing a chill in the hearts of several. Not many would be able to match his conditions.

Yet Qin Wentian's eyes glimmered with a bright light as he heard that.

This item was something he must obtain at all cost.

"I'm interested." A person from a major power stated.

"I, Yin, also wants this item." Yin Cheng's lips curled into a cold smile. This brush was definitely something extremely rare. Even though an Ascendant-level cultivation art was extremely valuable, it was worth the price to exchange for it.

The expressions of the crowd turned heavy, n.o.body expected that this spatial brush would cause such a commotion.

"This brush belongs to me."

A cold sounding voice echoed out, causing the gaze of the crowd to stiffen as they landed on the female silhouette standing beside Yin Cheng.

Shang Yue's eyes were fixated on the spatial brush as a bright glimmer could be seen within them. This item must definitely belong to her!

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 478

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