Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 645

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Even the upper echelons of the Royal Sacred Sect were shaken. At their cultivation level, they didn't have the time to monitor matters of the sect everyday. In fact, Zai Qiu's actions were initially unknown by many in the upper echelons.

If back then Zai Qiu first seeked approval before acting against Qin Wentian and Quinn, the elders might not have allowed him to use such a radical method. Zai Qiu also knew this point, this was why he chose to act first instead, using the most direct method to kill Quinn and making it so that things become irreversible.

At this moment, the things Zai Qiu had done were already known to everyone. Zai Qiu was called in for questioning by that Elder Li. But since things were already done, Elder Li couldn't possibly say that Zai Qiu made a mistake and hand him out, right? In addition to the fact that Qin Wentian had once rejected him, he hence allowed Zai Qiu to handle the matter in whatever way he liked. And since Elder Li had already made a decision, the others who knew of this matter naturally wouldn't have interfered in this.

But of course n.o.body expected that this matter would cause such a huge commotion throughout the entire world. Evidently, this was done by the Medicine Sovereign Valley. The Medicine Sovereign Valley was truly audacious, this act by them had already indicated that they were on opposite sides. And now, after the others in the upper echelon knew about this, Zai Qiu was frequently summoned to answer questions causing him to feel an exceedingly huge pressure.

The Royal Sacred Sect governed this world, simply because it had overwhelming strength. Everyone in this world termed it as a sacred land, and geniuses would constantly flood in year after year. But if the rumors were true, the Royal Sacred Sect framed and kill Quinn and now even wanted to target Qin Wentian, how could geniuses of the future still dare to join them? Although there still existed no one who could deal with them, they had no choice but to consider the influence caused by these rumors.

Eventually, they came to a consensus. The upper echelons of the Royal Sacred Sect had decided to kill Qin Wentian!

However, there was a prerequisite. They had to prove that Qin Wentian was guilty first. Qin Wentian and Quinn implicated members of the Royal Sacred Sect and disobeyed their commands. Regardless how much of a genius they were, with such a temperament, n.o.body would say anything even if the Royal Sacred Sect killed them.

With this decision, Zai Qiu finally felt the pressure on him lessen, and he could breathe easier. Through this few days, he was almost stifled to death. But luckily, since the sect made this decision, he could finally kill Qin Wentian in an open and aboveboard manner and avenge the death of his junior brother Sun Qing.

Today, in the location of Quinn's death, Zai Qiu, Xia Sheng and the others were all gathered here. Although there weren't many in their party, it was unknown how many experts were hidden in the shadows around here.

And for those who came, other than Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng in the lead, the rest of them were all from the Medicine Sovereign Valley.

"Qin Wentian, do you admit to your crime?" Zai Qiu stared at Qin Wentian as he asked in a glacial tone.

"What crime?" Qin Wentian landed upon the ground as he looked straight at Zai Qiu. Those cold eyes of his contained a terrifying light as they flashed with a killing intent.

Quinn was slain here unjustly by Zai Qiu.

"Before we entered that secret realm, Elder Li once said that once we entered there, all of you must obey Senior Xia Sheng's command. If Senior Xia Sheng isn't there, I shall be the one to take charge," Zai Qiu icily spoke.

"That's right." Qin Wentian nodded.

"I told you to save Sun Qing, but you defied my command. Do you still think you are not guilty?" Zai Qiu spoke.

"Think back carefully to the circ.u.mstances back then. You only shouted a single sentence to Quinn, 'Quinn, save Sun Qing!' You didn't issue any command directed to me, and let alone the fact that in that kind of circ.u.mstances, my reactions were naturally instinctual, there was no time for other considerations. Zai Qiu, I know you want to kill me. Rather than spouting a whole lot of c.r.a.p here, you might as well make your move directly. Why don't you simply just say I tried to kill you in that secret realm?" Qin Wentian coldly replied, his words causing Zai Qiu to freeze slightly.

Qin Wentian was right. Back then, he had only shouted out to Quinn, wanting Quinn to save Sun Qing. In that case, Qin Wentian couldn't be considered as defying his command.

However it didn't matter. For Qin Wentian to die, just the second crime alone was sufficient as well.

"You have a glib tongue. Then, how about the fact that you and Quinn tried to implicate junior sister Shang by leading an immortal to her? Were you trying to drag a member of my Royal Sacred Sect to death? Junior sister Shang is just right here. Do you have any other things you want to say?" Zai Qiu icily remarked.

"Is that so? So what she said is real for sure? Why doesn't she simply say that all the deaths in the secret realm were caused by me? Wouldn't that make things easier?" Qin Wentian softly spoke, before he turned his ice-cold gaze onto the female surnamed Shang. He then spoke, "Shang Li, you tried to implicate Fan Miaoyu and now, you even want to push the blame to me and Quinn? You have to be responsible for Quinn's death."

"Impudent!" A cold voice rang out, an expert beside Zai Qiu icily spoke. "Qin Wentian, your actions were too despicable and you even dared to slander Shang Li today? If you insist on saying you are innocent, come right over here. I have my ways to make you speak the truth. If it turned out that we are making a mistake, our Royal Sacred Sect would definitely give you a satisfactory response."

Qin Wentian heard the 'words of justice' by that expert and instantly started laughing arrogantly. "What a joke, if I'm controlled by you, it would be a piece of cake for the Royal Sacred Sect to make me fall into illusions and say what you want me to say. The truth of this matter wasn't verified, but Quinn has already been slain by Zai Qiu and a few others? And now, Zai Qiu was not even punished for his audacity? He is still standing proudly and wanting to pin the crime onto me. Saying that you all would give me a satisfactory response is the greatest joke in the world. Let me ask you all, why was Fan Miaoyu not present?"

"How would I know what happen to Fan Miaoyu?" that person coldly snorted. "If you still don't want to confess, we have no other choice. You have to remain here today and we will perform a thorough investigation before we decide on your punishment.

"Utterly ridiculous." At this moment, a voice rang out. After which, Mo Qingcheng walked out with a medicinal pill in her hand. She stared at that person of the Royal Sacred Sect and stated, "There's no need to wait for you all to launch an investigation. This medicinal pill is known as the bewilderment pill, as long as Shang Li consumes it, the truth would definitely known."

"Do you all dare to?" Mo Qingcheng's gaze was stone cold, causing the hearts of the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect to tremble lightly. Those flawlessly beautiful eyes were now as sharp as the edges of blades, directly facing them with no fear at all.

"Nonsense. Who knows if you have done something to that pill? If you all altered its properties, wouldn't Shang Li simply say what you want her to say?" Zai Qiu sneered.

"Why is there such an idiot among those surnamed Zai?" Mo Qingcheng stared at Zai Qiu as she coldly inquired, her words causing Zai Qiu's countenance to instantly turn incomparably ugly to behold as killing intent radiated out from him.

"After she consumes the pill, we won't be the one doing the questioning. The honor shall fall to you guys instead, doesn't that work? And if you all still suspect that there are problems with this pill, there are several experienced alchemists in the Royal Sacred Sect as well. You can get them to directly a.n.a.lyze this pill, and if there is really something wrong with it, I Mo Qingcheng, am willing to use my life to pay for my oversight."

Mo Qingcheng's voice was filled with resolve, powerful, and resonated through the air. "If the Royal Sacred Sect don't wish to have Shang Li consume this pill, you all need not waste any more time with words. If you want to kill, just act directly, there's no need to hide your intention behind some ridiculous crimes, making a fool out of yourself."

As the sound of her voice faded, silence descended on this entire s.p.a.ce. There was no way for them to rebut Mo Qingcheng's words. If there was a problem with the pill, she would pay the oversight with her life. There were indeed several powerful alchemists in the Royal Sacred Sect.

"How impudent, when have the matters of my Royal Sacred Sect been dictated by a la.s.s like you?" An old man berated, the power of his voice causing the entire s.p.a.ce to tremble. A stifling pressure gushed out, weighing down on Mo Qingcheng. Under that immense pressure, Mo Qingcheng found it hard to even breathe.

Qin Wentian stepped out, standing by the side of Mo Qingcheng. Right now he could see there was only resolve in Mo Qingcheng's expression, there was no fear at all. She straightened her back and stared at the old man, "For ages now, the Royal Sacred Sect governed the nine great sects, and the Grand Shang and Grand Zhou Empires, gathering the talented geniuses of the world, possessing authority over tens of billions of lives. If the Royal Sacred Sect wished to kill someone, how could anyone obstruct it? As long as you issued a order, and used cold-blooded methods to deal with those who criticize the actions of the Royal Sacred Sect, everything would go your way. Hence, this was what caused Zai Qiu to act in this manner, looking at everything in the world with a condescending gaze as though everything is beneath him."

"But why would the Royal Sacred Sect be so strong, able to govern this world for ages as everyone in the world termed this as a sacred place? Where did their strength come from? Their strength originated from the consolidation of geniuses being concentrated in the Royal Sacred Sect generation after generation. Your actions today might not shake the foundation of your sect, but if everyone in the world stopped joining your sect, what would happen after ten years? After a hundred years? And after a thousand years? I wonder, would the Royal Sacred Sect still be standing tall, with its position unshakable, as imposing as it is now?"

Mo Qingcheng's voice was clear and loud, her long black hair fluttered in the wind and a single sentence from her caused the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect to shut their mouths. They stared at the beautiful silhouette of Mo Qingcheng in front of them as they lost their arguments. It was hard to imagine Mo Qingcheng would actually say such words.

"Well spoken, as expected of this seat's disciple. This bewilderment pill was concocted by this seat. If there's still any suspicion on your end and you all don't dare to allow that female to consume it, you better not be saying things like Qin Wentian is guilty any more. Qin Wentian is already engaged to this seat's disciple, Mo Qingcheng. If the Royal Sacred Sect dares to kill him, let me remind you that this seat's temper isn't really good."

A mist-like voice resounded through the air. In the Royal Sacred Sect, numerous powerful auras towered up the skies as they tried to locate where the person who spoke earlier was.

"Since everyone has already arrived at my Royal Sacred Sect, why is there a need to still hide in the shadows?" A voice rang out from within the Royal Sacred Sect. As his voice faded away, two old-looking figures appeared somewhere not far away from behind Mo Qingcheng. These two old men, one was the Medicine Sovereign while the other one was none other the person who slew the elder-level character of the Royal Sacred Sect.

Other than them, in another direction, there was another group of silhouettes approaching. These people were clad in white and exuded extraordinary auras, causing the gazes of others to freeze as they looked upon them.

These people were actually the envoys of the Immortal Martial Realm!

"Qin Wentian, if the Royal Sacred Sect doesn't welcome you, the great door of my Immortal Martial Realm shall always be open for you." One figure who stood at the center of them spoke. This voice belonged to none other than the Realmlord of the Immortal Martial Realm, Wu Mu!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 645

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