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AGM 523 – Ye Country, Medicine Sovereign Valley

A month later, above the ravine in the Gravity Mountain, Liu Yun sat there leisurely drinking a flask of wine. Occasionally, he would peer downwards, staring at a young man exerting himself to the utmost, trying his best to run.

"The acclimation ability of this fellow is pretty strong. Junior Sister Lingshuang, do you want to drink a mouthful as well?" Liu Yun stretched his hands out, pa.s.sing the flask of wine to Ye Lingshuang only to earn a baleful glare in response.

"It's fine if you don't want to drink, but why must you be so fierce? You shouldn't act like this, you are a princess after all." Liu Yun took back the wine, yet Ye Lingshuang's expression turned heavy as traces of hurt flashed through her eyes.

"Liu Yun." Jiang Huai who was standing behind coldly stated. Liu Yun continued drinking as he sighed, "Junior sister, try not to let that affect you too much. I didn't say anything wrong anyway."

"I've got it." Ye Lingshuang replied in a low voice, causing Liu Yun's countenance to falter slightly before he smiled, "Why doesn't junior sister marry me? I will definitely take good care of you!"

"Scram!" Ye Lingshuang cursed, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's skin was truly super thick.

"Ai, seems like I have to go look for the little fairies in the Waning Moon Tower, I will visit Junior Brother Qin again next month." Liu Yun turned and left, appearing extremely carefree. Ye Lingshuang and Jiang Hui didn't depart, but instead they remained here watching Qin Wentian. Upon seeing Qin Wentian was already able to run under the effects of this gravity domain, Ye Lingshuang couldn't help but to remark, "What a powerful acclimation ability, he could already run at this speed."

When Qin Wentian first arrived at the Gravity Mountain, it was difficult even for him to walk. The gravity here was too terrifying, only after spending a month did his body gradually get used to the pressure. He was using his own strength as well as the will from his Mandate to counteract the gravity slightly, allowing him to surpa.s.s his limits again and again under the effect of the overwhelming pressure.

Right now, Qin Wentian was standing in front of a black-colored gigantic rock as he murmured to himself, "I wonder how heavy this is."

Qin Wentian circulated the astral energy within his body, an instant later, the will of his Mandate infused into his arms. Suddenly, he erupted forth with strength causing rumbling sounds to ring out as Qin Wentian ferociously carried the rock up successfully. An instant later, a thunderous boom rang out as fissures appeared on the ground. He couldn't sustain his effort for more than a single breath of time. The gigantic rock slammed onto the ground as he slumped over it, panting for breath.

"This rock should only weigh around ten thousand jin but under the gravity effect here, its weight had been multiplied by hundreds of thousands of times." Qin Wentian mused, even with the way he was now, he couldn't even carry a single rock. Turning back helplessly, he walked in the direction of the ancient trees. Lifting up an axe on the ground, he swung it at the trunk of a tree. However only a layer of bark had been broken through, there was essentially no damage at all. He couldn't help but sigh in his heart, although his strength was suppressed to the limits, the trunks of ancient trees were also undoubtedly too st.u.r.dy.

Turning his head back glancing at the pile of rocks, as he heaved a breath of relief upon noticing that there were a few smaller ones there. Qin Wentian ran back over, carrying one of the smaller rocks up before slowly trudging to the other side of the ravine with immense difficulty. Each of his steps left a deep imprint in the earth, giving a testament to how strong the gravity here was.

"How heavy," Qin Wentian felt extremely depressed in his heart, however he could only grit his teeth and persevere on. After walking over ten steps, his entire body was drenched with his perspiration. In this place, he found the same feeling that he had when he first started his journey on the pathway of cultivation. Constantly breaking through his limits, using the pressure to temper and refine each and every part of his body, strengthening it.

After this one month, he gradually began to acclimatize to this terrifying gravity. This was already considered a remarkable improvement.

Qin Wentian silently persisted on in the gravity mountain. Occasionally, he would also see others entering this place, cultivating themselves within. After three months, he could finally carry the gigantic rocks and wield the axe at the same time, attempting to chop down the ancient trees.

Every month, Liu Yun and Ye Lingshuang would visit him once.

Today, Qin Wentian was chopping trees again. Currently, he looked pretty relaxed when wielding the axe, as though this action had already been formed into a habit. He had also attempted to infuse his will of Mandates into the axe and with every chop he made, he could feel himself improving slightly. With the acc.u.mulation of experience from time, his improvement grew increasingly larger, every chop of his axe would be able to chop into the tree further.

"This fellow, what a fast improvement." Liu Yun and the others came by, resting at the mountain ledge above the ravine as they watched Qin Wentian going about his training. Qin Wentian slammed his axe towards the trunk of an ancient tree, deep fissures could be seen as a testament of his improvement. And after tens of chops, the ancient tree was finally felled.

This time, Liu Yun didn't leave so quickly, he stayed and watched as Qin Wentian chopped down the trees. Very swiftly, not even one day pa.s.sed, Qin Wentian had already chopped down a hundred trees thereby completing his training. However he didn't stop, he continued on seeking other trees to temper himself instead.

"Wait, he isn't thinking of chopping down this entire forest right? The tree planting elder would die of exhaustion just to keep up." Liu Yun mumbled. The trees here were grown using a special kind of seed which would enable their growth rate to be many times faster than normal. After the trees had grown, the Battle Sword Sect would use them as a training ground for their disciples.

"Hmm? Why does he seem to be weaker now? Why is he taking so long to chop down a tree?" Liu Yun furrowed his brows, feeling slightly puzzled.

"He's not using any Mandates now to amplify the power but rather only chopping the trees with his pure bodily strength." Ye Lingshuang replied.

"Ye Lingshuang." At this moment a voice drifted over. Ye Lingshuang turned her head back, as a figure slowly made his way over to her. Upon seeing this person, Ye Lingshuang had a strange expression on her face. This was the disciple in charge of communications in the Battle Sword Sect. Did something just transpired?

"There's a letter for you." The other party pa.s.sed over a letter. Ye Lingshuang tore open the seal and after reading, her body instantly turned cold, her face devoid of blood.

"Junior Sister, what's wrong?" At this moment, Liu Yun asked in a serious tone. His expressions had no trace of his joking self when he saw how affected Ye Lingshuang was by the letter.

"My father is seriously injured, his life is in critical danger." Ye Lingshuang replied, her words causing Liu Yun's heart to pound with shock. He was very clear on Ye Lingshuang's background. Ye Lingshuang was the princess of an ancient country, her father was the Human Emperor of this generation.

Their country had a history of over ten thousand years and was extremely powerful. However, the internal strife and conflicts were exceedingly complex. Liu Yun only heard a little about it.

"Was it done by the Violet Thunder Sect?"

"No idea." Ye Lingshuang's countenance was totally pale. Liu Yun then suggested, "Let's inform master, there are a few experts proficient in medicine in our Battle Sword Sect, there might be a way to save your father."

Ye Lingshuang placed the letter down, "They've already invited the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley over."

Liu Yun's countenance flashed with sharpness as he added in a low voice, "The newly promoted Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley had just broken through to a fifth-ranked alchemist recently, in addition of obtaining the true inheritance of the Medicine Sovereign. In the younger generation, she could be considered a legendary character, since they have already managed to invite her, there shouldn't be any problems."

There were rumors saying that this legendary character who was the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Sect was on her last breath of life, almost in a state of death when someone sent her to the Medicine Sovereign Valley. However, the ident.i.ty of the person who sent her to the valley was unknown, yet somehow, that person managed to convince the Medicine Sovereign to personally attend to her, reinfusing life into her through a thorough overhaul of her system. After which, he accepted her as a personal disciple and even made her into the sect's Holy Maiden, imparting his experience and knowledge to her. In a short span of time, she successfully broke through the barrier and became a fifth-ranked alchemist, her speed akin to a rising comet.

As for the Holy Maiden's real name, no one knows.

"They wouldn't give up so easily." Ye Lingshuang was in a frantic state, she didn't know what to do.

"Let's look for Senior Brother, maybe he would have a solution." Liu Yun knew that Ye Lingshuang's thoughts were in a whirl, hence he decisively brought Ye Lingshuang away.

Ye Lingshuang sighed feeling the pain in her heart. A genius was born to their Ye Clan and from that moment onwards, the rivalry and internal strife had intensified further.

That older cousin of hers was born with a special physique and gifted with monstrous innate talent. He eventually became a disciple of the Violet Thunder Sect and his performance was so outstanding that he didn't even need to take the test for the Royal Sacred Sect and the Violet Thunder Sect promised that he would be admitted directly once his cultivation reached a certain level. Right now, it was unknown how strong he had become.

Naturally, Qin Wentian didn't know anything of this. He continued tempering himself by chopping down trees and s.h.i.+fting the gigantic rocks.

Now, he no longer felt doing these two things were a ch.o.r.e, he did this out of a willingness in his heart and was in fact happy that he had this opportunity to grow stronger. Occasionally when he was struck by a sudden flash of insight, he would practice the infusion of his Mandates into the axe, slamming it into the rocks or waving it wildly in the air. Living such a lifestyle was pretty satisfying, and even though his cultivation level didn't rise, he wasn't in a hurry. Breaking through in cultivation level was only a matter of time, it was more important to establish a firm foundation.

Two days later, Qin Wentian was lying comfortably on a huge slab of rock. The sun rays cascaded downwards, s.h.i.+ning onto him revealing the exquisite lines of his perfectly sculpted body. Right now, the terrifying gravity in the ravine was no longer able to affect him. He knew that he had entered a kind of baptism within this ravine, coming out with a much stronger physique compared to before.

"Junior Brother Qin." At this instant, a voice drifted down, waking Qin Wentian up from his reverie. Opening his eyes, he discovered that it was none other than his Senior Brother Lin Shuai.

"Senior." Qin Wentian sat up as he turned his gaze onto Lin Shuai.

"The entire forest of ancient trees was annihilated by you and you still don't want to come out?" Lin Shuai stared at the pitiful looking stumps all around the area while silently marvelling in his heart. This fellow was truly powerful, who would have thought that he adapted so quickly and even chopped down all the ancient trees in the Gravity Mountain.

Qin Wentian laughed. After which he violently stomped on the ground, using the force to jump out of the ravine, landing right next to Lin Shuai. Now that the effect of gravity wasn't present, Qin Wentian felt all light and fluffy with no weight at all. Such a feeling felt simply wonderful.

"Why is senior brother so free today to come and pay me a visit?" Qin Wentian smiled.

"I’m here to tell you about a matter. Your Senior Sister Ye Lingshuang is in fact a princess of an ancient country with over ten thousand years of history. However there are many powerful kingdoms led by various kings in that country and also, in addition to the fact that Ye Lingshuang also had an extremely outstanding slightly older cousin who joined the Violet Thunder Sect, all of this caused the internal conflict to be further intensified."

Lin Shuai explained, causing a light to flash past Qin Wentian's eyes as he understood the whole picture. The other kingdoms in the country are working internally with the aid the Violet Thunder Sect provides externally to topple the royal authority, seizing the throne from Ye Lingshuang's father.

"The Ye Country by itself is an extremely powerful force. By right, neither our Battle Sword Sect nor the Violet Thunder Sect should partic.i.p.ate in their internal disputes. However, because of some unique reasons, the Violet Thunder Sect had already partic.i.p.ated, secretly acting behind the scenes. Currently, Ye Lingshuang's father, the Human Emperor, is grievously injured and hovering between the border of life and death."

Lin Shuai continued his explanation while walking away from the Gravity Mountain. Qin Wentian followed behind him in silence. Since Lin Shuai came here to tell him about this, there should be a purpose behind his actions.

"Lingshuang wished to return immediately but I’m worried for her safety hence I stopped her. After all with her current strength, returning wouldn’t help and might even invite a calamity upon herself. I’ve already sent a few people to investigate this matter. Since this is extremely urgent, our Battle Sword Sect is prepared to send some disciples to escort Lingshuang and they are going to be leaving today. Do you mind being part of this entourage?" Lin Shuai asked.

Qin Wentian nodded his head. Although he knew that his current strength wouldn’t be able to change anything, he didn’t mind tagging along to protect Lingshuang. Also, this was a chance to broaden his horizons and temper himself outside. There was no reason to reject the invitation.

After a period of time pa.s.sed, Qin Wentian saw a group of figures preparing to set off. These people were none other than Ye Lingshuang and the others.

"If all of you are together, no one would dare to ambush Lingshuang. Also Junior Brother Qin, it's good for you to remember this unspoken rule. In the Royal Sacred Region, there would often be conflicts among the various major powers. Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns are unable to interfere with the matters of Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants and, if some Sovereign-level disciples died due to conflict between those of the same level, Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants would normally not act in retaliation. If not, a grand war would be easily ignited."

Lin Shuai spoke, warning Qin Wentian not to be careless. Qin Wentian's expression stiffened, he had experienced an all out war among the transcendent powers of Grand Xia once before. He also knew this to be true, the instant those of the upper echelons became involved, there would be no negotiation left. The conflict would only stop when one side had totally annihilated the other. Even the major powers in the Royal Sacred Region were also wary of an all out war, hence this was why there would be such an unspoken rule.

AGM 524 – Tense Situation

There were over ten people who stood upon their swords, soaring up the skies as they transformed into white beams of light, each shooting off in a certain direction.

This group of people were none other than those from the Battle Sword Sect escorting Ye Lingshuang.

Qin Wentian naturally was also among them. These members from the Battle Sword Sect all had cultivation bases at the Heavenly Dipper Realm. After all, the Ye Country was a country with over ten thousand years of history and was extremely powerful. It was impossible for the Battle Sword Sect to send their members over to forcefully settle the internal dispute, but because of the friends.h.i.+p between their disciples, these people were willing to escort Ye Lingshuang on this trip. At the very least, they could ensure her safety.

The leader of this group of people was a young man clad in black. His cultivation base was at the eighth level of Heavenly Dipper and he was actually another personal disciple under Sword Sovereign Ling Tian. The sect members usually referred to him as Ninth Senior Brother.

The personal disciples of Sovereign Ling Tian usually had a higher status in the sect. Duan Han, for example, was the ninth disciple under Sword Sovereign Ling Tian, and when he was placed among the normal pool of disciples they would still refer to him as Ninth Senior Brother as a form of respect, even though their masters weren’t the Sword Sovereign. This was the preferential treatment of a personal disciple.

Duan Han's personality leaned to the colder side, a total contrast to Lin Shuai's personality. He radiated a dense cold qi, as well as an unmasked sharpness. That, coupled with the fact that he was a man of few words, only served to add on to his prestige.

"Junior Sister, don't be too worried. Since the Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Sect is there, she should be able to temporarily suppress the injuries of the Human Emperor," a female disciple consoled Ye Lingshuang. The name of this female was Qiao Yu, and her relations.h.i.+p with Ye Lingshuang had been very good right from the start.

"Mhm." Ye Lingshuang nodded her head, yet there was no way to hide the obvious signs of worry between her brows.

"I heard rumors that the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley has a world-stunning countenance. Soon, we'll be able to see her. I'm truly filled with antic.i.p.ation." Liu Yun's eyes shone brightly, causing looks of disdain to appear on the faces of others when they looked at him. However, even though this fellow's personality was more to the lecherous side, he always found a way to soften the atmosphere.

"You have no hope," Qiao Yu stated with contempt.

"The Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley is a fifth-ranked alchemist. There are countless people from ancient clans and powerful sects who want to woo her, but have no chance at all. After all, the main point depends on who the Holy Maiden likes. Only characters like myself, who have been blessed with good looks since birth, will stand a chance." Liu Yun was currently wrapped in a beautiful dream.

However, Qin Wentian actually felt a pang of sorrow in his heart when he heard their banter, as he was involuntarily reminded of Mo Qingcheng.

The Pill Emperor Hall from back then, wasn't it similar to the Medicine Sovereign Valley he was hearing now? For powers like this that concentrated on herbs and alchemy, they were all prospective allies which the vast majority of the major powers would want to rope in.

But right now, he didn't even know if Mo Qingcheng was dead or alive?

Whenever he thought of Mo Qingcheng being used as food for that disgusting skeleton, Qin Wentian would involuntarily tremble with rage. The Pill Emperor Hall? He would definitely go back there.

However, was Qingcheng still alive in this world? He had once launched an investigation back when he was still in Grand Xia, and there was completely no news of Mo Qingcheng. After he fell unconscious during that battle, Qingcheng had totally disappeared, as though she had never before appeared in Grand Xia. Those survivors from the Pill Emperor Hall also refused to say anything.

Only Qing`er gave him hope, telling him that Mo Qingcheng might still be alive.

"What are you thinking about for you to be so engrossed? Are you planning to woo the Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Valley as well?" Liu Yun turned his gaze onto Qin Wentian as he laughed.

Qin Wentian shook his head lightly. "The Holy Maiden is a fifth-ranked alchemist, after all. In any case, is the Medicine Sovereign Valley powerful?"

"Of course they're strong, but I have no idea how strong they are exactly. The Medicine Sovereign Valley rarely interacts with others, and no one would willingly antagonize them either. The Medicine Sovereign himself is a peak fifth-ranked alchemist, and even if experts from the nine great sects went to beg him for his help, they might not succeed. In terms of medicinal herbs and cultivation pills, the Medicine Sovereign Valley is a power at the peak of the Royal Sacred Region, and no one around the area can match them in strength."

Liu Yun explained, as Qin Wentian nodded silently.

Along the way, Qin Wentian chatted quite a bit with Liu Yun. Of course, Liu Yun was the one doing most of the talking, while Qin Wentian was the one listening. Other than hearing him talk about the various current happenings in the Royal Sacred Region, Liu Yun's other topics naturally revolved around beautiful girls and 'wonderful' places. He even strongly hinted that he wanted to bring Qin Wentian to have some fun, causing Qin Wentian to be speechless.

After half a month, and pa.s.sing by several territories, Qin Wentian and the others finally arrived at the capital of Ye Country.

In its inner city, the guards were all decked in strikingly magnificent armor. The towering city gates were built from molten gold, but had a simple and unadorned beauty to it. This place was a core location of the Ye Country, being home to the royal palace as well as numerous luxurious manors. The security there was extremely tight, and the number of experts were as common as the clouds.

"HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" A loud voice shouted as a golden beam of light shot up in the sky. A guard wielded a golden spear, pointing it at the members from the Battle Sword Sect.

"Let's go down," Ye Lingshuang stated. As the group of them started to descend, seven golden-armored guards soared up in the air to block their paths. That commander then icily stated, "This is a forbidden place in the Ye Country, only those from the royal clan can enter."

"How dare you," Ye Lingshuang coldly retorted. She radiated a dignified air as she spoke, "You actually still dare to block this princess's path despite seeing who I am?"

That commander acted like he'd just noticed Ye Lingshuang's presence. Cool amus.e.m.e.nt flickered in his eyes—now that the Qi King was already in a position of power, this young woman before him would soon become a prisoner. To think that she still wanted to flaunt her position as a princess here? However, this young woman was beautiful and had managed to join the Battle Sword Sect, so it wouldn't be wise for him to push her too far.

"Oh, so it's Princess Lingshuang. Your subordinate apologizes for not recognizing you right away, please pardon me." That commander apologised, yet his expression was one of mockery. He then turned his gaze onto the others. "However, this place is still the royal clan's forbidden grounds. Surely the princess can see the inappropriateness of bringing a bunch of strangers here?"

"Audacious. Who are you to question the decisions of this princess?" Ye Lingshuang's voice turned colder and colder. "Not knowing your position and even offending your superior. Everyone, seize him for me."

She was the princess of the Ye Country and yet a mere commander of the guards dared to be so rude towards her? He was obviously challenging her authority. Her father's situation must be more terrible than previously imagined, and Ye Lingshuang grew more frantic upon thinking about this.

But as her command echoed out, the guards didn't move a muscle. No one followed her orders.

Duan Han moved, his black robes like the wind as a cold beam of sword-light lashed out. The countenance of the commander instantly changed, but when he blasted his spear forward, everything was already too late.

"Puchi…" A black-colored sharp sword was embedded right in the center of his brows. The commander had already died. The other guards around them froze for a moment before recovering, as powerful auras gushed out. These guards all had a cultivation base at the Heavenly Dipper Realm.

However, Duan Han merely glanced at them, and that single glance was sufficient to make them cower in fear—his eyes were akin to incomparably sharp swords that threatened to end them if they made a wrong move now.

Ye Lingshuang took note of Duan Han's methods and understood his intentions. She then stated in a glacial tone, "This man has forgotten his position and even dared to offend his superiors. Death is the only result for people like him. If there is anyone who still dares to block this princess's path, don't blame me for showing no mercy."

As the sound of her voice faded, Ye Lingshuang and her group stepped out. This time around, n.o.body dared to block them. Those guards all turned ashen when they stared at the corpse of their previous commander. He'd died just like this? No matter what, the commander was an existence at the seventh level of Heavenly Dipper, yet he'd died just from a single sword strike.

"Are people from the Battle Sword Sect all like this?" Those guards felt a chill in their hearts. They didn't expect that Duan Han would be so ruthless, directly killing the commander with no hesitation.

Those from the Battle Sword Sect continued on. This forbidden location of the royal clan was truly a magnificent sight to behold. Numerous luxurious manors could be seen dotting the landscape and occasionally, experts from some of the manors would turn their gaze upon the members of the Battle Sword Sect flying through the air. From his observations, Qin Wentian could tell that the power of just one of these manors would be sufficient to trample over the entire Grand Xia, let alone the whole of the Ye Country.

Finally, a majestic ancient palace appeared before them. Everything, from the palace walls to the gates were formed from pure gold. And as the palace gates swung open, a group of silhouettes walked out from within, smiles on all their faces.

"Princess Lingshuang, why didn't you say anything before coming back? We would have organized a better welcome for you." An expert laughed, yet Ye Lingshuang's expression turned incredibly unsightly upon seeing them. This person was from the Han King Manor; one of the subordinates of her royal uncles. For them to actually appear in the royal palace now was undoubtedly an indication of how grim things had become. The Han King always had a good relations.h.i.+p with the Qi King.

"I want to see my father, the Emperor," Ye Lingshuang spoke. That expert glanced at the members of the Battle Sword Sect around her before he smiled, "The arrival of the young heroes of the Battle Sword Sect to our Ye Clan brings light to our humble country. Please enter the royal palace for some rest."

The people from the Battle Sword Sect didn't react, despite knowing that their ident.i.ties were already revealed. They had come here openly, so it wasn't strange for the experts in the Ye Country to already know of it.

After which, they directly entered the palace, only to see every inch of it was being tightly protected by imposing guardians. This was a testament of how tense things had become.

Ye Lingshuang immediately ran in the direction of the Hall of the Human Emperor, her speed was like a gust of wind, revealing her worry for her father.

And currently, there were several powerful experts gathered outside the ancient hall.

Ye Lingshuang swept her gaze over at these experts and suddenly stiffened when she caught sight of someone in a certain direction—a young man in imperial robes, who projected an extraordinary bearing. His deep gaze seemed capable of seeing through everything.

In addition to that, there were several members of the younger generations surrounding this young man. Each of them was clearly not ordinary and exuded an overbearing aura. Everyone was an outstanding member of the younger generation, their radiance incomparably resplendent.

The instance their eyes locked gazes with the members from the Battle Sword Sect, a terrifying storm of sharpness could be felt engulfing the entire s.p.a.ce.

"Experts from the Violet Thunder Sect," Qin Wentian speculated, but there was no way he was wrong. That young man in the imperial robes was none other than the prince spoken of by Liu Yun, the son of Qi King, the cousin of Ye Lingshuang. He was a chosen of the Violet Thunder Sect and a demon-level genius. As for those beside him, they were his escorts from the Violet Thunder Sect. If the Violet Thunder Sect denied that they were secretly involved in the Qi King's plan to control the Ye Country, n.o.body would even believe them.

Ye Lingshuang ignored them and proceeded forwards, wanting to enter the Human Emperor Hall. However, at that moment, a group of figures blocked her path. "Princess, the Human Emperor is currently seriously injured and the Holy Maiden from the Medicine Sovereign Sect is giving him treatment. Maybe it would be a better idea for Princess to wait a while longer before entering."

"How can I not be at my father's side when he's in this state? Let me pa.s.s," Ye Lingshuang replied. Upon seeing how resolute Ye Lingshuang was, the royal guards opened up a pathway allowing her to pa.s.s, yet they kept back the other members of the Battle Sword Sect from entering.

"Wait here for me." Ye Lingshuang turned and spoke to her sect members. Since they had already entered the royal palace, there wouldn't be any one daring to harm Ye Lingshuang in the presence of all these powerful guards. Hence, Duan Han and the others obliged her wishes, and waited for her outside the ancient hall.

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