Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 654

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Mo Yu and Mo Qingcheng went together with Qin Wentian while Little Rascal wagged its tail and followed behind them. Its eyes couldn't help but to shine when it noticed the little Xin`er in Qin Wentian's embrace.

At this moment, little Xin`er was contemplating Mo Qingcheng while she blinked. Her little mouth parted slightly as she spoke to Mo Qingcheng, "Sister, are you an immortal fairy?"

Mo Qingcheng started before she laughed. A child's words are always true because they were guileless by nature. Such a little doll asking if she's an immortal fairy wasn't a flattery but what she truly thought instead.

"Can elder sister hug you?" Mo Qingcheng laughed.

"Okay!" Little Xin`er opened her arms wide and was embraced by Mo Qingcheng. Her tiny arms were around Mo Qingcheng's neck and her innocent and adorable eyes were intently staring at this immortal fairy in front of her.

"Why...I'm an uncle while you are an elder sister…" Qin Wentian stated in a depressed manner.

"Brother-in-law, don't be sad. Why don't I hug you instead." Mo Yu opened her arms as though she wanted to console Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian rolled his eyes and harshly glared at this lass, his actions causing a mischievous smile to appear on Mo Yu's face.

Hastening her steps, Mo Yu walked to the center of both of them. Her left hand was holding on to Mo Qingcheng's hand while her right hand was holding onto Qin Wentian's arm as she pranced about and stated excitedly, "Let's go and see what sort of female would that fellow, Mo Feng, fall in love with."

There was an inn in the Royal Capital that projected a graceful and unique bearing. This inn was just opened around two years ago and was located in the best location in the Royal Capital. In this inn, the decorations were exquisite, yet wasn't luxurious and had the heartwarming feel of simplicity.

The name of this inn is the Drunken Wine Inn. In here, there are many different varieties of wine and the prices were all outrageous. However, there was a strange rule here. As long as you got drunk in the Drunken Wine Inn, no matter what you ate or drink in here, they would all be on the house, free of charge. Hence, there are usually two kinds of customers which frequent this place. The first kind was those who didn't mind the prices of the wine, while the second kind were those who love wine even more than their lives, or simply, drunkards.

"Drunken Wine Inn." Qin Wentian involuntarily recalled a friend of his when he saw this name. A faint smile appeared on his face, especially after he heard Mo Yu speaking about the strange rule. The owner of this inn couldn't be 'that' person right?

The Drunken Wine Inn was very large, there was a total of three levels and the prices of the wine on the third level was the most expensive. The rooms designated for wine drinking were covered by curtains of pearls and there were even beautiful music being played, leading to the wonderful ambience.

Qin Wentian and the others entered an elegant room and through the pearl curtains, they could see two silhouettes opposite them. These two silhouettes belonged to two youngsters, the young man was quite handsome to look at, and the hints of childishness had yet to fade away from his features. The young woman had a composed and elegant feel to her. She was in a white dress and gave off a clear as ice and clean as jade aura, seemingly having a gentle character and was very beautiful. Her eyes were also sparkling with light, causing many people to involuntarily to be fond of her when they interacted.

Qin Wentian and the rest all watched on silently, yet on both the faces of Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng, hints of a faint laughter could be seen. It seemed like Mo Feng's taste really wasn't bad.

However, Qin Wentian had a bad feeling that Mo Feng's romance wouldn't be very smooth sailing. In another elegant room, there were several silhouettes within. Two among them were actually Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns and their attentions were all locked onto Mo Feng. Evidently, these people were the bodyguards of that female Mo Feng fell in love with.

With Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns as guards, that female was most certainly not someone of Chu but rather, there was a high possibility that she was from the Qing Continent where the Greencloud Pavilion was located.

"Do you really have to leave now? Is it not possible to stay a little more?" Mo Feng's voice rang out, his gaze was filled with reluctance as he stared at the girl.

"Mhm." The young girl nodded her head, her melodious voice then rang out, "Is there any reason why would I remain behind?"

Mo Feng's eyes flashed with disappointment as he spoke in a low voice, "Yeah. You are right, why would you remain behind?"

"Silly, quickly say because you hope that she will stay. Damn it, he's too stupid." Mo Yu whispered, she was even more anxious than Mo Feng. That fellow truly didn't understand how the hearts of women worked.

"But… If I want to see you in the future, where can I find you?" Mo Feng gathered his courage and asked.

"Qing Continent, my home is there. If you wish to see me in the future, you can head over there." That young girl gently replied.

"Okay! I will go there in the future to look for you. You won't leave there right?" Mo Feng smiled in a simple-minded manner upon hearing the young girl's answer. She didn't mind telling him where she lived.

"I won't. This time, it's only because I'm feeling somewhat down so I came out to travel a little. My home is in the Qing Continent, why would I leave there?"

"Mhm, then it's a promise. I will definitely head over there to look for you in the future. At that time, you can't pretend that you don't know me okay?" Mo Feng was more at ease now, he sipped a mouthful of wine and although it was said that wine could bolster one's courage, he still wasn't brave enough to confess today. She was simply too outstanding to the point where Mo Feng felt inferior, he didn't dare to tell her the words in his heart.

"He's hopeless." Mo Yu was so anxious that she almost went mad. Mo Feng and the young girl both remained silent as they started focusing on eating and drinking their meal as though they were both at a loss of what to do.

Qin Wentian exchanged glances with Mo Qingcheng as he laughed. The inexperienced love between two youngsters was truly simple and honest.

"Brother-in-law, Mo Feng did indeed clearly state that he loved this girl. The purpose of him coming here today was to confess to her, but he actually chickened out. What a coward!" Mo Yu was fuming in anger. Her voice was very loud, causing Qin Wentian to blink as he understood her intentions.

And indeed, Mo Feng was instantly stunned the moment he heard Mo Yu's voice. An instant later, he turned red as he stared at the girl before him. The beautiful eyes of the young girl flashed with panic and shyness. However, she didn't lower her head. Although her face was burning as well, she continued to look at Mo Feng. Her limpid eyes caused the heartbeat of Mo Feng to quicken.

"This girl is in love with Mo Feng as well." Qin Wentian could tell from the reactions of this girl.

"Brother-in-law is also here?" Mo Feng's heart was thumping rapidly. His brother-in-law was his idol ever since young. Back then, wasn't the love between him and sis Qingcheng also looked down upon by many people? However, his brother-in-law has never given up and continued preserving all the way and after ten years, he succeeded and even brought sis Qingcheng back home.

As he thought to here, Mo Feng's face grew even redder from agitation. He stared at the young girl and finally confessed, "Ling Yue, I love you."

The eyes of the girl instantly turned red as she heard the words. However, a radiant smile flashed through her eyes as she stated to Mo Feng, "Then, you have to work hard okay?"

When he heard that the girl didn't reject him, an expression of excitement appeared on Mo Feng's countenance. She told him to work hard, it was a form of encouragement. Although Ling Yue didn't directly agreed to him pursuing her, she didn't reject it as well. To him, this was already enough.

"Do you still have to leave?" Mo Feng asked.

Ling Yue's beautiful eyes flashed with a faint trace of sadness as she nodded her head. "My parents won't allow me to stay outside for too long. They've already sent people to fetch me. You will work hard right? You have to come to the Qing Continent to find me in the future."

"Mhm." Resolution flashed in Mo Feng's eyes. This sentence of Ling Yue was already enough for him. He stared at Ling Yue, as a trace of deep emotion flickered within. He then gathered his courage and asked, "Ling Yue, before you leave...can I kiss you?"

Ling Yue blushed as she stared left and right, her dainty hands clutching her dress tightly appearing exceptionally nervous.

"A lame toad lusting after the flesh of a heavenly swan?"

A cold voice filled with sarcasm drifted over. After which, a row of figures pushed apart the pearl curtains as they barged within. After these people appeared, the bodyguards of Ling Yue also moved, appearing protectively around her.

"Dong Yi, what's the meaning of this?" Ling Yue stared at the person in the led, it was a young man around twenty years of age. Right now, his countenance was twisted with rage and there were hints of disdain and mockery when he stared at Mo Feng.

"Ling Yue, for your sake, I travelled all the way from the Qing Continent to this small Chu Country, can't you feel how deep my love for you is? Who does this person think he is? He actually dares to sit together with you?" Dong Yi pointed his finger straight at Mo Feng as he rudely stated.

"Who are you to interfere in my matters?" An expression of anger appeared on Ling Yue's countenance as she glared at Dong Yi.

"Okay fine, I won't interfere in your matters. But no matter what, he is a different case though." Dong Yi's eyes were as sharp as swords as he stared at Mo Feng. "Kneel down in front of me and shout loudly that you are a lame toad wishing to lust after the flesh of a heavenly swan, and I will spare you today."

"You are the toad." Mo Yu rushed into the room and shouted as she stared at Dong Yi.

"Your helper?" Dong Yi laughed. "Mo Feng, a descendant of the Mo Residence. Before this, I didn't bother with you but who would have thought that you would be so impudent? It's fine if you don't want to kneel today but I'm afraid your Mo Residence might not be able to face up to the consequences."

"Who are you? Do you even have any qualifications to threaten me?" Mo Feng looked straight at Dong Yi as he spoke.

"Mo Feng, you better just kneel down and apologize. If not, the consequences would definitely be something your Mo Residence wouldn't be able to endure." Beside Dong Yi, there was a young man. This person was none other than Bu Xiao whom Qin Wentian met before back in Sky Harmony City. He is the current boyfriend of Autumn Snow.

"Bu Xiao." Mo Feng was acquainted with Bu Xiao, he knew that Bu Xiao was someone the Greencloud Imperial Empire sent to manage Chu. Bu Xiao's status was extraordinary.

"Bu Xiao, you dare to interfere in my matters?" Ling Yue's eyes turned cold.

"I naturally wouldn't dare to interfere in the matters of Miss Lingyue. However, Mo Feng truly doesn't know what's good for himself, he actually dared to make such a request of Miss Ling Yue. Since Dong Yi is a guest of my Greencloud Imperial Empire, I will naturally stand on his side." Bu Xiao calmly replied. Dong Yi also originated from the Qing Continent, he was also a disciple of a transcendent power - Misty Peak and he was in love with Ling Yue.

Ling Yue stared at her bodyguards but right now, she heard Dong Yi speaking to Mo Feng coldly, "Even if Ling Yue helps you today, she is going to leave soon anyway. If you don't kneel down now, I can assure you that the consequences that would befall the Mo Residence isn't something you would be able to imagine."

"Do you think you can escape?" Dong Yi snorted. Mo Feng's countenance twisted in agony, the Greencloud Imperial Empire was sanctioned by the Greencloud Pavilion. So it turns out that Ling Yue was from the transcendent power Greencloud Pavilion. Such a status caused him to be breathless from the pressure. He finally understood that Ling Yue truly did like him. If not, she would have directly rejected and wouldn't have asked him to work hard.

The conflict here swiftly cause an uproar in the Drunken Wine Inn. The gazes of many riveted over and even the master of the inn appeared. The master was a young-looking man and he walked over and calmly spoke, "Is it possible to shift this to elsewhere?"

"Immortal Drunken Wine, even though you are a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign, you best not interfere in this matter." Bu Xiao icily exclaimed, his words causing Mo Feng to feel his body turning cold. They don't even respect a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign? But truth to be told, a Heavenly Dipper Sovereign was really nothing in front of a transcendent power. And as he thought to here, Mo Feng paled, he didn't want his brother-in-law Qin Wentian and sis Qingcheng to be implicated in this matter!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 654

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