Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 586

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Princess Jiao Yang from Grand Zhou had an ill.u.s.trious ident.i.ty and outstanding talent, allowing her to be renowned throughout the Grand Zhou Empire.

She chose Qin Wentian as her target. Just when everyone thought his path had came to an end, he used a gorgeous, magnificent strike to tell everyone that in this world, there would always be some existences that weren't born that 'dazzling,' but at certain times the radiance erupting forth from them was able to cause Heaven Chosen to dim and lose their l.u.s.ter. Maybe it was only now that everyone saw Qin Wentian clearly, walking towards the stage that could make history.

The Qin Wentian right now involuntarily caused the hearts of others to pound. Would he be one such existence? From a no-name ordinary commoner stepping upon this vast dazzling stage that was the Royal Sacred Region and creating an era that belonged to him alone?

Maybe he would!

Those from the Tuotian Sect and supreme Di Clan that were currently in combat couldn't help but turn their attentions over. And soon after, they saw Princess Jiao Yang being forced backwards from the monument while Qin Wentian was still standing solidly at the first row. The monument before him was still the same as before, despite him already defeating two people, he had no intention to advance forward yet.

Traces of blood leaked out from the corners of Princess Jiao Yang's lips, her countenance was pale white as she stared at the young man in front of her while in a daze. Even now, she couldn't believe what just happened. That earlier magnificent strike by him, what was that?

Her heart was pounding rapidly, the countenance of Princess Jiao Yang flashed with disappointment as a bitter smile curled up her lips. She had thought of many ways in which she might be eliminated. For example, losing narrowly in a ferocious clash against top-tier Heaven Chosen, or maybe losing to one of the eight absolute geniuses. Maybe if that happened, it wouldn't have made her feel so disappointed. Unfortunately, the reality was that she had lost to someone she never even considered to be her opponent at all. With regards to Qin Wentian, she didn't know anything about him, she only knew about his courage and that he had killed the little ancestor of the supreme Di Clan.


Another thunderous sound echoed out as yet another figure was forced backwards. Turning her gaze over to the defeated person, Princess Jiao Yang froze for a moment before the smile on her face turned wry. The representative of Grand Zhou and the representative of Grand Shang were both defeated almost at the same time. It was already determined that their names wouldn't be ranked in the top ten of the Immortal Martial Realm.

Shang Tong's countenance was extremely unsightly. He had been defeated. Although he lost to Ji Feixue, he still felt very uncomfortable in his heart. This was especially so when he discovered that Qin Wentian, who had chosen to remain on the first row, was still on the path. His rage burned even higher, and he didn't know that just moments earlier, Qin Wentian had already defeated Princess Jiao Yang who was now beside him.

"d.a.m.n what an irony, someone who only knows to hide at the back. I should have gotten rid of him sooner," Shang Tong lightly commented as he turned and glanced at Princess Jiao Yang with a mocking smile on his face. Although Shang Tong's words weren't intentional, Princess Jiao Yang's countenance drastically changed. Although Shang Tong's words were targeted at Qin Wentian, wasn't that the same as targeting her as well?

After all, the person Shang Tong was mocking was the person who had defeated her.

"Since you are already eliminated, do you still have the qualifications to judge others?" Princess Jiao Yang coldly snorted before flicking her sleeves and leaving. A flame borne of anger burned in her heart, and she felt that it would be too embarra.s.sing if she stayed here any longer.

Turning away, Shang Tong left as well. He was actually moving towards the floating bridge. As he departed, Lin Xian`er was also defeated by Chi Lian. This result didn't come as a surprise to the spectators because although Lin Xian`er was stronger than most, the eight absolute era-suppressing geniuses were all the real deal. Be it Ji Feixue or Chi Lian, not one of them caused the spectators to be disappointed.

Shang Tong arrived on top of the floating bridge, turning his gaze towards the crowd. Instantly the gazes which were on him earlier were averted. Although Shang Tong had been defeated, he was still an invincible existence to these spectators whose cultivation bases were still suppressed. And now, considering his angered mood, it wasn't a good idea to antagonize him.

Very swiftly, Shang Tong discovered that there were people fighting on the floating bridges. Especially when he saw Ye Lingshuang, a cold glint of light akin to the sharp edge of a blade flickered in his eyes. Ye Lingshuang, the daughter of the Human Emperor. She was the same as Ji Feixue and Qin Wentian, they were all members of the Battle Sword Sect.

Shang Tong was once again reminded of the brazenness of the Battle Sword Sect back then in Xuan King City. He then coldly spoke, "Those from the Battle Sword Sect truly think their lives are extraordinary, finding trouble everywhere they go."

Ye Lingshuang and an expert from the supreme Di Clan clashed and separated. After which, as she saw the evident targeting of her in Shang Tong's eyes, she coldly snorted but didn't reply. After all, right now their group was the weaker party, she didn't wish to make an enemy against so many.

Seeing how Ye Lingshuang disregarded him, Shang Tong laughed, "Back then Ye Qingyun was a character ranked first in the Immortal Martial Realm, but right now, his daughter other than possessing a little bit of good looks, she doesn't even have any courage. And as for the other sons of Ye Qingyun, they are all a bunch of trash. Ye Qingyun could be considered a pitiful thing, he has no qualified successors."

"After being defeated by others yet now coming here to lord over us, how utterly ridiculous." How could Ye Lingshuang endure such words? She retorted instantly to his insult.

The coldness in Shang Tong's eyes got increasingly p.r.o.nounced as he stared at Ye Lingshuang. Taking a step forwards, an immense pressure bore down on her, forcing her backwards. Shang Tong floated up in the air, staring down disdainfully at his opponent as he icily spoke, "Even if I'm defeated by Ji Feixue, it's still far from your turn to comment on that. And even if you are the daughter of Ye Qingyun, I'm going to help him teach you a lesson."

As the sound of his voice faded, Shang Tong's palms blasted out as a stream of golden palm imprints violently slammed into Ye Lingshuang, flinging her through the air before she smashed onto the ground, vomiting blood.

Those from the Tuotian Sect and supreme Di Clan surrounded her, the smiles on their faces becoming wider and wider. Earlier in their fight, although they had an advantage, they couldn't break through their defenses and their lack of success made the flames of anger in their heart burned even brighter.

Fan Le, Ouyang Kuangsheng and the others stepped out, staring at Shang Tong as their countenances became incredibly unsightly to behold. Shang Tong's suppression on his cultivation base had been lifted, it was effortless for him if he wanted to kill them.

"G.o.dd.a.m.n shameless s.h.i.+t," Fan Le spat.

"A thing with no proper upbringing." Shang Tong walked forward as an overwhelming pressure enveloped everyone. He slammed out another palm and with no way to defend, Fan Le and the others in his group were all flung through the air.

The Shang Tong at this moment was boiling with anger, how could he tolerate Fan Le's retort?

"Do what you want to them," Shang Tong coldly spoke as he glanced at those from the Tuotian Sect and supreme Di Clan. These people were very unhappy with Shang Tong's tone of voice. After all they were all extraordinary characters and only had their cultivation suppressed. The arrogant att.i.tude of Shang Tong made them feel like beating him up. But Shang Tong right now was helping them, so they didn't mind it that much and chose to comply, walking towards Ye Lingshuang and the others in her group instead. When their eyes landed on the two beauties, Ye Lingshuang and Yun Mengyi, a nefarious light shone within.

An indistinct coldness suddenly bore down on their bodies. Turning their heads back, they saw Princess Jiao Yang coldly staring at them. After which, Princess Jiao Yang turned her gaze onto Shang Tong as she spoke, "Bullying people with their cultivation bases suppressed in such an unbridled manner. When those members of the Battle Sword Sect with their suppression lifted returns, wouldn't that be equivilant to you seeking your own humiliation?"

Evidently, although the proud Princess Jiao Yang was defeated as well, she looked down on Shang Tong's character.

"Hmph," Shang Tong coldly snorted. Although he understood his actions were inappropriate, so what of it? At this moment, yet another dazzling silhouette arrived, drawing the gazes of countless spectators. It was Lin Xian`er.

"The crown prince of Grand Shang, Eye King Shang Tong, to think that he is actually such a character." Lin Xian`er's eyes flashed with coldness, it was clear that she also looked down on Shang Tong. This caused both of Shang Tong's fists to clench tightly. Consecutively, there were two beautiful women who stared at him with eyes like this. How could the flame of anger in his heart dissipate? His countenance became incredibly ugly to behold.

"I, Shang Tong have always done things according to my own desires, I don't need the opinions of others." After he spoke, he actually moved towards Ye Lingshuang and her group, while exuding killing intent. Princess Jiao Yang s.h.i.+fted her gaze over as the contempt within her eyes became even more p.r.o.nounced. Yet, although she looked down on Shang Tong's actions, she couldn't be bothered to step in and help. After all, this had nothing to do with her.

"I can't tolerate your despicable actions any longer." Lin Xian`er radiated a cold killing intent as she stepped towards Shang Tong. Such a scene caused expressions of interest to appear on the faces of the surrounding spectators.

Shang Tong inclined his head, locking gazes with Lin Xian`er. In the end, a battle between them never erupted.

The activities of the partic.i.p.ants still on the path of monuments seemed to have slowed down. Qin Wentian stayed for a total of seven days and nights at the first row before finally advancing to the second. His perception drifted outwards before he finally stepped before a stone monument and sank his perception within.

In the s.p.a.ce, astral light flashed as a figure clad in astral armor stood there proudly in the middle of heaven and earth.

The runic lights of this s.p.a.ce madly descended, cascading on Qin Wentian's body, s.h.i.+ning resplendently. Very swiftly, Qin Wentian's entire body was enveloped by a layer of astral light.

What kind of power was contained within this stone monument?

Qin Wentian didn't even have time to cultivate when yet another partic.i.p.ant invaded his stone monument, causing him to be completely speechless.

He had never initiated invasion into another's stone monument because he wanted to have more time to cultivate the power within the stone monument he had chosen, not wanting to even waste the slightest bit of time.

When those on the floating bridges saw who was it that invaded Qin Wentian's stone monument, calls of exclamation couldn't help but ring out in the air. All of them knew for sure Qin Wentian's journey in the Immortal Martial Realm had came to an end!

They were still saying why the invader could endure it for so long, but had his endurance finally came to an end as he decided to act against Qin Wentian?

"As to why I didn't act against you earlier is because I know I can't kill you in the Immortal Martial Realm, so I didn't want to waste my time. Yet who would have thought that you are actually still here. In that case, even if I can't kill you, I can force you out of the path. You can temporarily keep your life, but I will be claiming it sooner or later." Di s.h.i.+'s tyrannical and domineering voice drifted over, containing an unsurmountable conviction. Both of his sharp eyes were staring at the tiny inconsequential figure that he deemed his prey!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 586

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