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Right now, Immortal Drunken Wine has already stepped into the Heavenly Dipper Realm. Also, considering the close relationship he had with Chu Wuwei, he had an extraordinary status in Chu. However, Bu Xiao didn't seem keen on giving him any face because simply, Bu Xiao was someone from the Greencloud Imperial Empire.

Behind the Greencloud Imperial Empire was the Greencloud Pavilion. They didn't give a damn regarding low-leveled Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.

As for Dong Yi, he was a disciple of Misty Peak, a transcendent power as well. How could he care for a small country like Chu? But when he saw Mo Feng confessing to the girl he loved, he couldn't help but rush out instantly, mocking Mo Feng for a toad that lusted after the flesh of a heavenly swan, wanting Mo Feng to kneel in apology. And if Mo Feng refused to, he would definitely cause the Mo Residence to suffer a calamity.

The countenance of Immortal Drunken Wine turned somewhat unsightly to behold. A beautiful woman then appeared beside him, this woman was none other than a teacher from the Emperor Star Academy, Mu Rou. She came by for a drink today and never expected to run into such a situation. The people of the Greencloud Imperial Empire were getting more and more brazen. Right now, even the status of the royal clan of Chu was worth nothing in their eyes because their troops were already stationed here in Chu. In addition, the Greencloud Imperial Empire was also the controller of another ten countries.

Mo Feng was so angered that his entire body was shaking. A long spear appeared in his hands, this was the divine weapon Qin Wentian gifted to him. He had no way to endure Dong Yi threatening his clan. He was afraid that his actions would implicate the Mo Residence, would implicate sis Qingcheng, brother-in-law, and Mo Yu.

"The things here has nothing to do with my family. It's me who is in love with Ling Yue and I won't kneel to you. If you are a man, don't implicate others in this. Do you dare fight a battle with me?" Mo Feng pointed his long spear straight at Dong Yi.

"Mo Feng, leave now." Ling Yue turned and spoke to Mo Feng. Fighting against Dong Yi? Wasn't Mo Feng courting death?

"I won't leave." Mo Feng shook his head. Dong Yi stared at him as his lips parted in a malicious smile filled with mockery. "Fighting against me? You are not worthy. Since you don't want to kneel, you, go make him kneel for me."

As the sound of Dong Yi's voice faded, a silhouette dashed out towards Mo Feng. It was an expert at the Yuanfu Realm. His palms blasted out as the manifestation of a huge palm imprint pressed down, exuding a crushing might. Mo Feng clutched his long spear tightly and infused his astral energy into it. After which, he stabbed out the spear towards that expert and closed his eyes, hoping for the best. He knew he wasn't a match for this opponent.

"Bzzz!" A resplendent beam of light erupted forth from the tip of the long spear. The terrifying pressure emitted directly shattered the palm imprint and slammed right into that Yuanfu expert. That opponent of his instantly turned ashen as he slammed onto the ground, deader than dead.

This abrupt scene caused everyone to be stunned. Mo Feng stared at the long spear in his hand as his body trembled.

This wasn't a strength that belonged to him, it was the power of his divine weapon. This spear was so powerful…

"Mhm?" Dong Yi frowned as he commanded another lackey. "Go get him for me."

That person nodded and stepped out, advancing towards Mo Feng. A terrifying fiery aura bore down on Mo Feng's body. At this instant, Mo Feng tightly clutched his long spear and infused astral energy into it frenziedly. He could faintly sense that his astral energy could activate the divine inscription within the long spear as an unprecedented strength flowed from the divine weapon into him, causing Mo Feng to feel a surge of power.

"Bzz!" Stepping forward, Mo Feng stabbed out his long spear once more. Yet another resplendent beam of silvery light containing an intense penetration power zoomed out. His opponent didn't even have any chances to react before the silvery beam of light drilled through his body as he too, slammed on the ground, dead.

"This gift from brother-in-law…" Mo Feng dumbfoundedly stared at the long spear in his hands.

"What a powerful divine weapon." Mu Rou exclaimed in shock. Staring at that weapon, she was reminded of that genius of yesteryear. That genius who had incredible attainments in the field of Divine Inscriptions. It was him who had changed her destiny.

Ling Yue's beautiful eyes were filled with amazement. She stared at Mo Feng as she asked, "Mo Feng, is that really your divine weapon?"

"My brother-in-law gifted it to me." Mo Feng replied, his words causing Ling Yue to be thunderstruck. Mo Feng's brother-in-law?!

Dong Yi's eyes gleamed with greed as he stated to an old man near him. That old man's eyes glimmered sharply as he replied, "Understood, I will obtain it."

After speaking, that old man stepped out and in an instant, a stifling pressure directly pressed down on Mo Feng. When the old man took another step forward, Mo Feng felt his entire body directly being pressed. He was slammed onto the ground in a prostrate position and had no way to lift his spear. This old man was someone at the Heavenly Dipper Realm, the disparity in strength between them was simply too vast. Just using his aura to suppress Mo Feng was already enough, Mo Feng couldn't do anything to resist.

"Stay your hand." Ling Yue screamed, only to hear the old man coldly snorting as a long vine manifested and whistled outwards, grabbing that divine spear over.

The old man placed that spear in his hand and turned back to Dong Yi as he stated, "This is a fourth-ranked divine weapon."

The hearts of the crowd shivered. A fourth-ranked divine weapon in the hands of someone of the junior generation in Chu? Where did he obtain such a powerful weapon?

"Mo Feng, are you okay?" Ling Yue hurried to Mo Feng's side, helping him to sit up. Mo Feng smiled bitterly as he spoke to Ling Yue. "Ling Yue, maybe I won't have the chance to look for you in the future."

"No, you will definitely be able to." Ling Yue shook her head vehemently, "I won't allow them to touch you."

Mo Feng bitterly shook his head. With the Mo Residence in Chu, there was no way for him to escape alone. And because he offended the Greencloud Imperial Empire, it was a calamity to those of the Mo Clan.

In the room opposite, Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng both remained silent, watching the scene play out. It wasn't that they didn't want to act; but because, Qin Wentian felt that Mo Feng still had a very long path ahead of him. If he wished to pursue Ling Yue, he had to depend on himself. Qin Wentian naturally could help him to resolve his troubles and even might be able to get Ling Yue to marry him but all in all at the very end, if Mo Feng didn't have sufficient strength, he would still lose everything.

It wasn't a bad idea to let him endure some pressure. As a man, Mo Feng mustn't grow up in a protective environment, it would only do him good to face some real pressure.

However, Mo Feng's actions earlier did make Qin Wentian satisfied. Resolution and a sense of responsibility. Mo Feng would surely become a man of indomitable spirit in the future.

"Mo Feng is a good kid." Mo Qingcheng smiled. The young boy back then has already grown so strong now.

"Mhm, a good little fellow indeed." Qin Wentian smiled as he nodded. Little Xin`er hugged Mo Qingcheng and looked at Qin Wentian. "Uncle, I heard daddy say you are very powerful. There seems to be a lot of people bullying brother over there, can you help brother to drive them away?"

"Mhm, okay." Qin Wentian gently pinched the cheeks of his niece. Before this, no one really paid any attention to the room they were in but as the childish voice of Qin Xin rang out, the gazes of many people were shifted into that direction.

A surge of power gushed over, shattering the pearl curtains but when everyone saw the people inside, they all stood there stunned in amazement.

The young man projected an extraordinary demeanor and although no hints of his aura leaked out, just simply sitting there gave people a feeling of imposingness; and as for the lady, she had an empire-toppling countenance, so breathtakingly beautiful that everything would lose their luster in comparison.

They were hugging a beautiful female child that resembled a porcelain doll, giving off the feeling that they were one happy family, engendering envy in others.

However, Immortal Drunken Wine and Mu Rou stood there thunderstruck when their gazes land on the two of them. Earlier, they didn't pay attention to this room either. To think that both Qin Wentian and Mo Qingcheng would appear before them just like that.

"Sis, brother-in-law." Mo Yu's eyes were red from crying. Mo Feng was bullied by people and even had his clan threatened, yet she was helpless. She should have listened to her father's advice and warned Mo Feng. Although Ling Yue was a very good girl, Mo Feng was simply not suitable for her.

"Is this person the brother-in-law of Mo Feng?" Expressions of astonishment appeared on the faces of many.

Bu Xiao naturally also noticed Qin Wentian. And upon hearing how Mo Yu called them, his countenance grew incredibly unsightly to behold. Sis and brother-in-law?

Yesterday, he was already very unhappy when he saw Qin Wentian. His woman Autumn Snow seemed to have something going on with Qin Wentian in the past and yet today, he discovered that the woman next to Qin Wentian was so beautiful that it caused him to be breathless. So beautiful that it left the beauty of Autumn Snow in the dust.

Merely a son of the Wu King? On what grounds does he have to have such an immortal fairy as his woman?

"Brother-in-law, I'm sorry…" Mo Feng apologized, feeling a guilt in his heart. It was too embarrassing, he had even implicated sis Qingcheng and his brother-in-law.

Ling Yue who was by the side of Mo Feng contemplated the two of them as she silently sighed in admiration in her heart. What a beautiful couple.

"No problem." Qin Wentian held Mo Yu's hand as he walked to the side of Mo Feng. He gently tousled the hair on Mo Feng's head as he smiled, "Little fellow, you did good today."

Mo Feng started as he stared at Qin Wentian in bewilderment. Why was his brother-in-law still so relaxed? Was he not even nervous at all?

"Your name is Ling Yue?" Qin Wentian shifted his gaze onto Ling Yue as he smiled.

"Mhm." Ling Yue nodded her head, for some reason when she gazed into the eyes of Qin Wentian, an unknown confidence welled up in her. It felt as though as long as this person was present, everything today could be settled effortlessly.

"A wonderful girl indeed. Are you from the Greencloud Pavilion?" Qin Wentian asked.

"Yes…" Ling Yue nodded.

"Is Qian Mengyu and old man Gongyang still doing well?"

Ling Yue stiffened when she heard Qin Wentian's words. Her beautiful eyes flashed with a strange light. This man was actually acquainted with Qian Mengyu and Gongyang Hong?

Translator Note:

To refresh your memories: Qian Mengyu appeared in AGM 157, Gongyang Hong appeared in AGM 102

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 655

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