Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 588

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On the path of monuments, twelve silhouettes could be seen quietly sitting there, trying to gain comprehension of the power within the respective monuments they had chosen.

These twelve were the eight era-suppressing geniuses: Gu Liufeng; Ji Feixue from the Battle Sword Sect; Di s.h.i.+ from the supreme Di Clan; Li Tian from the Heaven Punisher Clan; Dongyue Hanjiang, crown prince from the Eastern Mountain ancient country; Chi Lian, a descendant of the supreme Chi Clan and also a disciple of the Blood Devil Palace; Fan Miaoyu, a disciple from the Forgotten Immortal Tower and Holy Maiden of the reclusive Tianfan Sect located in the Western Domain; and lastly, Hua Taixu from the Great Emptiness(Taixu) Sect.

Fan Miaoyu was the only female within the eight era-suppressing geniuses. She and Chi Lian had two ident.i.ties, for her, she was the Holy Maiden from the Tianfan Sect as well as a disciple of the Forgotten Immortal Tower.

In the Royal Sacred Region, many geniuses from reclusive sects or powerful clans would be sent to join the Nine Great Sects, providing them with better resources to grow. There was nothing strange about it.

Not only that, if those people reached a stronger boundary of strength, the major power they were in was more than happy to allow them to join a power of higher tier so as not to restrict their development. This was not a short sighted judgement, but rather acknowledging that there were some people who were already destined to never stay. The major powers they were in could only allow them to do what they wanted, aiding them in walking towards a vaster and more brilliant stage.

Among the eight, Gu Liufeng was the most famous; Fan Miaoyu had the highest cultivation base at the ninth level of Heavenly Dipper; and Hua Taixu was the latest to rise up and the most mysterious of the eight.

As to why all the eight absolute era-suppressing geniuses had cultivation bases at the seventh level or higher, it was because even when they were weaker, they were already capable of creating miracles. They had acquired exemplary battle achievement records that were so dazzling that they drew the attention of everyone in the Royal Sacred Region.

Other than those eight, the remaining four were: Qin Wentian of the Battle Sword Sect; Lou Bingyu of the Battle Sword Sect; Nangong Shuang of the Nangong Aristocrat Clan; and Si Ling from the Violet Thunder Sect, who was also a descendent of the great Si Clan from Grand Xia.

Out of all twelve, the Battle Sword Sect occupied three positions: Ji Feixue, Lou Bingyu, and Qin Wentian. This made many sigh in admiration, as the individual combat prowess of the Battle Sword Sect's members was indeed as tyrannical as ever.

Lou Bingyu had always kept a low profile and rarely appeared in public, but because she was the most favored personal disciple under the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness, many knew of her. However, Qin Wentian was undoubtedly a dark horse. Di s.h.i.+ personally acted against him, yet was unable to blast him out.

These twelve people were now engaged in quiet comprehension. Evidently, they were now all very cautious and wanted to raise their strength.

This time around, Qin Wentian had chosen the stone monument which Di s.h.i.+ had selected earlier. The power within this stone monument could be clearly seen, as the area flashed with resplendent astral light, and constellations flooded the sky. A lone figure stood there proudly in the heavens, and this person was actually able to split themselves into a million other silhouettes in just an instant, all blasting out an attack simultaneously. It was a feat that shook one to their core.

This attack was precisely that technique Di s.h.i.+ used to injure Qin Wentian. However, Di s.h.i.+'s understanding of it was barely the tip of the iceberg. How overwhelming was this million-incarnation technique? At that instant of attack, Qin Wentian felt even both the heaven and earth were collapsing. He stared intently at the silhouette in the air as the light of excitement flickered in his eyes. Resplendent and beautiful, the light in his eyes resembled the starry skies.

If he used the million-incarnation technique together with the power to seize the stars which he comprehended from a stone monument earlier, the entirety of the heavenly bodies and constellations in the skies would all be plundered away by him, so powerful that it could tremble the heavens. How could Qin Wentian not be excited by this? This further rea.s.sured him that his choice in advancement style wasn't wrong; resolution in his method of advancing steadily and surely, fully immersing himself in comprehension of each stone monument.

On the floating bridges, Ouyang Kuangsheng had a startled expression on his face when he heard something Ye Lingshuang said. He turned his gaze onto Ye Lingshuang as he pointed his finger to a person on the path of monuments and asked, "Did you say that person is named Hua Taixu?"

"Yes, Hua Taixu from the Great Emptiness Sect (Taixu Sect). He shot to fame because of two battles. The first was he slew an extremely powerful expert whose cultivation base was higher than him. The second battle was against one of the proclaimed era-suppressing geniuses, Dongyue Hanjiang, in which he fought him to a draw. Because of that, his name spread across the Royal Sacred Region and he became the eighth era-suppressing genius." Ye Lingshuang nodded her head, while Ouyang Kuangsheng simply stood there dumbstruck.

In fact, Hua Taixu was Ouyang Kuangsheng's idol when he was young; his only ambition then was to surpa.s.s his idol! It was only natural that he had seen Hua Taixu before. The Hua Taixu now was slightly different compared to when he was younger, and regardless of whether it was his appearance or aura, both gave people a impenetrable and mysterious feeling. With careful observation, Ouyang Kuangsheng could still recognise him, albeit belatedly.

"Truly it's him!" Ouyang Kuangsheng was astounded. Although he had glanced at Hua Taixu earlier, because Hua Taixu's aura had changed and he was standing among seven other equally dazzling figures, he didn't recognize him. Right now, Ouyang Kuangsheng couldn't help feeling taken aback. Hua Taixu, who was once the most ill.u.s.trious of all the younger generation in Grand Xia, had shone even brighter when he came to the Royal Sacred Region. He really was similar to Qin Wentian. However, after the journey to the Immortal Martial Realm is concluded, Qin Wentian's name would surely also resound throughout the Royal Sacred Region.

"You are acquainted with him?" Ye Lingshuang stared at Ouyang Kuangsheng with a slightly puzzled expression. "This Hua Taixu is extremely mysterious, the first time news of him was circulated was back when he was accepted as a personal disciple by the sect leader of the Great Emptiness Sect."

"Yes, I'm acquainted, he's the idol of myself back when I was young. Years before, he was once the number one in the Heavenly Fate Rankings of Grand Xia, and afterwards Wentian also achieved the same result as him."

"There's also a grudge between them both. In the past, Hua Taixu's younger brother tried to take liberties with Mo Qingcheng, and ended up being killed by Wentian." Ouyang Kuangsheng's words caused Ye Lingshuang to be somewhat speechless, she hadn't imagined that there would be such a history between Qin Wentian and Hua Taixu. No wonder Qin Wentian's relations.h.i.+p with Mo Qingcheng was so good, so it turned out that they had known each other for such a long time.

"In that case it could be said that Wentian should have recognised Hua Taixu as well," Ye Lingshuang replied in a low voice. Qin Wentian had long heard about the names of the eight absolute era-suppressing geniuses, and should have recognised Hua Taixu when he saw him today.

"Surely. That fellow is truly similar to Hua Taixu, both of them acting like they don't know each other," Ouyang Kuangsheng laughed bitterly.

"Of course they would act this way, unless you wanted them to go all out in a great battle the instant they met?" Ye Lingshuang laughed. "Let's see how it turns out, maybe they might clash against each other on the path of monuments."

"Si Ling is about to make a move against Lou Bingyu, seems like he's acc.u.mulating the number of victories now if not it would be too difficult to advance forward later. Lou Bingyu's strength should be ranked among the weakest there, hence this must be why he chose her."

At this moment, Si Ling invaded Lou Bingyu's stone monument, and the battle between both of them was extremely intense. Si Ling cultivated lightning-attributed arts. Thunder and lightning danced madly in the air with overwhelming power, yet Luo Bingyu was similarly strong as well. Her defense was so seamless that not even wind and rain could penetrate it, and both of them seemed evenly matched. At the end, Si Ling from the Violet Thunder Sect had no choice but to give up.

It was another few days of peace where the finalists were quietly comprehending. Those on the floating bridges were waiting patiently as well. They knew that now was merely the calm before the storm, and after their comprehensions were finished, there would definitely be earth-shaking and heaven-shattering battles.

Indeed, on the fifth day, Dongyue Hanjiang made a move against Nangong Shuang. He was the crown prince of the Eastern Mountain ancient country and one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses. With crus.h.i.+ng force, he directly ousted the outstanding genius, Nangong Shuang. Nangong Shuang's monument dimmed and now, only eleven remained on the path of monuments.

The top ten were about to be revealed soon. As long as one more was eliminated, the names of the top ten could be confirmed.

Many had their fists tightly clenched. Even up till now, not one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses had been eliminated yet. Other than that battle between Di s.h.i.+ and Qin Wentian which ended up in a draw, the other seven had all won against the opponents they'd chosen. It was unknown whether the result was from Di s.h.i.+ being among the weakest of the eight, or if it because he had chosen Qin Wentian as his opponent.

"Will the eight of them be ranked in the top eight?" Many people silently speculated, they involuntarily felt nervous for some reason.

As long as one more person was eliminated, the top ten would be revealed. Sadly, the ones with the highest probability of being ousted should most likely be Qin Wentian, Lou Bingyu, or Si Ling.

Today, Qin Wentian stood in front of his chosen monument. He halted his comprehension and wanted to withdraw his perception. Yet he suddenly realised that from the start until now he had defeated two opponents which made it possible for him to advance to the third row. If he wished to proceed forwards to the fourth row, he would have to eliminate one more before he could do so.

He no longer had a choice, he had to initiate an invasion.

Thinking of that, Qin Wentian's eyes flashed with a terrifying light. In response, a radiant glow burst out of his stone monument, enveloping that of his target.

An instant later, in the s.p.a.ce of the stone monument Di s.h.i.+ was in, a startling cold light flashed past his eyes. There was actually someone who voluntarily chose to invade his stone monument?

Turning, Di s.h.i.+ saw Qin Wentian, who was fully enveloped in golden light. An illusory image of a golden-winged primordial roc enveloped Qin Wentian, and that cold and lofty eyes were looking down directly at Di s.h.i.+.

"This…" Those on the floating bridges were thunderstruck.

"Has he gone mad? He's initiating an invasion against Di s.h.i.+?"

Qin Wentian didn't chose Lou Bingyu nor Si Ling; he had chosen Di s.h.i.+ instead.

Qin Wentian's first battle on the path of the monuments had been against Di s.h.i.+. The him then had just finished comprehending a stone monument on the first row and was challenged and suppressed by Di s.h.i.+. However because of his advantage in speed, Di s.h.i.+ couldn't defeat him. Right now, it was he who initiated an invasion instead.

"F*cking beautiful, kill him." An expression of excitement appeared on Fan Le's face when he saw the image projection in the air. The faces of those of the supreme Di Clan were dark and sinister as they coldly spoke, "He's courting death."

"Has he finally initiated an invasion? I wonder if there will be a surprise." The bright eyes of Lin Xian`er also flickered with the light of excitement. As long as Qin Wentian won this battle, it would mean that the names of the top ten would be set. Di s.h.i.+ would be ousted from the top ten.

If that happened, it would cause all of the Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns in the Royal Sacred Region of this generation to s.h.i.+ver.

"I'm actually anxious as well." Ouyang Kuangsheng stared at the image projection, feeling his heart thumping rapidly. He understood Qin Wentian very well. Since Qin Wentian had initiated the invasion, it must mean that he was confident of victory.

"You are truly courting death," Di s.h.i.+ stared at Qin Wentian in the manner he would stare at a dead man. Initiating an invasion against him? He was the first among the eight era-suppressing geniuses challenged in this manner. This was an extremely humiliating matter.

The light flas.h.i.+ng in Qin Wentian's eyes didn't fade. He turned and shot straight towards Di s.h.i.+, like a streak of golden lightning.


A raging wind howled, Di s.h.i.+ similarly dashed towards Qin Wentian. The two of them rushed each other in a straightforward manner, both their eyes flickering with a terrifying cold sharpness as well as lofty pride.

Only to see astral light circulating in Qin Wentian's palms that transformed into resplendent runic brilliance. His palm abruptly snaked out, blasting towards Di s.h.i.+.

Di s.h.i.+ similarly issued an attack, an incomparably large talon of a ferocious bird of prey.


Everyone saw that incomparably huge bird's talon being pulverized into nothingness under the might of the palm imprint. It was as though that palm strike contained enough energy to pluck the stars from heaven, and yet the remaining power of that strike continued gus.h.i.+ng towards Di s.h.i.+!

Di s.h.i.+ pushed out with both of his palms at the same moment, causing manifestations of gigantic bird talons unceasingly shot out from them. Rumbling sounds echoed unendingly, yet the manifestations of talons were all shattered apart. Qin Wentian's palm attack had nothing it couldn't conquer.

Di s.h.i.+'s body was driven forcibly backwards!

"F*CK!" The fatty on the floating bridge was even more excited. Wasn't this Di s.h.i.+ very arrogant? In that case just blast him out of the path. The others continued watching the golden silhouette that was swooping downwards as their hearts thumped rapidly. In that first exchange of blows, Qin Wentian undoubtedly possessed an advantage. Was he truly about to defy the natural order of the heavens?!

Translation Notes:

东岳寒江 Dongyue Hanjiang - directly translates into Eastern Mountain Cold River

太虚教派华太虚 - a play on words --> Hua Taixu of the Great Emptiness (Taixu) Sect

Tai太 = Grand/Great/Supreme

Xu虚 = Emptiness/Void/Illusory/False

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