Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 596

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In the Immortal Martial Realm, silence descended. It was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Countless gazes landed on the three of them. Although right now everyone wanted to ask aloud who was the victor of the battle, all of them strangely maintained their silence, hoping they would be able to guess the answer from the expressions of Qin Wentian and the two others.

However, they were all disappointed. Qin Wentian, Gu Liufeng, and Hua Taixu were all so quiet that it was scary. Their countenances had no fluctuations and all three were exceedingly calm. They didn't interact with each other, and simply stood there silently as though they were still digesting the battle they had fought against each other in that s.p.a.ce within the stone monuments.

An instant, yet it seemed like an eternity. Finally, the spectators saw the three of them move. They mutually glanced at each other as a smile lit up their faces, nodding to each other in respect. However, this scene made the crowd even more frantic as they cursed silently, hoping for any one of this three to speak. Who was number one and number two exactly?

Gu Liufeng had always been a lone wolf, he wasn't acquainted with many people and so n.o.body dared to ask him. Even if they asked, Gu Liufeng most likely wouldn't reply. As for Hua Taixu, he was exceedingly mysterious, no one was really familiar with him. In that case, only Qin Wentian remained. Although he had many friends, right now, Fan Le and the others also suppressed their excitement. Although they wanted nothing more than to know the answer, they told themselves to be patient, there was no hurry. Qin Wentian would divulge the information to them sooner or later.

Even so, the itch in their heart grew increasingly unbearable. But at such an occasion, if the answer was that Qin Wentian didn't obtain first, wouldn't it be extremely awkward? It would be better to endure a little while more.

At that moment, a row of silhouettes walked out from the glimmering bronze gate in front of the stone monuments. These people were all clad in white, they were none other than the Immortal Martial Realm envoys. They stood below the stairway and one among them spoke, "The Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm invites all the partic.i.p.ants that have fought on the path of the stone monuments."

"Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm?" The hearts of the spectators pounded violently. They only saw the envoys waving their hands as the path of the monuments parted before them, revealing a pathway that led to the stairway of the bronze gate.

"Senior, is the Realmlord also the master of the Immortal Martial Realm?" Gu Liufeng asked. After all, he had personally seen the master of the Immortal Realm earlier. That was a true immortal, and by right, he shouldn't be in the Royal Sacred Region.

"No, he is not. After the master created the Immortal Martial Realm, he appointed Realmlords throughout the generations to be the administrator of it," an envoy answered. Gu Liufeng nodded, that made sense. The master of the Immortal Martial Realm was a legendary immortal, how could he have the time? He left it all to the Realmlords and envoys to manage.

Among the crowd, Di s.h.i.+ as well as the core disciples of the other major powers were all frowning. They had never heard of a thing such as the Monument Realm Gate from their elders, neither did they know of an existence like the Realmlord. It seemed the expedition here this time around was different than those before.

There were a total of seventy-five people who had the suppression effect on their cultivation bases lifted, gaining the qualification to partic.i.p.ate in the trial of the path of monuments. Right now, all of them moved forwards, heading towards the bronze gate.

Qin Wentian, Hua Taixu and Gu Liufeng were in the lead. They walked towards the stairway before advancing upwards, entering through the bronze gate.

Within was an ancient palace s.h.i.+ning with dazzling radiance. Resplendent astral light s.h.i.+mmered all about in this dimension and right now, there was a person sitting cross-legged on a stone platform built in the middle of a lake filled with astral water. His eyes slowly opened, containing an extremely bright glow within as he nodded his head to the partic.i.p.ants.

"That is our Realmlord," one of the envoys introduced. Instantly, Qin Wentian and the others dared not hesitate, they bowed low and greeted, "Junior greets the Realmlord."

"Since this is such a rare occasion that the Monument Realm Gate opened, I, Wu, am exceptionally honored to be able to meet with so many talented heroes of the younger generation. Is there anyone from the War Country among you?" The Realmlord stared at the partic.i.p.ants with a smile on his face. The group of partic.i.p.ants glanced around, but there wasn't a single person from the War Country among those qualified to take the trial of the stone monuments.

Seeing that no one responded, the Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm couldn't help but to sigh as disappointment flashed on his countenance.

"Is Senior the son of the Martial Emperor of War Country from three hundred years ago?" At this moment, a voice rang out. The person who spoke was none other than Li Tian of the Barbarian Tribe, from the Southern Domain. He stared at the Realmlord as his eyes gleamed with sharpness.

"To think that there would still be people who remembered me." The Realmlord muttered to himself before he recovered with a smile, his words causing the hearts of everyone present to pound violently.

The Realmlord was actually someone from the War Country three hundred years ago; he was also a Heaven Chosen of the Royal Sacred Region.

"Wu Mu, the son of the Martial Emperor. He had outstanding talent and was one of the era-suppressing geniuses of the Heavenly Dipper Realm previously. He was ranked number one on the Immortal Martial Realm ranking monument three hundred years ago and three years after that, he broke through to Celestial Phenomenon, before completely vanis.h.i.+ng from the Royal Sacred Region." Several stories flitted through the minds of many in the crowd, and when they recalled the history recorded in the books their clans or sects had kept, their hearts pounded even more violently.

The crown prince of War Country who disappeared without a trace back then had actually became the Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm now. The dawning realization caused many to draw in a deep breath. They had all heard rumors, but it seemed that the tales they heard were all true. The Immortal Martial Realm really was recruiting talents.

In that case, would the top three of this batch, Qin Wentian, Gu Liufeng, and Hua Taixu, also be invited?

Right now, the gazes of everyone turned towards Qin Wentian and the two others, feeling envy in their hearts. Wu Mu gave off a feeling of immeasurable depth, n.o.body could sense how strong he was. Perhaps he was already at the very peak of Celestial Phenomenon and was preparing to break through to that legendary realm.

"Today, I, Wu Mu am exceptionally joyful to be able to meet with the talented geniuses of the latter generations. I will prepare a banquet that will last seven days, and by the time this journey into the Immortal Martial Realm ends, I will tour around the Royal Sacred Region to see what changes have occurred since my departure," Wu Mu laughed. He then waved his hands and commanded, "Prepare the banquet."

As the sound of his voice faded, the Immortal Martial Realm envoys quickly prepared a banquet. The seventy-plus partic.i.p.ants sat in the hall and right in front of them, on the tables made from Yuan Meteor Stones, were beautiful wines and plates of delicacies.

"Duan Han, junior brother Qin, junior sister Lou, let's sit together." Ji Feixue called out, as Qin Wentian nodded in agreement.

"May I join as well…?" Lin Xian`er smiled as she walked over, her beautiful eyes staring at Qin Wentian. She also really wanted to know, of the battle between Qin Wentian, Hua Taixu, and Gu Liufeng, who among them stood at the peak.

"If Fairy Lin is willing to, it would naturally be our honor," Ji Feixue laughed. The five of them sat together, Princess Jiao Yang cast a glance at them, and also chose to sit at a spot not far away from them.

Di s.h.i.+'s murderous gaze filled with sharpness s.h.i.+fted onto Qin Wentian. His killing intent permeated the air; he wanted nothing more than to rush up right now and slay Qin Wentian.

"Everyone, don't stand on ceremony with me, and don't be a stickler for formalities. Just sit wherever you want to. This banquet shall last for seven days and nights, eat and drink as much as you want to," Realmlord Wu Mu laughed. The others all nodded, there were already people enjoying the delicacies and tasting the beautiful wine.

"This wine…" An exclamation of shock rang out. The others turned their gazes over only to see Li Tian who had drained the cup of wine in a single gulp. Right now, his face had turned beet-red as the astral energy within his body seethed and surged.

"How strong." After these two words echoed out, Li Tian felt as though his body was burning with fire.

"The food here are all treasured ingredients, even worth more compared to high-grade pills, it actually boosted my affinity towards astral energy so much in such a short time," someone exclaimed in wonder. The faces of the others all stiffened slightly as they stared at the delicacies laid out on the tables. Only now did they understand the meaning behind Realmlord Wu Mu's words.

Seven days, the banquet wouldn't end. Just eat and drink as much as they can.

"HAHA, enjoy yourselves to the utmost. These ingredients can be considered great sources of nourishment to all of you." Wu Mu laughed uproariously. Lou Bingyu also sipped a mouthful of wine as her face instantly flushed red. The ice cold beauty was now glistening with allure. Lou Bingyu right now was so beautiful that it caused Ji Feixue and Duan Han to lose their senses for a moment.

Lin Xian`er also sipped a mouthful, and the color of red clouds painted her cheeks. These two absolute beauties instantly caused the gazes of others to be s.h.i.+fted to them.

"Sir Qin," Lin Xian`er gently called out. Qin Wentian turned his gaze onto Lin Xian`er. The flawless countenance that caused one to drown in her beauty made Qin Wentian's heart stir slightly. Luckily, Qin Wentian was already accustomed to beautiful women by his side. This woman known as the number one beauty under the heavens now had a face flushed with redness, tinged with shyness and eyes contained traces of a warmth so gentle that it could melt the hearts of others. The killing power of her beauty was no joke at all, it was tyrannically strong.

"Can you secretly tell Xian`er the result of the battle?" Lin Xian`er gently asked, blinking her eyes innocently at Qin Wentian. Immediately, her words caused the vast majority of the spectators to s.h.i.+ft their attentions onto Qin Wentian. This was also something they wished to know. And given how beautiful Lin Xian`er was, surely no man would reject her request right?

Qin Wentian was stunned for a moment. Earlier, he had also lightly tasted the wine. The astral energy in his body was surging, his entire body felt burning hot and now that he glanced at Lin Xian`er, he was dazzled by her beauty for an instant.

Lou Bingyu also turned her gaze onto him, her eyes filled with a scorching heat. She too, wanted to know the result.

Shaking his head in consternation, Qin Wentian bitterly smiled, silently scolding himself for not having enough willpower.

"Don't need to be curious, the one ranked first in this batch of partic.i.p.ants is Qin Wentian," a voice drifted over, causing the hearts of the crowd to violently tremble. If it was another who spoke, these people would surely doubt their words. But now that this person made a statement, not one of the spectators questioned the veracity of his statement. Because the person who spoke was none other than Gu Liufeng.

Qin Wentian would be ranked as the number one on the ranking monument of the Immortal Martial Realm!

The weight of Gu Liufeng's sentence was understood by many. Qin Wentian wasn't number three, nor number two. He was number one!

A character who wasn't one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses, a character who was deemed as an up-and-coming young man was actually strong enough to defeat Gu Liufeng and Hua Taixu.

The crowd only felt various emotions rocking their hearts, they were unable to remain calm. From now onwards, Qin Wentian's name would resound throughout the Royal Sacred Region and would be of the same standing as the eight era-suppressing geniuses, everyone would know who he was.

Ji Feixue's heart violently pounded as he drew in a deep breath and stared at the young man before him. He didn't know what he should feel.

Lou Bingyu gazed intently at Qin Wentian. In her normally calm heart, there were now huge tidal waves rumbling that caused it to pound incessantly.

Lin Xian`er's eyes glimmered like torches, fixated on Qin Wentian. Her ruby red lips curled up in a soul-mesmerizing smile. Her charming eyes were like silk, staring at the calm-looking young man as she whispered coquettishly, "I really feel like giving you a kiss!"

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 596

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