Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 650

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The territory of Chu was governed by the Emperor, Chu Wuwei. Although he wasn't able to cultivate, he was always extremely interested in the path of cultivation and made it so that the whole country of Chu was adopting a very positive att.i.tude towards the martial path that grew stronger and stronger each year. Right now, it could be said to be a golden age in Chu for cultivators.

Once, Yuanfu Realm cultivators were considered the peak here and Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns were extremely rare legends. But now, Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns could be seen roaming Chu occasionally.

The martial academies in Chu had made many contributions to this golden age. Especially for the Emperor Star Academy that was supported by the Emperor Chu Wuwei. They had plentiful resources, many powerful innate techniques and arts, and had cultivated many outstanding young talents. The majority of the top ten in the Jun Lin Banquet every year would originate from the Emperor Star Academy. Even the ten elites of Chu were mostly people from the Emperor Star Academy.

Other than the Emperor putting in effort, the environment played a part as well.

Back then after the Nine Mystical Palace was destroyed, the Greencloud Pavilion became the transcendent power in charge of Chu.

The Greencloud Pavilion wasn't like the Nine Mystical Palace, choosing to stay behind the scenes and content to let things run by themselves. They oversaw Chu, Snowcloud, and ten other countries directly. The countries under them were known as the Greencloud Imperial Empire.

This Greencloud Imperial Empire was naturally directly governed by the Greencloud Pavilion. Hence, Chu Country could now be considered a va.s.sal state of the Greencloud Imperial Emperor. There were exchanges regarding cultivation between the ten great va.s.sal states and the compet.i.tion was extremely intense, causing the people of Chu to be more inspired to the martial path.

Although Chu was a va.s.sal state, they were still an independent country. Chu had a very long history and there were some famous people that were still topics of discussion, an example were Qin Wentian and Chu Mang.

The prince Chu Mang was the number one of the ten elites in Chu and had unparalleled combat prowess in Yuanfu.

There was also Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian with his strength alone overturned the then-ruler of Chu and obtained the royal authority. He was the person who chose the next Emperor of Chu and he chose Chu Wuwei for that position eventually.

As for the Royal Capital of Chu, this place had been baptised by the pa.s.sing of time, yet it still stood tall and strong. It had a history as well as stories of its own.

To Qin Wentian, Chu was simply too small. Any remote corner in the incomparably vast Royal Sacred Region was several times stronger than this place. However, when he stood in the air s.p.a.ce of the Royal Capital, an indescribable feeling overcame his heart.

Ten years, it had already been ten years. He left Chu from Grand Xia at the age of eighteen, and only returned back to this place after ten years had pa.s.sed. The grudges he had formed in this place were long dissipated, like smoke in thin air. His heart was only filled with the warmth of fond memories. On that handsome countenance of his, a heartfelt smile could be seen etched upon his lips.

Mo Qingcheng was the same as well. It had been ten years, how could she not miss this place? This was the place where she grew up, the place where she and Qin Wentian had fallen in love with each other.

"I still remember back then over there in the Dark Forest, I misunderstood you and Fan Le. I can still remember how stubborn that back view of you looked." Mo Qingcheng stared at the Dark Forest far away as a gentle smile flashed on her face.

Her words also caused Qin Wentian to recall the scene years before as he replied, "Haha! but if it wasn't for the misunderstanding back then, how could you have remembered me?"

"d.a.m.n you!" Mo Qingcheng rolled her eyes at Qin Wentian, her actions causing him to break out in an uproarious laughter. In the past, Mo Qingcheng was the number one beauty in Chu while he was the person the royal clan of Chu wanted to deal with. Who could have ever imagined he would be able to walk so far on his path?

"That tree is still there. Do you still remember the snow back then?" The two of them slowly walked in the air while Mo Qingcheng pointed to an ancient tree while she smiled.

"How could I ever forget? That sound of the word 'dumbo' has literally stolen my heart and soul away. Back then, my Qingcheng was a little demoness." Qin Wentian teased, causing Mo Qingcheng to turn red as she ruthlessly pinched Qin Wentian.

The two of them thought back to the matters of their past as they strolled around in the airs.p.a.ce of Chu.

On the ground, many citizens of Chu felt their hearts trembling when they stared at the sky.

"What a beautiful maiden." Those silhouettes stared at Mo Qingcheng and discovered that they had no way to s.h.i.+ft their gaze aside. Compared to this maiden, the current number one beauty of Chu was simply insignificant. However right now, this celestial-like maiden was pulling the hands of a young man with a blessed smile on her face. Maybe she didn't know how mesmerizing her smile would appear to the onlookers.

Despite the commotion caused, n.o.body flew up into the sky to disturb them. The young man also exuded a magnificence unexcelled in his generation. That lofty aura of his, that fluttering hair, those eyes that resembled starry constellations pointed out the fact that he was an extraordinary character.

"Shall we go to Sky Harmony City first?" Mo Qingcheng gently spoke. Qin Wentian's hometown was in the Sky Harmony City.

"No worries, since we have already arrived at the Royal Capital, we will pay a visit to your home first," Qin Wentian laughed. Looking into his eyes, Mo Qingcheng smiled and nodded her head. She believed that with Qin Wentian's current state of heart, he wouldn't be bothered about the unhappy events and conflict that occurred between him and some of her clan members in the past.

Qin Wentian naturally wouldn't do so, he wasn't so petty. He was deeply in love with the maiden beside him and would naturally pardon those things that had happened once before. Let everything in the past be buried within the wind.

The Mo Residence was still a major clan in Chu. After old man Mo broke through to Heavenly Dipper, the status of their Mo Clan rose a lot. In addition, there were rumors saying that the young miss of the Mo Clan, the then number one beauty in Chu, Mo Qingcheng, was recruited by a transcendent power of Grand Xia. However, there were many who had doubts on this. After all, so many years had already pa.s.sed and they had never seen Mo Qingcheng return. Also, since Mo Qingcheng was a woman of such beauty, it could be considered extremely normal if she met some powerful guys with evil intentions in the vast Grand Xia.

However, even without Mo Qingcheng, the status of the Mo Residence was considered top-tier in Chu. Their clan size was growing and had many bodyguards on their premises. All in all, the Mo Residence was flouris.h.i.+ng very well.

At this moment outside the Mo Residence, many guards stood guard over here. And right now as their gazes turned skyward, they had no way to s.h.i.+ft their gazes away.

A handsome young man unexcelled in his generation, together with a flawlessly beautiful young woman hand in hand came flying over. These two people halted as they arrived at the airs.p.a.ce above the Mo Residence.

"Both of you are?" A guard questioned upon noting their arrival.

"Let's go in." Qin Wentian held onto Mo Qingcheng's hand as they landed on the ground. After which, as they stepped out, the guards only felt their eyes were playing tricks on them. The silhouettes of the two people had completely vanished from their sight. Everyone was greatly shocked as they turned and quickly rushed into the residence.

After entering through the gates, Mo Qingcheng slowly ambled forwards, staring at everything in the Mo Residence as a naive and innocent looking smile akin to that of a young girl appeared on her face. Many people in the residence were stunned when they saw them and finally, an older butler of the Mo Residence recognized Mo Qingcheng. His body trembled like a willow in the wind as he quickly bowed low, "Miss Qingcheng, have you finally returned home?"

"Mhm, I've returned," Mo Qingcheng nodded her head. That old butler stared at the smile on Mo Qingcheng's face as hot tears flowed from his face. After which, he turned and ran throughout the Mo Residence as he shouted, "Little Miss has returned, Miss Qingcheng has come home!"

Those guards who rushed in after them all felt their hearts shaking when they heard the words of the old butler. Miss Qingcheng? In the Mo Residence there was only a little miss by the name of Qingcheng. She was the number one beauty in Chu ten years ago, Mo Qingcheng.

An uproar soon arose throughout the Mo Residence. Among the younger generation, there was no one who was more outstanding than Mo Qingcheng. Even though she had left home for ten years, there would still be people in Chu talking about the number one beauty of Chu ten years ago.

Not long after, many people appeared before Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng. To Qin Wentian, these people were all strangers. After all, he was only acquainted with Mo Qingcheng's father, Mo Tianlin, but to Mo Qingcheng, these strangers were all her kin.

Those elders who watched Qingcheng grow up felt their hearts taken aback as they laid their gazes onto Mo Qingcheng now. Qingcheng had grown even more beautiful and her aura was even more outstanding compared to back then. Just casually standing there could cause everything in this world to lose their l.u.s.ter.

The youths were all dumbfounded by this scene. When they were very young, they would often crowd around sister Qingcheng because she was too beautiful. Now that they had all grown up and see with their own eyes Mo Qingcheng again, did they truly understood how soul-stirring Mo Qingcheng was.

As to the fact that Mo Qingcheng was holding onto Qin Wentian's hands caused some gazes among the crowd to turn unfriendly, especially some of the younger males of the Mo Clan. They were all thinking in their hearts,who was this young man? How dare he hold the hand of the number one beauty of their Mo Clan. Had he already succeeded in pursuing her?

"Father, mother." Mo Qingcheng dashed into the embrace of her father and mother who stood among the crowd, tightly embracing them. They had been separated for far too long.

Mo Tianlin stared at Qin Wentian as he sighed in his heart. The young man whose name shook Chu during the Jun Lin Banquet back then seemed to have already finished a startling transformation. Right now, Qin Wentian's eyes were so deep that n.o.body could see through them and after so many years, he still held on to Mo Qingcheng's hand, bringing her back home to them.

Ten years...but they were still together now.

"Uncle Mo," Qin Wentian greeted.

"Mhm," Mo Tianlin replied as he nodded. "Seeing that the two of you are still together, I feel much better in my heart."

Back then, Mo Tianlin actually had a great liking to Qin Wentian. But because of the appearance of Hua Xiaoyun, as well as the att.i.tude of his father, old man Mo, he had no choice nor control over the situation then.

"Mhm, this time the reason why we came back is so that I can organize a grand wedding for Qingcheng. Uncle Mo, you won't be against this, right?" Qin Wentian gently smiled. From his words, everyone in the surroundings trembled as they stared at Qin Wentian in a daze.

Even Mo Tianlin was stunned slightly. Glancing at Mo Qingcheng, he only saw Mo Qingcheng walking to Qin Wentian's side and held his hand. Upon seeing that, Mo Tianlin knew that even if he objected, he won't be able to change anything. But he didn't have any reason to object in the first place. Hence, he laughed and nodded and agreed, "Since Qingcheng is willing, I naturally wouldn't have any reasons for objection as well."

His words caused all those from the Mo Clan to be taken aback. Who was this young man? Why did Mo Tianlin agree to his marriage with Mo Qingcheng so easily?

Just based on Mo Qingcheng's beauty, there would be countless elites in this world pursing her. Even the dukes and marquis of the Greencloud Imperial Empire or even elite members of the transcendent power Greencloud Pavilion would feel their hearts stir when they looked at her.


An elder of the Mo Clan called out, only to see Mo Tianlin waving his hands as he continued, "Let's go into our house and sit as we continue."

"Mhm," Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng nodded in agreement. Soon after entering, Mo Qingcheng was pulled away by her mom as many people crowded around Qin Wentian, surveying him in a curious manner. There were even people who were asking Qin Wentian about his background and his level of cultivation. But to all the questions, Qin Wentian merely smiled and didn't answer while continuing to sip his wine.

At this moment, an old man walked over. The eyes of this old man contained the vitality of dragons and tigers, and faintly exuded a sense of imposingness. However, he was stunned into motionlessness when his eyes landed onto Qin Wentian.

"Father, this young man is here to propose to Qingcheng." A brother of Mo Tianlin called out.

"Mhm." At this moment, great waves rose in old man Mo's heart. Qin Wentian actually brought Qingcheng back? He had once a.s.sumed that he would never be able to see them again in this lifetime.

The crowd saw that old man Mo walked to Qin Wentian's side as Qin Wentian stood up. Old man Mo's frame then stooped slightly as he politely stated, "Just remain sitting."

Qin Wentian started, he didn't expect old man Mo would be this courteous to him.

"Old man Mo…" Qin Wentian wanted to say something only to see that old man Mo interjected by personally pouring a cup of wine for him.

"Qin Wentian ah, the matters back then… it was me this old man who was foolish and almost caused great harm to Qingcheng. I'm sorry for my actions, and now that the two of you are back safe and sound, I'm already very satisfied in my heart. As for the wedding between you both, I will definitely ensure our Mo Residence will do its best to organize it."

"Qin Wentian!" The hearts of those in the surrounding pounded violently when they heard the name. So this young man was him, no wonder he seemed so familiar. Back then during the Jun Lin Banquet, several elders of the Mo Clan had seen him before. That young man who once caused great waves of commotion to arise in Chu was in love with Mo Qingcheng back then. To think that now, after ten years, they were still together with each other, bonded by their love.

It was only that back then, didn't old man Mo oppose to their relations.h.i.+p? Why was he so polite to Qin Wentian now?

But how could they know that in the past when old man Mo witnessed Qin Wentian unleas.h.i.+ng his astral souls in a fit of anger, he was so shocked that he was shaken to his very core. Now that he thought back to it, it was indeed he who had let down Mo Qingcheng.

After that, he went to roam Grand Xia and till now, there was a piece of news which he hadn't even completely digested yet.

The number one ranker of the Heavenly Fate Ranking, Qin Wentian, dragged a demon sword for a hundred thousand miles, using his blood to feed the sword, transforming into a primordial great roc, using that demon sword to split apart the Pill Emperor Hall!

The Pill Emperor Hall was a high up, transcendent power in Grand Xia. Yet he spared no expense, splitting the Pill Emperor Hall apart because of the love he had for a maiden. Who was the maiden? Of course, it was Mo Qingcheng!

n.o.body knew how terribly shocked old man Mo was back then during that year when he heard the news. It was as though there were countless peals of thunder going off in his mind. Even till now, so many years later, he could still remember the expressions of awe on the faces of the crowd in Grand Xia when they spoke about the legendary Qin Wentian!

Translator Note:

The conflict between old man Mo and Qin Wentian can be found in AGM Chapter 226. Old man Mo ended up falling on his b.u.t.tocks when QW revealed his 5th-layered astral souls.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 650

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