Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 487

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AGM 487 – Qinghua Mountain Sect

Xie Yu was a chosen from the Ecliptic Sect, naturally he was strong and arrogant. However that doesn’t meant that he’s stupid. Now that Ji Xue invited Qin Wentian to join them, it was evident Qin Wentian's strength wasn’t weak. In addition to the rumors he heard, he wouldn’t be so silly to turn down someone with such a high combat prowess.

As for Qin Wentian's and Princess Shang Yu's grudge, that can wait until after this matter comes to an end. In this world there were no eternal enemies nor eternal allies.

"Since we’ve all agreed, let’s move out." Xie Yu spoke as he turned and led the way. The speed of this group was extremely fast, Ji Xue flew at the side of Qin Wentian, as she made some small talk. "Brother Qin, which sect or clan are you from, why haven’t I heard of your name before?"

"Someone out adventuring outside, I just arrived at the Xuan King City not long ago." Qin Wentian replied.

"Ah I see." Ji Xue nodded as she smiled, "Senior and me are both external disciples of the Qinghua Mountain Sect. Regretfully, we have been trying and failing to become true disciples. Brother Qin's talent is extraordinary, maybe if you went for the test, you might be selected and become a true disciple of the Qinghua Mountain."

"Qinghua Mountain." Qin Wentian was somewhat surprised. Xie Yu was able to enter the hidden realm because he was a chosen from one of the major powers in Xuan King City. Yet, even someone like him was so respectful to Ji Xue and Xu Feng, treating them as his equals.

Yet from Ji Xue's words, it appeared that they were only external disciples of the Qinghua Mountain. In that case, what tier of power does the Qinghua Mountain cla.s.sify as?"

"How’s Qinghua Mountains Sect's strength in comparison in the Xuan King City?" Qin Wentian casually asked, he didn’t think too much about it.

However his words caused Ji Xue to be stunned. Even Xie Yu swept a puzzled glance at him. This person hadn’t even heard of the Qinghua Mountain before?

Ji Xue gave a quick laugh as she explained, "the Qinghua Mountain Sect isn’t a major power of the Xuan King City. It’s a power that exist beyond the Seven King Cities. External disciples of it can be found anywhere in Grand Shang. As for the true disciples, they can be found within the Royal Capital of Grand Shang."

"The true Qinghua Mountain is located in the Royal Sacred Region, and is one of the nine sects under the Sacred Royal Sect. They can recommend people into the Sacred Royal Sect and those people who went in because of their recommendation, would usually have a higher status compared to others."

Ji Xue patiently replied, her words causing a look of surprise to flash past Qin Wentian's face. He then asked again, "In that case, what is Qinghua Mountain's status in the entire Grand Shang?"

When he was in Grand Xia, he recalled hearing about Jun Yu's status. Jun Yu was the personal disciple of an elder in the Sacred Royal Sect. Also, this elder's true ident.i.ty was one of the Kings in Grand Shang. Qin Wentian naturally understood what this means. The Royal Sacred Sect was like an ultimate transcendent power where the various demon-level geniuses of Grand Shang all wished to join.

This Qinghua Mountain was also similar to the Grand Shang Empire.

"That’s right, the Qinghua Mountain is a supreme power in the Grand Shang. The major powers in the Seven King Cities naturally couldn’t be compared to it." Ji Xue laughed.

Qin Wentian nodded his head lightly as his heart pounded when he considered what he heard.

The Royal Sacred Sect's criteria of recruiting geniuses is simply too terrifying. In this vast world, the three royal empires, there would surely be powers of similar scales compared to the Qinghua Mountain. And years over years, these supreme powers has been bringing in fresh blood, nurturing them well before selecting their top disciples with care through strict selection processes, filtering the very best and recommending them into the Royal Sacred Sect. The Royal Sacred Sect became the places where the most outstanding demon-level geniuses eventually gathered.

One can very well imagine how powerful it was. This is a true transcendent power. How could those so-called transcendent powers of Grand Xia even be comparable to it?

Also these supreme powers that recommend people into the Sacred Royal Sect were all also extremely compet.i.tive. They would all do their best to nature their top disciples hoping that one day, they would be able to become an important disciple of the Sacred Royal Sect.

Developing in this way through generations after generations. Qin Wentian dared not even imagine how powerful the Sacred Royal Sect now was. The compet.i.tion within the sect itself must also have reached an insane level. After all majority of the disciples within there belonged to different factions.

"Brother Qin, I’m also not someone from any major powers. But upon becoming an external disciple of the Qinghua Mountain, my status naturally became extraordinary. If you could pa.s.s the test to become a true disciple of the Qinghua Mountain, you can do whatever you want in the Xuan King City and no one would dared to retaliate against you in the slightest." Ji Xue laughed. Qin Wentian could sense the truth of her words. Even with her status as an external disciple, she already commanded so much respect from the various chosens from the major powers in  Xuan King City.

"Thanks for the guidance." Qin Wentian took note of her words but he wasn’t in anything hurry to join any power. He had a Sacred Royal Medallion in his medallion, it wasn’t difficult for him if he wished to join any sect. Hence, he had to consider his choice carefully.

"Mhm." Ji Xue casually laughed as she continued chatting. After some time, they arrived at a flat piece of land. The cold wind that blew on their bodies felt like the edges of blades. Qin Wentian stared ahead only to see a mine of gigantic proportions in front of him. But like what Xie Yu told them, this meteor stones mine no longer radiated any astral energy. They were all already absorbed by something. Layers of dust had already solidified into stone, petrified the entire mine turning it into a stone mountain.

Their group advanced slowly forwards. Xu Feng took out his spear, and as his silhouette flickered, he shot forth like a bolt lightning and slammed his spear onto the stone, causing waves of destruction to rock the area.

Xu Feng retracted his spear as he stood up. His gaze was extremely calm, despite the power of his attacks, he had only shattered a small portion of the outermost Layer of the stone mountain.

"Indeed it’s still as tough as ever." Xu Feng silently mused. He returned to his original position and turned his gaze onto the cavern of the stone mountain. Inside, a unique energy fluctuation could be sensed, as well as an intense feeling of danger.

Before this, Ji Xue was injured because the two of them were under the attacks of powerful demonic beasts when they entered the cavern. He truly wanted to know what kind of treasure was inside.

Xie Yu took a few step forwards, his body suddenly burst forth with astral light as an astral bow appeared in his hands. He abruptly fired a shot into the entrance of the cavern. The fired arrow whistled through the air, emitting the sound of wind and thunder, extremely ear-piercing.

"Everyone be on your guard." Xie Yu reminded. For a moment, nothing happened. But the next instant, everyone felt that the earth suddenly shook with a violent tremble as their hearts involuntarily lurched.

In this ancient mountain, the Great Terra Fruit Tree was birthed because it absorbed the boundless essence of the great earth and now, there’s even this kind of existence. What sort of place is this exactly?!

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 487

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