Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 653

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One family gathered warmly together and ate a reunion dinner. For this meal, the ingredients were all rich and sumptuous. Although the food weren't really valuable stuff and exotic delicacies boiled from high-grade medicinal herbs or demonic beasts, it was one of the best meals Qin Wentian had in recent years.

The marvelous feelings of eating together with his family after ten years outside roaming the world was something he would never be able to experience. Qin Wentian who was at home now, was totally relaxed. A relaxation that comes from his heart.

He heard Qin Zhang and Qin Zhi talking about their cultivation, talking about their love experiences as a warm smile flashed on his face. Occasionally, he would ask a few question, and make some idle chatter. It was all very casual.

The others also heard the stories Qin Wentian told them, which left them all with awe in their hearts. The world outside was simply too vast, even Grand Xia was termed as a place of desolation. Out of the three empires, Grand Xia was the weakest. It was so pathetically weak that no one else even wanted to venture here.

Grand Zhou and Grand Shang were all subordinates of the Royal Sacred Sect. In the Royal Sacred Region there were: countless vast sects, powerful clans, and ancient countries; and any one of them could effortlessly decimate Grand Xia. Just a lackey from any ancient country would be able to trample this so-called Greencloud Imperial Empire into dust.

"In that case, wouldn't that means it's very hard to eke out a living in the Royal Sacred Region?" Qin Wentian's foster mother used her chopsticks and pa.s.sed Qin Wentian food as she asked worriedly. So many major powers out there while Qin Wentian was roaming the world alone. How could that be easy?

"Yeah, very difficult." Qin Wentian nodded. Indeed, it hadn't been easy on him all these years.

"Wentian, take your time. The world outside is very vast, just walk your path step by step. Who knows, maybe you could also join a major power in the future and have a ranking similar to marquises and dukes of ancient countries." Qin Shang consoled Qin Wentian. His words caused Qin Wentian to start before he smiled and nodded his head. In front of his family, there was no need for him to boast about his achievements.

"When I grow up, I must definitely roam the world with uncle!" Little Qin Xin stated in her childish voice, her words causing everyone to laugh. Qin Wentian then pinched her little cheeks as he stated, "Okay, when you grow up you will definitely become a female hero whose name will shake the world, making it so that countless people hold you in admiration."

"Mhm." Qin Xin's little head bobbed in agreement, her actions appeared somewhat comical as everyone laughed again.

"Wentian, there's only two more months to the end of the year. How about setting the wedding on the first day of the new year?" Qin Chuan asked as he looked at Qin Wentian.

"It shall be as father decides." Qin Wentian smiled and nodded.

"Okay. Three days later, I will lead some men and head to the Mo Residence to propose a marriage. You don't need to busy yourself with these things, just take a good break." Qin Chuan replied.

"Right," Qin Wentian naturally wouldn't have any objections. After dinner, those that gathered all left one by one as the night draws late. After everyone left, before his foster mother retired to her chambers, she reminded Qin Wentian and Qin Yao, "Both of you better rest early, don't stay up too late."

"Understood, I will accompany Wentian for a little while longer." Qin Yao mischievously smiled.

"I know how deep your relations.h.i.+p is." Mother Qin laughed as she left with Qin Chuan.

Qin Wentian and Qin Yao walked to a gra.s.s patch in the courtyard and sat down, allowing the starlight to cascade over them.

"Report to me honestly, how many things did you keep hidden from our clan members earlier." Qin Yao stared at Qin Wentian as though they were in an inquisition.

"You can't possibly want me to say every single thing that happened to me in these ten years right?" Qin Wentian was somewhat depressed.

"Hmph, tell me what's your cultivation base first." Qin Yao's lips twitched, she wasn't going to let this fellow off this easily.

"Peak of Heavenly Dipper," Qin Wentian shrugged. Although Qin Yao was already somewhat prepared, her body still s.h.i.+vered when she heard Qin Wentian's words. In the past, just a first-level Heavenly Dipper Sovereign was considered a legend in Chu. Now, Qin Wentian was only twenty-eight years of age yet he was already at the peak of Heavenly Dipper? Such a level was something Qin Yao found almost inconceivable to imagine.

"What about your sect? Since you met Mo Qingcheng while roaming the world, you must have joined a sect of considerable power right?" Qin Yao's beautiful eyes flashed with a bright glow.

"In the past, I joined the Battle Sword Sect, one of the nine great sects under the Royal Sacred Sect. However, because of some conflict between me and the Royal Sacred Sect, I decided to pull out from the Battle Sword Sect." Qin Wentian honestly replied.

"The Royal Sacred Sect? From what you said, isn't that the hegemony of the Royal Sacred Region?" Qin Yao's eyes were wide open. Qin Wentian nodded his head.

"You came back because you are fleeing from a calamity?" Qin Yao exclaimed in worry.

Qin Wentian rolled his eyes, "No, I didn't. Some elders that I'm acquainted with helped me to stabilize the situation. One of them is the master of Qingcheng, there's a major power named the Medicine Sovereign Valley and Qingcheng is the personal disciple of the Medicine Sovereign. She's also the holy maiden of the sect and a fifth-ranked alchemist. In the world of concoction, that's equivalent to a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant.

Qin Yao blinked and blinked again, in the dark of the night, her pair of eyes were extremely bright. She didn't know how to describe the shock in her heart. She opened and closed her mouth a few times before she finally sighed as an expression of sadness appeared on her face.

"What's wrong?" Qin Wentian noticed as he asked.

Qin Yao shook her head. She hugged Qin Wentian's arm and leaned on his shoulders but didn't say anything, choosing to quietly enjoy the quietness of this moment.

"Wentian, am I very useless?" Qin Yao murmured, feeling somewhat down. Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng has already walked so far on their paths. Although she was happy for them, she felt an indescribable sadness in her heart when she learned how far the distance between herself and her brother Wentian was. This parting between them took an entire ten years before Qin Wentian returned. How about the next one?

"How can that be? My sis Qin Yao is both beautiful and intelligent, kind, and good at understanding others. If there's a next lifetime, I would still want you to be my sister." Qin Wentian stared at the boundless star light as he gently stated.

"Really?" Qin Yao turned over, as she stared at Qin Wentian.

"Naturally." Qin Wentian nodded his head. Qin Yao's eyes flashed with a light smile as her grip around Qin Wentian's arm tightened. "Today, you shall accompany me here and just like when we were little, let's count the stars together."

"Okay, let's count the stars together." Qin Wentian smiled. The two of them laid down on the gra.s.s patch and stared at the countless number of stars s.h.i.+ning in the night sky.

The morning rays shone on Chu. In the Royal Capital, the Mo Residence today was exceptionally quiet but outside of the Mo Residence, there were quite a number of vigorous-looking horses coming to a halt there. The bodyguards that were escorting the carriage decorated with draconic symbols were all extremely powerful, their strength couldn't help but cause the hearts of the guards at the Mo Residence to tremble.

Right now, a young man with an extraordinary bearing walked out from the carriage. This man exuded no aura, yet his bearing seemed innately king-like. He was cultured and refined yet his looks didn't cause him to lose any bit of imposingness. There was also a crown on his head, which indicated his actual ident.i.ty.

"We greet your Majesty." The guards at the Mo Residence all knelt on one knee as their hearts pounded. What was going on today, why would the Emperor of Chu, Chu Wuwei, personally pay a visit to the Mo Residence?

"Rise," Chu Wuwei warmly stated. "I heard that Qin Wentian is back in Chu, please help me relay a message to him saying that I, Chu Wuwei, would like to meet with him."

"Understood, Your Majesty." The guards were all trembling when they heard what he said. Their new young-master in law actually had such face that the emperor himself personally came by to pay him a visit. In the entire country of Chu, only their young master-in-law would have such preferential treatment. Seems like the rumors around the Mo Residence yesterday was true, back then when Chu Wuwei ascended as the emperor, it was only because Qin Wentian had chosen him. As they thought of this, the backs of the guards stood taller and straighter. This was truly worthy of pride.

The Mo Residence started to become lively, many people appeared and invited Chu Wuwei in. Even old man Mo personally showed up. The entirety of the Mo Residence gathered together as they were all dumbfounded. Qin Wentian just returned to Chu yesterday and today, the Emperor already paid him a visit personally. One could very well imagine how important the position Qin Wentian had in Chu Wuwei's heart.

"Your Majesty, Qin Wentian returned to Sky Harmony City yesterday. He should have headed back to the Qin Residence." Old man Mo stated.

"Too unfortunate, but no matter. In any case, I heard that Miss Mo is back? Do I have the honor of meeting her?" Chu Wuwei smiled, his actions and words were all extremely courteous.

"Mo Yu, go call your elder sister Qingcheng to come out." Old man mo instructed.

"Okay." Mo Yu nodded and went into the house. Old man Mo and Chu Wuwei exchanged conversational greetings and soon after, Mo Yu returned with a bizarre expression on her face. She then turned to Chu Wuwei and spoke, "Sis Qingcheng says she would like to rest."

In fact, Mo Qingcheng's actual words weren't this. When Mo Yu went to tell Mo Qingcheng about this, Mo Qingcheng only casually replied that she didn't wish to meet with anyone. It wasn't that Mo Qingcheng was rude but rather, that was her personality. For those that had no relations with her, even if it was the Emperor, since she wasn't familiar with him at all, she truly had no wish to meet him.

Those bodyguards near Chu Wuwei all had expressions of unhappiness on their faces, there were even a few who frowned. Yet, they only heard Chu Wuwei replying, "That's fine, I will come again another day."

After speaking, he bid his farewell and left. Old man Mo personally sent them out and during the journey back, an imperial bodyguard unhappily stated, "Your Majesty, the Mo Residence is simply too rude."

"Impudent." Chu Wuwei coldly spoke as he swept a glance at that imperial bodyguard. "Remember this, for those who have a connection with Qin Wentian, no matter what they do in Chu, n.o.body is to interfere in their business, ever."

The imperial bodyguard s.h.i.+vered, he didn't dared to say anything else.

Chu Wuwei's expression returned to normal, there weren't any waves in his heart.

Qin Wentian was the top ranker of the Immortal Martial Realm whose name shook the entire Royal Sacred Region. In the younger generation throughout the Royal Sacred Region, there should be n.o.body that could be comparable to him at all.

Mo Qingcheng was the Holy Maiden of the Medicine Sovereign Valley.

This was what Chu Mang had told Chu Wuwei. Initially Chu Mang wanted to come along with him, but Chu Wuwei rejected it. He came here because he had a matter to discuss with Qin Wentian, he wanted Qin Wentian's views on it and had no other intentions.

However, Chu Wuwei didn't know that a short time later after he had left, Qin Wentian brought along little Qin Xin to the Mo Residence.

"Brother-in-law, whose child is this? She's so adorable!" Mo Yu pranced about as she came to Qin Wentian's side, her demeanor was filled with the dynamic vitality of youth.

"My niece, I brought her along with me to play." Qin Wentian smiled as he tousled Mo Yu's hair. This little la.s.s is really too intelligent, referring to him as her brother-in-law right off the bat. What a sensible child.

"Brother-in-law, I'm a little girl no longer." Mo Yu grinned.

"No difference to me." Mo Feng's voice suddenly drifted over. He then called out a greeting when he saw Qin Wentian, "Brother-in-law!"

"What's wrong? Are you going out?" Qin Wentian noticed Mo Feng was heading out to the streets.

"Mhm." Mo Feng nodded, as hints of dodging flashed in his gaze. "Brother-in-law, I'm going out for a walk. You should go accompany sis Qingcheng."

After speaking, Mo Feng ran off immediately. Mo Yu couldn't help but to giggle as she mysteriously stated, "Brother-in-law, this Mo Feng is going on a date. Do you believe it?"

"I do, who's the girl though?" Qin Wentian laughed.

"No idea." Mo Yu shook her head, "However I've seen her before, she's like a princess, quiet and elegant, even more beautiful than me. Mo Feng has already fallen in love but because his skin is too thin, he didn't dare to confess. It seems like the girl is about to leave soon, this was why Mo Feng gathered his courage and asked her out for a date. Maybe he would confess today?"

"Don't tell me you've even found out the location of his date?" Qin Wentian noticed the eyes of Mo Yu s.h.i.+ning with a sneaky light as he couldn't help but roll his eyes.

"Well, that's a must isn't it." Mo Yu's eyes flickered as she contemplated Qin Wentian. Today, the Emperor of Chu personally paid a visit wis.h.i.+ng to meet her brother-in-law. But the status that girl had isn't ordinary either, her bodyguards are all extremely powerful. Even their father told Mo Feng to give up. But since her brother-in-law is so outstanding, she wondered if his presence would give Mo Feng the courage needed to confess?

"Brother-in-law, wait awhile for me, I shall go call sis Qingcheng out. Let's go for a walk together." As she thought of this, that little la.s.s Mo Yu ran off immediately. Qin Wentian stood there as he laughed. It seems like this la.s.s has already formulated a plan involving him in it.

However, he was also fond of Mo Feng, he reminded him of himself. Ten years ago, didn't he fell in love silently with Mo Qingcheng too? Now, they are finally together while Mo Feng is only about to start his romance, this felt like samsara. As he thought to here, a warm smile appeared on Qin Wentian's face as he gently pinched Qin Xin's little face, "Shall we go watch how elder brother Mo Feng will woo the girl?"

"Xin`er shall follow uncle." Qin Xin`s childish voice rang out. On the path to here, Qin Wentian brought her and soared up into the air, flying from the Sky Harmony City to Royal Capital at a great speed. This baby doll didn't throw any tantrums nor cry from fear, she simply tightly clutched onto Qin Wentian's arm while watching the scenery, in a very obedient manner!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 653

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