Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 664

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When Qin Wentian heard the bellow of the Ouyang Ancestor, he continued in an icy voice, "Old fool, what do you want to say?"


The aura exuding from the Ouyang Ancestor towered up into the skies. Qin Wentian was a junior, yet he actually dared to refer to him as an old fool?

"You went overboard. Leave here now with Ouyang Kuangsheng, and I will forget about this matter." The Ouyang Ancestor coldly stated. Even when forced to such a state, he was still unwilling to war with Qin Wentian. This young man survived even when facing against the Great Solar Chen Clan and Jun Yu of Pill Emperor Hall back then. Even if the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan had more advantages in comparison, he would still never underestimate Qin Wentian.

"You will forget about this matter?" Qin Wentian coldly laughed. "Back then when you betrayed our alliance your clan members still continued cultivating the nine ultimate arts, have you already forgotten that? I won't calculate that debt for now. But now, you even imprisoned my brother and forced his beloved to marry Ouyang Zicheng and you still have the gall to tell me that you will forget about this matter?"

"What do you want to do then?" The Ouyang Ancestor coldly replied.

"Firstly, apologize for your actions back then. Secondly, bow out of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, never interfering in its matters again. Everything that has got to do with the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan will be controlled by Ouyang Kuangsheng. Thirdly, the wedding today can continue, but the candidates will be my brother Ouyang Kuangsheng and his fiancee Jiang Ting instead." Qin Wentian's eyes bore into the Ouyang Ancestor as he emotionlessly spoke.

"IMPUDENT!" The Ouyang Ancestor trembled violently upon hearing such audacious words. His aura gushed forth menacing as he spoke, "Qin Wentian, I've already given you sufficient face. If you still remain so recalcitrant, don't blame me for shredding all cordiality."

"Cordiality?" Qin Wentian laughed. It was more true that this old fool feared him. Talking about cordiality, how laughable.

"I will give you one more chance. Do you agree to my conditions or not?" Qin Wentian's voice resounded throughout the sky, even more overbearing compared to the old ancestor, jolting the hearts of the crowd badly.


Lightning and fire interweaved. The old ancestor of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan was truly enraged.

Qin Wentian already knew the answer. His gaze s.h.i.+fted past, staring at the two ascendants of the Jiang Clan. Today was the date of the wedding alliance, both ascendants of the Jiang Clan have arrived and they had no choice but to show themselves upon seeing how the scene was playing out.

"I, Qin Wentian, is a friend of Jiang Ting. I won't pursue what happened in the past, but since Jiang Ting and Ouyang Kuangsheng are truly in love with each other, I don't wish to hurt them. Hence, today shall be still a day of happiness, the day of their wedding. I hope the two of you will consider carefully. Either you choose to sacrifice Jiang Ting's happiness and support that Ouyang old fool, forming an alliance with him or allow Jiang Ting to marry Ouyang Kuangsheng, forming an alliance with I, Qin Wentian."

Qin Wentian faced the two Ascendants of the Jiang Clan as he spoke, the moment his sentence rang out, an uproar affected the entire crowd. Qin Wentian's words were too enticing.

He wanted to make the Jiang Clan choose, to ally themselves with the Ouyang Ancestor or with him, Qin Wentian.

If based on the current scenario, leaving aside the Jiang Clan, the forces Qin Wentian brought with him wasn't inferior to the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan in the slightest, and had four ascendants under him. As long as the Jiang Clan chose Qin Wentian, their alliance would have a total of six ascendants, facing off against the three ascendants from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan.

Should they choose the scenario that would result in five ascendants vs four, or six vs three? This choice was simply too simple, so simple that it caused chills to bloom in the hearts of the Ouyang Ancestor. Just a single sentence from Qin Wentian caused him to perspire cold sweat, and feeling an emotion that resembled fear. If the Jiang Clan chose Qin Wentian, what would the consequences be?

The two ascendants of the Jiang Clan were also stunned by Qin Wentian's words as possibilities spun in their minds.

The reason why they wanted to form an alliance with the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan was naturally because of benefits. What could Qin Wentian give them?

"Ouyang Kuangsheng is my brother, Jiang Ting is my friend. As long as the Jiang Clan agrees, I guarantee that in Grand Xia, there would definitely be an era of radiance for the Jiang Clan. However if you all choose to side with the old fool today, this means that you all have once again chosen to forsake Jiang Ting. If that's the case, I will hereby ignore the connection Jiang Ting has with the Jiang Clan and from now onwards, the Jiang Clan shall be my enemy."

"Brother Jiang, this brat is trying to sow discord between us, don't trust him." The Ouyang Ancestor turned his gaze onto one of them as he spoke.

"How laughable. Do I even need to sow discord? Aren't you overestimating yourself a little too much?" Qin Wentian's eyes swept across the experts from the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan and Jiang Clan as he coldly added. "Those who are not involved in this better leave now. As for the others who remain, kill with no mercy."

As the sound of his voice faded, a baleful killing intent engulfed the area.

"Boasting shamelessly, since this brat wishes to court his own death, KILL HIM!" A towering lightning might gushed out from Ouyang Mutian as his constellation appeared in the air. It shone resplendently, and in the midst of that constellation, numerous sharp swords formed of lightning sparkling with violet light manifested.

Qin Wentian kept forcing their hands, actually daring to be so arrogant on this important date. How could the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan still be able to tolerate him?

"Qin Wentian, do you really want me to kill you?" The countenance of the Ouyang Ancestor flashed with cold light as palpable, incomparably terrifying killing intent filled the air.

Three powerful Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants all released their auras, causing even the sky to change color as it was enveloped by their constellations.

The two ascendants from the Jiang Clan furrowed their brows, with such short notice, they didn't know how to choose.

"Fairy Qingmei and Sect Leader, I would have to trouble the two of you to kill that Ouyang old fool." Qin Wentian commanded. Fairy Qingmei and the sect leader of the Mystic Moon Hall nodded their heads as they stepped out with a look of murder in their eyes, moving towards the Ouyang Ancestor.

Qin Wentian wanted the two of them to gang up on the Ouyang Ancestor.

"Hmph." The second ascendant of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan stepped out, wanting to obstruct Fairy Qingmei and the sect leader of the Mystic Moon Hall. However at this moment, the Matriarch of the Mystic Moon Hall also stepped forth, as a beam of nether light whistled through the air.

"Old Xing, aid senior Matriarch and kill that Ouyang ascendant together." Qin Wentian instructed.

"Roger." Old Xing nodded as he joined forces with the Matriarch, dealing with the second ascendant of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan.

"Has he gone crazy?" The hearts of the crowd trembled. Qin Wentian chose to divide his forces, ganging up two on one against the ascendants of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan. But has he forgotten that the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan still had one more ascendant? There was still Ouyang Mutian! Also, the two ascendants from the Jiang Clan had yet to make their choice in this matter, what if they chose to act against him instead? Did Qin Wentian truly wish to court death?

"Up till now, I still believed that even the two seniors from the Jiang Clan didn't wish to help me, they wouldn't act and interfere in this matter today. At the very least, by not moving against me, we would still have a chance to become friends." At the moment of the ascendants from the Jiang Clan's hesitation, Qin Wentian's voice rang out once more. Seeing the deep eyes of Qin Wentian sparkling with an overwhelming confidence, even these two ascendants felt trepidation in their hearts. But then again if Qin Wentian wasn't confident, how would he dare to act so brazen in front of the Ouyang Aristocrat Clan today?

In addition to that, that sentence of Qin Wentian opened up one more choice for the Jiang Clan. As long as they don't interfere today, Qin Wentian wouldn't treat them as his enemies.

"Since you wish to court death so much, I shall grant it to you." Ouyang Mutian soared up into the skies, standing above Qin Wentian as resplendent light from his constellation enveloped this s.p.a.ce. It felt like a heavy dark cloud that could rain down any moment, annihilating everything in all directions.

"Zong Yi, Bing Yuchan, Grand Elder Bailu. I shall leave this place to you guys." Qin Wentian spoke. After which, he stepped out as he soared into the skies. In his hands, a blood-colored halberd could be seen. This was none other than the Scarlet Demon Halberd.

A terrifying bloodline power rose up to the heavens as a storm of demonic qi spiralled around Qin Wentian. He transformed into an incomparably fiend-like appearance as brilliant runic lights circulated around him continuously, as he looked unexcelled in this world.

"What does he want to do?" Seeing Qin Wentian soaring up into the sky towards Ouyang Mutian, another shocking wave of realization rumbled the hearts of the crowd.

Qin Wentian wants to fight against a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant?

Fighting the Celestial Phenomenon Realm while at the Heavenly Dipper Realm?

Even Ouyang Kuangsheng and Jiang Ting felt their hearts clenching. At this instant, Qin Wentian's aura had already climbed to the strongest possible state in the realm of Heavenly Dipper. The power of his bloodline wanted to push his aura up some more yet it was blocked by an invisible barrier. There was no way around it, this was the barrier separating Heavenly Dipper from Celestial Phenomenon.

Right now, Qin Wentian's aura was truly at the very peak of Heavenly Dipper, and just standing in the s.p.a.ce where he stood at caused those at the upper-level of Heavenly Dipper feel a crus.h.i.+ng pressure. To their knowledge, the disparity between the characters which they have seen before, who was at the peak of Heavenly Dipper, was simply too vast in comparison to Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian was completely on a different level.

"I'm courting death? But do you think you are enough to kill me?" The scarlet demon halberd in Qin Wentian's hands pointed straight at Ouyang Mutian. As he radiated a supreme arrogance. It was as though he was the overlord of all demons, ruling over everything in this world.

"Bzz!" Ouyang Mutian continued soaring up into the skies. His hand propped up his constellation as the swords of lightning started to spin in a vortex, creating a terrifying violent storm. "I really want to see how someone at Heavenly Dipper can fight against a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant."

Qin Wentian continued soaring up as well, right now the aura exuding from him had finally stabilized, resembling a mult.i.tude of demons.

"DIE!" Ouyang Mutian finally made his move. Both his eyes shot out terrifying thunderbolts and as the sound of his voice rang out, the constellation that enveloped this s.p.a.ce blasted out beams of sword light formed from destructive lightning, all aiming for Qin Wentian.

This was Ouyang Mutian's constellation, the Lightning Sword Constellation. It contained the destructive might from both the true intent of Sword and true intent of Lightning.

Qin Wentian brandished the scarlet demon halberd and remained motionless, allowing the beams of sword light formed from destructive lightning to slam into him. And just when everyone thought that Qin Wentian was dead, they discovered to their overwhelming shock that Qin Wentian was still standing tall and proud amidst the storm of destruction. Resplendent particles of light circulated his entire body, resembling a suit of armor. Despite the power of the lightning sword beams, they couldn't break through his defense and injure him.

"What a weak constellation." Qin Wentian glanced at the constellation enveloping this s.p.a.ce. No wonder his seniors all told him that the disparity of strength between Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants could be very vast even if both were on the same level.

As a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, Ouyang Mutian was a character that stood at the peak of Grand Xia. However to Qin Wentian, the constellation which Ouyang Mutian had formed was so pathetically weak that its power couldn't even stand up to those buried immortals whose cultivation bases had been restricted to the peak of Heavenly Dipper.

Qin Wentian's soft voice caused the countenance of Ouyang Mutian to turn pale as he felt a bout of unprecedented humiliation. As a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, he actually failed to penetrate Qin Wentian's defense?

"If I were you, I would rather not step into Celestial Phenomenon. What is the point of condensing such a weak constellation? Even after breaking through to Celestial Phenomenon, you would only be stepped on by others. Truly pathetic." Qin Wentian's emotionless voice was like thunder ringing out in a clear sky, deeply shocking the hearts of everyone present. The two ascendants from the Jiang Clan were no exception.

They thought that after stepping into Celestial Phenomenon, they would stand at the peak, becoming the masters of Grand Xia. However, not only did a single sentence of Qin Wentian collapse Ouyang Mutian's self confidence, it also deflated their arrogance.

Is this the Qin Wentian who has returned? That demon-level character who once caused storms of such turbulence to rock the entire Grand Xia? He manifested a halo of incomparably blinding light, the brilliance of it even surpa.s.sing that of the constellations as he returned to Grand Xia!

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 664

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