Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 644

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What to do?

At this moment, the entire Battle Sword Faction was silent as several gazes stared at Qin Wentian, their eyes all filled with helplessness and reluctance. Could it be they really had no choice and could only surrender, watching on as Qin Wentian sent himself to his death?

Quinn had already died. Were they going to lose another dazzling character like Qin Wentian?

It was impossible to rebel. Their Faction didn't have the strength to resist the Core Faction. Not only that, if the Core Faction wanted to destroy them, they didn't even need to act personally. They could simply control the other factions to do the dirty work for them.

They couldn't rebel, and Zai Qiu was planning to pin the same crime on Qin Wentian as he had upon Quinn, giving him no path of survival. Not only that, the upper echelons of the Core Faction seemed to be silently condoning Zai Qiu's actions. This made everyone understand that they had already allowed Zai Qiu to do whatever he wanted.

"Let's go look for the ancestor. I've something to say to him." A gleam of resolve flashed in the beautiful eyes of Mo Qingcheng. She pulled Qin Wentian's hand as she walked ahead, her actions causing Qin Wentian to stare at her in bewilderment. Right now in her gaze, he could see an extreme determination. Maybe she would only reveal this expression towards those she loved the most deeply. Courage, resolution, and the willingness to pay any price.

Upon staring at her eyes, Qin Wentian felt as though the dark clouds over the horizon vanished into nothingness. A warm smile flashed in his eyes, and he held on tightly to Mo Qingcheng's hand as the two of them headed to the location where the ancestor of the Battle Sword Sect was at.

"Has the Core Faction invited you before, but you rejected them? The old man directly asked Qin Wentian upon noting their arrival.

"Yes. That expert surnamed Li had once invited me to join the Core Faction," Qin Wentian nodded. The expression on the face of the old man froze slightly. No wonder the upper echelons condoned Zai Qiu's actions.

"Senior, the Royal Sacred Sect killed Quinn and wants to deal with Qin Wentian by pinning a crime of implicating fellow members onto him. If we can overthrow the words of that female from the Grand Shang Faction, would it be of use?"

The eyes of the old man stared at Mo Qingcheng. "Are you referring to soul search? They would never allow you to search the soul of an elite from the Grand Shang Faction. Soul searching is considered a form of punishment."

"We don't need to search her soul. I can refine a kind of pill that will make her speak the truth. The pill wouldn't have any side-effects as well." Mo Qingcheng replied.

"Are you sure?" The eyes of the old man flashed with sharpness.

"Mhm." Mo Qingcheng nodded.

"If you can really produce such a pill that make her state the truth, we can prove that Quinn's death was an unjust death. They won't be able to use that reason to kill Qin Wentian. Unless, Zai Qiu insists on using the first crime of disobeying his command and ignores the bad reputation that this would bring him, we have no way to stop him from killing Qin Wentian as well," the old man answered.

"In that case, let's blow up the matter as large as possible, allowing this to spread to everyone in the Royal Sacred Region. Leave this matter to me, the Battle Sword Sect would be better served staying in the shadows," Mo Qingcheng stated. She knew that the Battle Sword Faction hated the fact that they could do nothing. They were extremely agonized and felt suppressed because their strength couldn't match the core faction. Death was the only outcome if they chose to rebel.

"Fine." The old man intently stared at Mo Qingcheng. After which, he turned and smiled at Qin Wentian, "You little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are truly someone blessed."

Regardless of this maiden beside him or that little doll Qing`er. These two are both absolute beauties that were willing to do anything for him.

Today, Qin Wentian and the ancestor of the Battle Sword Sect conversed for a long time...

And during the next day, a huge commotion arose in the Sacred Royal City. All of them were discussing about the same topic.

The Core Faction of the Royal Sacred Sect condoned Zai Qiu, a descendant of the Sacred Emperor, when he chose to kill a Heaven Chosen of the Battle Sword Faction because of a personal grudge. Right now, they were even pressing knives to Qin Wentian's neck, wanting to kill this absolute genius. This caused the entire population living in the Sacred Royal City to all discuss about this matter.

What sort of character was Qin Wentian? He had experienced the journey into the Immortal Martial Realm and partic.i.p.ated in that grand battle on the Sacred Royal Platform. Almost everyone had heard of his name, and all of them thought that this character that exuded unmatched magnificence throughout his generation would surely s.h.i.+ne with dazzling light when he joined the Royal Sacred Sect. But right now, when this shocking piece of news was circulated, how could it not cause the hearts of people to s.h.i.+ver?

Zai Qiu was from the Core Faction, which was the true controller of the Royal Sacred Sect. The reason as to why he wanted to kill Quinn and Qin Wentian was because after that grand battle on the Sacred Battle Platform, the Royal Sacred Sect invited the various Heaven Chosen at the supreme-tier of Heavenly Dipper to enter into a secret realm. In that secret realm, and at a moment of crisis, Quinn and Qin Wentian chosen to save Fan Miaoyu and ignored Sun Qing. This, was the first reason.

And the second reason was because Quinn and Qin Wentian tried to implicate members of the Royal Sacred Sect into danger. The witness was a female from the Grand Shang Faction. In the Royal Sacred Region, almost everyone knew of the grudge Qin Wentian had with Grand Shang Empire and hence, it gave this accusation credibility.

What was even more shocking that the actions of Zai Qiu wanting to kill Qin Wentian was actually condoned by the upper echelons of the Royal Sacred Sect. Qin Wentian was of the Battle Sword Sect, which was a faction of power in the Royal Sacred Sect. Back then when the Core Faction invited Qin Wentian to join them, he actually rejected the invitation, causing much resentment.

The Core Faction of the Royal Sacred Sect, the hegemony in the Royal Sacred Region actually had such a low degree of tolerance. They were vicious and wanton, choosing to kill a genius simply because he didn't wish to join them.

Such news was extremely explosive, and the speed which it circulated couldn't be blocked at all. Soon after, it spread out of the Sacred Royal City and throughout the Royal Sacred Region.

The hearts of people in the Royal Sacred Region were all extremely alarmed. Many genius characters all felt a wave of dismay. The hegemony that had governed the Royal Sacred Region for so many years was actually of such a character? Join me and prosper, defy me and die?

If the rumors were real, the Royal Sacred Sect was simply too disappointing. In the future, would there still be people who dared to join the Royal Sacred Sect.

One must know that the Battle Sword Faction was also a part under the Royal Sacred Sect. But they wouldn't even spare genius characters like Quinn and Qin Wentian? Many people were lamenting how unfair it was that Quinn died. They too felt sad at what Qin Wentian had to undergo and hoped that he would be able to escape this calamity.

During the third day, yet another piece of more shocking news circulated out. Qin Wentian formerly announced that he was leaving the Battle Sword Sect and was no longer a disciple under it, hence breaking off all relations.h.i.+ps with the Royal Sacred Sect.

This news caused many to be dumbstruck by Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian actually had such spirit, decisively cutting all relations with the Royal Sacred Sect. Since you are heartless, why is there a need for me to remain behind? The crowd also speculated there was another reason behind his departure. In the future, the conflict between Qin Wentian and the Royal Sacred Sect worsen even further, it would have nothing to do with the Battle Sword Sect since he is no longer a part of it.

n.o.body knows if this was something suggested by the Battle Sword Sect or was it by Qin Wentian. But undoubtedly, this was a conclusion from the long discussion they had.

This matter wasn't concluded yet. Not long after Qin Wentian announced him leaving the Battle Sword Sect, there were news saying that Zai Qiu headed to the Battle Sword Faction and wanted to directly control Qin Wentian, yet he was stopped by people. These people who stopped him were members of the Battle Sword Faction as well as people from the Medicine Sovereign Valley. Seven doyen-level characters under the Medicine Sovereign personally arrived there and announced the engagement between their Holy Maiden Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian. If the Royal Sacred Sect didn't give them a good reply and directly captured Qin Wentian, the Medicine Sovereign Valley would naturally stop them and from now on, sever all supply of medicinal pills traded to the Royal Sacred Sect.

A series of unexpected connected events caused the world to be thunderstruck. These few days, the topics of discussion all revolved around the Royal Sacred Sect, the Medicine Sovereign Valley, and Qin Wentian.

The att.i.tude of the Medicine Sovereign Valley caused many to be impressed. Acting in such a way showed that they evidently had no wish to give any face to the Royal Sacred Sect.

Also, everyone was also discussing about the relations.h.i.+p between the Holy Maiden Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian. During these trying moments, the two of them actually decided to get engaged? It was obvious that the Medicine Sovereign Valley's att.i.tude was precisely because of Mo Qingcheng. This kind of 'sharing life-and-death' spirit made many sigh in admiration of their love. Countless younger companions in the Royal Sacred Region envied them and treated them as role models.

In addition, the commotion was still raging strong. The Human Emperor of ancient Ye, Ye Qingyun, questioned the reason behind the Royal Sacred Sect's decision to pin the crime on his foster son Qin Wentian. This caused many to feel that Ye Qingyun was indeed someone of honor. It was rumored that Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng helped him before, and because they hit it off well, he accepted Qin Wentian as his foster son. And now in Qin Wentian's time of danger, he stood out and questioned the Royal Sacred Sect. As expected as the Human Emperor of a generation!

The discussions that paved the sky and covered the earth caused many to question and even hurl abuse at the Royal Sacred Sect. During this period of time, the hegemon of the Royal Sacred Sect was underneath great pressure. Zai Qiu was stifled into breathlessness, he had never imagined this matter to blow up to such great proportions. A single Qin Wentian actually sparked off a mutiny, causing waves of commotion to rise up in the entire Royal Sacred Region.

Although Qin Wentian was an absolute genius, he wouldn't have such degree of influence. It was only because the news that circulated out was simply too alarming which caused the hearts of the populace in the Royal Sacred Region to be swept into it. This was why everyone in the world was paying attention to this news, and in addition to the Medicine Sovereign Valley being mixed within, this caused this piece of news to explode in an unprecedented magnitude.

The Royal Sacred Sect was the hegemon that governed the Royal Sacred Region for countless years. This was the reason why so many geniuses aspired to enter into it. But if the character of this hegemon was truly like this, would they still dare to join? If they did, wouldn't they be mere servants of those surnamed Zai? Those who joined them prospered but those who defied them would die.

Finally, Qin Wentian released a piece of news. Since Zai Qiu wished to pin the blame on him, he would show up one day after this and head to the Core Faction to confront Zai Qiu.

This news actually caused everyone to feel a sense of solemness and tragedy. Would Zai Qiu compromise because of the commotion in the outside world? However the Royal Sacred Sect was the absolute hegemony in the Royal Sacred Region, they had the power to dominate everything. Would they ignore everything and at the cause of destroying their reputation, killing Qin Wentian directly instead?

Countless gazes in the Sacred Royal City were fixed upon the Royal Sacred Sect. All of them wished to know what the conclusion of this matter would be!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 644

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