Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 585

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Whether was it Gu Liufeng or Di Shi, Ji Feixue or Qin Wentian, these Heaven Chosen instantly understood the rules when they started comprehending their first stone monuments. The stone monuments was most definitely a treasure left behind by the master of the realm and within each of them was power - power from an extraordinary mighty innate art or technique!

For those who had arrived here, even if they lost a fight, they need not die. One could say that to those who stepped into the Immortal Martial Realm, this was the place where they started to reap the true rewards. As to how much they could obtain, it would depend on their own abilities. They all understood that the further they could proceed, the more they would be able to gain.

Gu Liufeng, who was in the lead, understood this. So did Qin Wentian who was in last place.

But the two of them chose different paths. Gu Liufeng chose speed; he had an incomparably brilliant reputation in the Royal Sacred Region and he understood that he might have a proud heart, but he could never halt his path forward. This pride influenced his determination to forge on, he needed more than anyone else to advance ahead. If he did not, the instant he stopped, it would be inevitably fatal.

He also understood that each of the stone monuments contained a different kind of power. It was impossible for him to completely comprehend the essence of each so quickly. It required a very long time if one wanted to do so. If there was only him in this place, he would stop and completely analyze and comprehend the stone monuments. But in this place where so many Heaven Chosen were contending against each other, he couldn't make a mistake. Hence, he needed to find a balance between gaining comprehension and advancement. As long as he comprehended enough to defeat his opponent and could advance forwards, that was enough for now.

In truth, Gu Liufeng's actions influenced many others to take the same path as him. Such a scene made Gu Liufeng's worries that his path might be wrong fade away. If everyone chose this path, he was confident enough in his own talent that even with the shortest amount of time, he would still be the one to comprehend the most, and wouldn't be weaker compared to the others.

Up until the point where Gu Liufeng discovered that there was still a young man choosing to stop at the first row of stone monuments. His eyes couldn't help but to flash with resplendent light as great waves rocked his heart, causing hesitation to seep into his mind. Still, he calmed down swiftly and continued to do things as per the path he had chosen. This was his, Gu Liufeng's, personality.

Qin Wentian was clearly taking a risk as well. He stopped at the first row of monuments and ran the risk of others getting so far ahead that they might be able to eliminate him.

There was no perfect path, only the path you chose. Qin Wentian's thought process was very simple; the runic lights contained an immense energy that he needed. Seeing that they were right in front of him and he still didn't want to absorb them? That was simply the act of a fool. What he really wanted was to use his comprehension of this stone monument to level up. Even if he were really to be eliminated, he had no regrets making this choice.

However, the spectators on the floating bridges didn't think this way. Gu Liufeng's presence was just too dazzling and Qin Wentian who was ranked at the very last naturally appeared extremely weak to others. In fact there were even people who snickered, "Arriving at this point is indeed a testament to your strength, but one mustn't forget to account for the factor of luck. Although this person is said to be very powerful, he looks like nothing more than an inconsequential figure. For him to avoid elimination maybe was because nobody noticed the silhouette of this inconsequential figure who lagged behind."

"Nobody paid any attention to his existence at all." Members from the reclusive Tuotian Sect of the western domain gathered together. One among them had faint traces of mockery on his face. His cold eyes were filled with disdain as he stared in Qin Wentian's direction.

This mocking sentence attracted much laughter from the surroundings. It wasn't known if he was jealous because there were two beauties following behind Qin Wentian earlier, or he was jealous that Qin Wentian was able to walk the path of the monuments. Only to end up ranked at the very back.

"It's common sense that those who can step on the path of the monuments have accomplished something none of us on the floating bridges can do. Yet for some reason, there are still people vilifying one of the qualified participants. Isn't that just simply slapping his own face, yet he's still so immeasurably self-satisfied with it," Ye Lingshuang and the others retorted. They stood not far away and naturally felt unhappy upon hearing that.

Those from the Tuotian Sect turned their gazes upon Ye Lingshuang as cold lights flickered within their eyes. They could be considered a major power of a certain area, and of course they were very uncomfortable, because not even one of them managed to be qualified enough for the path of monuments. However, they understood that Ye Lingshuang and her group wasn't that easy to bully either, and thus these people could only snort icily and not do anything in response.

But another group of people was glaring at Ye Lingshuang. They spat out sarcastically, "Qin Wentian's luck with women is too good. Lin Xian`er from the Celestial Maiden Sect, Lou Bingyu from the Battle Sword Sect, and to think there are still two more beautiful women here. This little beauty keeps speaking up for him, I wonder if the two of them have already done some unspeakable acts behind the scene."

The instant this sentence sounded out, many people all erupted in laughter. Those from the Tuotian Sect earlier glanced at the one who spoke, instantly finding support. He then stared at Ye Lingshuang and Yun Mengyi again, "These two beauties have such smoking hot figures, that Qin Wentian truly causes one to admire him."

The one who spoke earlier grinned. They were from none other than the supreme Di Clan, and had witnessed the confrontation back then. Naturally their provocation today had a purpose to it.

"All of you are courting death." Thunderfire crackled around Ouyang Kuangsheng when he heard the filthy words from the mouths of this people. Instantly the other spectators in the surroundings all had expression of interests on their faces, preparing to watch a good show. The people here all still had the suppression effect on their cultivation, hence everyone was on equal grounds. However when those from the supreme Di Clan, when added to the Tuotian Sect members, they undoubtedly possessed a clear advantage in terms of numbers, almost twice as many as Ouyang Kuangsheng's group.

"We are courting death?" Those from the supreme Di Clan laughed as coldness radiated from them. "These two beauties are so alluring, how can I bear to die without enjoying them first?"

Someone already recognized the members of the supreme Di Clan, and an expression of understanding instantly flashed on his face. So this was an intentional provocation. After all Qin Wentian's slaying of Di Shi's younger brother was an event that rocked the Royal Sacred Region. By now, there was almost none who didn't know of Qin Wentian's name.

And indeed as expected, Ouyang Kuangsheng and his group couldn't tolerate anymore and acted. Instantly an intense battle erupted.

In another area, Qin Wentian's will was still connected to the stone monument, he was silently gaining comprehension and didn't initiate invading other's monuments. Right now, the golden light filled the skies and his entire body radiated sharpness.

"This cultivation art is really powerful, and doesn't seem to be any weaker than the nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia. When used in conjunction with the third level of my Fiend Transformation Art, I can unleash even more strength. Sadly, I'm not proficient in the Mandate of Gold nor the Mandate of Wind. If not the power unleashed would be many times stronger." Qin Wentian murmured. Inside the space of the monument, Qin Wentian soared through the skies like a streak of golden lightning.

This strengthened Qin Wentian's resolve to walk down further on the path of monuments. This was a true treasure, and if someone was powerful enough to leave these treasures lying about here, there was a very great probability that the master of this realm was really an immortal.

Qin Wentian wished to remain distraction free and focus solely on comprehension, but this point was evidently impossible. Right now there was another person who had 'invaded' his stone monument, forcibly joining the two spaces of two stone monuments together.

After Qin Wentian's battle earlier, nobody paid attention to Qin Wentian any longer. They also didn't know how far his comprehension of the innate technique he had chosen had progressed. Right now in the projected image, the golden-winged roc that Qin Wentian transformed into was shining with ever-increasing brilliance, its eyes flashing with sharpness as it stared at the invader.

This person was clad in fiery-red armor and had a pair of wings on her back. It was an extremely beautiful maiden akin to the blazing sun.

"Princess Jiao Yang from Grand Zhou targeted Qin Wentian. At long last, it's about time for Qin Wentian, who has always been hiding at the back, to be eliminated." There would always be many people paying attention to beauties, and it was especially so considering Princess Jiao Yang's identity and strength. Her name in Grand Zhou was like the sun in the sky. Everyone knew of her.

"Shang Tong from Grand Shang was also challenged. How interesting, his opponent is actually Ji Feixue. Most likely, Shang Tong would definitely lose." Several speculated as they turned their gazes onto another image projection. Ji Feixue was preparing to make his move.

"Lin Xian`er is targeted by Chi Lian of the Blood Devil Palace. Seems like there will be three battles going on concurrently. The number one beauty under the heavens Lin Xian`er's path has reached its end." The gazes of the people had shifted to yet another projection. It wasn't that they were doubting Lin Xian`er's strength, as she had in fact already defeated an opponent earlier. But sadly, the opponent who targeted her was none other than Chi Lian from the Blood Devil Palace.

Chi Lian was from the Blood Devil Palace, which was one of the Nine Great Sects. Not only was he a disciple of the Blood Devil Palace, he was also a descendent of the supreme Chi Clan in the western region, as well as one of the eight absolute era-suppressing geniuses.

Although Lin Xian`er was outstanding, her defeat was inevitable when facing against such a powerful opponent.

Princess Jiao Yang and Qin Wentian exchanged glances. Although Qin Wentian had remained on the first row of monuments, Princess Jiao Yang wouldn't underestimate him. She understood that Qin Wentian, who had won one battle already, had the qualifications to move forward, but instead chose to remain at the first row. This decision in itself needed courage, and at the very least she knew she wasn't courageous enough to make the same decision as he had.

However although she admired Qin Wentian for his courage, she still unhesitatingly chose Qin Wentian as her opponent. By now, the ones who remained were all exceedingly famous for their strength, and Qin Wentian should be the weakest one.


Princess Jiao Yang moved. Her wings spread out, her entire body bathed in flames. She was akin to a great sun, with an incomparably sharp sword in her hand. She had already achieved the realm of 'man and sword as one.' Her sword was as blinding as rays from the sun, and this was precisely the power Princess Jiao Yang had comprehended from her stone monument.

Qin Wentian also moved. The golden-winged roc he transformed into soared high up into the clouds before swooping down with destructive vengeance. That loftiness in his eyes contained an aura that was unexceeded in the world. It was as if he was a genuine golden-winged great roc and the harbinger of destruction.

The brilliance exuding from these two was so blinding that nobody dared to directly stare at them. Instantly, the gazes of everyone spectating who were originally paying attention to the other battles were all attracted here. In the first image projection, Qin Wentian glided through the air above Princess Jiao Yang, swooping down with crushing force. In the eyes of the spectators, he was just like a gorgeous, magnificent beam of golden light.

On the floating bridges, Ouyang Kuangsheng and the others were currently in the heat of battle against those from the supreme Di Clan and Tuotian Sect. But when that beam of golden light radiated outwards, their attentions were involuntarily attracted as they turned their gazes towards the image projection. Upon seeing that magnificent scene, they couldn't help but to stare, thunderstruck!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 585

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