Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 582

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Within the Immortal Martial Realm, in a vast region which exuded an archaic air, there were numerous silhouettes currently standing. Any one of them was an extremely famous Heaven Chosen from the various major powers in the Royal Sacred Region.

In fact, even the eight era-suppressing geniuses were there.

In this vast region somewhere situated at the back, there were countless floating bridges intersecting together. This place was the place where the ending point of all the eighty-one floating bridge converged. Right now on top of a particular bridge, quite a few silhouettes appeared there. They stood there and turned their gazes on the vast region ahead and stared at those dazzling figures that were already there.

In fact, among the silhouettes appearing on this particular bridge, there were several extremely famous characters among them as well. Members from the Nine Great Sects, crown princes from ancient kingdoms, Saint Children and Holy Maidens from large reclusive sects, etc. Yet right now, the vast majority of them didn't have the guts to get down from the bridges. Just by sensing how immensely powerful the aura from these various geniuses of the Royal Sacred Region were, they were all trembling with fear. Right now, these people's cultivation bases were still being suppressed. If they really got down from the floating bridge, any one of those dazzlingly famous characters already there could kill them with a single slap.

Although these people weren't happy in their hearts, the harsh reality of the current differences in strength was right in front of them. They had no choice but to accept the reality: they had already been eliminated.

"Gu Liufeng is still as outstanding as ever. No matter where he goes, he who is always clad in white will always be the focal point of all attention." A female Heaven Chosen from an ancient reclusive sect stood on the bridge, gazing at the silhouette of Gu Liufeng. Her eyes sparkled with admiration. Although the Royal Sacred Region was boundlessly vast, based on her talent and background, those who were able to make her sit up with attention among those of the same generation weren't many. Those who could attract her interest were undoubtedly extremely outstanding amongst their peers.

Gu Liufeng was the perfect example. The calm lake severs the moon, the Yi shooting the nine heavens. This young man had long became a symbol of this generation. No matter what topic was it, as long as it had something to do with geniuses of the younger generation, Gu Liufeng's name would be sure to come up. There were almost no characters who could be compared to him, simply because Gu Liufeng was someone with no background who rose that high despite having no support.

"Is your heart moved?" A young maiden clad in pink who stood at the side spoke in a teasing manner. For those who knew of her, they all knew that she was a character extremely tough to deal with.

"There are very few people whose heart wouldn't be moved when facing the eight absolute era-suppressing geniuses, let alone Gu Liufeng, who could be considered among one of the more outstanding ones among the eight," another maiden replied with a slight smile on her face. "In addition, it seems as though he was the first among the others to arrive at this point."

"Who would have thought that we wouldn't even have the qualifications to step down from the bridge. The tests in the Immortal Martial Realm was truly too difficult. My last test had something to do with a demonic tree, only three people on my floating bridge passed that test. After which, they were sent away by that demonic tree to some unknown place while we were all trapped at that location. Only after a certain amount of time did the demonic tree vanish, enabling us to continue advancing forward, and eventually reaching this place at the end."

The girl smiled, albeit bitterly. "However, the suppression effect on our cultivation bases has never been lifted. Right now, we no longer have the qualifications to contend against those below."

"I believed there would still be chances. There are some secret realms on the floating bridge I was on, and as long as we can passed them, we would gain the qualifications to take a test named 'The Immortal Guides the Way.' Sadly, I failed them." The girl at the side smiled wryly as she shook her head. She originally was also a prideful individual, but she faltered, and when she was in front of that difficult test, she failed. She couldn't help feeling depressed when she recalled the demonic monkey who was the guardian of that test.

"Yeah, there are many secret realms on the floating bridges, with many tests designed for the participants. There were some who could pass easily, advancing courageously forwards without looking back, while there were also some who took the beaten path. Look over there, it's Princess Jiao Yang of Grand Zhou. She's awesome, she passed all of those difficult tests and even acquired a blazing steed."

The other maiden glanced over towards Princess Jiao Yang when she heard her friend's words and indeed, a handsome looking horse blazing with flames that was exuding a brilliant glow was being ridden by Princess Jiao Yang. The blazing steed floated in the air as a wave of flame continuously revolved around it beautifully, the light from the flame also causing a halo of fire to envelope Princess Jiao Yang.

At that moment, a person appeared beside the two maidens. This person was clad in imperial robes that were incomparably luxurious. His eyes shone with a terrifying golden light that caused fear in others. His aura was at the seventh level of Heavenly Dipper, and it was evident that his suppression was lifted. He directly walked past the two maidens, advancing forward.

"It's Shang Tong, the Eye King from Grand Shang. To think that he has already stepped into the seventh level, and not only that, his cultivation base is so solid, much stronger compared to him earlier when he just entered the Immortal Martial Realm," somebody exclaimed in shock as they recognised him.

Both Grand Shang and Grand Zhou were extremely powerful. Other than Princess Jiao Yang, there was another prince from Grand Zhou that was among the dazzling group of characters as well.

After Shang Tong, there were a few exceptional others that appeared. All of their eyes gleamed with sharpness, the auras they exuded were filled with power as they continued their way forward.

Such a scenario caused the watching crowd to be taken aback. Even now, there were more people appearing and occasionally, even Heaven Chosen with the Immortal Martial Medallions were mixed within.

"Lin Xian`er has arrived!" At this moment an exclamation of surprise sounded out. Many turned around to see the silhouette of Lin Xian`er really appear on one of the bridges. Her flawless countenance was as soul-stirring as before, and each and every of her steps were able to move the hearts of people.

"Lin Xian`er is truly powerful, the restriction on her cultivation base is lifted."

The crowd all sighed in admiration; as expected of a Fairy from the Celestial Maiden Sect. Not only was she beautiful, her talent was exceptionally outstanding as well.

The only point that caused people to feel somewhat uncomfortable was that there was a young man right in front of Lin Xian`er. This person appeared calm, yet gave off a sense of incredible sharpness. His serene eyes stared ahead as he slowly advanced forward. And behind this young man, there wasn't just Lin Xian`er alone. There was another ice-cold beauty walking behind him, causing the crowd to speculate wildly about the identity of this young man.

"Senior Sister Lou." The members from the Battle Sword Sect all called out a greeting upon seeing Lou Bingyu. Lou Bingyu's gaze slowly turned towards them;, there was no expression in her eyes, and she continued on her way forward. Occasionally her eyes would drift to the figure of the young man in front of her. This young man who most assuredly came from the same bridge as her, should be one of the dark horses in the Immortal Martial Realm right?

"She's Lou Bingyu, the most favored personal disciple under the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness." The crowd's eyes narrowed upon learning of Lou Bingyu's identity. Such an outstanding woman, yet she was actually following behind a young man? Not only that, Lin Xian`er who was beside her also has the title of the number one beauty under the heavens.

Such a scene caused an incredulous expression to appear on many faces of the crowd. Wasn't it rumored that Lou Bingyu was as cold as ice and frost? She would never willingly walk with any man, let alone behind one. What was happening?

Staring at their position, regardless if you were looking at Lou Bingyu or Lin Xian`er, both of them seemed to be playing a supporting role. Such a scene caused a huge impact in the hearts of the crowd.

The person who called out Lou Bingyu's name was another elite female disciple under the Plum Mountain Sovereigness. Next to her were a few other members from the Battle Sword Sect, and one amongst them was clad in robes made of phoenix feathers, looking outstanding and alluring beyond comparison. But at this moment, she was also rubbing her eyes in confusion as she stared at the scene below. She couldn't believe what she was seeing.

As they were both personal disciples of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, Li Haoyou's understanding far surpassed others when it came to Lou Bingyu. She knew that her master had placed high hopes and expectations on Lou Bingyu, a fact that made her jealous. But she knew that in terms of both strength and talent, she did not compare to her fellow disciple. She also knew that Lou Bingyu was lofty and cold, and the reason she had come to the Immortal Martial Realm this time around was to challenge the status of Ji Feixue in the Battle Sword Sect. Her sole purpose was to contend against the eight era-suppressing geniuses!

But now, Lou Bingyu was actually walking behind that man, together with Lin Xian`er?

The first time she saw Qin Wentian, Li Hanyou couldn't even be bothered with him. Although he had proven his strength afterwards, Li Hanyou still wasn't convinced. In ancient Ye, he had even threatened her master, the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness; he simply didn't know what was good for himself! It was not possible that Lou Bingyu didn't know what happened in Ye.

At this moment, that young man in front of both Lin Xian`er and Lou Bingyu truly seemed extraordinary.

"Hold it there!"

This was practically an unexplained event crying out for an explanation. Lin Hanyou shouted, calling for Qin Wentian to stop. Her voice was impolite, containing coldness and even a few hints of disdain within.

Qin Wentian halted, his brow was furrowed as he stared at Lin Hanyou. In truth, he wasn't really familiar with Li Hanyou; they had only brief encounters the few times they met. For some reason, the eyes this woman used to stare at him with were filled with unfriendliness. Although Qin Wentian didn't like the gaze this woman was using to look at him, it couldn't be said that he loathed it. After all, they weren't really familiar with each other.

Hearing the ring of command in Li Hanyou's tone, Qin Wentian's look back at her was icy, and felt as sharp as an unsheathed sword, causing Lin Hanyou's mind to violently shudder. This made her feel an even more intense bout of humiliation. A cold killing intent flashed in her beautiful eyes, and this killing intent was even sharper than the look Qin Wentian gave her.

"Senior sister, back when master stormed the royal palace of Ye, she publicly stated that she wanted you to teach this man a lesson! Although he's also a member of our Battle Sword Sect, he's extremely disrespectful of master; his behaviour was simply outrageous! How can senior sister pretend to be calm and remain indifferent?!" Li Hanyou knew that she might not be Qin Wentian's match now, but because Qin Wentian's gaze made her exceedingly uncomfortable; she decided to say these words to Lou Bingyu, hoping that she would be able to use Lou Bingyu to deal with Qin Wentian.

Lou Bingyu's eyes flashed icily. In reality, although the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness did utter such words back then in Ye, she had never specifically instructed Lou Bingyu to deal with Qin Wentian. After all, from the perspective of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, Qin Wentian was merely a junior, and she was unlikely to go so far as to really do anything to him.

And Li Hanyou still didn't know that Lou Bingyu had already been defeated by Qin Wentian. How could she even deal with him?


As the sound of Li Hanyou's voice faded, a loud sound echoed out. Qin Wentian directly swiped his palm across space, smacking Li Hanyou's face with such might that her body was flung through the air. When she landed on the ground, the impact from that slap even caused her to cough out a mouthful of blood. The slap completely knocked Li Hanyou silly.

When she recovered, she climbed back up to her feet and stared at Qin Wentian with rage smoldering in her eyes. Her entire body was trembling in disbelief.

Qin Wentian's killing intent gushed out, instantly causing an unbelievable amount of chill to bloom in Li Hanyou's heart, so cold it was like she had frozen solid.

Qin Wentian slowly turned away and continued on his path, not even bothering to spare a second glance for her. Lou Bingyu similarly followed, completely disregarding her. Their actions caused Li Hanyou to feel the many pairs of eyes staring at her humiliation.

"What an interesting woman," Lin Xian`er laughed lightly before following behind Qin Wentian. Her melodious voice contained a mocking tone to it, ridiculing Li Hanyou's stupidity of grossly overestimating her own strength!

Princess Jiao Yang 骄阳公主 → Also stands for Princess Blazing Sun

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 582

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