Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 668

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The Pill Emperor left the Shadow Pavilion with disappointment in his heart.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to kill Qin Wentian. Back then when he witnessed those terrifying experts descending and then referring Qin Wentian as their young master, in addition to the strength Qin Wentian showed when he returned and even more so after the price asked for by the Darkshadow Sovereign, the Pill Emperor truly understood how great the threat Qin Wentian represented. The Pill Emperor Hall had a very high probability of being destroyed.

However sadly, he really couldn’t afford the price to Qin Wentian. Even if he sold everything of his Pill Emperor Hall, he still wouldn’t be able to afford it.

From this point, he understood that Qin Wentian was a hundred times more dangerous in the heart of the Darkshadow Sovereign compared to the Azure Emperor.

The news of the Pill Emperor visiting the Darkshadow Sovereign was an absolute secret where no one knew of it. However after this, the Pill Emperor Hall in the Moon Continent spreaded a piece of news. The Pill Emperor Hall was willing to submit to Qin Wentian, and didn’t mind making a public apology. In fact, they are even willing to pay any price as compensation.

The instant this news circulated around, it caused the entire Grand Xia to be in an uproar.

The Pill Emperor Hall was actually willing to compromise to such an extent. As a transcendent power of Grand Xia that stood at the peak of the medicinal world, the Pill Emperor Hall was actually okay to apologize and even provide compensation. One could very well imagine how great their fear of Qin Wentian was. No matter if this a tactic to delay time or a sincere request, the instant this news spread out, the Pill Emperor had no more prestige and face left.

However, Qin Wentian evidently didn’t have any hints of wanting to amend their relations.h.i.+p. The Azure Emperor Hall issued a statement, telling the ascendants of the Pill Emperor Hall to bring Luo He and the important characters of their sect to outside of the Azure Emperor Palace and kneel down in apology before committing suicide. That was the only way the Pill Emperor could continue to survive as an independent power in Grand Xia.

When the statement was issued, the whole of Grand Xia could deeply feel the arrogance of Qin Wentian. They also understood his att.i.tude. There was no way Qin Wentian would forgive the Pill Emperor Hall.

No matter how much the Pill Emperor Hall apologized or how many treasures they took out for compensation, it was all useless. He would never forgive them. This point was already clear from the fact back then when he was younger, he dragged the demon sword for a hundred thousand miles and even fed the sword with his blood to split apart the Pill Emperor Hall. From that, one could already tell how deep his obsession to destroy the Pill Emperor Hall is. If this debt of hatred wasn’t avenged, how would he have the face to wed Mo Qingcheng?

This matter is not yet concluded. And just after the Azure Emperor Hall issued the statement, several silhouettes descended from the sky, paying a visit to Qin Wentian in the Azure Emperor Palace.

If people outside knew the ident.i.ties of who these men were, they would be so shocked till the point of speechlessness.

These new arrivals were all characters from the transcendent powers. Among them were the old ancestor of the s.h.i.+ Clan from Ginkou, the old ancestor of the w.a.n.g Clan from the War Continent, old ancestor of the Hua Clan from the Moon Continent, Swordlord of the Yan Continent, Sect Leader of the Skydemon Sect of the Demon Continent, Manor Lord of the Star-Seizing Manor… These experts were all at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm and such a terrifying formation of characters was sufficient to cause anyone in Grand Xia to quake in fear.

However today, they came all at the same time to pay a visit to Qin Wentian.

Qin Wentian didn’t appear. Within the Grand Hall, the person receiving them was Fairy Qingmei.

"After so many years, Fairy Qingmei is even more beautiful compared to the past." The old ancestor of the s.h.i.+ Clan smiled. He was an extremely ancient expert.

"After so many years you actually aren’t dead yet? Isn’t it interesting that you hid yourself for so long just to claim hegemony of Grand Xia?" Fairy Qingmei laughed. The old ancestor didn’t mind, it was a well known fact that those with higher talents like Jun Yu had all already left Grand Xia when they were at the Heavenly Dipper Realm. For these people who stayed in Grand Xia to lord over a region, although they stood at the peak here, they knew very well in their hearts that it was tremendously difficult for them to breakthrough any more. Hence, they were all willing to stay in Grand Xia, protecting their clan or sect hoping one of their juniors might develop into a powerful character that was even more outstanding compared to them.

"Why isn’t palace lord Qin present?" The old ancestor of the w.a.n.g Clan radiated an intense sharpness from the center of his brows. Today, they were here to discuss something with Qin Wentian. Who would have thought that this young man would be so brazen to this extent? So many ascendants gathered to meet with him yet he wasn’t present?

"Palace lord Qin is busy with some other things and he isn’t in the sect now. We beg for all your forgiveness." Fairy Qingmei smiled.

"Even if he is busy, how can it be that he is so busy till the point where he didn’t even have the time to see us?" The Swordlord of Yan was the leader of the Swallow Swordsmen and was extremely powerful. This was why he had the t.i.tle Swordlord, lord of all swords.

"Didn’t I already say that our palace lord is currently not in the sect?" Fairy Qingmei was still smiling on the surface yet her heart was extremely cold. These people came here with ill intentions, how could it be anything good when all the ascendants of the transcendent powers in Grand Xia came by together at the same time?

"Haha, palace lord Qin’s intentions are obvious to all. Returning to Grand Xia in such a domineering manner, slaying the three ascendants of Ouyang Aristocrat Clan, absorbing the Azure Emperor Palace, and recruiting the Mystic Moon Hall. It’s clear that his ambition is to rule the entire Grand Xia." The old freak of the Skydemon Sect exuded a strange presence as he snorted in a glacial manner. After which, the gazes of everyone landed onto Fairy Qingmei as though they wanted to read her mind from her eyes.

If Qin Wentian truly had the ambition to rule over Grand Xia, they would destroy Qin Wentian by forming an alliance together. For thousands of years, other than that time when they fought the Azure Emperor, only Qin Wentian posed enough of a threat to make them ally together once more.

Fairy Qingmei’s heart grew even colder upon hearing these words. Back then the scenario that happened to the Azure Emperor seemed to be playing out once more on Qin Wentian. These people were banding together once again.

"I don’t know what my palace lord is intending but as for ruling supreme alone over Grand Xia, don’t all of you have the same idea as well?" Fairy Qingmei swept her gaze over everyone. There was not one of the transcendent powers who didn’t wish to rule unchallenged over Grand Xia. However, although they wanted to, not one of them had sufficient strength to do so.

"Hehe, Fairy Qingmei, your temper is still the same as ever." The old ancestor of s.h.i.+ Clan laughed. Beside him, the perception of the w.a.n.g Ancestor gushed out, wanting to sweep through the entire Azure Emperor Palace.

Fairy Qingmei frowned, "What are you doing?"

"He is really not present here." The w.a.n.g Ancestor had an interested expression on his face. He stared at Fairy Qingmei and continued, "Qin Wentian left the Azure Emperor Palace so easily? Is he not afraid that the power he just founded might be destroyed?"

"Are you threatening the Azure Emperor Palace?" Fairy Qingmei’s eyes bored into the w.a.n.g Ancestor’s as her countenance grew increasingly sharp. The w.a.n.g Ancestor had no fear at all, he matched gazes with her as the atmosphere in the great hall got increasingly heavier.

"Even if you are threatening us, what does it matter?" Fairy Qingmei laughed as she continued, "Palace lord Qin left; but evidently, firstly, he didn’t expect all of you would pay him a visit together. Mobilizing such strong characters truly indicates that you look up to him. Secondly, it’s naturally possible for all of you to destroy the Azure Emperor Palace, bathing this place in blood. However, don’t forget how Ouyang Mutian died, and in addition to that, you should know the age of our palace lord Qin. From what I know some among you may have grudges with the palace lord. But other than the Pill Emperor Hall, the grudges of the rest of you aren’t at that level where one between you must die yet. But if the Azure Emperor Hall is really destroyed... you all best consider the fact if it’s worth the storm of blood of the revenge that would follow after offending a character who could kill a Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant at the age of twenty eight.

Weren’t the words of Fairy Qingmei a threat as well? Her meaning was very clear. You all can destroy the Azure Emperor Palace but when you act, if you don’t manage to kill Qin Wentian, you best be prepared for the consequences.

The ones present here were all old freaks, how could they fail to understand what Fairy Qingmei was saying? However, the Swordlord coldly spoke, "From what I inferred, does it means that it’s impossible for us to meet with Qin Wentian?"

"It seems so." Fairy Qingmei flashed a charming smile. Qin Wentian was everything to the Azure Emperor Palace. They naturally needed to guard against the alliance of others that wanted to deal with him.

"Then we have to trouble you to relay a message to palace lord Qin. With his talent, Grand Xia is too small for him. He best not stir up a storm in Grand Xia and as for matters of the past, as long as palace lord Qin is willing to forego the grudges, we are all willing to make compensation." The old ancestor of the s.h.i.+ Clan smiled before adding, "He better not interfere in the matters of Grand Xia."

"Sure, I will relay your message to him." Fairy Qingmei replied.

"In that case, we shall bid our farewells then." The old ancestor of s.h.i.+ Clan stood up as the others mirrored his actions. An instant later, they turned and departed, vanis.h.i.+ng from sight completely. But there was a lingering echo in the air, "This Qin Wentian is so arrogant, wanting to meet him yet we can’t even meet."

Fairy Qingmei stepped out of the great hall as several silhouette appeared around her. All of them stared in the air as cold smiles appeared on their faces. These band of old freaks truly did move fast, forming an alliance so quickly together.

"If we insist on reuniting Grand Xia, I’m afraid these people would adopt the same method to deal with palace lord Qin as how they dealt with the Azure Emperor back then in the past." Coldness flashed in Old Xing’s eyes.

"Thus, we must warn Wentian to be more cautious and not to fall into the same trap as the Azure Emperor did back then. Also, we must be careful of those powers hiding in the shadows." Fairy Qingmei’s eyes also shone with the same coldness. It was clear that she remembered what happened to the Azure Emperor. If it wasn’t for that person in the shadows, the Azure Emperor wouldn’t have died.

"Wentian is more outstanding in comparison, history won’t be reenacted." Although Old Xing was extremely respectful towards the Azure Emperor, he couldn’t help but to admit Qin Wentian’s talent was higher, much more dazzling compared to the Azure Emperor back then. This was why he could cause such a commotion the instant he returned and even made the Pill Emperor Hall compromise to such an extent, forcing the ascendants of the other powers to band together in an alliance.


The Moon Continent of Grand Xia, it was still as luxurious as ever.

The Pill Emperor Hall was situated within the Moon Continent. And right now, the topic of conversation everywhere in Grand Xia revolved around the Pill Emperor Hall because Qin Wentian had returned.

The Pill Emperor Hall was a towering structure so tall that it seemed as though it could touch the clouds. Hence, even from very far away, one could clearly see the Pill Emperor Hall. And every time the people of Moon Continent saw the great hall that was split into two by Qin Wentian, they would sighed with admiration at his deeds. The Pill Emperor Hall didn’t rebuild that great hall because they wanted it to remind themselves of that humiliation.

Recently, Shu Ruanyu’s heart was extremely perturbed. She had already broken through to Heavenly Dipper and had an extraordinary status in the Shu Clan. Although she didn’t marry Yang Fan of the Star-Seizing Manor, she no longer cared about it. Not only that, every time she recalled back to that scene in the past, she realized that she no longer hated Qin Wentian as much.

Now, his name shook the entire Grand Xia, causing such a huge commotion the instant he returned, transforming into the idol of countless people in Grand Xia. Regarding this Shu Ruanyu would even imagine what would have happened if back then when Qin Wentian kidnapped her, something happened between them. She would often stare in the mirror, admiring her own appearance. Since she was the girlfriend of Yang Fan, Shu Ruanyu naturally could also be considered a beauty as well. But back then when that fellow kidnapped her, he didn’t even have the slightest intention of acting inappropriately towards her.

When she thought of this, Shu Ruanyu couldn’t help but to be angry. She also didn’t know why would she felt this way. Maybe it was because Qin Wentian was simply too famous now...hence when she stared at the great hall in the Pill Emperor Hall that was split into twain by him, Shu Ruanyu involuntarily recalled these memories.

"What a handsome fellow." At this moment, her apprentice sister beside Shu Ruanyu spoke. Shu Ruanyu couldn’t help but to scold out loud, "Love-struck fool."

"Ruanyu, that guy is really very handsome. Look at his demeanor and the focus in his eyes. He seems to be staring at the Pill Emperor Hall though." That person who spoke continued, staring at the young man not far away from them. However, it seemed as though that in the eyes of the young man, the Pill Emperor Hall was the only thing that mattered to him. The other people here didn’t exist.

"Love-struck fool." Shu Ruanyu scolded once more in her heart. After which, she turned and stared at the young man the other party was talking about and upon her glance landing, she had no way to s.h.i.+ft it away again. Her left palm covered her mouth as a feeling of incredible astonishment painted her countenance.

It’s him, he has returned!

Shu Ruanyu’s heart pounded. Is he going to the Pill Emperor Hall?

Staring at the surroundings of the young man, she could see that he was all alone.

Shu Ruanyu’s heartbeat quickened. Was he going to do what he did in the past? Barging into the Pill Emperor Hall all on his own?!

Her heart and mind was in total chaos, there was even a hint of worry in her eyes. Under her gaze, Qin Wentian walked step by step towards the Pill Emperor Hall and reached the bottom of the ninety-nine step stairway, stopping there as he inclined his head, staring at that towering structure that is the Pill Emperor Hall!

Translator Note: Qin Wentian kidnapped Shu Ruanyu in AGM 299.

Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 668

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