Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 628

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The Sacred Battle Platform regained its silence. The remaining four combatants weren't in a hurry to start their battles, they were all closing their eyes in meditation.

And after a period of time, the crown prince of Radiant Gold challenged Fan Miaoyu, and Fan Miaoyu agreed, causing their stone platforms to move towards the center.

Resplendent light flashed as a radiant gold glow illuminated the skies. Sharp and extremely eye-piercing, this golden glow then cascaded down on the crown prince, forming into golden fragments that slowly enveloped his entire body. An instant later, a golden long spear appeared in his hands as an incomparably terrifying sharpness gushed forth from him.

At this instant, the crown prince who was clad in golden armor seemed to be cast from divine metal. His defense was unparalleled, it was impossible to breakthrough it.

Seeing how strong he was at this moment, the spectators couldn't help but to question their earlier judgement. Was he really the weakest out of the four remaining combatants?

For those who cultivated the Mandate of Gold, regardless of attack or defense, they excelled in both aspects.

Chi, chi…

An ear piercing sound directly echoed in the eardrums of the combatants. The golden fragments actually sealed off the ears of the crown prince directly. After all, his opponent was Fan Miaoyu who had comprehended the true intent of Sound. Sound waves were a very rarely seen form of Mandate, she could use it to disrupt the minds of her opponent and even slaughter them using sound.

Fan Miaoyu merely stood there quietly, yet the spectators noticed that the crown prince of Radiant Gold was frowning. He seemed to be extremely uncomfortable. However, since he had no way to seal of all his six senses, how could he completely block off sound? Right now, an ear-jarring sound relentlessly rang out in his mind. The harsh and discordant noises could even drive people crazy.

Sound waves were formless and invisible, n.o.body could sense that Fan Miaoyu was already attacking.

The crown prince could hear nothing else, his heart became frustrated as his senses became weak. Although he sealed his ears, he was still disturbed by the attack. Right now, he could only blast out attacks continuously. If not, he would soon go mad if he allowed Fan Miaoyu to continue what she was doing.

It was unknown when Qin Wentian opened his eyes, he was also spectating this battle. The golden long spear in the hands of the crown prince stabbed forth with indomitable force, piercing towards Fan Miaoyu.

Fan Miaoyu moved, she waved her palms as musical notes appeared in the air. Each of these manifested notes trembled violently as they smashed onto that golden spear. Sounds of collisions unceasingly rang out, along side with a sound similar to the twinkling of bells. An instant later, that golden long spear was shattered into pieces.

Fan Miaoyu then swept her hands forwards as the formless sound waves engulfed the crown prince in a gigantic web of music.

Qin Wentian's eyes gleamed with sharpness. The energy from sound was formless and invisible, it was exceedingly tough to defend against.

Yet another spear appeared in the crown prince's hands, he repeatedly stabbed out, and although he managed to destroy a large portion of the sound waves, it was useless, he was eventually still trapped within the web.


His body was completely enveloped despite his struggle. The golden armor enveloping him had thousands of dents all over it. Although the attacking power of formless sound waves couldn't be compared to other attacks, it was still extremely terrifying. If it wasn't for the fact that the crown prince's defense was so perverse, he would have already died to Fan Miaoyu.

Although the two of them had not completely unleashed all their strength yet, the outcome of this battle could already be predicted. When the crown prince of Radiant Gold replied with even stronger attacks, Fan Miaoyu unceasingly adjusted her level of power and ultimately, the crown prince could only choose to concede.

After witnessing such a battle, Qin Wentian was thinking about what would happen if he was the one facing against Fan Miaoyu?

The proficiency Fan Miaoyu had over her true insight of Sound wasn't any weaker in comparison to his control over the true intent of Force. If he was the opponent, he would probably be defeated as well.

After the crown prince of Radiant Gold was eliminated, only three combatants remained.

Qin Wentian, Wu Teng, Fan Miaoyu.

"Wu Teng." Qin Wentian suddenly spoke. Wu Teng looked at him as both of them stood out.

"I really wish to see if my true intent of Axe or your true intent of Force is stronger," Wu Teng smiled.

"In that case, let's fight first just using our true intent," Qin Wentian replied as an ancient halberd appeared in his hands.

"Sure." Wu Teng took out an ordinary axe as both of them walked towards each other. An instant later, the two of them erupted forth in attack.

Wu Teng chopped down with his axe, his actions as casual and as ordinary as they can be. Yet this simple-looking strike contained a grandeur to it. It seemed as though he was chopping down a tree, easily and effortlessly.

Qin Wentian's ancient halberd smashed against the axe. And in that instant, he felt a surge of energy from Wu Teng's axe that directly pa.s.sed through his ancient halberd, about to gush into his body and wanting to split him into two. At that very instant, Qin Wentian relinquished his hold on his halberd and right after that, his halberd was instantly severed into two pieces, akin to a piece of firewood chopped into two.

Even though Qin Wentian's halberd was severed, Wu Teng's axe also shattered. At the instant of their collision, Wu Teng felt a mighty force directly infusing his axe that was also about to travel into his body. If he didn't let go of his axe, his body would undoubtedly be ravaged by that force.

That exchange between them looked simple to the spectators, yet only the two of them knew of the dangers within.

"Awesome." Wu Teng was truly impressed with Qin Wentian. He had only just comprehended his true intent, yet he had already reached such a level.

"Come again," Wu Teng smiled. This time, he formed an axe from astral energy as the two of them rushed at each other, unleas.h.i.+ng their respective true intents.

"True intent of martial mandates. Truth. Control!" Qin Wentian was still gaining insights as he battled. But as they fought with their true intent, neither of them had a way to gain victory over the other.

"How about halting our battle first, wait for me I want to go try out her true intent of Sound." Wu Teng seemed to be somewhat excited and was preparing himself to fight against Fan Miaoyu.

"Right," Qin Wentian nodded and returned to his stone platform, closing his eyes once again in contemplation.

Such a scenario caused the spectators to be somewhat speechless. Yet right now, the atmosphere on the Sacred Battle Platform was no longer as tense as before. This Wu Teng seemed like a martial fanatic, wanting to test out his strength against various kinds of true intent, simply because he liked fighting and not for any other reason. In fact, this point of him being such a free-spirit resembled Qin Wentian slightly.

However, when he fought against Fan Miaoyu, his carefree att.i.tude was gone. He had no choice but to unleash all the strength he was capable of under the power disruption of the sound waves. The battle between two of them was no longer a spar to test their true intents, but rather, a real one where one party might die. This caused the blood of the audience to boil and their spirits soared high in excitement once more.

This battle between them was the battle between the two strongest partic.i.p.ants. Fan Miaoyu's strength was formidable, and Wu Teng once again exceeded the expectations of others. Other than comprehending a true intent, he had already reached the level where he could infuse his true intent completely with his innate techniques, resulting in terrifying might. The two of them frantically fought for one hour and the battle still showed no signs of ending.

"How powerful."

The spectators were truly shocked. Right now, Wu Teng seemed to have a demeanor akin to a warG.o.d. His axe arts contained enough power to even split apart the heavens. In fact, the faint silhouette of a war divinity could even be seen behind his back, further augmenting his strength.

"Too powerful, Wu Teng can even suppress Fan Miaoyu?" Gleams of excitement appeared in the eyes of the crowd. They finally understood why Wu Teng only used true intent to fight against Qin Wentian and didn't go all out. It turns out that Wu Teng didn't wish to bully Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian's cultivation base was lower compared to his, and if he really erupted forth with his true strength Qin Wentian definitely wouldn't be able to defend against him.

"Would Wu Teng become the number one of this grand battle? How surprising. Although Wu Teng is powerful, his fame is simply far from the eight era-suppressing geniuses."

Wu Teng sent Fan Miaoyu flying away with a strike, causing the hearts of the spectators to tremble slightly.

"You are very strong, but you are still a little inferior. Just concede," Wu Teng stared at Fan Miaoyu as he spoke.

"Wu Teng of War Country, everyone in the Royal Sacred Region has truly underestimated you. But today, you will be the one defeated for sure." Fan Miaoyu's voice was exceedingly calm. Wu Teng had a look of bewilderment on his face as he stared at her. After which, he felt another surge of terrifying energy permeating the air. After he sensed that, Wu Teng stood there dumbstruck.

However, Wu Teng could also be considered an extraordinary character. He quickly adjusted his mental state and bitterly smiled, "Since you have already comprehended two kinds of true intent, it's clear I won't be your match. I'll admit defeat then."

"Wu Teng, you are a great talent that matured slowly and your usage and control of strength is already at the peak. With such a solid foundation, when you break through to Celestial Phenomenon in the future you would definitely be able to condense an extraordinary constellation." Fan Miaoyu then asked, "Do you know who Wu Mu is?"

Wu Teng stared at Fan Miaoyu as he smiled, "If it wasn't for senior Wu Mu's guidance, I would never have been able to defeat you earlier when we were fighting with just one true intent."

After speaking, Wu Teng calmly exited the Sacred Battle Platform. After staying low profile for so many years and with the guidance of the Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm, his name could explode forth into prominence today. Although he was defeated today, everyone on the scene understood that Wu Teng's name would soon circulate throughout the Royal Sacred Region henceforth. After all, he was someone who could suppress Fan Miaoyu when they fought under the situation of each using only one true intent. It was already a very admirable achievement.

"The strongest among the nine combatants is still Fan Miaoyu. She has already comprehended two kinds of true intent." The spectators sighed in their hearts. This grand battle was finally concluded. Fan Miaoyu's reputation as one of the eight era-suppressing geniuses was truly well deserved.

Fan Miaoyu stared at her last opponent, a person whom she truly admired. Back then in the Immortal Martial Realm, he once said the era was changing as he defeated her, causing her to feel a sense of having pa.s.sed her prime.

Qin Wentian felt Fan Miaoyu's gaze. He opened his eyes and smiled in greeting.

"Although the era is changing, I don't wished to be replaced so soon. Even if you wish to step upon me to rise up, that day is not today, it will still be something in the future. You should already be proud. On the Sacred Battle Platform, your battle achievements can already be considered extremely remarkable." Fan Miaoyu slowly continued, "However the position of honor and glory still belongs to me today."

Qin Wentian stared at Fan Miaoyu as a smile flashed on his face. "I'm afraid, I'll have to disappoint you."

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 628

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