Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 583

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Li Hanyou's bloodshot eyes stared at that Qin Wentian who had completely disregarded her. As she stretched out her own hand and gingerly touched the burning hot sensation that was still continuing to linger on her face. Her normally beautiful countenance began to give off a malevolent sensation. As a Heaven Chosen of the Li Clan she had never experienced humiliation like she had today when Qin Wentian harshly slapped her. That slap had not only struck her face, it hit at her pride as well.

Yet Qin Wentian didn't think too much about it as he continued to make his way forwards. Upon reaching the very end of the converging point, he gazed out at the vast space before him.

After receiving the oracular chant, an opening appeared in the sealed space. The three of them had rested there for a few days while their conditions were restored to their peak before travelling on that path and returning back to the floating bridges. By then, the floating bridges had all converged; they followed the road and it led them here.

Lin Xian`er's relationship with Qin Wentian originally already wasn't bad. She naturally followed him along. She was filled with anticipation for this young man whom she had clearly once underestimated. How far would he be able to go?

Lou Bingyu's was also deeply stirred by the words Qin Wentian had spoken that day. Not only did he not kill her, he didn't even take the treasure in her body back simply because he could see the spirit of the Battle Sword Sect on her. After that, even though she was knocked down from the path of the pagoda, she couldn't find it within herself to muster any hatred. Her mind was unable to calm down; she was considering how to face her complex trains of thought.

Her heart finally gave her an answer. She wouldn't hate Qin Wentian, but rather, she would work hard to improve herself further, getting even stronger, picking up her pride once more as she defeated Qin Wentian. Although the Battle Sword Sect was extremely united against external enemies, they too advocated competition within their ranks for the sake of improvement. Hence, they wouldn't forbid fights among the disciples.

Their journey in the Immortal Martial Realm had yet to conclude, she still had a chance. Since Qin Wentian could rise up in here, there was no reason why she couldn't do so.

Qin Wentian and the two maidens who were the focus of the countless gazes steadily advanced forwards, leaving behind three dazzling back views that caused a rush of impacts to the hearts of the crowd. Many years later, when they thought back to the legendary characters of the Royal Sacred Region, they couldn't help but think of this scene today. That handsome young man proceeding forwards with the number one beauty under the heavens Lin Xian`er and the frosty beauty Lou Bingyu behind him, his back view exuding a loftiness that was comparable to an unscalable and incomparably gigantic mountain.

"Hanyou." Beside Li Hanyou, a disciple who had a good relationship with her was trying to console her. However, she only saw Li Hanyou's bloodshot gaze containing a torrential killing intent so cold that it was bone chilling. "When my elder brother Li Hantian comes, I will definitely get him to tear Qin Wentian into pieces."

Li Hanyou didn't know that Li Hantian had long fallen in the battle on the pagoda path days ago.

Qin Wentian and the two maidens landed, their gazes staring ahead. Up in front of them, there were a number of rows of stone monuments which were so large that they could be said to be a stone rampart instead. Every stone monument shone with a brilliant and intense light and had been here since time immemorial, witnessing the rise of countless numbers of talented geniuses.

In front of these rows of stone monuments were a group of figures in white. The countenances of this group of people were all extremely tranquil, as though they were reclusive characters that took no part in the struggles of the external world. These were all none other than the envoys of the Immortal Martial Realm.

In addition to this, in the vast region before these stone monuments there were a large number of geniuses who had passed the tests on the floating bridges and had the suppression effect completely removed. All of these top-tier geniuses had come to this place, yet they were all quietly standing there with no hint of contending against the others at this moment.

Qin Wentian saw a few familiar faces, including two other Heaven Chosen from the Battle Sword Sect. One of the two was none other than the dazzling Ji Feixue. The other was in fact Duan Han. Duan Han had also managed to arrive here, causing Qin Wentian to feel joy in his heart. Duan Han, as a disciple of Sword Sovereign Ling Tian, usually had a composed temperament but when it came to unleashing his fury, he was crazier than anyone else. No matter where he was placed, Duan Han definitely would be able to shine with a splendor that belonged to him alone.

Other than those two, there was also Di Shi, who had a mortal grudge with him, as well as Shang Tong from Grand Shang. Their eyes flashed with coldness when they noticed Qin Wentian, and this was especially true for Di Shi. He didn't mask his killing intent the slightest, as his animosity gushed towards Qin Wentian with no reservations.

Qin Wentian was the man who slew his brother. This debt of revenge had not been paid for yet.

Before Di Shi could act, Ji Feixue and Duan Han had already come over and stood by Qin Wentian's side, instantly abolishing any thoughts Di Shi might have had to make a move against him.

Right now the Battle Sword Sect had a total of four Heaven Chosen that had arrived at this step. And among them, there was even a era-suppressing genius, Ji Feixue. If they really clashed, the one who suffered a disadvantage would be none other than Di Shi.

"Junior apprentice brother Qin, junior apprentice sister Lou." Ji Feixue's eyes flickered with a smile as he felt gratified in his heart. To have four members of the Battle Sword Sect being able to make it to this point was most definitely a thing of pride.

Duan Han stared at Lou Bingyu, and when he saw that Lou Bingyu was following behind Qin Wentian, his eyes couldn't help but flash with interest. Especially so when he noted that other than Lou Bingyu, the number one beauty under the heavens in the Royal Sacred Region, Lin Xian`er, had also came here together with Qin Wentian. And after that, when he thought of Mo Qingcheng and Qing`er once more, even he felt a little jealous of the luck of this junior brother of his. Wasn't the luck of Qin Wentian a little too good with women?

Even leaving aside Lin Xian`er, Duan Han was extremely clear on what character and temperament Lou Bingyu had. She was the most favored disciple under the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, the frosty beauty of their Battle Sword Sect. The members of their sect always joked that Ji Feixue and Lou Bingyu were a match made in heaven. Even Sword Sovereign Ling Tian had once commented that these two were a perfect match for each other and he had the thought of playing matchmaker for them. Sadly however, the attitude of the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness was extremely cold towards this. Her only wish was for Lou Bingyu to surpass Ji Feixue.

But no matter what, the fact was that many in the Battle Sword Sect had long regarded Ji Feixue and Lou Bingyu as a couple.

Behind Qin Wentian, Lou Bingyu glanced at Ji Feixue, but those cold and beautiful eyes of hers didn't reveal much. After this, she involuntarily glanced at Qin Wentian as she pondered, comparing both of them in her heart.

In the past, her target was only Ji Feixue. So she had always monitored him closely. Naturally she also heard of the rumors about her and Ji Feixue, and occasionally, strange waves of emotions that she couldn't understand floated up in her heart. Even she herself wasn't clear of what feelings she had towards Ji Feixue, she only knew that he was very outstanding and her goal was none other than to surpass him.

Swiftly, Lou Bingyu tidied up her thoughts and berated herself for overthinking. She could see the light of curiosity in Ji Feixue's eyes getting brighter and brighter. Although Qin Wentian was outstanding, when compared against Ji Feixue there was still a distance between them. She didn't know which of the two would eventually end up as the person who could raise aloft the huge banner of the younger generation in the Battle Sword Sect.

"Senior." Qin Wentian was filled with admiration towards Ji Feixue. Ji Feixue was the pride of the younger generation in the Battle Sword Sect and always had a sincere smile on his face. He didn't put on any airs and had even aided Qin Wentian previously when Di Shi tried to act against him. Such a character was truly worthy of respect.

"Junior brother, being able to walk until this step has already showcased how outstanding you are. However, after this the path of the monument will be the genuine test. Try to walk as far as you can, the further you walk, the more benefits you will be able to acquire, which will then reflect a higher ranking on the ranking stone monument of the Immortal Martial Realm."

Ji Feixue smiled. "This will be the final confrontation in the Immortal Martial Realm. You have to know that when we step onto the path of the monument, our names will appear on the gigantic ranking monument situated before the entrance of this realm. Very soon, your name will appear in full view of the endless crowd, becoming the focus of millions. As your name on the ranking rises higher and higher, I wonder how many will have their hearts stirred when they see it."

"Mhm," Qin Wentian nodded, his eyes roaming the area, looking at the various geniuses gathered here. These were all the cream of the crop, the most elite talents of this batch of participants who had come to the Immortal Martial Realm. The eight era-suppressing geniuses were naturally also included in their number. Soon, all of them walked towards the stone monuments, which contained all the recordings of the unique techniques of the Immortal Martial Realm.

A gust of wind blew past, fluttering the hair and robes of people. Some of them closed their eyes and stood there, there were others who sat down cross-legged. Qin Wentian and Ji Feixue, after coming to a quick agreement, both sat down on the ground and started cultivating.

The envoys were all silently waiting there. They gave no instructions, which meant that they were still waiting. There might be people who hadn't arrived yet.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed. Several figures appeared at the convergence point of the bridges. Ye Lingshuang, Fan Le, and Ouyang Kuangsheng were among these; they had tried their luck and barged into many secret realms and took many tests, yet they still hadn't managed to lift the suppression effect on their cultivation bases. For some unknown reason, the gate barring their path earlier disappeared after some time. It was only then that they could continue forwards and arrive at this place.

"We no longer have a way to fight alongside with you." Fatty's lips curled up in a slight smile, showing he was extremely proud of the man whom he called his best friend. Right now, there wasn't the slightest bit of shamelessness in his eyes, they were flickering with a bright light. He would remember forever how they encountered each other and got acquainted when they were back in Chu, taking the entrance test to join the Emperor Star Academy, and eventually proceeding into the Dark Forest. During then, who would have imagined that this juvenile youth would be able to have such accomplishments today?

This fellow, I wanted to shorten the distance between us only to discover the distance is only getting further and further. I fear that one day, we might not be even to see his back view anymore. Ouyang Kuangsheng felt extremely complicated. There was a little jealousy, but mostly his heart was proud that he had a friend like this. Hopefully, Qin Wentian would be able to climb even higher up in the future.

Li Hanyou was still waiting for Li Hantian to arrive. But when the envoys finally opened their eyes and stepped aside, revealing the path of the monuments, Li Hantian still hadn't appeared yet. This made the blood drain from her face. She knew that maybe, Li Hantian would never appear again.

At the same time, the crowd discovered to their extreme shock that the Saint Child of the Supreme Demon Sect and Poison Scorpion of the Sky Poison Valley, as well as a few other Heaven Chosen from reclusive sects and ancient counties, had all disappeared. They would remain buried here in the Immortal Martial Realm forever.

"This damnable burial ground of geniuses. So it was already destined that it would be a stage only for a minority," somebody cursed, speaking out the thoughts of many. They had initially thought that they would be able to find their place here in the Immortal Martial Realm, but in the end they learned miserably that they weren't the main characters, they were only the supporting cast.

Staring at those figures heading over to the stone monuments, there were traces of disappointment in the eyes of many of the watchers. They understood that from today onwards, these people were already destined to have a hand in the future of the Royal Sacred Region!

Outside the Immortal Martial Realm, countless people turned their attention forwards. It was unknown how many people had gathered everywhere within a hundred miles radius of this region. They unceasingly pressed forward, with their only aim to see the dazzling stone monument of the Immortal Martial Realm. What names would appear on that stone monument?

Gu Liufeng, Ji Feixue, Di Shi… One name after another started to 'float up' the stone monument, shining radiantly. These names were all familiar to the crowd, and the number of names increased as the stone monument got increasingly brighter.

Many from the major powers were waiting in the crowd with their fists tightly clenched in anticipation as they stared at the stone monument before them.

Several experts from the Supreme Demon Sect gathered in a particular location as they fixed their stares on the stone monument. When the names stopped appearing, they discovered to their sorrow that the name of the Saint Child had never appeared at all. This caused their hearts to pound as realization of what had happened filled their bodies with a chill.

Many other people had the same kind of feeling. Regardless if they were from large reclusive sects or powerful ancient clans and countries, many experts from the major powers felt their hearts going cold.

Of course, there were also some among them with smiles on their faces; they had already seen the names of their Heaven Chosen on the monument. This was especially true for the Battle Sword Sect, the names of four of their members were shining on the stone monument, exceedingly resplendent.

The maidens from the Medicine Sovereign Valley gathered together with Mo Qingcheng in the center. When she saw the three words 'Qin Wentian' floating on the monument, a smile of immeasurable beauty and radiance blossomed on her face!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 583

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