Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 606

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Arrogant, tyrannical.

Everyone initially thought the person who acted was the Medicine Sovereign. They didn't expect it was the old man standing beside him instead. But this man was now exuding an aura unsurpa.s.sed amongst the crowd.

"Try saying it again?"

The cold tone of his voice contained a terrifyingly sharp killing intent, stirring up a raging wind that permeated the atmosphere. His words weren't to ordinary people, but rather were to an elder-level character of the Royal Sacred Sect. One must know that elder-level characters of the Royal Sacred Sect were all lofty top-tier figures in the Royal Sacred Region.

Yet when that old man said such a sentence, n.o.body dared to doubt him. Because that incomparably terrifying killing intent had intensified to a point where everyone was involuntarily trembling from fear. It felt as though as long as that elder really did say that one more time, he would truly kill him where he stood.

The countenance of that elder of the Royal Sacred Sect turned incredibly ugly. What status did he have? He only came to spectate the rankings and who would have thought that he would suffer one bout of humiliation after another? Firstly, a junior rejected his invitation, and after which that junior slew Shang Tong right in front of his eyes. And even more so after that, when he said that Qin Wentian's life was his for sure, an old man stood out and told him to repeat his words once more if he dared.

If it was an ordinary character saying that to him, he would have destroyed him long ago. But this old man in front of him seemed to be a friend of the Medicine Sovereign. Not only that, the aura emanating from him was so powerful that it even suppressed his. This meant that there was a high possibility that the strength of this person was higher than his own. But, how could he be scared off considering his status? Not only that, these humiliating words were spoken right in front of countless other spectators.

With regards to this opening of the Immortal Martial Realm, there was a major world-shaking event that happened next which soon circulated through the entire Royal Sacred Region.

"Are you threatening this seat?" the elder icily replied, his aura flaring up in anger, and transforming into dark sinister clouds that rushed towards his opponent.


The old man took a step forth when he heard the elder's words. The instant this step landed, the killing intent in the air manifested visibly, transforming into a stream of resplendent light. A whole stretch of constellations instantly enveloped everything. That stream of resplendent light whistled through the air, even tearing apart the void.

"Threaten? You are not qualified yet," the old man calmly replied before coldly adding, "All of you, scram!"

As the sound of his voice faded, the experts from Grand Shang all turned and fled with explosive speed, appearing in a location far away after a few short moments. In the blink of an eye, only the elder from the Royal Sacred Sect remained, facing off against this old man who was standing beside the Medicine Sovereign earlier.

It wasn't that the Grand Shang experts didn't want to fight side by side with him, but rather they didn't dare to. With such an obvious disparity in strength, if they didn't retreat they would only die stupidly. n.o.body wished to die, hence they could only choose to flee away. Even the two disciples of that elder-level character also ran away, their countenances were all marred by terror. They hadn't expected that there would be such a powerful existence on the side of Qin Wentian.

"Who is he?" The crowd were all taken aback as they trained their gazes on that old man.

The Medicine Sovereign of the Medicine Sovereign Valley had always been an elusive existence and was extremely mysterious. He could be considered one of the most ancient characters still alive in the Royal Sacred Region, and n.o.body knew how long he had lived for, nor what level his cultivation had reached. Naturally, how could anyone know what sort of characters the friends of the Medicine Sovereign were?

Yet seeing that this old man could stand side by side with the Medicine Sovereign, and even exude such a terrifying aura, at the very least he must be someone on a similar tier compared to the Medicine Sovereign.

"HOW DARE YOU?!" The elder from the Royal Sacred Sect was completely enraged, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a baleful malevolence.

The Royal Sacred Sect was the hegemon of the Royal Sacred Region, their control spanning over countless territories and no matter where they went, the members of the Royal Sacred Sect would always be looked up to. As for him, he was an elder-level character, and usually the sect leaders of the large reclusive sects and emperors of ancient countries would still have to treat him with respect when they saw him.

But right now, not only did this opponent threaten him, he even told him to scram?

In front of the endless people here watching, he was actually threatened and told to scram? With his pride how could he endure this? So what if the strength of his opponent was higher compared to him?


Astral light flashed as constellations appeared in the sky. Black-flamed astral light swept across the heavens, floating in orbs behind him. Even though the crowd was very far away from him, they could clearly feel a terrible destructive pressure emanating from it.

"Retreat…!" The bodies of countless spectators all retreated, including Qin Wentian and his friends. Only characters on the level of the Medicine Sovereign and Flame Mountain Sword Sovereign could still stand there calmly, staring at the black-flamed orbs that caused the sky to change color. In fact, the orbs of fire seemed to be the form of terrifying infernal beasts that felt as though they were barely under control and could lunge out any time.

"Do you know who you are talking to?" the elder from the Royal Sacred Sect stared at the old man, the coldness in his tone so icy that it could pierce the bones. A divine weapon appeared in his hand, this divine weapon was a truncheon with terrifying runic images inscribed upon it. The instant this divine truncheon appeared, the black-flamed orbs flared up even more intensely, and the roaring of infernal beasts echoed even louder through the air.

"Since you don't wish to scram, in that case just leave your life behind." The eyes of the old man were still narrowed as he calmly spoke, and his tone didn't have any fluctuations to it, as though he was speaking of an extremely ordinary thing. Wanting an elder-level character of the Royal Sacred Sect to leave his life behind? How bold were these words? Just thinking about it would cause people to feel how crazy the one making these claims were.

Based on status, an elder-level character of the Royal Sacred Sect wasn't any lower in comparison to an emperor of an ancient country. And based on power, his strength was on par with or even exceeded those emperors. Wanting to kill such a character was already something that couldn't be described by the word 'bold.'

And in addition, did that old man have the strength to kill such an existence?

Although they had no way to sense the strength of the elder, it was clear that his cultivation base was at the latter levels of Celestial Phenomenon. And in addition to his divine weapon, how terrifying would his actual combat strength be?

"DIE!" That elder's rage completely erupted forth. He howled in anger and pointed out with his truncheon, causing a countless number of flame orbs to shoot towards his opponent. The flame orbs transformed into raging beasts that wrenched their maws wide open, seeking to devour the old man.


That old man seemed oblivious to the attacks and continued stepping out slowly. The instant his step landed, countless strings of light directly lacerated the attack apart. A blinding light exploded from the old man with a heat and brilliance akin to the blazing sun.

Under the constant threat from that elder's constellation, that old man continued walking forwards, and every step he took caused the blinding light from him to intensify to the point where he transformed into a thick beam of light - a beam of light that slaughters all that stood in its path.

The crowd only felt their eyes being blinded, they could see nothing anymore. Countless experts endured the pain and forced their eyes opened. They only saw streams of light as bright as the sun flas.h.i.+ng past, with the power to slice even s.p.a.ce apart.

When the light finally dissipated, remnants of destructive energies could still be felt lingering in the atmosphere. The two combatants didn't move, they stood in their original spots as though nothing had happened between them.

"Has this battle concluded?" Many had looks of puzzlement on their faces. Many people hadn't seen the ending of the battle.

The two old men simply stood there, as though time had stopped. Their actions were both extremely puzzling.

At this instant, the hearts of many suddenly violently convulsed, and even their breathing stopped. Their eyes were wide open, flas.h.i.+ng with terror as they witnessed something unbelievable.

The constellation in the sky had yet to disappear. That elder of the Royal Sacred Sect stood there, but an endless number strings of light suddenly erupted around his body, interweaving madly as the number of strings grew increasingly numerous, devouring him. After a moment, that elder-level character simply vanished from where he stood, like smoke into thin air. He had completely vanished, disappearing from the face of this earth.

After that, the constellation disappeared as a terrifying silence descended on this area. Everything was deathly still, and n.o.body dared to make any noise, yet the hearts of the crowd pounded rapidly without ceasing. Such a scene was definitely unforgettable, forever imprinted into their minds.

Those strings of light that criss-crossed the elder's body were actually wounds. And in the blink of an eye, countless cuts erupted, completely tearing him apart into nothingness. This caused many to feel waves of terror from the depths of their souls. This was simply too terrifying.

That old man with the narrowed eyes regained his original calm composure. His eyes were not narrowed any longer and that terrifying pressure emanating from him dissipated. Yet, the impression he had made had already been forever embedded into the minds of the spectators present here today.

Never in their wildest imagination would they have thought that after the Immortal Martial Realm concluded, yet another event that could shake the entire Royal Sacred Region happened. Although the battle was extremely short, it was surely proliferate around the world together with the names of those ranked upon the Immortal Martial Realm Monument.

An elder-character of the Royal Sacred Sect, an elder of a hegemon of an incomparably vast region had been slain in front of the public's eye. The impact of this news would definitely not be any weaker compared to the Immortal Martial Rankings. Not only that, there were points of similarity between these two events. They were all pointing at the top ranker of the Immortal Martial Realm of this batch - Qin Wentian!

"He's dead… This time, the person dying isn't simply a crown prince of Grand Shang but was instead a powerful elder from the Royal Sacred Sect." The crowd felt wooden as they processed the information, while those from the Grand Shang Empire started to tremble in fear. Even now, they still didn't believe that for the sake of Shang Tong, it even implicated an elder-level character who paid for his involvement in this matter with his life.

As for the two disciples of the Royal Sacred Sect, they gulped down their saliva as they stared at the old man with trepidation. It was as though they wished to say something, but didn't dare to make any sounds. After all, this old man didn't seemed to fear anything, and he even directly slew their master.

"Ah…" Their hearts started pounding in agony as their eyes turned bloodshot. The Royal Sacred Sect would definitely take revenge. In this region, there was actually somebody who dared to kill an elder of the Royal Sacred Sect. Even if that person was a friend of the Medicine Sovereign, the Royal Sacred Sect would definitely not spare him. No mercy would be shown.

Leaving aside others, even Qin Wentian himself was dumbfounded. He stared with bewilderment at that unknown old man.

Too crazy, why would this old man do such a crazy thing? An elder-level character had died because of him!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 606

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