Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 600

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Within the s.p.a.ce of the ranking monument, the seventy-plus Heaven Chosen could all clearly see the reactions of the crowd outside.

Especially when the three characters of 'Qin Wentian,' was being engraved, tsunami-like waves rose up rocking their hearts, as countless silhouettes were all numb with shock.

Di s.h.i.+ saw the looks of disappointment of the elders from his clan. Lou Bingyu noticed the complicated expressions that flashed on the Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness' countenance. Si Ling witnessed the joy and surprise on the faces of those from the Violet Thunder Sect and Si Clan.

As for Qin Wentian, he saw the tears of Mo Qingcheng.

Staring at the tears falling down from the eyes of that beautiful face, Qin Wentian felt currents of warmth rise up in his heart. Her anxiety, her agitation, her happiness; all were imprinted in the depths of Qin Wentian's heart, and further engraved into his mind - all for this woman, whom he fell in love with back in Chu.

Back then she was Chu's number one beauty, while he was just an unknown. Now, she was the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley, while he was a disciple of the Battle Sword Sect, the foster son of Human Emperor of Ye, and the number one of the Immortal Martial Realm.

They were both trying their hardest. Ever since destiny allowed them to meet, he knew he would definitely grab hold of this opportunity, and never let this pure and flawless maiden disappear from his life.

Lin Xian`er and Lou Bingyu also noticed Mo Qingcheng's tears. Lin Xian`er's eyes had a gentle smile in them as she gazed at the young man beside her, consoling him in a low voice, "You better treat the Holy Maiden well."

Qin Wentian returned her gaze, smiling as he nodded his head.

"Let me toast you one more cup, when are you preparing to tie the knot with the Holy Maiden?" Lin Xian`er lifted her wine cup and touched it to Qin Wentian's, draining her cup in a single gulp, ignoring the burning sensation of that strong wine.

Seeing the traces of contemplation in Qin Wentian's eyes, Lin Xian`er involuntarily blinked and snorted in a playful manner, "Don't tell me you hadn't even thought of it?"

Qin Wentian ashamedly nodded as he sighed, "On the path to now, there were simply too many things, I didn't even have a chance to stop for a breather. I really owe her way too much."

"Well, you are still not too late if you start thinking about it now. A woman like the Holy Maiden, if you don't hurry up and tie the knot with her, there are countless men who can't wait to pursue her," Lin Xian`er giggled, those eyes which like limpid water as soul-stirring as ever. A mild fragrance rose from her, permeating the air and causing the surrounding people to be mesmerised. Qin Wentian stared at her bright and beautiful eyes, but discovered that he could not see through her.

"Mhm," Qin Wentian nodded heavily. He was thinking that maybe not long from now, it would finally be time for him to make a return trip back to Grand Xia. When he returned to Chu and if Mo Qingcheng is willing, he will hold a marriage ceremony back in his hometown. If he did it that way, Qingcheng would definitely be very happy. In addition, there's still his foster father Qin Chuan, Sister Qin Yao, and Teacher Mustang. They would all be very happy.

Truly, he missed home a lot. He wondered if Qin Chuan and the others were still doing well.

"Junior brother Qin, I really envy you. With a woman like the Holy Maiden so deeply in love with you, if both of you got married, you definitely have to invite all the seniors in our sect to the wedding banquet." Ji Feixue raised his wine cup and laughed, his gaze inadvertently glanced over to Lou Bingyu who was standing beside Qin Wentian, only to see that she kept her head lowered, her raven-black hair flowing down like a waterfall, and he was unable to see her eyes.

"I will do so for sure. At that time, senior brother Ji and senior brother Duan Han and Bingyu, all of you must definitely come." Qin Wentian laughed joyfully as he lifted his wine cup as well.

Lou Bingyu inclined her head, her cool eyes s.h.i.+mmered with slight confusion as she turned and stared at Qin Wentian. Just so coincidently, Qin Wentian was also looking right at her. That handsome countenance exuded a faint warmth and gentleness, his clear eyes sparkled with radiant laughter. At this moment, he didn't exude the slightest bit of arrogance nor loftiness, resembling a ray of the purest sun light. His eyes and bearing were all extremely nice to look at, causing one to feel very comfortable when interacting with him.

"What's wrong?" Qin Wentian noticed Lou Bingyu slipped into a daze while looking at him, he couldn't help but ask in a low voice.

"Nothing." A strange expression appeared on Lou Bingyu's face as she hurriedly turned her gaze away. She lowered her head once more and didn't speak.

"With good food and beautiful women, this is pure happiness," Ji Feixue laughed, everyone else continued enjoying the banquet as their bodies underwent transformation. Occasionally, their gazes would s.h.i.+ft to the scene outside. Although the rankings were already out, strangely enough not many have left. It seemed as though the crowd outside was waiting for the partic.i.p.ants to step out.

As for the topic of the Immortal Martial Realm Rankings, discussion about it still continued on and on, the rumors and stories of Qin Wentian circulated more and more.

With regard to all of that, Qin Wentian naturally didn't know anything, and even if he did, he wouldn't show any interest. Other than eating and drinking, his eyes would constantly be trained on that flawless countenance standing outside waiting for him. Although they were separated by a dimension, she was always by his side, staring at him, waiting for him.

Throughout these few days, Qin Wentian could feel his strength improving bit by bit. There were many Heaven Chosen here who got drunk and fell asleep, and continued drinking the instant they awoke.

What made Qin Wentian taken aback was that a woman like Lou Bingyu also didn't inhibit herself, allowing herself to get drunk. Ji Feixue stood protectively by her side, not allowing anyone to take advantage of her. Such a brief interlude caused a deep and meaningful smile to appear on Qin Wentian's face.

The Plum Mountain Sword Sovereigness had always wished for her disciple Lou Bingyu to surpa.s.s Ji Feixue, and hence Lou Bingyu's target had always been Ji Feixue. Ji Feixue, the personal disciple under Sword Sovereign Ling Tian, might be her greatest compet.i.tor, but maybe, he was also her idol. She paid attention to Ji Feixue far more than anyone else.

An outstanding maiden like Lou Bingyu, young and beautiful. And although Ji Feixue was one of the eight-era suppressing geniuses, it was difficult that there wouldn't be sparks of love flying between them.

"The two of them really look like a perfect match for each other." At this moment Qin Wentian sat with his back to a stone wall in the interior of the ranking monument, he murmured as he turned his head back to stare at the runic lights flas.h.i.+ng on the stone wall.

"Is that so?" Lin Xian`er who sat beside Qin Wentian, declined to comment and simply laughed. Her ruby red lips curled up in a enigmatic smile as she added, "Maybe, maybe not."

"Can you see the runes inscribed on the stone walls?" Qin Wentian asked.

Lin Xian`er shook her head as a puzzled expression appeared in her eyes, "You can see them?"

"Mhm, I couldn't see at the start. After that, I could see blurry outlines and now, they are getting clearer and clearer," Qin Wentian nodded. A bright glow flashed in Lin Xian`er's eyes in response.

She turned to Qin Wentian and spoke, "I really don't know where you, such a demon-level talent, came from. However, there should be no mistake that there are some runes inscribed here. I've felt that this particular inner s.p.a.ce of the ranking monument is unique and special. The Realmlord organized a banquet for us, and the food and wine here can even improve our cultivation, as well as augmenting our affinity to the constellations and boosting our perception. I suspect all he has done is simply to build up our foundation to prepare us to see the runes here. What did you see, exactly?" Lin Xian`er curiously inquired.

"Too profound, I don't even understand it." A smile appeared on Qin Wentian's face, causing Lin Xian`er to pout as she glared at him. That pout on her could well imagine how attractive such an expression was on her face.

"However, let's give it a try." Qin Wentian sat cross-legged as he closed his eyes, entering into a state of self-immersion. His actions caused Lin Xian`er to blink rapidly. Was this fellow really so strong-willed? Or could it be that she wasn't charming at all?

As she thought of this, Lin Xian`er moved towards Qin Wentian, playfully punching out with her fist, yet stopping before it hit him. That beautiful countenance was only an inch away from Qin Wentian, so close that she could even feel his breathing.

"Oh, yes." At this moment, Qin Wentian abruptly spoke as he opened his eyes. Giving Lin Xian`er a huge scare. She hurriedly retreated in panic as a red blush of shyness flushed her face red. Her heart was pounding incessantly, but she saw that Qin Wentian had no fluctuations to his countenance. He acted as usual and smiled, "Xian`er, could you help to bring me some of the food and wine and lay it around me as I cultivate? I may need them."

After which, Qin Wentian's smile grew wider as he closed his eyes once more, his actions causing Lin Xian`er to feel as though she was being deceived. She blinked; why did she feel as though she had just been teased?

"Consider yourself ruthless," Lin Xian`er was speechless. Qin Wentian actually commanded her to bring food and wine over, how despicable. But still, she went and carried some of the food and wine back to him. Her actions caused the gazes of many of the Heaven Chosen to s.h.i.+ft onto Lin Xian`er, filled with envy for Qin Wentian. Some of these gazes even made Lin Xian`er feel so shy that she didn't wish to look at them.

Of the seven days of the banquet, in the blink of an eye already five days pa.s.sed. Within the Monument Realm, the gazes of everyone were completely focused on Qin Wentian. He was still sitting cross-legged, yet there were scintillating astral lights emanating from him. The astral runes engraved in the interior of the ranking monument's stone walls s.h.i.+mmered as astral light made up of countless motes of thrumming runes also cascaded down from them, landing on Qin Wentian.

"The interior stone walls of the ranking monument actually have such an effect?" The partic.i.p.ants all had thunderstruck expressions on their faces, n.o.body knew what was happening to Qin Wentian. Only Realmlord Wu Mu was smiling. Qin Wentian becoming number one in the Immortal Martial Realm compet.i.tion was definitely not due to luck.

Under the increasingly brilliant astral light enveloping him, ,the Yuanfu in Qin Wentian's body thrummed in response. Even his astral novas were humming; all the energy channels within his body were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy, transforming into tides of a great ocean, seething and boiling in anger.

Qin Wentian himself was like a bottomless pit, freely guiding and absorbing the astral light into his body. Within the short span of a day, a terrifying humming sound echoed from him as a powerful aura permeated the air. Qin Wentian's aura was transforming, all four of his astral novas erupted out from the void as they grew increasingly radiant.

"Only a single day to break through?" The hearts of the partic.i.p.ants all pounded violently. Qin Wentian's cultivation base had broken through to the seventh level of Heavenly Dipper. They still remembered that he was only at the fifth level when he stepped into the Immortal Martial Realm.

Now, not only was he the top ranker in the Immortal Martial Realm, acquiring many powerful innate techniques and even immortal arts, even his cultivation level had broken through. Everyone understood that right now, even in the outside world, in terms of pure combat prowess, Qin Wentian already had the ability to threaten the current eight era-suppressing geniuses.

Right now Qin Wentian felt as though he was sitting in the midst of a vast starry sky. The constellations here were the ground, he sat there immersed in endless astral light, the runic glow intensified as the boundless star light cascading downwards was channeled all around his body, yet he had no way to absorb them all. What a terrible waste.

As though he suddenly recalled something, Qin Wentian's perception drifted into that tiny astral-being locked deep within his sea of consciousness. The tendrils of his will probed incessantly into the deepest parts of the astral-being, bringing along with him that endless amount of astral energy.

Qin Wentian had entered the inner s.p.a.ce of the tiny astral-being, many times before. He continued exploring it, going deeper and deeper until he stood before some gigantic memory fragments. These large shattered fragments were only found in the deeper levels of the astral-being's inner s.p.a.ce, and clearly contained much more complete memories. Before this, he had no way to 'open' these due to lack of astral energy, but now, there was no better time for him to try.

Maybe, he would be able to see some of the deeper memories of his father through unlocking of these large astral memory fragments.

Boundless amounts of astral light flooded in, rus.h.i.+ng straight at a gigantic memory fragment like endless tidal waves. .h.i.tting the sh.o.r.e of a beach. The light radiating from the astral memory fragment grew increasingly brilliant. As the astral energy from the light unceasingly drilled into it, the fragment finally completely shattered apart, and a wave of memories rushed into Qin Wentian's sea of consciousness.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 600

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