Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 634

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Xia Sheng arrived, Zai Qiu arrived, Quinn and Siko of the Battle Sword Sect arrived, Baim, Tu Leng, as well as the other leaders of their respective groups, had all also arrived. Their wills were resisting the overwhelming pressure from those towering auras. The elites chosen as the leaders of their groups were all individuals with exceptional combat prowess and people with iron wills. But not only the leaders, there were some other characters who also had the strength of will to resist.

"Xia Sheng, can you tell us now? What exactly is this place? And those floating items, are they immortal-ranked weapons? Those ancient text must be immortal arts right?!" Baim's white hair fluttered in the wind as he asked Xia Sheng.

"Not all of them are, but I can say for sure that the vast majority of those points of lights are immortal-ranked weapons or immortal arts." Xia Sheng's words caused the hearts of those here to tremble. There were actually so many?

"However, do not touch any of them. All of you bear this in mind, you must never ever touch those items or a calamity will descend upon us. Those immortal weapons and immortal arts are all suppressing the immortal tomb. If we touch any of them, the seal over the tombs would break and the immortals buried within would be able to come out."

"Are you joking? There are immortals underneath the tombs? Then why did we come here? Are you leading us to our death?" Tu Leng had an extremely violent personality, a blood-colored glow flickered in his eyes as he harshly questioned.

"The immortals within the tombs all have their cultivations sealed." Xia Sheng drew in a deep breath as a terrifying light gleamed in his eyes. Upon hearing his words, everyone present was taken aback.

Burying immortals? Sealing immortals?

Who would be so terrifying?

"What level is their seals at?" Quinn asked.

"No idea." Xia Sheng shook his head. "All of you had better listen carefully. In this place, do not ever use fifth-ranked divine weapons. The instant you do, those immortals that come out of the tomb would have their cultivation base raised to the peak of Celestial Phenomenon and if that happens, we will all die here. As long as we don't bring out a fifth-ranked weapon, the seal on them will restrict their cultivation bases to the peak of Heavenly Dipper."

"How can this be? The seal can adjust itself according to our cultivation? Is this the reason why those at the supreme-tier of Heavenly Dipper Realm are the most suitable candidates to explore this immortal palace?" Someone inquired.

"Yes. I can tell you for sure that even if these immortals' cultivation bases are restricted to the peak of Heavenly Dipper, they can still kill us effortlessly. If it were Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants who entered this place instead, their cultivation bases would be restricted to the peak of Celestial Phenomenon. Up until now, there hasn't been a single Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant in our Royal Sacred Region that could stand up to their strength. In the past, no matter how many peak-level Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants entered here, that many would die." Xia Sheng's words caused the hearts of everyone to be filled with trepidation.

What a terrifying place!

"Those roars, who are they? They are actually still alive." Someone asked.

"No idea." Xia Sheng shook his head. "This immortal palace is simply too vast and every time our Royal Sacred Sect sent people here, they would try to probe the secret of a single location. In any case we will wait for more people to gather before we start seizing the immortal arts. The sect has already promised us that if we obtained any, we would be allowed to cultivate it."

"Now, you all can roam this place. But without my orders, do not act recklessly. We have to wait for everyone to gather before we make a move. If not, don't blame me for showing no mercy." A terrifying aura suddenly gushed forth from Xia Sheng, thick with killing intent as though he was warning the people present here.

Qin Wentian stood up, after which he walk about. In this boundlessly vast land of desolation, there were many tombs situated. Right now, he came before an extremely-ancient looking tomb.

Before him, there was a page from a book filled with ancient text floating there. Several runic words could be seen s.h.i.+mmering, yet his perception had no way to see through it. Somehow, an intense desire bloomed in Qin Wentian's heart, he wanted nothing more than to step forth and grab that page away.

Ridding himself of that desire, Qin Wentian's silhouette flickered as he moved about the landscape. Right now in front of him was an ancient blood-colored long spear that radiated a towering heavenly might so powerful that it could rend this world asunder. In fact, Qin Wentian felt his body was about to break down just by standing next to it. The blood in his body was seething and surging, totally out of his control, extremely terrifying.

Not only Qin Wentian, those who were already present all felt the temptation when they stared at the objects floating above the tombs. They all felt a rush of impulse, wanting nothing more than to grab those immortal arts and weapons away. Despite their strong wills, it was exceedingly hard to rid themselves of the temptation.


Finally, in this graveyard, a terrifying whistling sound echoed through the air. In a certain direction, a beam of light broke the dome of heavens, grabbing the attention of all who ventured here. Xia Sheng's countenance grew incredibly unsightly as killing intent flashed in his eyes.

"MO YONG, YOU ARE COURTING DEATH!" Xia Sheng roared in rage. "Everyone return here and gather by my side immediately!"

Several figures flashed, returning to the side of Xia Sheng. Qin Wentian returned as well, his gaze now fixed onto Mo Yong.

Mo Yong was a Heaven Chosen of the Great Earth Sect. He had discovered an extremely terrifying immortal weapon that contained an overwhelming amount of earth-elemental energy floating atop a tomb. Mo Yong naturally wanted to seize the item for his own. However, the instant he touched it, the tomb beneath broke apart and over there, a figure could suddenly be seen standing there.

This man had a demonic-looking countenance and his yellow hair were dancing wildly in the wind. He was clad in a brown-colored long robe and his eyes were staring straight at Mo Yong. The depthless eyes of his caused the souls of everyone present to s.h.i.+ver.

"Who are you?" The face of the yellow-haired man was wan and swallow, yet he exuded a boundless sharpness. His eyes were locked on to Mo Yong, causing Mo Yong's entire body to involuntarily tremble from fear and terror.

"Are you the one who buried me in here? Stealing my treasure? SEALING MY DESTINY?!" His voice seemed to came from ages long past, and as he stepped out, Mo Yong felt an incomparably heavy pressure boring down on him.

His countenance pale as he repeatedly shooking his head, "I'm not the one."

"You steal my treasure, seal my destiny, bury my soul. You should die, DIE!" The yellow-hair figure took another step forwards, as Mo Yong retreated with explosive speed. However, that figure merely stretched his palms out and grabbed the air. With an explosive sound, the earth on the ground flew up, forming a prison around Mo Yong instantly, restricting his movements and pressing down on him with enough force to bury him.

"YOU SHOULD DIE!" A fearsome killing intent flashed in the eyes of that man. Strands of his yellow hair transformed into countless sharp swords that exploded outwards.

"NOOOO~ SAVE ME!" Mo Yong's countenance flashed with despair. After which, a sharp sword penetrated through Mo Yong's head, pinning him onto the ground.

At this moment, Xia Sheng and the others all arrived somewhere near that yellow-haired figure. Their footsteps abruptly stopped, only to see the yellow-haired figure pulling out the sword, which turned back into a strand of his yellow hair. That strand of hair glistened with blood, s.h.i.+ning in an extremely blinding manner, yet also exuding a sense of incredible power.

"How powerful." The expressions of Xia Sheng and the rest were all incredibly grim. The aura exuded from this man was merely at the peak of Heavenly Dipper, similar to all of them. Mo Yong wasn't an ordinary person, his combat prowess could be considered very strong as well. However, in front of this yellow-haired figure, he didn't even have the strength to resist.

The eyes of the person s.h.i.+fted onto Xia Sheng and the rest. His eyes glimmered with yellow light and just a single gaze caused everyone to perspire profusely as their souls quavered in terror.

"Are all of you the ones who sealed my destiny, buried my soul, stealing my treasure?" That figure stared wildly at Xia Sheng and the rest. After which, he mumbled to himself as he stared at the sky, "And as for me, who am I?"

"Prepare to join hands, use all our strength to kill him." Xia Sheng spoke in a low voice. Everyone started to blast out their auras causing this entire s.p.a.ce to tremble.

"Who, am I?" That person seemed not to be aware that Xia Sheng and the rest were already preparing to attack him. He was still staring at the sky when Xia Sheng issued the order to surround him.

"Bring him under our control first. ACT NOW!" Xia Sheng roared. As the sound of his voice faded, there were ancient vines, iron chains, the power of s.p.a.ce all acting in accord, erupting forth at the same moment, trying to lock that yellow-haired figure down.


The figure retracted his gaze, s.h.i.+fting it onto Xia Sheng. The earth trembled violently as it suddenly rose up, forming a protective dome enveloping the figure within. At the same time, the attacks of Xia Sheng and the rest arrived, furiously slamming onto that earthen dome, trying to break it apart.

The dome broke apart, the yellow-haired figure appeared once more. However, the restrictions binding him had all already been struggled free of.


The figure slowly stepped out. Just this single step caused a random opponent to be swallowed up by the great earth. He lifted his palms and slammed it forward. That casual palm strike shattered the earth, alongside with the poor victim trapped within it earlier.

At the same time, the experts under Xia Sheng unleashed another bout of attacks. Xia Sheng's hair fluttered wildly in the wind as he punched out. Brilliant fist light flashed, even the void was trembling as the force of his punch lashed out. However, that yellow-haired figure merely lifted his hands. A golden screen of light manifested before him as Xia Sheng's attack landed. Rumbling sounds echoed out as cracks spread like spiderwebs across the golden screen of light. However, Xia Sheng's attack wasn't powerful enough to shatter the defense mounted by the yellow-haired figure.

"Is that infused with true intent? That energy seemed to resemble the ones I saw before on the path of the gra.s.s hut. It must be a fusion of true intent, yet n.o.body can tell which Mandates are being used. This is simply too powerful. When that yellow-haired figure shouted out 'who sealed my destiny, buried my soul,' could it be that he is already dead? Or is he really an immortal whose cultivation base has been sealed?"

Qin Wentian was deeply shocked. Xia Sheng wasn't exaggerating facts to scare them earlier. Just any random expert that broke free of their tomb, even though his cultivation base was restricted, he could still effortlessly kill anyone among them, including Xia Sheng.

This yellow-haired figure was an immortal. Even if his cultivation base was sealed, in the same realm, he's an unrivalled existence - the owner of the true t.i.tle 'Unrivalled in Heavenly Dipper."

If Qin Wentian was as strong as him, he would definitely be the strongest in the Royal Sacred Region.

"All of you get lost for me!" From the void, an incomparably demonic voice echoed out, cold, sharp, his voice ringing with the tone of command. Instantly, those towering auras from before, those powerful streams of perception, completely vanished without a trace. Even Xia Sheng who was currently in combat felt his heart violently pounding, although the voice was not directed at them. Who was the owner of that voice earlier?

How powerful was he?

At this moment, in a certain place inside this boundlessly vast immortal palace, two pairs of eyes penetrated through the void, staring at the scene in the graveyard.

One among them was clad in black, exuding an incomparably demonic aura. His eyes were beyond sharp, and his cold eyes were currently emotionlessly staring at the figures in combat. He spoke in a low voice, "Yet another bunch of reckless idiots who don't know the value of their lives. With such pathetic combat prowess, they can't even get through the immortal graveyard. Are you holding hope that these people would be able to acquire this immortal palace and the ultimate inheritance within this place?!"

"It has already been 80,000 years, have you not awakened from your foolish fantasy yet?"

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 634

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