Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 635

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Xia Sheng and the others were all badly startled by the sounds resounding through the air, however they didn't dare to delay any longer. The yellow-haired figure which they had surrounded was simply too terrifying. Just lifting his hand was sufficient to cause an expert at the supreme-tier of Heavenly Dipper who had comprehended a true intent to die.

"Fan Miaoyu, use your sound waves to attack," At this moment, a woman's voice rang out, she was none other than an expert from the Forgotten Immortal Tower. Fan Miaoyu nodded as a blast of formless sound waves violently gushed out, causing the eyes of the yellow-haired figure to gleam with a terrifyingly cold light. He turned his gaze in the direction of Fan Miaoyu, and Fan Miaoyu instantly felt as though her entire body was frozen solid. After which, the yellow-haired figure waved his palms, causing a gigantic palm imprint manifested from earth essence to directly pin her down.

"BIND HIM!" Xia Sheng roared. Ancient vines manifested, restricting the yellow-haired figure once again.

"CLEAVE!" Wu Teng soared up into the skies and cleaved down with indomitable might. Yet, the yellow-haired figure merely lifted his palms once more as that golden screen of light manifested, transforming into a s.h.i.+eld of great earth. Although the axe strike caused cracks to appear in it, it failed to shatter it.

Qin Wentian also advanced forward, his true intent of Dreams gus.h.i.+ng out. The yellow-haired figure halted for a moment, standing there as his hair danced in the wind.


All of a sudden, that yellow-haired figure gave a roar as he stretched his hand out towards Qin Wentian. The true intent of Dreams actually couldn't affect him. Qin Wentian had no way to pull him into a dreamscape.

Too powerful, he was so powerful that he could break through any kind of true intent.


A terrifying whistling sound rang out as sword qi slashed through the sky. Quinn's white-robed figure appeared, flying upon his sword akin to an immortal being descending from the heavens. Instantly, several illusory figures could be seen in the area as streams of fearsome sword qi directly slashed at the yellow-haired figure.

"ALL OF YOU USE YOUR STRONGEST TECHNIQUES TO KILL HIM!" Xia Sheng roared in rage. The short-statured Tu Leng stepped out, and a demon subduing lightning divine pole appeared behind him. That was his astral nova, the lightning energy contained within had an explosive effect that could cause pure destruction. He stomped on the ground and that short stature of his suddenly expanded together with that divine pole as he smashed the pole down from the sky. Thousands of arcs of electricity sparkled, tearing apart everything as it blasted into the yellow-haired figure. The attack was so powerful that even the immortal was trembling from the aftereffect.

"Ke…." The yellow-haired figure lifted his head and drew in a deep breath. He opened his mouth wide and actually began to devour all the destructive energy. Even the earth trembled violently as a result of his devouring.

"DIE!" An expert brandished a gigantic blood halberd, smas.h.i.+ng it down on the yellow-haired figure. That gigantic blood halberd actually managed to impale the target. However, the yellow-haired figure merely stood there unmoving, allowing that expert to attack him. He then took a step forward and slammed a punch outwards.

With a deafening boom, the hearts of everyone pounded. The next instant, a large cavity appeared in the place where the heart of the halberd-wielding expert was. His heart had been totally crushed into nothingness.

At this moment, the blood halberd impaled in the figure suddenly dissolved, as numerous poison scorpions appeared, infesting his blood stream and feasting upon his flesh. This caused the countenance of the yellow-haired figure to turn black as his vitality rapidly declined.

"He is poisoned by the blood halberd, in that case he will definitely die for sure." The hearts of everyone bloomed with joy when they saw this. Xucan was a leading character of the Sky Poison Valley, his proficiency in the poisoning arts was at an extremely high level. As long as he successfully administered the poison, no one at the Heavenly Dipper Realm would be able to survive.

However, everyone discovered that the eyes of the yellow-haired figure were still as sharp as ever. He swept a glance over them before lifting his head and stared at the sky, exuding an intense feeling of desolate loneliness.

"Burial Immortal, Burial Immortal, you are so ruthless. So many immortals came to this place to seek your inheritance yet you buried all of them. Why did you bury over ten million immortals and demons? WHY?!" A spark of intelligence flashed in the eyes of the yellow-haired figure as though he remembered something of his past. His words, deeply stirred the hearts of everyone present.

Burial Immortal? Was that a t.i.tle of a certain powerhouse?

Why did he bury over ten million immortals and demons?

These immortals were also here to seek the inheritance? If even immortals l.u.s.ted over the inheritance, how strong was the master of this palace exactly? Being able to bury over ten million of them? How powerful was he?

No wonder even the sect leader of the Royal Sacred Sect didn't dare to enter here recklessly.

Right now everyone discovered that, although they already felt that this was an extraordinary place, it turned out that they had still underestimated this immortal palace.

"ATTACK!" Xia Sheng's heart was like steel, he maintained a clear head and issued the command. He lead the experts and slammed out with his fist. Momentarily, a trillion beams of fist-light slammed out, smas.h.i.+ng everything, unceasingly ramming into the body of the yellow-haired figure. The others also frenziedly unleashed attacks yet despite doing so, the yellow-haired figure didn't seemed to be affected.

A terrifying earthen-yellow light spiraled around him. That person s.h.i.+fted his gaze staring at those leading the attack. He stood upright and tall, exuding an imposing presence akin to an absolute fiendG.o.d.

"Ants of the Heavenly Dipper Realm, ridiculous, too ridiculous. YOU BURIED ALL OF US YET ALLOWED A BUNCH OF ANTS TO COME TO THIS PLACE?! Could it be that the reason for the burial was because you wished to nurture these ants from the Heavenly Dipper Realm to the point where they could inherit your legacy?" The yellow-haired figure bursted out into a crazy laughter, as a deranged light flashed in his eyes.

He wasn't willing to believe that back then so many immortals came to this place to contend for the inheritance, yet it was all a trap. Most of them were buried here with their cultivation sealed while the others died. Was it really for the sake of these ants at the Heavenly Dipper Realm?

Too ridiculous, an existence like himself actually became a test for these ants? Sealing his cultivation base to this level just to become sparring partners to temper these ants in combat?

"Since you want this, let me grant it to you. I don't know how many years have you waited for, but I hope that the one you are waiting for will appear. I want to see if these ants nurtured by your burial of ten million immortals would be able to inherit your boundless magnificence." The yellow-haired figure howled as a beam of yellowish brown light erupted forth from him. His body exploded and actually transformed into the earth, completely vanis.h.i.+ng from this spot.

A terrifying formless energy forced everyone to retreat. Several people coughed out blood from the after-impact as their countenances turned as pale as paper.

Qin Wentian was similarly forced back as he coughed out two mouthful of blood. He climbed his way back up, as his countenance flickered, his heart shaking violently as he thought back to the words the yellow-haired figure had spoken.

Burying ten million immortals and demons just to nurture ants at the Heavenly Dipper Realm, hoping to find a successor?

These immortals and demons were a test prepared by the master of the immortal palace?

Ten million terrifying existences came here to contend for the inheritance, yet all of them were either annihilated or buried. What level of cultivation had the master of this palace reached exactly?

Was he someone at the same level as the sect leader of the Royal Sacred Sect? Surely not, that level was simply too low. All of the immortals and demons buried here should all be much stronger than the sect leader of the Royal Sacred Sect.

"Swish, swish~!" Several figures flickered as they dashed towards an ancient rune s.h.i.+mmering in the skies.

"Get lost." Yet another figure descended and grabbed the ancient rune floating in the sky. Upon seeing who the person was, the gazes of the others stiffened. It was Zai Qiu, n.o.body dared to act recklessly when they saw it was a member of the Core Faction.

"That ancient rune shall belong to Zai Qiu," Xia Sheng faintly spoke, causing ugly looks to appear on the faces of everyone. That ancient rune was an immortal item, yet now that Zai Qiu had it in his possession, they would certainly not be able to get a share of it.

"Was there something wrong earlier? Why did that sealed immortal have intelligence? He actually had memories of the past." Xia Sheng frowned as he shook his head.

"Xia Sheng, is that something unique?"

"The sect told us that these buried immortals have already forgotten everything. Yet that yellow-haired figure earlier seemed to be awake." Xia Sheng's heart pounded slightly as he continued, "Nevermind, even if we failed to obtain any more treasures, just this information uncovered made it so that this trip in here wasn't wasted."

Everyone was silent. Just as what Xia Sheng said, if they reported this to the sect, news may leaked and even people from outside the Royal Sacred Region might descend.

"Since we are already here, how can we go back empty-handed? With so many people, how can we not seize the opportunity to obtain some immortal treasures?" Zai Qiu's voice rang out, causing many to look at him. Some of the experts then nodded, "Zai Qiu is right. Since we are already here, how can we return empty-handed?"

Xia Sheng glanced at Zai Qiu before nodding his head. "Okay, let's wait here for the others first. I'm sure there are others that still haven't arrived yet. None of us must do what Mo Yong did earlier. If someone does so, even if he doesn't die in the hands of the buried immortals, I shall personally kill him for sure."

"Mhm, let's wait for Cloud and Loneliness to come out. We will work together with them and take these immortal-ranked items. Even if those buried here are immortals, as long as their cultivation base is restricted to Heavenly Dipper, we will kill them all the same."

Cloud and Loneliness were divine inscriptionist grandmasters, they were extremely crucial to this operation. Without them, it was exceedingly difficult for them to slay the buried immortals.

"Fan Miaoyu, Wu Teng, both of you have arrived." Qin Wentian nodded his head to both of them. The two of them came here slightly later than him, but since they could make it out of that pa.s.sageway with their own power, it was already something very impressive.

"Fan Miaoyu, you follow me." At this moment, the expert from the Forgotten Immortal Faction of the Royal Sacred Sect who spoke earlier stated. Fan Miaoyu was a core disciple of their Forgotten Immortal Tower, although she wasn't really very familiar with this expert of the Forgotten Immortal Faction, they shared the same roots.

Fan Miaoyu could only glance apologetically at Qin Wentian with a smile, after which she turned and nodded to the woman who spoke, "I would have to trouble senior to take care of me then."

After that, everyone closed their eyes in mediation and as time pa.s.sed, the people exiting from the pa.s.sageway got more and more and the instant they exited, there would be someone telling them of the scenario that happened earlier. Cloud and Loneliness had also finally arrived, and they immediately started to prepare a divine inscription formation in front of an immortal tomb.

Qin Wentian stared at the two of them preparing the formation. They seemed to be creating an extremely complex, support-type great formation. It could be seen that their attainments in the field of divine inscriptions were both extraordinary.

After an entire day, the divine inscription formation was finally finished. This formation was in the shape of a huge golden roc and was directly facing that immortal tomb.

"This formation is named the Great Golden Roc Formation, it contains boundless might and can pool our strength together as long as all of us stand at the designated locations. Those in charge of the attack can adjust and borrow the strength of all others in the formation. No matter how strong the buried immortals are, they would surely die when faced against the might of our formation," Cloud explained, he was filled with confidence regarding this formation which he inscribed. Qin Wentian also knew that this formation was truly terrifying, especially so when everyone in the formation was at the supreme-tier of Heavenly Dipper.

"I will arrange your positions." Xia Sheng spoke. "Quinn and Sikou, both of you are known for your powerful attacks. Bring Qin Wentian along and the three of you will be at the forefront of this formation.

"Zai Qiu, bring people and stand at the wings, I will be at the talon and Fan Miaoyu's group will be at the tail…" Xia Sheng commanded. Qin Wentian frowned, maybe the others couldn't tell what Xia Sheng's intentions were. But for him, who was also proficient in divine inscriptions, he knew what Xia Sheng was planning just from his words.

Those at the forefront would have to directly face off against the immortal's attacks. That was an incredibly dangerous position.

The wings were the most nimble, while the talons, which was the position Xia Sheng was at, were most suited for attack. Those at the tail were supposed to launch unexpected attacks. However, the true controller of this formation would be those who stood at the wings.

"If we succeed, who does the immortal treasure belonged to?" Qin Wentian asked. He wasn't a member of the Royal Sacred Sect. Naturally, he was unwilling to be placed at the position with the most danger if there was wasn't going to be any benefit.

"Mhm? Zai Qiu frowned. He glared at Qin Wentian and replied, "Cut the c.r.a.p, just follow the orders."

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 635

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