Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 651

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After old man Mo learned of what Qin Wentian had done, he felt extremely guilty in his heart. Especially so when he learned that the Pill Emperor Hall had actually used the essence of Mo Qingcheng's life to nurture a corpse, he felt an intense sense of self-reproach.

Regarding this matter, old man Mo had never told anyone in the Mo Residence before. He himself didn't even know if Qingcheng was alive or dead, and now that he saw Qin Wentian bringing Mo Qingcheng home, he naturally felt extremely relieved in his heart.

"Old man Mo, let's drink a toast together. The matters of the past shall be like this wine in the cup, vanis.h.i.+ng after we drink it. If Wentian's att.i.tude was disrespectful in the past, I beg you to pardon me." Qin Wentian inclined his cup and spoke to old man Mo, his words causing old man Mo to smile.

"Right. With this sentence of yours, I'm at ease. In the future, Qingcheng will be married to you and I can also be considered to be relieved of a load on my mind. Come, let's toast."

The two of them raised their wine cups and clanked them together, drinking the wine content in the cup in a single gulp. After which, old man Mo turned to those of the Mo Residence as he spoke, "From now onwards, Qin Wentian is the son-in-law of our Mo Residence."

Mo Qingcheng's beautiful eyes stared at Qin Wentian as a smile flickered within her eyes. She then winked at Qin Wentian, appearing to be extremely mischievous, just like how she often winked at him when she was younger.

"Are you really Qin Wentian?" A youth walked to the side of Qin Wentian, staring at him with curiousity in his eyes.

This youth had delicate features and eyes bright with spirit, he wasn't akin to some silkpants young masters from major powers. The eyes he looked at Qin Wentian with blazed with hints of awe.

"Yes. Do you know of me?" Qin Wentian smiled. This youth was around eighteen years of age and looking at him caused Qin Wentian to be reminded of himself in the past.

"I know…" The youth's face turned red as nervousness flashed past his countenance. He stared at Qin Wentian as he continued, "My name is Mo Feng, I am Sis Qingcheng's paternal younger cousin. Back then when you partic.i.p.ated in the Jun Lin Banquet, I was only eight years of age."

"Mo Feng." Mo Qingcheng's beautiful eyes flickered as she stared at this good-looking youth in astonishment. That chubby little kid from back then had actually grown up and was so different now.

"Oh." Qin Wentian nodded at Mo Feng. Mo Feng began to hem and haw as though he was extremely nervous.

"Brother-in-law, don't you know you are the idol of Mo Feng? He has idolized you for many years already." The sound of a young girl drifted over as a slender and elegant figure that bore some resemblance to Mo Qingcheng appeared. Although she wasn't as beautiful as Mo Qingcheng, she could still be considered a rare beauty in her own right. Her eyes were filled with the dynamicness and vitality of youth.

"Isn't this little la.s.s Mo Yu?" Mo Qingcheng murmured as those standing by the side laughed. "Qingcheng, she is Mo Yu indeed. Over ten years has pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye. At the time when you left, Mo Yu was still a baby doll but now, her suitors have already knocked on the door of our Mo Residence so many times that our door is almost damaged."

"Sister Qingcheng!" Mo Yu sweetly called out, greeting Mo Qingcheng.

"Wentian, seems like we have both grown old." Mo Qingcheng and Qin Wentian exchanged glances as they smiled. Mo Feng and Mo Yu were the son and daughter of her uncle. Back then they were still kids but now, they were all already nearing adulthood.

"Silly la.s.s, if you are old, what does that makes me?" Mo Qingcheng's mom stroked Mo Qingcheng's hair as everyone silently sighed. Mo Qingcheng was simply too beautiful, so beautiful that it made one forget her age. On her face, no traces of pa.s.sing time could be seen on it. It was flawless and perfect.

"Brother-in-law, this is the first time we met. Shouldn't you be giving us some meeting gifts?" A mischievous expression appeared on Mo Yu's face as she smiled sweetly to Qin Wentian.

"Mo Yu, isn't your face too thick, how can you be so unashamed," Mo Feng disdainfully replied.

"I'm not the same as you, going red the moment you meet brother-in-law, falling in love with some girl, yet you don't even dare to confess."

Mo Yu giggled as she stared at Mo Feng, her words causing Mo Feng to point at her as he stuttered, "You, you…."

Qin Wentian stared at this pair of siblings as a happy smile lighted up his face. With an intention of his thoughts, a robe appeared in his hands, dazzlingly bright, manufactured from gold and jade.

"Do you like this?" Qin Wentian stared at Mo Yu as he smiled.

"Wentian, is this a defensive-type divine weapon?" Old man Mo could feel the fluctuations of astral energy from the robe.

"Mhm," Qin Wentian nodded.

Mo Yu received the robe as she smiled, "Thank you brother-in-law."

After speaking, Mo Yu instantly wrapped the robe around her as astral energy circulated protectively, s.h.i.+mmering with resplendent light. Mo Yu was so happy that she jumped up and down many times.

"What weapon are you proficient with?" Qin Wentian stared at Mo Feng as he asked.

"Spear." Mo Feng replied.

Qin Wentian nodded, and an instant later, a sparkling silver-white long spear appeared in his hand as he pa.s.sed it to Mo Feng. "However, don't depend too much on divine weapons. You can only use this in situations of life and death."

"Understood," Mo Feng accepted the spear as he emotionally nodded.

Within the Mo Residence, Mo Qingcheng naturally had other cousins. It was just because of their personalities and ages, they didn't come up and request meeting gifts from Qin Wentian. Mo Yu was more vivacious and as for Mo Feng, he had idolized Qin Wentian ever since he was young.

"Wentian, if there's a chance to, could you provide guidance to these disappointing fellows?" Old man Mo laughed as he continued, "Your cultivation should have long already broken through to Heavenly Dipper?"

Old man Mo actually couldn't see through Qin Wentian's level of cultivation.

"Mhm." Qin Wentian lightly nodded his head, his actions causing the hearts of those from Mo Residence to s.h.i.+ver. Such a young Heavenly Dipper Sovereign, the concept of this was simply too terrifying.

"Qingcheng has also stepped into the Heavenly Dipper Realm for many years and not only that, her alchemy skills are at a higher level compared to her cultivation base. In the outside world, tens of thousands of people all hold her in admiration," Qin Wentian smiled. He wasn't trying to boast but rather, he let them understand the weight of the status which Mo Qingcheng had currently, so her clan members would have some consideration when asking about things and wouldn't bring up unhappy events of the past.

And indeed, when they heard what Qin Wentian had said, the expressions on the faces of Mo Qingcheng's clan members all changed. She had stepped into the Heavenly Dipper Realm for many years and her alchemy skills were on an even higher level?

They had no way to imagine the status Mo Qingcheng had now, they didn't even dare to think about it. Because of their limited experience in Chu, they simply had no way to imagine such a high level.

After knowing Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng's strength, the banquet that followed was as Qin Wentian had expected, n.o.body mentioned any unhappy things, while old man Mo had also truly repented. The last barrier of ill-feeling Qin Wentian had also vanished into the thin air like smoke, as he truly treated Mo Qingcheng's parents like his own, and the atmosphere was joyous and harmonious. Old man Mo kept on drinking as his spirits got higher and higher, and he even proposed taking the initiative to head over to Qin Wentian's home in Sky Harmony City to discuss the grand wedding with the foster father of Qin Wentian, Qin Chuan. Things got so high that even Qin Wentian was stunned speechless. But after all since it had been such a long time since he went home, how could he let others do so in his stead? He had to make this trip alone.

Also, considering Qin Wentian's current strength, travelling from Chu's Royal Capital to Sky Harmony City wouldn't take too long either.

After the banquet, Qin Wentian bid farewell and headed to Sky Harmony City. Mo Qingcheng initially wanted to tag along, yet Qin Wentian told her to remain at her home to accompany her parents. He could tell the feelings Mo Qingcheng had for her parents, how could he bear to bring Mo Qingcheng away so soon after they reunited?

When Qin Wentian stood on his sword and flew through the air, vanis.h.i.+ng from their sight in an instant did everyone in the Mo Residence truly believe his words. Such speed, even their strongest cultivator, old man Mo, wouldn't be capable of it. They were all thinking what level of cultivation this young man whose name once shook Chu had already reached. Maybe, they could find out something from Mo Qingcheng.

However, no matter what they imagined, they couldn't possibly ever imagine that during the grand occasion that was Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng's wedding, they would personally witness a tier of power that was inconceivable to them.

Sky Harmony City had no major changes to it. Emperor Chu had long bestowed Sky Harmony City as territory to the Wu King. And the current Wu King Manor was the Qin Manor back then. They had absolute authority in Sky Harmony City.

However everyone understood that back then Qin Wu, the grandfather of Qin Wentian, wanted to fight for the royal authority, and his schemes were too insidious and terrifying that he even used his family as chess pieces. This caused Qin Wentian to eventually chose Chu Wuwei to be the emperor instead of his own foster grandfather.

After which, Qin Wu no longer cared about the matters of Chu, choosing to roam the outside world instead. Maybe this was because of the guilt he felt towards the latter generations, he had never once returned and the t.i.tle of Wu King which he was conferred with was inherited by Qin Chuan the moment he left.

Hence, the ruler of the Sky Harmony City today was none other than Qin Chuan.

Today, in the Wu King Manor, Qin Chuan and a white-haired old man was currently playing chess. The white-haired old man had a frail body and would often cough during their chess match, but there seemed to be a perpetually gentle smile on his face.

"Father, it's time for you to take your medicine." Beside him, a beautiful lady brought a cup of medicinal tea and pa.s.sed it to the white-haired old man.

The old man sipped the tea as he coughed a few more times and shook his head, "My body now can't be compared to back then, but as for you, you seem to be even healthier and your vitality is even more vigorous in comparison." The old man spoke, referring to Qin Chuan.

"The consequences were of your own doing, how could things have happened this way if you didn't act the way you acted previously? Even without mentioning about health, maybe you would already have a bevy of grandchildren to play with," Qin Chuan reproached.

"Don't enumerate my shortcomings any more, didn't I already received the retributive justice paid by my karma? You always harp on this whenever we play chess, are you intentionally trying to make me feel regret?" That white-haired old man sighed. Qin Chuan sighed as well, he then changed the topic, "How about little Bai Qing? Is there still no news of her?"

"None. None at all." The white-haired old man felt a pain in his heart. He had two daughters, the elder one was led astray by him while his second daughter was driven away due to anger from his actions. Although in the end he had come to his senses, what happened had already happened.

This white-haired old man was none other than Bai Qingsong.

"Uncle Bai, don't think too much. Bai Qing is so kind-hearted, she would surely be fine," another beautiful lady with a bright demeanor gently spoke. She was none other than Qin Yao.

Although Qin Yao also hated Bai Qingsong a lot back then, she didn't hate him now. After all, Qin Wentian had already forgiven him and Bai Qingsong had truly turned over a new leaf. Back then he came back to the Sky Harmony City and personally paid a visit to Qin Chuan seven times, bowing in apology for his actions. Even Qin Chuan was moved by his sincerity.

"Mhm, let's hope so. That little la.s.s Bai Qing and Wentian had such a good relations.h.i.+p, sigh…" Bai Qingsong shook his head unceasingly.

"Uncle Bai don't worry too much, I believe Bai Qing would surely be fine," a voice drifted over, the familiarity of it causing Bai Qingsong and Qin Chuan to s.h.i.+ver.

After which, a silhouette descended from the sky. He was robed in white and was incomparably handsome, exuding an extraordinary aura and a magnificence unmatched through the generations.

The four people below all felt their eyes turn into saucers as they stood there dumbstruck, watching as the young man approached.

Qin Wentian stood on the ground, feeling deeply moved in his heart as he stared at the four of them.

The vitality of his foster father wasn't bad, although he seemed to have aged. But the appearance of Bai Qingsong truly made Qin Wentian sigh, he had actually became so frail, just like an old man past his prime. These few years, he must have suffered alot after his cultivation was destroyed. But even ordinary humans shouldn't be as frail as he currently is.

Qin Yao was still as beautiful as ever, and her beauty now had a hint of matureness in it. She stared at Qin Wentian as her eyes started misting over, before tears flowed down her face.

While for Autumn Snow, she only stood there thunderstruck as chaos erupted in her mind. For some reason, her heart was filled with an inescapable nervousness upon seeing Qin Wentian again.

That youth from back then had actually such achievements now. He really was a true dragon among humans.

"Father," Qin Wentian bowed.

"Mhm." Qin Chuan nodded his head, as Qin Yao, him and Qin Chuan exchanged glances as smiles flashed on their countenances. After which, he took huge strides forward, and embraced his dear family members tightly together!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 651

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