Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 490

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AGM 490 – Snatching the Celestial Constellation Fruits

Qin Wentian thought back to the skeletal remains in that pool of blood. However other than that skeletal remains, there wasn’t anything else in its surroundings. For such a legendary character to have fallen in this place must have meant that he fought a heaven shaking and earth shattering battle. For the defeated person, how could his opponent not take his treasures away. Not every powerhouse would leave behind treasures or inheritances, for some, it’s already very fortunate that they even have a skeletal remains remaining.

Regarding the birth of the Celestial Constellation Tree, it was purely because even after death, the power of that powerhouse was still too strong. After countless years, it nurtured the soil which caused the ancient tree to be birthed.

Xie Yu obviously knew how strong the crimson-eyed demonic spirit was. He was extremely astonished by the fact seeing how Qin Wentian was still able to remain alive. Now that he spoke such a sentence, the attention of these others would undoubtedly be found used on Qin Wentian. In that case, the focus on his ultimate target – the Celestial Constellation Tree, would naturally be lesser.

"Brother Qin was being chased after by that terrifying demonic spirit. How could he have the time to acquire any treasure even there was any? Xie Yu, aren’t your words a little too vicious?" Ji Xue glared at Xie Yu, an expression of rage could be seen upon her face. Earlier, were it not for Qin Wentian luring the demonic spirit away, all of them would have already died there.

Now that Qin Wentian was somehow alive, it could be said that he just escaped from a calamity. Regardless how he did it, it definitely wasn’t a pleasant experience. According to the promise back then, Xie Yu and the rest were to give Qin Wentian a portion of the treasure if they found any. But right now even before talking about splitting the treasure, Xie Yu directly wanted to push Qin Wentian to the edge of a precipice.

"I’m just casually asking, in any case there were two exits earlier. The path we took led us directly to the bottom of the Celestial Constellation Tree. It isn’t strange to assume that there would be some unique treasures in the path Brother Qin took." Xie Yu laughed.

"Shut your trap." Xu Feng coldly hollered, berating Xie. Gleams of sharpness flickered on the tip of his spear as he pointed it at Xie Yu, "The thing I regret most is forming a team with you."

"Brother Xu Feng, do not mistaken my courtesy as being afraid of you. You are merely an external disciple of the Qinghua Mountain. If I want to obtain the same status, it wouldn't be difficult for me to become an external disciple as well." Xie Yu's eyes glimmered with coldness. Truly, with Xie Yu's talent it was possible for him to pass the test as well. However, the Ecliptic Sect Xie Yu was in, was a major power in the Xuan King City, and hence it was a power that pledged alliance to Grand Shang Empire.

The Grand Shang Empire and the Qinghua Mountains didn't had that good of a relationship. However in the Empire, the royal clan was still somewhat stronger. With so many choices of sects and clans for geniuses to choose, they wasn't in a hurry to make a selection.

"No need to fight any more, we will simply kill this man and we will know if he acquired any of that supreme existence's treasure." A cold voice drifted over. The one who spoke was none other than Yin Ting, he knew that Qin Wentian was precisely the one who humiliated Yin Cheng back then. Back then he had already relayed his command for Qin Wentian to be killed, but to think that he had survived. But since now he appeared here in front of him, there was no need for Qin Wentian to continue living.

Ji Xue's sihoutte flickered and reappeared by Qin Wentian's side. She stared at the other experts and stated, "Brother Qin is in an alliance with me. Whoever dares make a move against him, I will definitely aid him."

Xu Feng brandished his spear and stared in the direction of Yin Ting. His actions had already expressed his stance, which was an option that caused many to be surprised.

"I owe him my life." Xu Feng's eyes radiated coldness. No matter what reason Qin Wentian had for luring the demonic spirit away, it didn't matter. What matter was that Qin Wentian saved his life.

"I won't help either side." Leng Tu made clear his attitude. Wanting him to help Qin Wentian? Impossible. But wanting him to cast a stone when Qin Wentian was down was similarly impossible for him. He wasn't so despicable. He heard that Qin Wentian had offended Jin Zhan and Yin Cheng, most likely, he wouldn't be able to escape death today.

Yin Ting glanced at Xie Yu after he heard Leng Tu's words. How could Xie Yu's plans of distraction fool people adept at scheming like them?

"Bzzz!" A raging wind gusted by as the silence was shattered. Feng Yunhe from the Wind Roc Aristocrat Clan moved like a Great Roc of the Wind, soaring up the skies, moving towards the Constellation Fruits.

"Hmph." Shang Qi coldly snorted. His silhouette flickered as he turned into a beam of light, similarly making his way towards the Celestial Constellation Fruits.

Upon seeing this scenario, everyone no longer bothered about Qin Wentian. Each of the experts mirrored Shang Qi and Feng Yunhe's actions. They obviously wasn't fooled by Xie Yu's words, if not, they wouldn't have spared Qin Wentian so easily.

No matter was there truly inheritances or treasures left behind by that supreme existence or not, acquiring the Celestial Constellation Fruits in front of them before the other experts outside the hidden realm received the information was the most important.

The Celestial Constellation Fruits could be differentiated by different colors according to how high they were. The fruits hanging at the lowest layer was earthern yellow in color, somewhat similar to the Great Terra Fruits. However, when the cultivators got near to it, they felt themselves being stopped by a terrifying pressure pressing down on them. They had no way to advance forwards.

Naturally, there were also others who chose other branches to fly to. But sadly, all of them were met with a variety of resistance force.

For example, for a blood-red Constellation Fruit, when they neared it the cultivators over there all felt the blood in their bodies surging out of their control. It was as though their blood was about to explode forth, causing them to die from rupturing of their blood vessels.

The Celestial Constellation Tree was nurtured and birthed from the blood essence from a supreme legendary existence after all, the fruits the tree borne would naturally contain a fearsome will of Mandate. How could it be so easy to obtain the fruits? This was also the reason why Xie Yu, Leng Tu didn't act first earlier. If they could obtain the fruits, how could they have hung around waiting for others to arrive here?

"GO!" Xu Feng glanced at Ji Xue. With his spear in his hands he immediately flew towards a Constellation Fruit. Ji Xue stared at Qin Wentian, "Brother Qin, it would be safer if you left first. It might not be a good idea for you to hang around to contest for the Constellation Fruits."

After speaking, her silhouette also soared into the skies. From her perspective, if Qin Wentian stayed behind, he might be in danger of losing his life.

The major powers in the hidden realm now all had their own camps. Instantly, the area around the Celestial Constellation Tree were filled with the silhouette of humans.

Qin Wentian's perception stretched out as he contemplated the will of Mandate emanating forth from the fruits on the lowest layer.

That earthern yellow Constellation Fruit should contain the will of the Mandate of Great Earth within.

As for the blood-red fruits, the sensation he felt should have belonged to the will of the Mandate of Blood.

Other than these, he could also sense Constellation Fruits that were emanating demonic energy as well as spatial energy on that Celestial Constellation Tree.

The fruits at the uppermost layer were dark red. As his perception enveloped that, Qin Wentian's heart pounded rapidly. The energy of that fruit felt exactly the same as the energy exuding from the crimson-eyed demonic spirit he fought earlier.

The crimson-eyed demonic beast was birthed from blood essence, but there had been several kinds of unique energy within it that it didn’t know how to unleash.

The branches Celestial Constellation Tree was separated into six layers. Each layer contains a different kind of Constellation Fruit. But regardless of which layer the fruits were at, it wasn’t going to be so easy if one wanted to pluck the fruits.

At this moment, that expert who flew towards the uppermost layer could be seen falling down headfirst, slamming into the ground. Evidently, he had already loss his life. Such a scene couldn’t help striking fear in the hearts of others.

The price for attempting to pick the fruits, was death.

Qin Wentian patted Little Rascal on its head and whispered, "Those fruits emanating the will of the Mandate of Demons, help me pluck all of them."

Little Rascal's silhouette flickered as it instantly dashed towards those fruits.

Qin Wentian's bloodline started surging as a terrifying demonic qi gushed forth from him. His entire body was cloaked in a layer of blood qi as his aura started climbing upwards.

Inclining his head, Qin Wentian stared at the Celestial Constellation Tree. As his aura broke through the limits of his cultivation level, his body soared through the air and landed on the branches of the first layer.

Xie Yu, Yin Ting and Jin Yan, the three chosens from the various major powers were on this layer as well. Other than them, there were also several powerful Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns here, yet Qin Wentian unhesitatingly walked over.

"Get the fuck down." Yin Ting slammed out a palm as a thunder palm imprint containing thick pressure pressed down towards Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian lifted his hands, the demonic qi around him was surging as his Divine Energy bubbled. With a single punch, he shattered the opponent’s thunder palm imprint.

Striding forwards, Qin Wentian used his tyrannical strength to forcibly resist the restrictive forces from the Constellation Fruits. Currently, he was only five steps away to obtain one.

Yet Yin Ting, Xie Yu and Jin Yan were only four steps away, even nearer compared to him. Around Qin Wentian, there were also others experts who were at the distance of five steps. When they saw Qin Wentian approaching, gleams of sharpness flickered through their eyes.

"Seeing that you’ve helped me once, I’ll give you a chance. Scram now and I’ll show mercy." Xie Yu swept his eyes over as he stared at Qin Wentian. Nine arms appeared out of his body, causing him to resemble a monster.

Jin Yan was a chosen from the Golden Fire Aristocrat Clan. Earlier, because Qin Wentian had defeated Jin Zhan, he wanted to teach Qin Wentian a lesson. And today, this person actually came forth wanting to content for the Constellation Fruits? Right now his finger burst into golden flames as his Astral Nova manifested. Strands of terrifying flames were being concentrated, swirling around his finger tip.

Jin Yan pressed his finger towards Qin Wentian as the golden flames gushed out to him. Qin Wentian wavered his palms as a gigantic palm imprint blasted out wanting to nullify the flames yet, the golden flames turned illusory, as though no longer existing in reality, passing through the palm imprint, continuing to pierce towards Qin Wentian.

"Puchi!" The flames directly penetrated into Qin Wentian's fist as a flame type destructive energy ravaged his entire arm, wanting to incinerate it completely.

"RUMBLE!" A terrifying swarth of demonic energy gushed into his arms, smothering the flames to death. These golden flames were able to turn into something formless and illusory, causing those careless to be easily attacked. But luckily, the power behind the flames weren’t that strong, this was why Qin Wentian could use his energy to totally erase it.

Continued stepping forwards, Qin Wentian withstood that terrible pressure. He was now only four steps away from the earthen yellow Constellation Fruits.

"Overestimating yourself." Yin Ting icily spat out. An overflowing strength gushed forth from him as thunder clapped down from the heavens. The him right now appeared to be a Divinity of Lightning, staring disdainfully at Qin Wentian while his entire body exuded unmatched might.

Xie Yu's countenance was icy cold as well. Each of his nine arms emitted a roaring sound as they blasted towards Qin Wentian.

However, it appeared as though Qin Wentian didn’t see anything. His eyes were fixed on the fruits ahead as he coldly spoke, "With I, Qin, over here, all of you can forget about obtaining these Constellation Fruits."

After speaking, he ignored everything, as well as the threats of these people and continued advancing forward.

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Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 490

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