Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 486

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AGM 486 – Joining Forces

Qin Wentian intently studied the fruits hanging on top of the tree. Yellowish-brown in color, while exuding a sense of heaviness, they had been borne after this tree had absorbed the essence of the great earth. These were truly the Great Terra Fruits.

In that case, this towering ancient tree was undoubtedly the Great Terra Tree.

The Great Terra Tree had taken a hundred years to grow, two hundred years to mature and another three hundred years to bear the Great Terra Fruits. No wonder the area around it had become a land of desolation, the essence of the great earth was constantly being absorbed by this gigantic tree.

And the demonic beast protecting the Great Terra Tree was undoubtedly the Great Earth Ox King.

"Human, scram." This Earth Ox scrutinized Qin Wentian with its gaze, as a sense of heaviness beyond comparison bore down onto him. In that instant, Qin Wentian was a.s.sailed by an illusion, and he felt that even lifting his foot up would be difficult. The overwhelming  gravity from the Mandate of Great Earth caused his body to feel as though he weighed more than a few thousand jin heavier.

The Ox King had guarded this place for hundreds of years.. Now that the Great Terra Tree had borne fruit, naturally it wouldn’t allow humans to steal them away. It had already consumed a few of the Terra Fruits and for the remainder, it would wait until its increase in strength grew stable before consuming them. How could it allow others to take the fruits away?

"These fruits are borne from the essence of the Great Earth. Ox King, you’ve already eaten some and gotten immense benefits. Isn’t it a little to greedy if you want to possess all of them?" That young woman spoke. The Ox King's response was to stomp on the ground with its hooves, and instantly the earth in their surroundings started trembling as a terrifying rhythmic pressure pressed down on them. Qin Wentian could feel all his inner organs shuddering from the impact.

Qin Wentian's countenance grew heavy, he didn’t dare to underestimate this opponent in the slightest.

The vitality of demonic beasts were powerful, and their physiques robust. In terms of strength and defense, they were innately more perfect compared to humans.

"My name is Ji Xue, this is my senior brother Xu Feng. Can we know your name now?" The young woman stared at Qin Wentian, as she asked with a laugh.

"Qin Wentian." Qin Wentian replied.

"Brother Qin, this Ox demon has the ability to create an earthen prison, it’s insight into the Mandate of Great Earth has already reached an unfathomable level. However with the three of us joining forces, there shouldn’t be any problem dealing with it. Let me take charge of controlling, while you break it’s defenses and my senior brother, since he’s the one among us with the strongest attacks, will be responsible for the attacking." Ji Xue smiled.

"Sure." Qin Wentian nodded.

"Alright then, let’s act." Ji Xue released her Astral Nova, that was actually in the form of an immortal chain. Instantly the chain swept out, the Ox King clearly knew the power of this chain. It roared in anger as the earth shook while incomparable sharp blades made from earth essence shot out from the ground, wanting to penetrate all three of them.

Qin Wentian and Xu Feng soared up into the skies but with a wrathful roar, the Ox King manifested a terrifying prison made from the essence of the great earth, completely entrapping them within.。

"Break!" Both Qin Wentian and Xu Feng had long spears in their hands. Their attacks penetrated the void and pierced the earthen prison. Several terrifying swords appeared around Ji Xue, they were controlled by her and impaled into certain spots of the earthen prison. A moment later, the defense of the earthen prison couldn’t stand up to the flurry of attacks and shattered with a thunderous boom. Her immortal chain directly shot towards the Ox King and tightly bounded it. It had no way to escape.

The immortal binding chains was like a formless net. It had no attack strength and had a purely supportive attribute. No attacks could sever it.

"BANG!" The Ox King soared up into the skies, Ji Xue was helplessly dragged along with it, her strength wasn't comparable to the Ox King in the slightest.

"Brother Qin!" Ji Xue screamed. Qin Wentian at this moment had already broken through the earthen prison. His body whistled through the air as terrifying amounts of demonic qi exuded from him. There was a black colored huge sword wielded in his hands as well.

The defenses of the Ox King were too terrifying. The laceration effects of his Sword Melody, wouldn't be able to kill it.

The principle behind his Sword Melody was that its attacks were fast but light, focusing on sharpness and speed, but neglected the power of each attack. It was simple to deal with humans but was weak against demonic beasts who excelled in defense like the demonic Ox King in front of it.

Of course if one was just speaking purely on attacking power, Qin Wentian strength could be further augmented by his Mandate of Force and Mandate of Demons. If he struck out using the second level insights which he comprehended in the Mandate of Force, Void Vibration, his attack could ignore defenses and forcefully jolt the inner organs of his opponents till their death or even do long range attacks, sending vibrational shockwaves out to kill.

Although the Ox King had insane defense, it’s weakness was its speed. Let alone now that it was unable to move freely because of the Immortal binding chains.

Upon seeing Qin Wentian lunging over, the Ox King glared at him before howling in rage. Momentarily, Qin Wentian only felt a terrifying force pressing down on him, wanting to bury him where he stood. His strength had no way to erupt forth.

"Truly powerful indeed." Qin Wentian stared at the Ox King as the demonic qi from his body towered to the heavens. The power of his bloodline thrummed as he executed Stellar Transposition, appearing before the Ox King, smas.h.i.+ng down with his gigantic sword.

The Ox King roared in madness as an earthen yellowish screen of light enveloped it. This was its strongest defensive technique, ordinary fifth-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns wouldn’t be able to smash through it.

"BREAK!" Qin Wentian coldly snorted as that incredibly heavy black sword of his directly slammed onto that screen of light. In addition, that attack of his was coated with the will of his Mandate of Swords, layered with terrifying sharpness. The next instant, powerful vibrational shockwaves filled with sharpness shot out, cracking apart the screen of light, causing it to totally collapse.

Even with Qin Wentian's strength, he could only breach its defenses. The left over power from his strike carried forward and slammed into the Ox King but wasn’t able to heavily injured it.

However right now, Xu Feng who had always been waiting for opportunities in the shadows acted this instant. He was like a bolt of lightning shooting down from the skies. A new screen of light manifested but even before it could completely envelop the Ox King, the long spear of Xu Feng had already penetrated it through its eyes, stabbing into its brain. The Ox King howled in despair and started thras.h.i.+ng about in excruciating agony, causing the earth in its surroundings to tremble violently along in its death throes.

Xu Feng pulled out his spear as Qin Wentian retreated together with him. The aura of the maddened Ox King got increasingly weaker. Its ice cold eyes flashed with reluctance but it gradually fell onto the ground, dead.

"Xie Yu from the Ecliptic Sect." Xu Feng glanced at that young man in the lead. These people were from the Ecliptic Sect, which was a major power in the Xuan King City. Xie Yu was one of the demon-level genius characters of his generation. Seems like the major powers in Xuan King City are all partic.i.p.ating in this hidden realm.

"Brother Xu Feng, we discovered an extremely valuable treasure inside the hidden realm that costs the lives of over ten of my brothers. Now that I've met you two, how about joining forces?" Xie Yu inquired. Qin Wentian and the other two noticed that the auras of these people were fluctuating and unstable, as though they had just been through a great battle.

Xu Feng and Ji Xue locked gazes for a moment as though they were in silent communication. Xu Feng then asked, "What is that item?"

"I can't be sure yet, but the location of this treasure is within a meteor stone mine. Not only that, we discovered that the astral energy from the Yuan Meteor Stones in the mine were all absorbed completely. Because of some unknown reason, the mine became a stone mountain with a naturally formed cavern. Within the cavern, there were several extremely fearsome demonic beasts guarding something. My men were all killed by the beasts."

Xie Yu spoke, his words causing Xu Feng and Ji Xue's heart to turn heavy. Indeed as they expected, the meteor stone mine was discovered by others. Back then when Ji Xue was injured, was precisely because the two of them attempted to barge into the place Xie Yu was talking about. After her injuries recovered, the two of them entered the hidden realm again but this time around, they did so cautiously instead of rus.h.i.+ng in head on like a fool.

"If the demonic beasts were so powerful, it would even be useless if our parties join forces." Xu Feng asked in a probing manner.

"That place isn't too hard to find. Other than me discovering it, I believed the other powers would soon discover that as well. And by that time because of the pressure, the major powers would suggest an alliance, but if a priceless treasure truly appears and in-fighting occurs, joining forces with the two of you now could be said to be my insurance plan." Xie Yu slowly explained. These people were all intelligent men, it was naturally easier to speak honestly and seek mutual benefits.

"Fine." Xu Feng nodded in agreement. He also wanted to know what treasure was hidden inside.

"Brother Qin, how about joining us as well?" Ji Xue looked to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian contemplated for a moment before nodding in agreement. If Xie Yu and his men had no way to acquire the treasure, it would be foolhardy to a.s.sume that he could be successful alone. Ji Xue had a kind temperament, there was no need to worry if he was working together with her. Not only that, he had the spatial brush in his hands, that was his greatest insurance. Even if they truly met with danger, Qin Wentian had nothing to fear!

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 486

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