Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 604

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Elder-level characters from the Royal Sacred Sect were all extraordinary individuals in their own right. Within the sect, they could even interact on an equal ground with the sect leader himself. These powerful elder-level characters didn't even have emperors of ancient countries or sect leaders of major reclusive sects in their eyes, it was only natural that the pride and arrogance exuding from them was overwhelming.

For this particular elder of the Royal Sacred Sect, there were countless disciples who couldn't wait to kowtow to him and join as his disciple. Not only that, these people were all the strongest Heaven Chosen from the younger generations. If they weren't the cream of the crop, there would be no way for them to join the Royal Sacred Sect.

In front of everyone he had extended an invitation to take Qin Wentian as a disciple. To him, this was already giving tremendous face to Qin Wentian.

Beside this elder, there were a few other young-looking characters. One among them spoke to Qin Wentian, "Not only is master extremely powerful, he is also an expert weaponsmith. His status is extraordinary even among the other elders of the Royal Sacred Sect, and if you join him as a disciple, your status would naturally far exceed the status of disciples of the other elders. Not only that, you can even learn more profound divine inscriptions from master, and as for equipment like divine weapons and armor, you don't have to worry about lacking that."

The surrounding crowd quietly listened. Such a temptation was truly something ordinary people would find hard to resist. Although Qin Wentian had obtained the accomplishment of ranking top in the Immortal Martial Realm, he was after all only an ordinary member of the Battle Sword Sect. There were too many uncertainties in the future if he wanted to depend on the Battle Sword Sect to join the Royal Sacred Sect and compared to right now where he could simply join instantly as long as he agreed.

"Sorry, I temporarily don't have the idea of joining the Royal Sacred Sect." Qin Wentian had already wanted to reject earlier, but he didn't expect that these people wouldn't listen to any excuses. To them, maybe the conditions they offered were already an indication of how much they valued Qin Wentian. But to Qin Wentian, those conditions truly weren't tempting at all.

Not only that, the conflict between him and Shang Tong wasn't an ordinary one. Even disregarding the grudge created back then between the Battle Sword Sect and Shang Tong in Xuan King City, wouldn't he be branded as heartless and unloyal if he forsook the Battle Sword Sect to join the Grand Shang faction in the Royal Sacred Sect?

Back in Xuan King City, those from the royal clan of Grand Shang wanted his death. It was only because of the help from the Battle Sword Sect that he survived. Even if he joined the Royal Sacred Sect in the future, he would only enter the Battle Sword faction.

"He rejected it." As the sound of Qin Wentian's voice faded, everyone was taken aback. Although his decision was within reason, Qin Wentian's decisiveness caused everyone to be shocked, as they mused silently that this fellow's temperament was extraordinary indeed.

As for the countenances of those from Grand Shang, they were all incredibly unsightly to behold. That elder's expression turned icy; this was the first time he had invited a junior to be his disciple, yet he was actually rejected in public? Where would he put his face? But if he were to make a move against someone of the younger generation, his reputation would be stained as well.

"Retard, not knowing what is good for you." Although the elder didn't express his dissatisfaction, this didn't mean that his disciples wouldn't speak out for him. The young man who spoke earlier turned to his master and added, "Master, although this man obtained the position of the top ranker in the Immortal Martial Realm, he can only pretend to be so high-and-mighty only for a time. In the future, he will naturally understand the concept of having a heaven beyond a heaven. How can a worm crawling on the ground understand the vastness of the sky? This person doesn't know how tall the heavens are and how wide the earth is, he isn't qualified to become master's disciple."

"That's right, a swallow can never understand the ambition of a swan. With a character filled with so much arrogance as that, Master wouldn't lose anything by not accepting such a disciple," another young man at the side added. As though wanting to help the elder to get back some of his face.

Qin Wentian felt the words spoken were exceptionally ear-piercing. Did he have to agree simply because the other party extended an invitation to him? And after he refused, he still had to endure such vilification and mockery? This had truly widened his perspective. How utterly ridiculous that two young men even wanted to humiliate him to fawn on their master.

Mo Qingcheng was still holding onto Qin Wentian, standing by his side. Her countenance turned cold as she stared in the direction of those two young men. Her beautiful eyes flickered with cold sharpness, causing the two to feel their entire bodies shake from a chill. The eyes of the empire-toppling beauty were akin to the sharp edges of blades as she stared right at them.

The two of them frowned, staring back at Mo Qingcheng as a mocking expression appeared on the face of one of the young men. It was as though he was mocking Qin Wentian for his uselessness and lack of courage to rebut them, and even had to depend on a woman to stand out for him.

"Luckily I didn't agree earlier." At this moment, a slight smile appeared on Qin Wentian's face, causing the two young men to stiffen as they turned their gazes over to Qin Wentian. What did his words mean?

Qin Wentian stared at them, his eyes brimming with an unyielding expression as a sarcastic look appeared on his face. "If not, if I became sect brothers with characters like the two of you, it would truly be an extremely embarrassing matter."

After speaking, Qin Wentian ignored their unsightly countenances and directly led Mo Qingcheng away, moving to stand at the side of the Medicine Sovereign. After that, he turned back again, ignoring the cold light of animosity directed at him as he directly stared in the direction of Shang Tong. "Get the fuck over here."

Shang Tong's brows furrowed, as his countenance gradually turned ashen. The loftiness in Qin Wentian's eyes was as though he was looking disdainfully down on an ant he could trample, the gaze of Qin Wentian pierced right into his heart.

Thinking back to that time in Xuan King City, he had sat there from up high, watching Qin Wentian's fight like he was looking at a play. At that time, they were people from different worlds; he knew that as long as he willed it, he could reap away Qin Wentian's life anytime. But even so, that young man whom he looked down upon back then actually obtained the top ranking in the Immortal Martial Realm. And not only that, in front of the crowd, he was actually asked, no, ordered, to scram the fuck over!

Although right now Shang Tong's cultivation base had already broken through to the seventh level of Heavenly Dipper, when facing against Qin Wentian who had the same cultivation as him, he wasn't really confident. After all, Qin Wentian was someone who had comprehended the power from a total of seven stone monuments.

"What do you mean by that?" Shang Tong's face was incredibly unsightly as he coldly retorted.

His words caused Fan Le and the others to all feel like laughing. What did Qin Wentian mean? In the Immortal Martial Realm, Shang Tong took advantage of the fact that their cultivation bases were suppressed and almost killed them. And now, he actually still asked Qin Wentian what he meant by that?

"Crown Prince of Grand Shang?" The mocking tone in Qin Wentian's voice grew more pronounced as he pointed his finger straight at Shang Tong. "Back then in Xuan King City, the words that you said, have you forgotten them? If you did, let me refresh your memories. 'I should personally kill you for your crime of killing my subordinates. But if I personally make a move, I would only disparage my own status. Who doesn't know how to speak words of bravado? I once slaughtered my way out of a battlefield after being besieged by a million enemies. Every moment I spent there felt like a moment in hell, and for those I killed, all their cultivation bases were higher than my own. If you can survive today, you may qualify to become my opponent. I will kill you then.' "

Qin Wentian stared at Shang Tong as he coldly continued, "Back then my cultivation was lower by a few levels compared to yours, yet you personally said all those words to me. Also, you even said that you would bestow a Heaven Mending Pellet to whoever could kill me. This is an old enmity. Right now I'm still alive, and my cultivation base has caught up to yours. Didn't you want to kill me? Why are you still standing there doing nothing?"

The gazes of countless individuals landed onto Shang Tong, as he instantly felt a burning sensation on his cheeks. The spectators all had expressions of interest on their faces; Qin Wentian was about to deal with the crown prince of Grand Shang, Shang Tong!

Qin Wentian's words were iron-clad truth. Right now, if Shang Tong hid away and didn't dare to battle, in the future, he don't even have to think about showing his face in public. This crown prince of Grand Shang would become nothing but a disgrace.

"How sad, to think that such a person would actually be a prince. So it turns out that he only knows how to use the advantage of his cultivation base to bully those weaker than him. The prestige of his royal father must have all been thrown away by him." Fatty Fan Le didn't forget to use his words and stab Shang Tong, as he mockingly continued, "Also, these people belong to the same clan as him, right? No wonder you rejected joining them. Considering the character of these people, their bad reputation would soon spread all across the Royal Sacred Region."

Shang Tong's hands were tightly clenched as his eyes turned red from anger, and the countenances of those from the royal Shang Clan were also incredibly ugly to behold. The iron-clad reality was there for everyone to see. If Qin Wentian's cultivation base was stronger than Shang Tong, it was nothing if Shang Tong wanted to avoid the fight. But if their cultivation bases was the same, and Shang Tong had said those words he said before, everyone would undoubtedly look down on him if he bowed out now.

"Shang Tong." The elder of the Royal Sacred Sect turned his gaze onto Shang Tong as he added, "Just go fight him, so what even if you lose? Just cultivate harder in the future."

Right now, the elder was fuming with anger. He could forget it if Qin Wentian simply rejected being his disciple, yet who would have thought that Qin Wentian would be so overbearing, forcing Shang Tong to fight against him? Shang Tong was also a junior of his clan, wasn't this simply not giving him any face?

Since Qin Wentian wished to fight, he would allow Shang Tong to fight with him. Not daring to fight would be more humiliating compared to being defeated.

"Right," Shang Tong nodded his head. He didn't dared to rebut the words of the elder. And also the elder had said that even if he lost, he could just cultivate harder in the future. This meant that the elder would protect him, Qin Wentian wouldn't dare to do anything to him.

"Since you want to battle so much, I shall grant it to you. I will remember the things that happen here today." Shang Tong slowly walked out, advancing towards Qin Wentian. His face was ice-cold and the aura from him abruptly erupted outwards. His eyes turned golden, containing a terrifying penetration ability within, and his killing intent was so cold that it caused the spectators to feel a bone-piercing chill.


A raging wind gusted by and instantly, Shang Tong only felt an incomparably tyrannical aura gushing over. A fearsome will of Mandate rushed into his sea of consciousness .He only saw Qin Wentian's silhouette blurring as several incarnations of Qin Wentian suddenly sprang into being. An endless stream of gigantic palm imprints containing enough energy within them to pluck the constellations slammed down, engulfing the entire sky.

Insta-crushed, the crown prince of Grand Shang couldn't even withstand a single strike. This was the first time the public had witnessed Qin Wentian's combat prowess, they were all thunderstruck.

Shang Tong's entire body was wrecked with pain yet the bodily pain he was feeling couldn't be compared to the pain in his heart. A strike, just a single strike. He stared at Qin Wentian who was also looking at him as he felt an intense incomparable feeling of shame flooding his entire being.

Qin Wentian stared at him, and lifted him up the air. The look of contempt in his eyes forcibly deflated the innate pride and arrogance of Shang Tong.

"Just like what you've said, who doesn't know how to speak words of bravado? But who would have thought that you would actually be such trash," Qin Wentian softly commented.

"Release him," an expert from the royal clan of Grand Shang stared at Qin Wentian as he commanded. Shang Tong could be defeated, but he wasn't allowed to suffer such humiliation.

"Release him?" Qin Wentian turned his gaze over as a smile of mockery appeared on his face. "Are you kidding me?"

The the sound of his voice faded, silence descended on this place. Qin Wentian's words… could it be that he even dare to kill a crown prince of Grand Shang Empire?!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 604

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