Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 647

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Shang Li's strength shouldn't be that weak. At the very least, she was an expert that had comprehended three kinds of true intent. No matter what, it should have been impossible for her to be killed by a single move.

However, Shang Li had witnessed the clash between Qin Wentian and the buried immortal back in the Immortal Palace. She had zero confidence in this battle, and knew it would surely lead to her death. When Qin Wentian wanted to kill her, those from her sect didn't even try to stop him, in the end she was still forced to fight. And under threat of death, her will became weak, leading to the easy invasion by dreamforce. Qin Wentian then unleashed his true intent of Dreams and brought her into a dreamscape, killing her with a single strike.

Shang Li's death didn't alert the experts of the Royal Sacred Sect to Qin Wentian's true strength. They only cursed Shang Li for throwing the face of their Royal Sacred Sect away. With the Sacred Emperor himself watching the battle, she actually wanted to dodge it? And after which, she couldn't even withstand a single strike. Her death was well deserved.

"Trash." Zai Qiu coldly glanced at Shang Li. Shang Li was a Heaven Chosen from the Grand Shang Faction and wasn't from the Core Faction. And indeed, she was simply too weak and couldn't even stand up to a single strike of Qin Wentian. How embarrassing.

Those from the Grand Shang Faction all had incredibly ugly expressions. Nobody was sympathetic at all for Shang Li's death, there was only disdain and mockery.

Qin Wentian turned, he brandished his halberd and walked towards the center of the crowd with his gaze fixed in the direction of Zai Qiu. He didn't say a word, but the killing intent radiating from him was more powerful than any words he could have spoken.


Qin Wentian's entire being seemed to radiate a single word - Fight!

Quinn was a Heaven Chosen of the Battle Sword Sect, it was here he was surrounded and slaughtered by the Royal Sacred Sect. This debt of blood definitely needed to be paid.

Not only that, if it isn't because the Medicine Sovereign and Realm lord Wu Mu appearing here today, the immortal will of the Sacred Emperor wouldn't have even appeared. These experts of the Royal Sacred Sect would have directly taken advantage of their position to bully him, dealing with him like they did Quinn, directly killing him without giving him an opportunity. After he was dead, the Royal Sacred Sect could say whatever they wanted.

"We will not speak about who is in the right or wrong today, only settling the debts between us. Qin Wentian, the Sacred Emperor is so magnanimous, giving you a chance. But no matter what, you still have to die today. There's no path of survival for you." Zai Qiu stepped out. Quinn had already died. As long as Qin Wentian dies too, it could be considered as having avenged Sun Qing's death.

"Let me do the job," Xia Sheng spoke.

"No, I shall personally handle this." Zai Qiu's voice was ice cold. His strength wasn't any weaker than Xia Sheng. After all, his surname was Zai, the resources he had access to exceeded that of what Xia Sheng could obtain.

"Don't need to argue, who else took part in the killing of Quinn? All of you come at me together." Qin Wentian arrogantly spoke, and as the sound of his voice faded the atmosphere in the surroundings turned heavy. Everyone stared at Qin Wentian, even the Medicine Sovereign, Mo Qingcheng, and the others were all dumbstruck by his confidence.

Does this fellow know who his opponents were?

Xia Sheng and Zai Qiu were both super experts who had comprehended four kinds of true intent. Not only that, they both had powerful bloodline limits giving rise to their superior combat prowess. In the supreme-tier of Heavenly Dipper of the Royal Sacred Region, one would be hard pressed to find any Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns that could defeat the two of them.

Yet Qin Wentian actually said to come at him together?

"Does he really think he is unrivalled in Heavenly Dipper?" Many were coldly laughing in their hearts. Although Qin Wentian had outstanding talent, could it be that he was blinded by his own brilliance? So proud simply because he had some achievements which led to him not knowing how high the heavens are and how vast the earth is?

"Your fame has blinded you. I've participated in Quinn's death as well. Just I alone am sufficient to kill you," an expert beside Zai Qiu spoke. He too, had entered the immortal palace and had a very strong combat prowess. Qin Wentian remembered this guy, he had very strong controlling abilities and had an ancient vine as his astral soul. He was proficient in binding and restricting his opponents.

"Who else? Come the fuck out." Qin Wentian's halberd pointed to the three of them, his voice tinged with confidence, unexcelled in this world.

"I've never met such an ignorantly arrogant person before. You are the first one, and to think you even dare to show off your worthlessness in my Royal Sacred Sect, allowing me to widen my perspective." The expression of that person was as sharp as swords, piercing into Qin Wentian's body.

"Since he wishes to die faster, let's grant it to him." A wretched smile flashed in Zai Qiu's eyes. Although he wanted to perform in front of the Sacred Emperor, but since Qin Wentian wanted to die so badly, they shall give him what he wished for.

"Make sure we kill him in one blow, I don't wish to look on that arrogant face of his any longer. To think that such an arrogant person is so famous in the Royal Sacred Region and the fact that we almost recruited him. What a humiliation," Zai Qiu stepped out. Xia Sheng and the other person stood on his left and right as they advanced together. A terrifying aura gushed out from them, waves of destruction blasted outwards as crackling explosive sounds erupted in the air.

Rays of faint green light then flashed on Qin Wentian's body, resembling azure-colored seeds.


The person next to Zai Qiu suddenly erupted forth with an incomparably resplendent azure light as a gigantic ancient vine manifested behind his back. This was none other than his astral nova. That ancient vine frenziedly stretched out, blotting out the sky, enveloping this entire space within before it unceasingly stretched towards Qin Wentian.

Numerous vines wrapped around Qin Wentian, wanting to seal his movement. Not only that, there were green thorns all around the vines that pierced into Qin Wentian's body. A wave of numbness flooded his system, causing him to stiffen as though electrocuted as his muscles spasmed uncontrollably.

"What a powerful astral soul combination, it would surely be more terrifying if this was evolved into a constellation," Qin Wentian mused. Around him, particles of light suddenly appeared. These lights enveloped every part of his body, they resembled astral light yet the energy contained within them wasn't purely astral energy. A suit of astral armor manifested around him, this strange energy shimmered in and out of existence, causing Qin Wentian to fade in and out of the void. It gave off a blurry sensation, as though he could vanish completely at any instant.

"Mhm?" At this moment, that expert discovered that his needles had no way to pierce into Qin Wentian's body. The particles of light shining on Qin Wentian's body seemed to contain a marvellous energy within that possessed an insanely strong defense. It also gave off a sense of extreme violence as though the moment it erupted forth, it would blast out crushing, indomitable might.

This was a brand new type of energy that was born from three kind of martial true intents: The true intent of Demons, the true intent of Force, and the true intent of Dreams.

Qin Wentian termed this energy as the 'Illusory Demonforce.' Illusory referring to the true intent of Dreams, demon referring to the true intent of Demons, and force referring to the true intent of Force. This brand new type of energy was comprehended by Qin Wentian from Di Tian's combat experience, and had many uses to it. This was one of his greatest gains from the trip into the immortal palace.

One usage of the Illusory Demonforce was defense. Not only did it have an insanely high defense, it could fade in and out of existence, and had the properties to reduce the damage taken during combat.

There were several extremely powerful people in the surroundings, naturally they could tell how extraordinary this new power was. This was something formed of a combination of true intents and not only that, it was very difficult to tell which true intents had been used in the creation of this energy. Just like the path of grass hut, the essence those sword strikes contained were all fusions of true intents. There was no form or shadows, losing every trace of the original intents used in the fusion.

Even if it was the same true intents, different people would create a different kind of energy. Qin Wentian's Illusory Demonforce was a creation from a fusion borne of his comprehension.

"There seems to be fluctuations of dreamforce, as well as a savage and brutal aura. Maybe it's the fusion of the true intent of Demons and the true intent of Dreams." An expert from the Royal Sacred Sect spoke, warning Zai Qiu and the two others to be careful. Once true intents were perfectly fused into a new energy, the power that erupted forth would skyrocket several times. Xia Sheng could be the leader of the Core Faction among the younger generations because he had already fused two kinds of true intents perfectly together.

Qin Wentian walked forward step by step, the power of his blood thrumming in his body. A faint demon-like glow exuded from him as the Illusory Demonforce enveloped him entirely. He resembled a descendent of an ancient primordial demon king as a wave of pure destruction erupted outwards.

Chi, chi…

Under the stunned gazes of everyone, sounds of laceration rang out, accompanied by the sound of Qin Wentian's footsteps. The ancient vines restricting him all shredded into nothingness. They only saw a flash of light that seemed to be an effect of that new energy, causing the vines to disappear.

"What is that exactly?" The hearts of everyone pounding rapidly as they stared at that fiend-like young man.

Qin Wentian wasn't ignorantly arrogant; but rather, he truly had the confidence to suppress everyone in Heavenly Dipper.

An overwhelming confidence naturally from the fact that he had tyrannical strength. At this moment, the tyrannical aura exuding from Qin Wentian caused Zai Qiu and the two others to feel an intense sense of danger. The energy enveloping Qin Wentian was a kind of energy that could destroy everything.

"Humiliation?" Qin Wentian stared at the three of them as he coldly spoke. "Today, the three of you will become the humiliation of the Royal Sacred Sect, your name will be hung on the pillar of shame in history for all eternity."

As the sound of his voice faded, an illusory beam of light shot out from him. Zai Qiu and the other two only saw a blurry shadow shimmering in and out of existence that didn't seem to be real. At this moment, that expert controlling the vine fell into a strange dimension with Qin Wentian and him alone there. When Qin Wentian smashed the halberd out towards him, it was as though in his world the halberd was the only thing remaining.

"NOOOOO!" His body trembled violently, he discovered that no matter how he tried to block this strike, it was useless. This halberd strike had the prowess to destroy him completely.


And while he was still stuck in the dreamscape, the halberd had already landed on him. In just an instant, his body turned into dust, scattered by the winds throughout heaven and earth.

A single strike was sufficient to kill him in a domineering manner, causing him to vanish like smoke into thin air.

Regardless if it was the true intent of Demons or the true intent of Force, both of these were extremely tyrannical and violent energies that emphasized attack. How brutally crushing was the Illusory Demonforce formed from the fusion of three true intents? The targets of his attack would all be crushed into nothingness, just like the expert who controlled the vines.

That halberd strike directly smashed apart the confidence of the experts from the Royal Sacred Sect. They stared dumbfoundedly in amazement, only to see Qin Wentian beginning his next attack. This time around, the target was Zai Qiu!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 647

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